Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 685

There are sewing needles, and of course a sewing machine is indispensable. During the Great Sage Tower and the Five Union City period, when Fen and the two girls were keen to sew all kinds of special clothes, they had long been familiar with the use of this machine. Now that there is a demand, it is of course to be made again.

The thread used to sew clothes is the same silk thread used to make silk. However, the silk is made of seven-cocoon silk, and the suture is made of nine-cocoon silk, which is a bit thicker.

Someone pretentiously wanted to make clothes by themselves, but it wasn’t that they had never done it or couldn’t do it anyway. It’s just beside the car, what’s the difficulty.

But if someone has a short stitch on the car, he can move left and right, looking around, before he can get on the car for a short time. Even so carefully, the stitching of the car is still crooked, which makes people feel awkward.

After bumping and bumping a few times, Hallumi, who couldn’t stand it, snatched it over and did it. After the old line was removed, it was only if she oh la la skillfully, and the car went for a long distance, straight and smooth.

Sure enough, things still have to be done by someone who is good at it.

The underwear, robes and magician shawl that are scheduled to be made are all very simple in form, there is no extra decoration, or some unusual waist or creases. So Hallumi moved very fast, and gave everything to the car in three or two.

Seeing that I have spent the most effort, the longest preparation time, and the longest production time since I came to the fascinating place, the equipment gradually takes shape. It is deceptive to say that I am not excited. But with excitement and excitement, someone can’t help but notice that the entire climate environment has undergone drastic changes.

The humidity increased, and there was thunder rumbling in the distance, and it seemed that the wind was also strong. Is it finally raining? The so-called water will send out, this is a good thing.

Get the newly sewn, hot clothes, arrange the thread ends, and clean it up a bit. Lin couldn’t wait to return to his room in the attic, intending to change into this new suit.

The whole set of clothes in my hand is very light and has no weight. It’s just that someone suddenly thought that it’s early spring, would it be too thin to wear this suit. Do you want to add a sweater in it, or put yourself a little magic to keep you warm.

I returned to my room and closed the door, and efficiently stripped myself clean, Lin moved neatly to put on new clothes from the inside out. It is said that it has not been a month since the New Year in Mystery, so this can be considered and put on new clothes for the New Year.

The big man’s room is also a former veteran fat house. Of course, there will not be a full-length mirror that can be used to illuminate the whole body. But for a magician, this is not a problem at all. Water mirror technique can be said to be the most commonly used magic in the previous period of time besides the magic of the light series. It’s just that after using the forum, the content is directly projected in the field of vision, so there is no need to use water mirrors.

Now that he wants to look in the mirror instead of going to the forum, Lin skillfully pulled out a few mirrors of the same size, placed a small circle around him like a formation, shining triumphantly on his own Heroic. The Black Tortoise pattern is very large, from the back to the waist in front of the body. And the position below the shoulder bones is just the place that will not be covered after wearing the magician shawl.

The satin on the black bottom, with black gold thread and dark red thread outlining one of the four spirits, is not conspicuous at first glance. But look carefully, it has several points of hard to describe elegance. Hallumi gave a sullen evaluation. Someone is absolutely impossible to admit, but it seems that there is nothing more appropriate than that word.

Learning to act like a girl, I made a circle. Anyway, no outsider was watching. Someone was about to squeeze his feet, blink his eyes and stick his tongue, and make a cute gesture. Suddenly a flash of light came on, and the flash technique was activated!

But it escaped for a while, not a lifetime. Before the flash technique was activated again, a burst of incomparable gigantic energy hit the body. Lin subconsciously jerked backwards, smashed through the wall, and crashed into the courtyard.

At this time, there was thunder, and the rumbling sound was endless.

Have you been struck by lightning? Someone was in a trance.

Get up tremblingly. Lin figured out the key to just being struck by lightning. The first lightning strike was evaded by flashing technique, but judging from the environment where there were no other traces of damage, the first lightning strike did not miss, but turned the direction and attacked again. This turning point was too fast, the distance was too short, and the lightning speed was so fast that it exceeded his reaction time, and he was hit.

It’s just a defense against different kinds of energy. In fact, it doesn’t just defend against energy tides between different dimensions, but can resist the impact of all energy types. Although the formidable power of this boring thunder is large, it actually hurts someone, but it is a slow half-time dodge action that makes the panicked one smash through the wall, causing impact damage.

The thunder and lightning energy did not leave any traces on his body, even the slightest burn mark. This special magic silk robe had the same result, without any burn marks; it even broke the wall without leaving any damage on the clothes. Except that the back of his head may be swollen, and the whole person is a little dizzy, everything is intact.

