Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 680

When the third gear was changed, the car’s speed was nearly 80 kilometers per hour. But the speed is almost at the midstream level, and it hasn’t reached the extreme.

Mainly because of road problems. If someone is not sure, if the accelerator is pushed up again, in the event of an emergency, the car can still be under control.

And the horses that can follow the car, after a period of nearly 80 kilometers per hour, only the Grand Duke’s horse remains. Not only because the horse is unmanned, and one less load, but also because it is running as hard as possible, which seems to be more powerful than the car.

Each hoof straddles, it can always leave traces of flame burning on the ground, even leaving a flame. Looking back, a very conspicuous footprint stretched back. Kavi understands that this is the performance of this magic horse that has increased the speed to the extreme. It can be said that, except for birds and a few demonic beasts, few demonic beasts on land can be faster than this magic horse.

This magic horse can run at this speed for a long time. But after a few days, it will be like collapse, and will be sluggish for a long time. It has to be recuperated to be able to recover. If it is a more ordinary horse, it will leave permanent damage, and it will have to be retired from the front-line war horse.

But! This car seems to be at ease. Maybe the Grand Duke still doesn’t understand the principle of the car, but he has noticed that special sound, that is, the rumbling sound of the engine. It will go from a relatively low and vacant voice to a higher and fuller voice. But as soon as someone called the “shift”, the original raised voice will drop and climb again.

And today’s voice, but it has not reached the highest pitch heard before. This is also the reason why Carvey believes that the magician is still at ease.

Although his guards had been thrown away, the Grand Duke did not feel annoyed at all, but was more interested. Also let myself make up my mind to invest in the manufacturing of the’automotive’ industry.

And he is also considering where to start speaking, and to get in touch with the magician in front of him. Only after letting go of the speed, there was no talking man. Suddenly the complexion greatly changed, and he cursed: “Damn it.”

Everyone followed their sights. The road under the shade of the trees, unexpectedly There is a fallen tree with a horizontal stem in the middle of the road!

Lin let go of the accelerator, stepped on the clutch, backed up the gear, and used the brake. At the same time, click on the brake, there is no automatic ABS, only foot ABS can be used.

But as I was worried about, the brakes and tire grip will become big problems. Even if the tire is locked or smashed, it is too late to stop the vehicle in someone’s calculations. Not to mention doing so, the chances of the vehicle getting out of control and overturning are still relatively high. Although this can be regarded as a stop.

Even the stupid person knows what the result of a high-speed collision with a wall or other hard and huge object would be.

Even though none of them have the experience of high-speed collisions, the two accustomed to taking risks, the Fashen and the Grand Duke, who have dealt with countless kinds of emergencies, immediately jumped out of the car and landed on the ground. Rolling. Lin is still trying to brake the car. Although Ruan Wenyue is not weak, he has not experienced many emergencies and actually froze in the car.

Just at the next moment when someone was thinking about whether to use the flash technique to escape, this maze version of the car made of magical materials actually smashed the horizontally stalked trees to pieces. Moreover, the person sitting in the car didn’t feel a strong impact, and just paused forward. And such a shock was also absorbed by the safety belt.

Breaking a barricade surprised someone more than an accident that would hit a barricade. Subconsciously stepped on the brakes, and the locked four wheels slipped forward for a short distance before stopping the whole car completely.

The two great characters who just rolled on the ground didn’t care about their embarrassed appearance, but ran forward and looked at the mess. The smashed trunk is not slender, or dry wood, or less of a thickness surrounded by an adult.

If other rides hit, whether it’s a war horse or a llama, it must be the rider’s head. To have the same record, it is estimated that only riding a dragon can ignore this level of roadblocks. However, the size of the earth travel dragon is huge, and it is estimated that it will not be smashed, but it will be broken.

The two people in the car also got out of the car, and Lin immediately ran to condolences the two old men who jumped off the car. Although the clothes were stained, the two rough-skinned old fogeys showed no scratches at all. He got up, shackled up his clothes, as if he were a okay person.

The three came to the side of the car together, and Ruan Van Viet was inspecting the car that had crashed the fallen trunk. The front of the car is intact, and there are only a few dents in the sheet metal, but it does not hinder driving. Everyone who saw such an achievement was amazed.

However, as the owner of the vehicle, apart from the slighty pain in his heart, Lin Duo thought of a question and asked: “Why would a tree fall in the road?” Someone glanced at the remains of the trunk , The part close to the root does not look like a natural fracture. “This road can be regarded as a road that many people will use. It shouldn’t be a robber blocking the road?”

There was a sense of absurdity in the hearts of the few people who looked at each other, and they wanted to say: No If so, a group of people jumped out of the surrounding woods. The costumes of this group of people are not shabby, but they are not good fighters. But all of them bend bow and place arrow, ready to go.

