Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 683

Seeing that there is not much response from everyone, Lin continued: “Of course, in Holy City, I don’t know too many people. So honestly, I have no way of picking out buyers. I tend to use the introduction system. Anyone who wants to find me to order a car must have a letter of introduction from any of the three present. But if the two magician Kabanbai and the Big Magician have a need, I will help too. After all, after I came to Holy City, I received a lot of help from the two of them. As for whose orders I meet each year, the three will coordinate and arrange them internally, and I will not interfere.”

The meaning of this sentence is equivalent to handing over the power of choosing the guests, who is the first and then, in their hands, and the three people present are all moved. As for the two named as exceptions, it is not so difficult to accept.

However, seeing the three of them a little excited, they regained their profound mystery expression. Although I agree with the conditions I put forward, it still seems to be unsatisfactory. After thinking about it, Lin probably could guess the psychology of the three of them, and said:

“Since the Grand Duke and Mr. Ruan are my collaborators, Your Excellency Fashen is a very important introducer. Then I will act as My sincerity in cooperation, if the three have a customized car demand, I am willing to cooperate in the first year to complete the production. Of course, the conditions are still the same, the materials are self-provided, and I will charge another salary, so I can’t make it for nothing. Work. Oh, and this condition is limited to one. If there are other needs, you have to go back.”

Speaking of which, the three are headed by the Grand Duke, and the three are exposed. Satisfied expression. After riding in such a comfortable vehicle, who is willing to let the ass go back to sit in the carriage.

If according to this man’s previous conditions, they must be able to ride in their own car, the slowest is three years later, who has the patience to wait? So when the magician said that he was willing to rush to work in the first year and order an exclusive vehicle for three people, even if there was only one vehicle, it made them feel satisfied and satisfied.

In someone’s calculations, there are three people in front of them, plus two magicians in Kabanbai, for a total of five people. If they have a need, they are willing to place an order within the first year. The manufacturing of the vehicle is completed. In addition to the accidental use of these people, the most important purpose is not to make yourself too conspicuous.

It is of course impossible to travel on your own. Taking a mass-produced car, this customized car made by the Silverbeard Dwarf, will eventually become your own car. If you run a 1903 Ford Model A all over the street by that time, and you drive yourself a tough carriage, then you won’t be eye-catching. If there is more than one person driving a special vehicle, the fire can be dispersed well and not be the only target.

“In this case, I can directly ask you for it.” Kavigong said.

“Please tell me.” Although the income from the custom car is not the main purpose I expected, there is no clear reason for rejecting a grand duke. Maintaining a good relationship with this one is not to make future cooperation a bit smoother.

Duke Kawei didn’t sell the car, he said directly: “I want to order a car driven by women. The most important thing is safety. Just like I just tried a trick, I can still take care of it. The door is dented. I hope it can be raised to the point where even the dent will not be there.”

Huh? Not for your own use?

Lin’s doubts will soon be answered by someone. Sage Babak Abu Nahan said, “Are you planning to buy a car for your granddaughter?”

Kavigong showed a kind expression that someone had never seen before and said, “Yes. One of the main reasons why the child did not dare to go out was because he felt that he was not safe. I was also impossible to take the Duke’s Guard with her to protect her. I hope that the car with improved safety can become her support, so that She has the self-confidence to go out. Even if she doesn’t go to social banquets, it’s better to go out and relax than to stay in the castle all day long.”

Well, granddaughter? Also, it is strange that an old white-bearded nobleman has no sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. It’s just that I’m not familiar with the family of the Grand Duke of Cavi, so Lin asked: “So Grand Duke, is your granddaughter an adult or a minor. What’s your body size?”

A sensitive question, On the spot, the Grand Duke turned into a Senior who protects the calf. Stared at the magician with a sharp gaze, and asked: “Do you know what these do you want to do?”

“Hey, what you do is tailor-made, isn’t it about knowing the user’s body type and habits first, and then following These conditions create the most suitable item. It’s like you find a master craftsman to build an exclusive weapon. They always need to know your arm length, palm, and finger width to create the most suitable item for you. It’s not a good thing to use a sword for a giant that is taller than you, or a sword for a dwarf that is similar to a needle.”

The reason is right. To make people unable to refute. Kavigong’s face was a little slow, and after thinking about it, he said, “After I go back, I will tell you these things.”

