Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 682

Finally, he failed to reach Mount Vesu. This is not because you can’t drive to your destination within the time limit, but because you’re driving in another person, everyone drove too happily and drove the wrong way…

Someone’s own navigation minimap, others There are no people.

So I just found a hill with a wide view, took out the prepared food, and continued the unfinished discussion while eating.

It is unfinished. In fact, there is a strong collaborator. Everyone has a new understanding of cars. Therefore, most of the results discussed by Ruan Wenyue and Lin have to be overthrown.

Nguyen Van Yue doesn’t have much opinion on this. Because after joining Kavi, and understanding the military value of the car, everyone’s calculations are a bit bigger than before. Except for someone who is heartless.

However, Lin still emphasized in the discussion that the performance of the car he rides now is not the performance of the car that can be made in the future. Switching to ordinary materials to manufacture cars, when the strength of the materials is far lower, the parameters of all aspects will inevitably have a serious decline.

But no matter how severe the decline is, even if only one-tenth of the performance is left, it is much stronger than the means of transportation that ordinary people can use. Simply put, it is still profitable. Regardless of whether the Duke Guard still has someone who can catch up to the top speed of the second gear of the car, the Knights and Warhorses of the Guard are not one in a million, they are also elite men, not comparable to those of ordinary people.

And the reason why someone proposed to bring a grand duke into their business in the French Saint Babak Abu Nahan did not show that he always wanted to respect the nobles in business as in the past. And the attitude of being far away. This is because in addition to the fixed purchase cost of the car, there are subsequent consumption costs.

In this regard, using the power in the magic stone is not as good as digging for oil. After all, the former has many uses in Midi, and there are many places where the magic stone is in short supply, while oil is not. If you want people at the bottom of society to be able to afford cars, then the cost of continuous consumption is impossible too high.

Someone has calculated that according to the current price of magic stone and oil, the cost of the car per kilometer is as different as heaven and earth. Magic stones are much more expensive, and they are several times more expensive. The cost of oil is almost all on transportation. In the known oil-producing area, in the Gwana Empire, the Goblin Autonomous Castle Lebap, the thing is even given away for nothing and it is still rejected.

Secondly, refining petroleum can produce a lot of useful products, and these things may also find their fascinating uses in the future. It’s not bad to do some research and make some technical reserves.

If you want to refine oil, you will need to set up gas stations in the future. To make these things out, you need the help of some powerful people. In these matters, in the Holy City Estali, the Nguyen Van of the Jialong Chamber of Commerce is far inferior to the energy of Kawei Gong.

However, with these beautiful prospects, Kavi Gong seems to be a little dissatisfied. During small talks, he would come to the side of the vehicle from time to time, looking east and west, if several times, everyone did not care.

Suddenly he took out his portable long sword, a shock wave blasted everyone off guard, and the car swayed a few times before returning to calm. The position of the middle sword is obviously dented, but that’s all. The structure of the entire vehicle is still intact.

Everyone was taken aback by the sudden convulsion at the Grand Duke. I don’t know what the original thought of this long-established swordsman was. When he saw that he couldn’t cut the car, he seemed to be stronger, accumulating his power, and preparing to use formidable power for even greater moves.

Lin hurriedly ran up to the Grand Duke, shaking his hands and said, “Show mercy, show mercy, Grand Duke. If you want to test defensive power, please wait for us to test again. If we cut the car now If it breaks, we can only walk home.”

…… Well, it’s a real problem. So Kavi put away his weapons.

Lin continued to say at this time: “And after we switch to ordinary materials in the future, today’s cars can withstand you might of a single sword, it does not mean that the future will also be possible.”

After a while, Mr. Carvey said: “If I said I would want this car.”

Scared by the noble man who suddenly had a convulsion, Lin helplessly smiled and said, “This The car is just a prototype car. Many parts have not been finalized, and there is no magic attached. What is the use of him?” Suddenly thinking of the urinary nature of the rich, Lin asked tentatively: “Is the Grand Duke wanting a car? A customized car with the same level of protection, and at any price.”

“Yes, yes! That’s it! What you discussed before was how to use ordinary materials instead, and think of ways to make the cost more. Low, so that the price is lower, and more people can afford it. But if the performance is too poor compared with this car, why should people who can afford it buy those lame goods.”

……This is the world in the eyes of the local tyrants, and how is it different from the world in the eyes of the poor.

Someone feels frustrated unreasonably.

It’s just that local tyrants care about poor psychological activities. Mr. Kawei naturally asked: “How, the kind of custom-made car you mentioned, can you do it.”

