Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 684

It is cloudy. Over the past few days, a cloud of dark clouds, the feeling that the heavy rain is about to fall, makes the air stuffy. The overall atmosphere of Holy City Estali was affected together, as if something was suppressing it. The people living in it seem to have an extra set of shackles on their hands and feet, and everything is not going well.

Compared with this depressive and unusual spring scenery, someone is busy in a frenzy.

Lin He Kawei Gong and Ruan Van Viet of Jialong Chamber of Commerce formally signed a cooperation contract. In addition to Dharma Saint Babak Abu Nahan as a witness, Lin also invited the great magician Kabanbai to be the second witness.

A high, middle and low automotive industry that includes petrochemicals, steelmaking, manufacturing and sales, maintenance, repairs, etc., consists of three magicians, a nobleman and a Chamber of Commerce director The hands of the official launch.

Don’t think that someone is crazy and threw the stall so big in one go. In fact, many things are not that many in the early stage of investment. They are just planning and preparations in advance to avoid blindfolding and messy hands when they need to be used.

Furthermore, the partners of cooperation also have the strength to do so. They also agree that they should try their best to locate things at once, and let all aspects be adjusted in advance. When it is about to start external sales, it is a mature industrial chain.

From these actions, we can also see the confidence of the collaborators. For the Grand Duke of Kawi and Nguyen Van Viet, even if the research plan to substitute ordinary materials cannot be carried out smoothly, just selling custom-made cars is a big deal. Don’t worry about the funds invested in them being unable to be recovered.

Moreover, Lin and Yinbeard dwarves are only five people. Someone who did not intend to turn manufacturing cars into a lifelong career has long promised to teach other magicians about all aspects of manufacturing cars. Even if you want to hold it in your hand and avoid being kicked away, you can only grasp one or two key technologies at most, and it is impossible to cover all the technologies.

It is through Qi that makes others so bold and assured to place a heavy bet on this nascent industry.

As the second witness, the great magician Kabanbai and his friend, the great magician Bizhan, the two also said to the Dharma saint Babak Abu Nahan just as someone had previously guessed The high-end custom-made cars are indeed interested; but to study low-end, low-cost cars that use common materials, the two Seniors are lacking in interest.

However, for Senior who has not fully realized the charm of cars, neither of them regards the first-year customization power as the same thing. After all, this thing is to be spent by yourself, and not given away for nothing; and he also needs financial support for the operation of the Academy and the development of printing presses, so the big magician Kabanbai chose to retain this right.

The big magician was even more decisive than Zhan and directly sold this power to Kavi. In addition to ordering a car for his granddaughter, the Grand Duke also ordered a second car for himself.

Originally, Lin didn’t want to admit this kind of transaction, and was afraid that when the time comes Big magician Bizhan would regret it, so he ran to complain to himself. It’s just that this thought didn’t last long, and someone couldn’t help but smile. This is considered too good self-awareness, too much of the car as the same thing.

Maybe people just don’t like it, and if they don’t like it anyway, there is no regret or regret. Besides, the Grand Duke also paid a lot of money, and if you count it seriously, it’s not cheating.

Because they are still in the preparatory stage and they are doing things that have never been seen before, both Kawei Gong and Nguyen Van Viet chose to return to their respective sites to supervise the implementation of the matter in the early stage. Regarding the special requirements of their respective definitions of car making, exchange opinions with someone through the private discussion section of the forum.

In addition to the energetic and bustling implementation of the auto industry, another vital task for someone is the production of magic silk clothes.

In the past few days, two girls who have been trained to belong to the almighty type have been chased by the multitude of things. Staying in the jacquard workshop, the responsibility of supervising the normal operation of the machine fell on the newly joined young man, Leonardo.

He doesn’t know anything yet, he doesn’t understand anything yet, and he’s not used to anything yet. With the permission to read the information in the first coffin, he is happy to wander in the vast sea of ​​Consciousness. Sometimes he would read that he had forgotten the time to eat and he had to be called to him.

Fortunately, he also knew that his main responsibility was to guard the operation of the jacquard machine, so Leonardo made a bauble attached to the jacquard machine. As long as the machine stopped running due to an error, it would pull a small hammer and hit his shin bones. At this time, no matter how focused on reading, he will jump up in pain and go out to find someone to solve the problem of the jacquard machine.

In this short period of time, Lin, who is a teacher, has only two words about the feeling of this new apprentice: evildoer.

On memory and reaction, Leonardo is not as good as Kaya or Hallumi, let alone the Lich who I don’t know how to describe Fern, but his brain is often startled. Moreover, the questions or opinions raised are not like the delusions of a child like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies. If you think about it seriously, there is indeed a feasibility in it.