“Okay. Then for the security issue, what special enchantments are there? Would you like it? You just tried it. You can dent the sheet metal of the car because now this car has no magic attached to it except the engine. It just uses the hardness of the magic material itself to resist your formidable power. . I believe that as long as the appropriate magic is added, it should be able to easily meet your requirements for improved security. As for what type of magic is added, you can try to think from the perspective of a magic tower or a magic puppet, and we will study it again. What is the feasibility?”

Everyone was surprised when this was said. This car that surprised them is actually just the state of the material, without any protective magic attached. It’s just that in that sentence, let the Fashen catch a key point and ask: “Your Excellency Tripwood, you said a magic puppet, do you mean that this car can be changed into a magic puppet?”

“Yes, Nor is it right. A car made of magical materials can itself be classified as a magic puppet. It’s just that this magic puppet is different from most people’s imagination. It has no hands or feet, unlike humans and no creatures. He has only one main function, which is to use four wheels to move fast on the land. Therefore, he can be commanded by driving the magic puppet, but at this stage I have not found a suitable driving magic array that can effectively control the car. Action.”

In fact, this method is also the basic idea for the automatic driving of the Silverbeard version of the car, and it is assisted by the program. Instead of fully applying Earth’s low-level artificial intelligence, that is, the method of detecting the environment, identifying the environment, and then determining the logic of the program.

However, the freedom of movement and intelligence of the magic puppet depends on the number and arrangement of the synapses that drive the magic array, and how the soul as the core obtains it. It’s as if the born child is smart and slow. How about aptitude, to be honest, depends on luck.

One of the methods for making the core of the magic puppet is to use the magic core of the demonic beast, which usually contains the soul fragments of the demonic beast. With this complement, become the core soul of the magic puppet. But the disadvantage is that such souls will have the original habit of demonic beasts. Simply put, those with four feet on the ground will not adapt to hand movements, and those with tails will not adapt to the state without tails.

Another method is summon elemental plane, or other High Plane’s Holy Spirit. But these advanced souls encountered unprecedented four tires, and they couldn’t adapt to them. And this is the reason why someone would say that the self-driving system developed by the Silverbeard Dwarf is not trustworthy. Although there is program assistance, it is a typical state where one plus one is less than two.

It is impossible to control the vehicle flexibly. What’s the point even if you can make accurate judgments like human beings.

Of course, these magic puppets can still be familiar with the existing body structure after training. But this kind of training process cannot be backed up, that is, the soul core of every new vehicle must be retrained. With this alone, someone does not want to tap into the potential of this technology. With the goal of mass production, I am most afraid of encountering such special products that cannot be copied.

“Then let it switch between the two forms?” Fashen Babak Abu Nahan asked unwillingly.

This question, of course, made someone almost collapsed. I said, Lord, you really intend to build a deformed Vajra, it’s not possible!

The problem of self-respect and structure is not only the problem of Earth, but also the problem of mystery. Although the magic material is not only light, but the strength and hardness are also quite high. But that precious material must have a better and more suitable purpose, and should not be used to make magic puppets. Not to mention using less is meaningless, using more is a waste.

A few words dispelled the unrealistic delusion of Fa Sage. If it can be done, someone would have done it a long time ago, so how can it wait until now?

However, rebuttal is rebuttal, and it still has to be justified and justified before I can convince the three people in front of me. After all, I’m here to seek cooperation, not to slap each other in the face and make a snap. It’s cool, and business is dying.

Although Lin didn’t have a reason to do this business, but there was a chance, but because of his own death, he was gone. That feeling was different.

Speaking of which, it is not easy to deal with the brains of the three Seniors. Fashen’s magical attainments are deeper than his own, and a lot of truths can be cleared with a single click. But the other two who knew little about magic had the same difficulty in explaining what was feasible or unfeasible to them, and the level of enlightenment to a little child was about the same.

However, someone doesn’t have endless time to mess with them. The math class in the afternoon is still waiting. Seeing that the time was almost up, they urged a few people to get on the bus and prepare to return.

Lin Ke dare not leave these three Seniors, use flashing technique to return to the city, and then let them drive back. Don’t say whether you believe them or not, dare you to temporarily hand over this prototype car to them. If you get lost again on the return trip, that a large group of ducal guards come to ask for someone, where I am going to get a grand duke out to hand it over.

Lin, who was in the driver’s seat, stepped on the accelerator. Amidst the encouragement of several old men, act recklessly drove the car up to speed, whizzing back.

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