Suppressing the sorrow and urge to cry, Lin Zhuangzuo firmly said: “It is of course possible to do it. As long as you have money and materials, you can do it. But I want to set some rules.”

“The rules? What rules?” Kavi asked.

“My time or those of the silverbeard dwarves are also time. We have our own things to do, so it is impossible to be busy building cars all day. I predict that in the future this kind of self-management A custom-made vehicle can be manufactured at most one a year, and of course it may not be built. However, I will also teach you the magician sent by you for the relevant technology. Then the quantity ratio between the customized car and the mass-produced car is determined by You decide, I just ask, anyway, my interests should be available.”

“Oh, don’t you consider increasing the quantity? Why don’t you sell it if you have money.” Kavigong is not at this request. satisfaction.

Lin shook his head and said, “Duke, as far as I know, you are a person who likes weapons and equipment. And those master craftsmen who are good at making powerful weapons, their brainchild is casual You can buy it with the money, and you still want to buy things you have at any time.”

While rubbing his gray beard, Kavi had to admit: “It is true. But they do not produce High, the bigger reason is the problem of materials.”

“Exactly, this is also the second requirement I want to say. I will draw up the material requirements, and of course I will also provide a list of alternatives. The buyer prepares the materials. I bought all the materials for the trial car, but almost all of my income during this period was filled in. If I were to collect the materials and manufacture it myself, the cost would not be known. How much to improve.”

Someone’s sentence is half true half false. Because at the same time, there was another big money-eater, that is, the jacquard machine in operation. However, buying materials this time also made someone discover something that hadn’t been paid attention to before, that is, rare and expensive items like magic materials, the price is not fixed, but will fluctuate with the supply and the length of transportation. .

In the past, whether it was the Great Sage Tower Era, the Five Union City Era, or the wandering period, the magic materials purchased were almost everywhere, to see which one was in the local area at that time. The inventory is large and the price is good, just as making friends and dealing with those Chamber of Commerce managers. Because they are all one-time purchases, they rarely care about price fluctuations.

When I use it in the future, it depends on what materials I have at hand and makes what kind of plans. Sometimes, too good things are not used, and because of the characteristics, there are no other substitutes, and they can only be used by brace oneself. Just like when the airship Sid was repaired, the strength of many materials was above the index of component requirements. Strictly speaking of which is a waste.

But the silver-beard dwarves are a little obsessed in doing things. What kind of index components need to be used at what level of materials, and they are so obsessed that they don’t know how to work. And such persistence will make them stare at a certain magic material on the market to buy.

When the purchase of Holy City is finished, I entrust Chamber of Commerce to ship it from other places. When the other Chamber of Commerce’s purchases are finished, we will focus on the unused raw materials in the hands of some people. The Chamber of Commerce manager will coordinate and ask the other party to share some of them. In this case, of course, it takes an extra sum of money to make it possible for the other party to cut love.

Sometimes other Chamber of Commerce people know that there is a large demand for the materials in their hands, so they increase the price and make more profits.

In short, this kind of behavior in the market is almost like others saying:’I am a fat sheep’. So if you want to help customers make custom cars, and estimate the cost of materials in the selling price, there is a high chance that you will lose money in the end. Apart from anything else, someone has thought about the method of colluding between the buyer and Chamber of Commerce. It is easy to counteract the producer in a sale that includes the price of the material.

So this kind of trouble, just leave it to those who want to make a custom car. Anyway, this kind of person is either rich or expensive. If the net worth is a little smaller, they will not be able to buy the materials for the customized car. Of course, there will be no probability of credit or overstocking. It’s better to collect the wages yourself, and it’s more worry-free and trouble-free.

The people present are all people who have a way to reach this level, and of course they know what someone’s concerns are. Just like those master craftsmen who make weapons, sometimes they are willing to make a move, not necessarily relying on friendship, or people who want to buy weapons have enough money. It’s just because a piece of rare material makes their hands itchy.

So to order a car, the material is provided by the buyer, which is not an unacceptable requirement in Midi.

“The second point, I will select customers. Because these custom-made cars can be said to be a demonstration of my cream of the crop technology. If you want to imitate, the best choice is of course these Custom cars, not the ordinary cars we will build in the future. I don’t want to struggle to make future competitors.”

Everyone nodded agrees to such a rule. In someone’s calculations, whoever wants to tie him up will have nowhere to engage in monopoly business. But they don’t want too many competitors to join this new industry and share their profits.

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