Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 681

Dismissed a group of Knights who were still riding horses, and realized that this car built with magical materials can be said to be no stronghold one cannot overcome. What else does someone say, of course he is preparing for a rampage.

But the sky is not what people want, the driver’s seat is occupied by the grand duke, and I don’t plan to pay it back. Moreover, the old fogey looked familiar, facing the magician who was younger than him, but no longer belonged to the youngster sequence.

It’s no wonder that he and the Fashen are good friends, and they both pretend to be familiar. The most terrible thing is that their vision and judgment are quite precise, and the requests they make are difficult to refuse, rather than the kind of requests that are too pretentious to obviously take advantage of others.

You always have to cooperate in car manufacturing. Instead of sitting in the passenger seat, you will be able to get more experience in driving by yourself. But neither of these two types of goods have a driver’s license. Even if you want to drive without a license, you have to touch the steering wheel, step on the accelerator, and brake…

Okay. Think about it seriously, it seems that I think too much. In the mystery of these years, where is there any driver’s license assessment. Besides, when you drive to a person who can’t drive, the most fear is that the other person will bump into things indiscriminately and crash the car; or if you don’t follow the traffic rules and have a car accident with another vehicle.

Let’s not talk about the traffic rules of the lost place, and no other vehicle will have an accident with you. Of course, except for carriage.

Furthermore, the tree trunk surrounded by the person just now was hit and shattered. Someone thought they had built a war chariot. The depression of the sheet metal was restored to its original shape by directly using magic shaping. So worrying about car crashes is not a reason at all.

So it doesn’t seem to be bad to let yourself run wild, or hand it over to someone else to run wild. So Lin agreed to the request for the Grand Duke to drive, and he also instructed how to drive.

There are two. I agree with the Grand Duke, but disagree with Dharma Sage sitting in the driver’s seat. It seems unreasonable.

The two great characters have passed. As the Controller of Jialong Chamber of Commerce, one of the partners this time, it seems not right to not let him drive and see. So someone simply taught all three of them. Anyway, if everyone’s ears are upright and their eyes are brighter, they can all learn it. It’s hard to hide it from other people.

It’s just how these three people take turns in the driver’s seat. It’s the problem between them. Someone doesn’t want to interfere. On the contrary, it is sitting in the passenger seat, and someone who has freed his hand has time to review the data that the car returns during the driving process, and also has time to chat with other people.

Otherwise, if you hold the steering wheel, you have to pay attention to the road conditions, pay attention to the car conditions, and drive the vehicle. There is no room to talk to others. The situation is similar when other people hold the steering wheel. Either in excitement, just want to press the accelerator to the end, or in a rushed situation, suddenly left, suddenly right, driving quickly and slowly.

It’s been a long time since I felt this kind of motion sickness…

After Fashen took the driver’s seat, the Grand Duke had time to ask about the magician who created the car. “Your Excellency Tripwood, as far as I know, you have shown a large vehicle with Barbac, which can carry many people. So how many people are there?”

“strictly speaking, the more you want to carry For people, the bigger the car must be; and the bigger the car, the more demands on the road to travel on. So there is no correct answer to this question. If I were to answer it, I would say that the condition of the road must be studied Only the horsepower of the engine and the structure of the car body can determine how many soldiers can be carried in the largest car.”

“Oh, soldiers.” Kavi’s eyes shined, showing a sly smile.

“Don’t say that the Grand Duke never considered the use of vehicles in the military. In fact, everything has two sides. A knife in the kitchen is a kitchen utensil for cutting vegetables and fish; on the battlefield, it is killing. The weapon. It depends on how the user uses it.”

“So, do we have any way to prevent others from using a chopper on the battlefield?” The Grand Duke tried to ask in a joking tone. Of course, Nguyen Van Yue is also very concerned about such problems.

Lin haha ​​smiled and said: “I am just leading the research and development, managing production, and the magician waiting to receive the money. Of course, this kind of thing is bothering the brains of the two who want to cooperate. As long as the money I have allocated is in place, I have no opinion on other matters.”

The implication is that he does not care who it is sold to or who buys it. So for the two people who intend to participate in this cooperation, it is good news. However, the two of them thought about different things when they changed their minds. The Grand Duke showed a sharp gaze, and Ruan Van sweated more and more.

