Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 687

Holy City Estali is the city with the largest number of magicians on the Mysterious Continent. Although the inspectors with yellow shawls maintain order on the surface, this is a world whose strength is respected after all. Even in the 21st century Earth, no matter how advanced the country is, there will be social violence from time to time, even more paranoid.

There is violence, and of course there will be people eating melons. These people may want to maintain peace and implement justice, but more likely they want to come to pick up the bargains.

How can someone make a noise in their home in the VI area of ​​Holy City without attracting attention? As early as when the first lightning struck down, someone moved towards the center of the incident.

When the lord of mysterious came, the magicians who had been on the way to this place slowed down one after another. There is a saying that you can do what you can, and there is a saying that you may be innocent. In short, the place where the big guys appear is not so good fish in troubled waters.

When the next thing broke out with lightning speed, one after another broke out, the people on the road stopped. Because going further is like a prelude to death.

When the sky is clear, nine white armor silhouettes fall vertically, and all the neighboring magicians radiate away!

What’s the joke, the guardian is unreasonable, not only famous among the gods, but also among mortals. When he is there, it is most likely that the father-in-law will change the victim and become the tragic hero after eating melons. Those who want a life should stay away from that one.

Especially, he doesn’t even wait to see magician. Who is to provoke foreign gods to invade? Nine out of ten culprits are magicians. Or accidentally, or deliberately. This gangster will give magician a good face, then hell.

Not to mention that if there are eight power chains that seem to have nothing, they will suppress all the magic power in the Estari region, whether it is a magician or a magic tower. This is because they are not the main target, and there are signs of loosening.

When the magicians leave, naturally they want to untie this layer of shackles on their bodies first. At the same time, they couldn’t imagine at all, what level of existence was the object of those eight shackles, and what level of suffering they had to endure.

In fact, apart from Klein, the other seven masters of power only appear as incarnation condensed by the purest power. They applied the same’attack’ method to Black Tortoise as the Lord of Mystery, and they also gave Fern a greeting by the way, a greeting from the shackles of power.

In order to suppress this Lich, who no longer belongs to Lich, the gods worked hard, and the result was to affect the surrounding environment. Fortunately, there is no special seal they put on elsewhere. Even if you ignore it, you will understand it after a while, but that’s not the case with Fern.

With Klein’s unexpected surprise attack, Lich was caught off guard. Seeing that this method is indeed effective, the remaining seven power masters no longer bothered their brains, and followed the same method to impose a seal, and gave the outer god illusory shadow the purest divine power, and tried to The foreign gods continued to rise to death, and then dissipated.

The eight dao divine force imprints restrained most of Lich’s strength. But when the eight powers were sealed, they returned to a state of equilibrium.

Before the birth of the new god, the most important ability of the magician was power control. Every time he used magic, he wandered on the edge of losing control. Although Fen couldn’t untie the eight-power yoke that had restored her balance for a while, it was not a problem to regain control of the body.

She regained her physical mobility, picking up the ship sword, and slashing at the god beside her!

Klein’s points were unscathed. Even before he dodged, he stood there, smiling at Lich who had slashed his sword.

Just before a Lich One God wants to take other actions, nine white armored warriors and the guardian lord descended one after another.

Apollos, who was driving a war chariot, looked at the still Black Tortoise illusory shadow with awkward expression. He has always killed or expelled foreign gods in his attitude towards foreign gods, but he is in trouble for a foreign god who is being assimilated in a fascinating way.

The foundation of the strength of the Lord of Guardian lies in his firm belief; when he himself is embarrassed to make a choice, of course don’t want to exert too much strength. Apollos even wondered if the eight bastards did it on purpose!

If there are only one or two pure powers that exceed the load, a mortal can easily be killed. And the foreign god in front of him clearly exists by relying on that mortal. But when the eight powers are available, the nature is completely different. The originally fatal danger presents an additional opportunity, as long as the other party can survive it, that is the great advantage of unimaginable.

For this kind of thing, if the first one is gambling, and the next few are following the trend, how could the last few not understand what their actions will bring. But they chose to do so.

If there is no first thunder, there is no active hand of the next eight powers, He who appears here today, the purpose is to destroy what is in front of you. But he can’t be the tenth shot. Even the thing that is beginning to be assimilated into the fascinating land, as long as it does not intend to destroy the world, it is the thing that the guardian must also protect.

Thinking of this, Apollos became even more angry. Turning his head, looked towards the mysterious lord with a smile on his face. A giant sword slashed in front of him, but it couldn’t go down. The Demon King who wielded the sword did not change his posture, but he looked at himself vigilantly.