It’s just that the unfathomable mystery was struck by this thunder, for what?

Suddenly a single thought occupies the whole mind unstoppably, someone who can’t believe it in the heart shouts: This style of painting is wrong!

The movement I have caused before is not small at all. Of course the others who stayed in the house ran in a panic, wanting to run out of the house to see what happened. But someone’s attention is all focused on the silhouette that emerged from the 2nd lightning.

A little familiar, it’s a figure that shouldn’t be here. Every step he takes, he can bring up the wind and clouds, and the power agitation that he can’t see with the naked eye, but he can definitely feel as a magician. At the same time, the dark clouds that were suffocating for several days and never fell, at this moment a patter of light rain began. The figure in the rain was blurred again.

Compared with the unexpected appearance of the mysterious Lord Klein, a certain person spit out two words with difficulty, explaining the situation that the body may encounter: “Heavenly Tribulation…”

mysterious lord did not introduce himself, and not everyone recognized that face. But everyone who ran out of the house, after seeing the man whose drizzle slipped away from him, must have this name in his mind.

With such power, the impossible who appears in front of everyone is the body of a saint. Only the real body descends, representing the Spiritual God of the’mysterious’ power.

In fact, Klein was no less surprised than the mortals in front of him when he appeared in this place. The connection between the gods and this World is broken. There are various restrictions on their true coming, but they do not completely cut off their connection with the mysterious land. If this World has real consciousness, it must be a typical scumbag who wants horses to run and not to eat grass.

But he is here.

Although there was no explicit statement, Klein knew that his real body appeared in the fascinating place, there was a time limit, and there were also things to do. The feeling is very cryptic, just want him to punch the man in front of him, and then he can roll back to his Divine Kingdom.

This unfathomable mystery request made him want to talk to Apollos. As a very few, or only one Spiritual God who can freely communicate with the Divine Kingdom in the real body, the relationship between the Guardian and the Divine Kingdom is far more than other gods. For this dark and unclear feeling, seeking an explanation from Him should be the closest to the correct answer.

But that troublesome guy, whether it’s a god or a devil, stays away. After touching the bridge of his nose that was broken by the Guardian not long ago, Klein suddenly thought that it seemed to be related to this man. So, is this an opportunity for revenge?

When He heard the man hardly say: “Heavenly Tribulation.” Two words, Klein had a little more clear comprehension.

Looking towards this man who was concerned by him a long time ago, Klein said: “It seems that you understand my reason for being here better than I do, outside god.”

With the light and fluttering words, Lin suddenly understood where his problem was. The “external god” of the mysterious land does not specifically refer to those powerful existences in the mythology of Cthulhu. For example, all spiritual gods that are not born and grown in the mysterious land can be called such a title.

strictly speaking, so can the demon lords of the abyss. Just for a long time, the days of falling in love with the Spiritual God and killing them, gave them exclusive names such as “Abyss Evil God” and “Abyss Lord”.

And those existences hidden under someone’s starry night, if they are really related to Earth, and not a product of someone’s imagination, then they can undoubtedly be classified as’ Within the scope of the’Outer God’. Just in the past, they will only show up in someone’s starry night, on their own territory.

Nowadays, it is not so much that I have been exposed, as it is that the big tortoise on my back has been exposed…

I should have guessed it a long time ago, it is not pure Totem! Lin tried to put on a smile of harmless to humans and animals, but it was very ugly. What can I say at this time? Maybe it’s useless to say anything.

At this moment Klein asked suddenly: “Actually, I don’t quite understand. I’m here, should I kill you? Or can’t I kill you? Are you half-dead? Bothered. Oh, let’s say it first. This is not a personal grievance, and I don’t mean to discriminate against people like you. It’s the only one who will grab the outside god and have to kill or drive away. Apollos. Unless you choose to stand on the opposite side of the concept, there will be no other gods who want to do to you.”

Thinking about such a problem, on the contrary, makes someone nervous. go with. Lin looked at the mysterious master who showed a tireless expression of learning, and could not help but replied seriously: “Perhaps, neither the result nor the process is the point. The point is what kind of attitude he presents.”

If you mix into a god, you won’t have any well-developed limbs and simple minds. Lin Guang just mentioned that Klein had more thoughts and insights about this matter today. He smiled with satisfaction and said: “I’ll just say it, you must understand the current situation better than I am. Now that you know, can you please obediently give me a punch so that I can stop working?”

“Your Majesty is so beautiful.” Lin said weakly.

What kind of concept is the single fist it of Spiritual God? do not know. But it will definitely not be something that people want to try.

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