Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 686

Aware of the human magician on the opposite side, he has a confident attitude. Klein knows a little bit about the other side’s dependence. He smiled and said: “The magician who can escape most. I have to admit that your magic is very tricky. But why do you think that like my Spiritual God, you will not be able to overcome the trouble caused by that magic.”

What loopholes did he find? Or is it just bluffing? Does a god need to use this method to deceive mortals?

To say that someone was nervous before, it was just seeing an unexpected figure appear. But until now, Lin really felt the threat of life. Even if the Lord of Mystery didn’t make any moves and didn’t step forward, he still grew tall in his eyes, and his oppression rose straight up.

At this moment, a voice came from behind. “What makes me curious is why you think you can act wilfully when you are there.”

Fen, holding the ship sword, walked out of the house and passed over. Lin was regarded as the target, but the others were stopped in the house. Lich’s statement is that if you face such an opponent, if it is not useful, it will only get in the way. It’s better to hide and protect yourself.

However, the mysterious lord who saw the visitor clearly made an exaggerated salute, saying: “Finally I am willing to stand up, Tikal Your Majesty. When I met you a few times ago, you didn’t treat me Fake words, I dare not talk to you without authorization. After all, I, or all Spiritual Gods now, are the heroes who rebelled against the Dark Legion in the past. For the Dark Lord who reigns over the world, you are what we long for but are afraid The goal to face. As for the little hairs who claim to be cruel to you, should I praise them for fearless, or ignorance.”

“Then the former hero who lit the sacred fire, have the courage to face me. “Fen said coldly.

“He he he.” Waved his hand, Klein said: “If I were the young man who was hot and didn’t understand anything, we would kill as early as the moment Your Majesty was resurrected. Come here. But there are hundreds of years to think about the experience of that time, even if we are slow, we can still realize that the main driver of our achievements is the dark lord who makes the world afraid. Because you need to build a new one. I hope to wipe out the world’s dependence and belief in the old gods, so that a Spiritual God can be completely destroyed. This is something that pure fear cannot do. It’s just that some people have achieved it and some people have been wiped out. After that, a new Spiritual God system was created. But even if we want to understand it, it is impossible to turn our original feelings into gratitude. At most, we will let the former hatred fade away.”

“That’s not very good. There is no extra emotion, this battle is only pure strength.” Fen tightened the ship-cutting knife in his hand.

His strength has surpassed what he was a thousand years ago; but the equipment and preparation are far inferior. After all, a thousand years ago, it was an era of life and death at any time, and the current era was too peaceful. It was so peaceful that she never thought that the subject of’Tu Shen’ would come to her again.

Of course Klein was aware of the killing intent in Lich’s eyes. He just pressed his hand and said, “Don’t get excited, that’s not my purpose. And what makes me very curious is why you I thought we were the same as the old gods in the past, making you kill if you want.”

Klein’s tone is relaxed, but with a strong provocation.

The ship-cutting knife in Fen’s hand turned zigzags and made a buzzing sound, and he was about to rush forward to give that pesky a sword. Suddenly, Lich fell to his knees, unable to move even a little bit.

“I, the lord of mysterious, one of the eight powers of the controller. I want to use the power I control to fight me, Your Majesty, is it you who are too whimsical, or I am just like that in your eyes It’s weak and unremarkable at all.” Klein raised his hand to his chest, gathering Qi in his palm into a ball, and a faint black energy ran like a snake.

Fen didn’t believe the big words of God Xiaomao. The eight powers existed long before the emergence of these eight masters. Even if they obtain the corresponding Divine Spark, it just means that they have the greatest power in this concept, but they are also impossible to completely control this power.

It is like a king can represent a country, but a king is not equal to a country. Enki, the Lord of Knowledge, represents the concept of’knowledge,’ and it does not mean that people who are rejected or disapproved by Him will become idiots.

The ability of a certain Lich to practice horizontally is almost to be beaten into his own bones, flesh, and blood. It’s not that the controller comes forward, saying that if you want to get it, you can get it back, and you can control it if you want to control it.

But even if I am a power, it is not something that Klein, the mysterious lord, can deprive or control, but it seems that there is no problem in making trouble. This is the situation in Fen now. One of the eight powers, the least contained’mysterious’, is agitated within the body.

If you are an ordinary magician, maybe now it’s just within the body’s powers that are incongruent and chaotic. The signs are at most arrhythmia, shortness of breath and the like. Don’t use magic at this time, just wait for the natural return to normal; or use the Meditation Method to straighten out this chaotic force.

But he is a Lich who arranges and reshapes the fleshy body with powers. One of the eight powers makes trouble and directly paralyzes her. The eyeballs can still move, and the hands and feet can still feel, but none of them obey the command.

Lin, who originally thought that Lich would take action and could watch a good show by himself, suddenly realized that his patron had fallen, and he had to face the existence of the uppermost layer of this World. He just wants to scold his mother now!