In the past, the genius that someone thought was actually someone who performed quite well in memory and reaction. If there is a fairly good logic, it will be terrible. Such a person can deduce deeper conclusions step by step on the basis of what is known. This kind of talent has reached the extreme, as far as someone knows, it is probably Sherlock Holmes’s famous fictional detective.

Leonardo’s performance is not the case. In the last second, he was clearly discussing the question of why two times two equals four. In the next second, he suddenly asked why the apple fell from the tree. Is there any force acting? If the force is resisted, can people fly?

The performance of normal people has its own context after all. It is like a sapling that grows. It takes root first, and then the trunk, branches, leaves, and buds can finally bloom beautiful flowers. This is the advantage of Chuanzhong. Ordinary people need experience accumulation and research to draw conclusions. Chuanzhong can use the Earth conclusion to skip the time of accumulation and research and directly make the results.

Leonardo is like a sapling still taking root, suddenly a flower bloomed in front of his eyes. And it’s not enough to open one flower, he has one flower after another. In order for the flowers that appear out of thin air to continue to thrive and grow, one has to work hard to grow the branches in the direction of the flowers to support these beautiful flowers.

This kind of heaven-sent inspiration and creativity is something someone has never seen before.

I used to hear people say that science should make bold assumptions and carefully verify. Anyone can say this sentence, but how many people really assume that what university asks.

In Earth, teachers also like to say the half of Edison’s famous saying: Success is one percent of talent, plus 99 percent of hard work. Then ignore the second half sentence: it is precisely that one percent of talent is the most important. But what that talent is, until today, hasn’t been deeply understood from Leonardo.

Will he really be that person? If so, why is he here? Faced with such an unproven problem, it adds a bit of trouble to someone. You can’t ask him directly: Are you Da Vinci?

If he really answers: yes. I will paint the smile of Mona Lisa, and Da Vinci who is known as the Three Greatest Men of the Renaissance. That’s the fucking hell, so good.

Of course, it does not rule out that he is a young body with an old soul living in it. But what is the performance of this pretending to be tender now?

In short, someone only spent a little time worrying about Leonardo, and then left it behind. There are so many things that I should do, and it doesn’t make sense to struggle with that. What I can do now is to teach him and help him as much as possible, so as to save him from starving to death or freezing to death on the side of the road.

Finally, the jacquard machine finished weaving the required silk, and it took a total of 13 days. It will take more time than expected, because in the part of weaving patterns, Lin controlled the machine to slow down, and first made no mistakes as the primary goal. If the quality of the finished product passes the test, we will consider improving efficiency in the future.

Compared with the weaving process of traditional Shu brocade, it takes several months and about a year to complete a piece of cloth. The speed of these 13 days is enough to shock the world.

The completion of the silk does not mean it is all right. Next, of course, tailoring and sewing, these two tasks are not simple at all.

The strength of the magic version of silk is far beyond Lin’s original imagination, it is not hurt by the sword. This unexpected joy is of course good news. At least I don’t need to wear chain mail and other equipment after wearing clothes made of magic silk to improve my defensive ability. But in the stage of making clothes, that is a problem that makes people scratch their heads.

Use box cutting to cut, or use the space slash version of different-dimensional exile, of course, you can easily deal with silk. But this is a sledgehammer, and these silks and satin are not strong enough to have to do this.

The final solution is to melt Fen’s favorite weapon Machete, that is, the machete, and turn it into scissors and sewing needles. Because the material of the machete is the most suitable for making weapons besides box cutting. It is called the magic material of Vannamen.

The reason why a certain Lich was willing to take out the machete and melt it, including the ship-cutting knife, was a bit unwelcome. It was placed in the corner of the wall to collect dust. It was really the previous conflict. Both weapons Failed to break through the opponent’s defense. There is no harm without comparison. After using the box cutting, using other weapons is a bit dull.

That sword is too much talk. If you bring up the idea of ​​going out and cutting people with hackneyedness, Fern will feel like she has lost. So she didn’t take anything with her, anyway, she didn’t need to fight and kill in her life. Whether it is a machete or a ship-cutting knife, the idea is to dismantle it for other purposes.

Of course, someone does not simply make scissors and sewing needles, but also adds magic that is usually used on weapons to increase their sharpness and firmness. Someone is thinking, whether they are going to be Dongfang Bubai or Nanhai Crocodile God in the future, they have all the weapons in hand. The needles and scissors made are not to mention dealing with the magic version of silk, they can be used to fight and kill.

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