Ignoring the original Demon King who was locked in eight yokes, Apollos drove forward and said: “Klein, you should leave.”


“jia!” With a flick of the reins, the horse war chariot pulled by two eight-legged gods rushed out with incredible acceleration.

Apollos never talks nonsense and makes sense. He first stuns the god in front of him with a shield in his left hand, and by the way, after smashing the ship-cutting knife that crosses the block, he buckles his right hand and holds Klay. Yin’s neck flew to the sky. With a violent acceleration, the horse war chariot seemed to break into the void, shrinking and disappearing. The nine white-armored warriors slammed into the sky, just like their masters, without any muddle.

As early as the horse war chariot rushed over, Fern used flash art to avoid it. She was unhappy about the recklessness of a Mao god. But now there is no time to complain about that kind of thing, Fern is a little worried, but also a little hopeful, looking at the Black Tortoise illusory shadow standing in front of her.

“You can see it too?” said mysterious Lord Klein, who came out from behind a certain Lich.

Fen looked at each other disgustingly, and asked: “Why did you appear again? You weren’t caught by another frizzy kid.”

“Apollos just takes his real body Coming, for the walker—”the gods who are the saints of the walker” said modestly, “—he does not care about incarnation at all. To create an incarnation, the most troublesome part is to sneak his divine force into the lost land. Before the real body came, leaving a little strength to create incarnation, it was just a matter of hand. This is a good scene, I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but I was not reconciled at the end.” Klein said triumphantly.

Perhaps when Klein appeared at first, he planned to target that man’s actions, making Fern feel annoyed. Even when the opponent started his hand, he once raised his hatred to the level of a mortal enemy. But she also sees the next development. Strictly speaking of which, the conflict at this time is a crisis and an opportunity. It depends on whether the man can digest what he can get. In this way, the hatred will disappear.

For that man, Fen is inexplicably confident. The dimensional energy tide brought by World Tree Wadwo when he was promoted, if Wadwo took nine points, then he would have eaten one point. The remaining bits and pieces were shared by Fen and the other wood elves.

At that time, Lich was in the form of a skeleton, and there was not much room for improvement. At most, the bones that have not been maintained for a long time are thoroughly refined once. The wood elves died and injured many people, and some of their deaths were the kind that could not even be resurrected.

And the total amount of power given by the eight Spiritual Gods this time, although it has exceeded the point that someone had originally endured. But he was a little magician with no foundation at the time, and now he is far beyond that time, how could he be supported to death by this amount of power.

Just…how long will it take to recover from that state. Fern couldn’t judge this point. Even trapped in that state, can you live to the moment of recovery? There is no food, no drink, no infusion, but there is no way to live longer than seven days. Perhaps, we should break the half-Void Spirit body in front of us, and save the person first.

“Are you worried?” Klein asked Lich’s mood swings.

“humph.” glanced at the lord of mysterious, and Fern said, “I am worried about you.”

“Worry about us? What can I worry about?”


“I’m familiar with the things I did once, and I should be more proficient in doing it the second time. So I’m worried that my hatred will not disappear before you die.” This is of course In a vague explanation, if the person inside had a case, Lich would resume the great cause of slaying the gods and kill him again.

“haha.” Klein chuckled dryly.

This Lich went mad and turned the world upside down again. As a Spiritual God, is he afraid? The old gods have faced this problem before, and their thoughts are probably why the gods should be afraid of a mortal, and then they all died.

As Klein grew up, the entire world crawled under the shadow of this person, shivering. So is he afraid of Lich going crazy? Honestly, afraid. But faintly looking forward to the moment of the frontal collision, to prove that the current self is different from the original self.

Just as Klein was thinking about the real conflict, what might be the way to kill Lich, the half-Void Spirit body that stood still in front of him changed drastically!

The Black Tortoise dragon heads high, and another “ang ~” roar, overlapping. The eight colors within the body, originally entirely different, began to separate, mess up, and merge. He even collided from the inside out, as if he was about to break out of his body.

The sudden mutation, the people who stayed in the house couldn’t stand it anymore, they ran out one after another. Especially two young girls, they are hiding in the house, but they are watching the whole process. They never felt more regretful for their inability than before.

Just before the two girls were ready to plunge into the giant spirit and fish out their teacher, an unexpected silhouette did it first! The dark spirit Spirit Wheat, who had been sad together, jumped into the mess in the mysterious Martial Body before everyone reacted.

At the same time, a huge tree-shaped illusory shadow almost covers the entire Holy City Estali!

Klein licked his lower lip excitedly and murmured: “World Tree Fasnas, the ancients are also going to join in the fun.”

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