The person at the head was five big and three thick, with awkward eyes. When he saw a few people dressed in good clothes, they licked the corners of their mouths, and said: “Those who are sensible will keep the money, and I may be able to save you a bitter life. .”

tsk tsk tsk Tsk! In other words, when you are a robber, you should also look at the almanac when you go out. This group of bad luck urged them all to rush to who.

The premise that the number advantage can be used is that the strength of all individuals is on the same level. Needless to say, the Duke of Kavi himself possesses the qualifications and strength of a great swordsman. He can command, charge, and break after the battlefield. Small group adventures are even more frank and easy to attack. Even at an age with gray hair and beards, the number of robbers of this level in front of him can be settled by himself.

As for the seemingly ordinary on the surface, it’s not to mention the guy who is both wretched in his heart and tactics. Although Ruan Wenyue was not good at fighting, he was able to protect himself because of his strength.

When the Duke’s Guards behind them caught up with the entire group, they happened to see someone tearing a group of big men’s clothes into strips, using them as temporary ropes to tie them one by one. Up.

“If you want me to say, these robbers can be killed directly. Why is it so troublesome and keep them alive.” Fasheng Babak Abu Nahan complained.

As the youngest, the lowest standing, and the forest with no achievements in the previous battle, he tied people up while saying, “Isn’t this not causing us substantial harm. It’s not too unreasonable to kill.”

The kneeling robbers were nodded. Although they didn’t dare to say anything, they were also extremely in favor of this magician who just made a noise and begged them for his life.

Grand Duke Kavi looked at this matter from a different perspective, saying: “They dare to do this kind of thing in broad daylight. Who can guarantee that their hands are clean and that they will not kill others. They are weak people. Today we were able to capture them because our strength was high enough. But if there is a deficiency, wouldn’t it be slaughtered. They didn’t hurt us, it’s not a reason to indulge them.”

Sure enough, as a lord, his thoughts are much more organized. At least Duke Kavi wanted to maintain the security of his territory, not just gratitude and enmity. Although the land in front of him is not directly in his domain, the Owner and his family are considered to be family ties, and it is impossible to see this kind of thing but nothing.

At this time, Lin said with a smile: “This is not for you. Next, if you are willing to cooperate, the Duke or Mr. Ruan of the Chamber of Commerce will dig a mine. These people He is big and strong. If anything happens, he won’t feel distressed. There will be no such benefit if he is slaughtered.”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened. Only the bandits are tied up, such as prepare for there funeral. Although he has survived, it doesn’t seem to be any better to be caught to work in the mines. Question: Listening to the conversation of this group of people, there is a grand duke in it… the entire empire has only sixteen grand dukes, and I met one today, and I was really spurned by the fate of Goddess Logosine.

I have personally witnessed the performance of this car. For the Grand Duke, cooperation is definitely necessary, and the rest is nothing more than detailed negotiations. Since cooperation is required, some closed mines have to be restarted, or mines that are already being excavated need to be expanded. These all require manpower. What is more appropriate than a criminal.

Use a team of soldiers to guard the criminals, and recruit people to mine. If an accident occurs, there is still a cost gap between the two, and the former is more cost-effective. So the grand duke laughed and said: “Then leave these people to me. I don’t like to build prisons, but there are many mines.” With hot eyes, I can only swallow the words. The distance between the two sides is of course that the Grand Duke’s territory is relatively close, and even the manpower brought in is more of the Grand Duke’s people. If you want to fight, you can’t win; even if you can win, you don’t have the courage to fight with a powerful duke. After all, I was only a branch of the steward clan, not a manager, so I just made a fortune in silence.

Duke Kawei beckoned to the subordinates who followed one after another. Although everyone was still gasping for breath, they got off their horses and stepped forward quickly. After a few words from the Grand Duke, a few shrewd people knew what to do.

But seeing his guards, staring at the innocent magician one by one with fiercely eyes, of course Kavi knew what these people were thinking. It’s a pity that he is in a good mood and never thought of suppressing the magician or warning the other party. Instead, he invited a personal deacon and said: “You stay here, explain to those who will follow up, and return to the Holy City, waiting for the original station.”

“But Duke, your safety ……”

Deacon was interrupted when he was half-talking. The Grand Duke said displeased: “None of you can keep up with the speed of the car. If you insist on taking you, you are just dragging your legs. Besides, you really ran your horses to the point of being out of force, and I still feel sorry for these horses that have been cultivated with great difficulty. So those who can only be a hindrance, just go back and wait obediently.”

I know that this patriarch is not an ordinary stubbornness. Lianhuang Imperial Capital dared to be shocked, his persistence is completely meaningless. Therefore, the Knights of the Duke’s Guard and the deacon who think they are loyal can only stare at a certain magician, but they can’t change anything.

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