A flash transmission, cut to start. It is impossible to sit and wait for death, and it seems that you can’t expect to escape with the flash technique, otherwise the first lightning strike should be lost instead of turning around and then blasting up. In other words, the Heavenly Tribulation version of the puzzle also comes with its own tracking attributes.

Then what Lin can do now is to gamble and drag. Gambling on the other side’s state can’t last, the fascinating version of Heavenly Tribulation is also impossible to chase and kill yourself for millions of years. As long as the opponent has passed the limit of maintaining the status quo, and no matter how reluctant, the god in front of him can only retreat.

Holding the hilt of the box-cutting sword in his hand, Lin suddenly thought of something. A god left Divine Kingdom in his true form… Maybe, he has a chance to fight back?

Can it work?


For Lin, who received a positive response from Xiaqie, there was a wave of emotions that shouldn’t occur on this occasion. This influence actually caused Lin and Klein to exchange positions! They both wanted to attack each other, but both of them rushed to the air.

Step forward with your right foot, while using your feet as the axis, turn around and swing your sword! Pingjian pointed finger towards the back of the mysterious lord.

But Klein, who was also in the air, didn’t have a gorgeous or handsome turn. Instead, he turned sideways, gave a thumbs up, and showed a successful smile.

I haven’t understood the meaning of this smile yet, countless Black Crows sprang from the ground and flew into the sky. As long as they touch Lin’s body, or any part, representing the messenger of the mysterious lord, the black crow condensed with pure’mysterious’ power will be absorbed directly into someone’s within the body. Flash technique is inevitable!

At this moment, Lin understood what the loophole Klein found was. For pure power, someone’s flash art automatic defense will not be activated, because absorbing and absorbing these energies is a magical routine.

However, no matter how good things are eaten too much, they will become poison. When a large amount of pure power is poured into a magician, it is definitely not a good thing! This is the dilemma someone is facing now, and it is also the way the Lord of Mystery cracks someone’s flash art.

So, in the wuxia novel, there are peerless experts at every turn, passing on the gong and the like, absolutely fucking bullshit! If the power can be transferred, then either it will be converted into entropy and most of it will be wasted, or the transferee will explode and die. There will be no third result. Just as if the balloon did not leak, the result of constant filling would only be broken.

The forest of spits out mouthful of blood is full of wuxia novel ideas. But to no avail. It can be called a huge amount of’mysterious’ power, in an unprepared state, like a flood peak, it keeps pouring into oneself within the body. He was hit hard and couldn’t do anything. As soon as he was about to meet the ending of the body explosion, the clothes he was wearing finally reacted.

Lin would not be naive to think that the foreign god Klein said was referring to him. I don’t know how many people are living in the maze, but Lin is definitely not the only one. Known are Old Ancestor, the founder of the Chamber of Commerce, and Leonardo suspected of Leonardo da Vinci, who is now with him.

None of these people attracted attention, only themselves. If you want to talk about the difference between yourself and others, it must be the Black Tortoise pattern on this silk robe.

It is still unclear how this simple four-spirit pattern is connected with the existence that only appears in the video games and fantasy in the hometown. Just before the body exploded, a huge and transparent Black Tortoise that was half-Void Spirit body suddenly appeared.

The head of the dragon, the body of the turtle, the legs of the elephant, and the tail of the snake are the heads of the snake. Both the front and back heads are raised, making a huge roar of “ang ~”! Thrilling! Even the dark clouds in the sky are dispelled, letting the sun shine again.

Lin wrapped in the Martial Body of the Xuan, the swelling of the whole body is spread out, but this does not mean that he has passed this level. Because the mysterious Martial Body is larger, the black crows that were originally far away and could fly into the sky are all absorbed by this huge body. The power of’mysterious’ converged into a black energy, flowing through the transparent giant spirit within the body.

This blow is not endless after all. But the amount of power that was poured into the Martial Body of the Xuan, but the amount of power that Billin felt the explosion of the body crisis was more than ten times more.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to solve the current predicament. A dry thunder broke Lin’s extravagant hope. This time, there was no who shadow at the place where the thunder fell, but a white stag with a pair of big horns.

The stag kicked and stepped on two hooves, slammed into the illusory shadow of Black Tortoise, and turned into a flow of Purple Qi that was larger than black air.

Lord of perception, Monet greets.

Then there is a small golden monkey (the lord of dexterity, Lokatosh), the leopard (the lord of wealth, Brutos), the dove (the lord of faith, John), the lion ( The lord of authority, Basilius), the bull (the lord of power, Thales), and the white crow (the lord of knowledge, Enki). The eight masters of power arrived and dyed the originally transparent and semi-virtuous Black Tortoise with eight colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple and black.

At this point, the originally irritable half-virtual giant spirit has also been suppressed to be unable to move, without saying a word.

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