Although the person in the passenger seat did not turn his head to look at the expressions of the two in the back seat. But their mood swings have long been in Lin’s grasp, how could he not guess the current psychological activities of the two of them. It is estimated that it is the kind of elimination of competitors and exclusive interests. Lin Pretending to not know, he said casually:

“In fact, looking at the entire maze, the market is very large. According to my plan, I not only hope to build vehicles that can be used by individuals, but also build a large number of vehicles. Personnel, or vehicles for transporting materials. In fact, the last one is my primordial idea. I hope that the lack of transportation energy in the current mysterious land can be changed to solve the material problem of printing magic scrolls. After the factory is officially put into production, How many cars can be built? And as long as it is a machine, there will be losses. Then the follow-up maintenance and replacement of the old ones are destined to be bought for the second or third time by those who have bought it before. It is just a time span. It’s just the president. What I want to say is that the market is so big that things can’t be sold out. The best way is to cooperate with someone you can trust to build and sell cars as quickly as possible. Money is serious.”

Kavigong said, “Oh, don’t you think that such a thing can only be done if only a few people know it? Well, in your terms, it’s a guarantee of interest. The maximization.”

The Grand Duke’s words were a bit plain, and Ruan Wenyue’s back was wet.

Lin still smiled and said: “If I want to monopolize this business, I have to organize my own staff and arrange all aspects of the business. This is too unrealistic for me. I am. But I’m a magician. Research is what I should do. If it’s left to someone else, maybe I’ll just sit and wait for a few minutes, and I’ll be rejected for taking too much, and I want to kick me again if I find something wrong. Out. In the final analysis, monopolizing a business can of course get the most benefits. In addition to allowing the monopolist to waste too much energy on things other than commodities, it will also make people give birth to some unnecessary ideas and actions. So I think there is competition. The state is the best.”

This kind of statement made Ruan Van sighed in relief secretly. Kavi was a bit dissatisfied, but he immediately thought of the man’s past performance and practices, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “Is it possible that you plan to have coffee-related knowledge, or like a forum, to throw the world all over the world. I don’t care about it.”

Someone’s history of turning over the table is exhausting, and I can’t help but prevent it. For the insignificant people in the market, this is an expression of selflessness. But for people above a certain level, how can they fail to see the benefits and tricks inside.

Lin, who turned his head, grinned, and said, “Didn’t I tell you, who makes me feel bad, and I don’t plan to let him live well. It’s just the threshold for the business of making cars. Obviously Higher than other things, it’s not something Xiaoxi Mi can intervene. Anyone who can intervene must be someone with a certain level of strength and power. Anyway, when the time comes, I sit firmly on the mountain and watch the dragon wars under the mountain. The tiger battles must be very lively.”

The Grand Duke was silent. He is far away from the power core of the empire, does not mean that he has no power in his hands. The so-called power is not the power that allows everything in the world to operate according to its own will. He is no longer an adventurer who has hidden his identity and traveled in a fascinating place. The status of the Grand Duke of the Empire may not be the highest authority in this World, but also not a magician that can be challenged.

I understand that a man who was once a dead friend and now has a grand duke, what does this silence mean. The saint Babak Abu Nahan said in a joking tone: “I said the great, wise, and wise and mighty Grand Duke, please listen to the younger me say something, okay.”

“Fuck you, talk human.” Kavigong pretended to be dissatisfied.

“haha. What I want to say is, if you plan to deal with this person sitting next to me, don’t count me in the battle strength. I have no plan to challenge him.”


Hey, I’m right here. Shouldn’t this kind of thing be said behind the scenes?

“Oh, you admit that you will lose to a young man.” Kavigong said defiantly.

Hey! Although I am still young in your eyes, can you say that in front of me?

“Ha, I want to tell you how troublesome this man is. You haven’t tried it yourself, you certainly don’t want to believe it. But let me put it another way, you have to think about it yourself before you decide What to do next. He himself once said in a mathematics course: “If this world, I will run away and I will recognize the second place, no one is qualified to recognize the first.” People who do not know how to do it are called idiots. Although I never thought how smart you are before, but you have to consider the weight of this sentence.”

Well, someone is embarrassed to the point of being embarrassed.

However, Mr. Carvey heard this warning from his friends for many years, and he impossible not to take it seriously. Everyone can understand the principle of fighting a tiger without dying but causing trouble.

If there is a magician who claims that what he is best at is to escape, then anyone who wants to deal with him has to consider that if he doesn’t kill him in the first time, then he will be greeted next. ‘magician’ endless troubles, even assassinations. Maybe magicians who are lost in the ground like to be upright like a warrior, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have weird and elusive methods.

Reckless people are easy to deal with, wretched people…

Think of all kinds of rumors related to this magician. Perhaps, he should use a different attitude to look at this magician who is not very reliable in his eyes.

The Grand Duke made a hearty laughed sound, as if to sweep away the haze that had been faintly planted before.

He doesn’t mind sitting on an equal footing with others, even someone above him. After all, a trifling grand duke is not yet the apex of power in this world. His strength is not so strong that by the strength of oneself, he can calm everything in the world. So in the face of many people and many things, as long as you adjust your mentality, there is nothing you can’t adapt to.

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