Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 688

“clang!” The crisp sound of “clang!”, like Hong Zhongda Lu, made Lin Ru wake up from his sleep and opened his eyes.

He first made sure that he was not fascinated, at least not in his own home. Judging from the feeling, it was like being in my dream tower world, but the scene before me was different from the past.

In the original dream tower world, apart from the lonely 5-Layer magic tower, there is only a bright starry sky, full of up, down, left, and right, all directions. If you look so bright as an ordinary person, you might just look at the kind that you get bored. Just a certain astronomical idiot, looking at the sky, dreaming of connecting the stars in the sky like the ancient Greeks, and arranging some lingering, attractive spectacle secondary 2 stories.

But now this piece of starry sky is like breaking a big dye vat. It has all colors, even the monotonous starlight has been dyed multi-colored. But it’s not so colorful, it’s a terrible look. It’s like taking an art class in elementary school, and finally washing the water into shit when cleaning the palette.

The magic tower among them is working hard. In the past, all nightmares or demons who strayed into this world would die tragically from the seemingly boundless starlight, the white destructive light emitted by it. Then the remains will be converted into the most basic bricks and woods, filled into the voids of this magic tower, or newly-built equipment. Maybe a lot of it was wasted, but it was just for nothing, so I don’t feel bad about it.

But the situation this time is different from the last time someone who was impacted by the wave of dimensional energy when he was promoted in World Tree Wadwo, playing a three-dimensional Tetris in his dream. Although it came quickly and urgently that time, this time it was pouring into this world in one breath, and it was completely crashed here.

It’s like water is a good thing, as long as it is obediently in the river, stream, in the water pipe, in the swimming pool, in the drinking fountain. But if the water is so much that it overflows the dike and floods one or two stories high in one breath, the water becomes a disaster.

Although the dream magic tower is still trying hard to find a thread from this mess, extract this messy energy, and turn it into the base material for building the tower. But that speed is like a flood that flooded the entire city. It is completely useless to pump the flood into the river that is already higher than the embankment by relying on a small household pumping machine.

But someone knows very well that the key to waking up in this world is not the magic tower that is running to death, but the multi-layered array of integrative monsters in the sky. That is the core formation of World Tree, which can transform all kinds of different energies into nutrition that sustains its own survival and growth. The huge area far exceeds the scale of the Dreamland Tower.

I would recognize this array of demons because when he assisted Lahti in the Kingdom of World Tree Wadwo and Pyathaime, he peeped into their never-passed secrets. It is estimated that neither of those two trees knew that the most secret part of themselves was exposed to someone’s eyes.

At least, Lin never learned similar knowledge from other classics, magician, and archdruid. That’s not something that World Tree directly opens up for people to see. So someone has always had the pleasure of voyeurism.

But the complexity of the magic array in front of me is far more complex than the two I have seen. If it weren’t for the very similar basic structure, someone wouldn’t be sure if it was that stuff. In other words, Wadvor, who is younger than Xiao, and Lahti, who is underdeveloped, and the higher-ranked Turtledove League, have helped themselves? And also suppressed the chaotic energy of nearly one third in one go.

Suddenly there was another chime sound no less than awakening oneself, melodiously and echoing in this seemingly endless space.

Another multi-layer integrative magic array that is not inferior to the existing sky, occupies another night, and at the same time suppresses the chaotic energy of the one third.

The two magic arrays are of the same size, but they seem to be external and internal to each other, and they work well together.

Starting with these two demon arrays, metal sounds continue to sound, either sharp or low, or loud or soft. The multi-layered integrative magic arrays that followed were of different scales and different forms. In the end, there is a total of 21 magical arrays, not only suppressing all disordered energies, but even starting to transform and clean up this side of the world.

The cleaning method is also very special, not to add bricks to the lonely magic tower. Instead, the multi-colored energy, which resembles shit and stinky water, is reeled into threads. The number of silk threads that can be reeled by multi-layer integrative magic arrays of different sizes is also different. Basically, the larger the magic array, the more silk threads can be produced at the same time.

The eight kinds of silk threads with distinct colors are concentrated in the same place, and the warp and weft are separated, some are shuttled, and some are jacquard. It seems that an invisible jacquard machine is operating, weaving a cloth that implies a certain law.

The speed of weaving is so fast that the woven cloth will be turned up from side to side, rolled into a tube, and circled underneath, forming a sphere. Coiled in circles, and then moved to the next level after a ball is taken out. Such a layer of coating makes the ball bigger and bigger. In a short while, there was a lot of clarity in the dream world, and the messy shit energy became thinner.

I thought it would end this way, didn’t expect the chaos that was about to be wiped out, suddenly rose again, flooding every visible place. It’s even richer than what someone saw when he woke up.

Twenty-one multi-layer integrative magic arrays are still running, but it can be clearly seen that the number of filaments has decreased a lot. There are also a few smaller ones, and there is no silk thread at all. The magical array that used to be a big trap and a small circle even tends to be bad luck.

The 5-Layer Magic Tower, which had been weak and difficult before, also joined the ranks of suppression and silk reeling, and only then did the crisis level out. Although it was not like the aggressiveness at the beginning, it had to swallow all the chaotic energy in one go, but it was proceeding in an orderly manner.

Even several magic arrays that were forced to stop have resumed normal operation. There is less thread coming out, but it runs very smoothly, and there is no longer a feeling of lag or obscurity.

If you look closely, you will find an anomaly. It is the 5-Layer magic tower in this dreamland that not only swallows the chaotic energy and reels into silk threads, but also gradually fades away and dissipates as the foundation of the tower body, turning into a part of silk threads, and finally weaving into a ball.

“What are you thinking?” Fei Zhai incarnation appeared behind someone and asked.

Lin turned his head and glanced back, while the small second incarnation in the middle school uniform was standing on the other side. “I’m thinking, this is the thing I guessed, how high the probability is.”

The three of me looked up together. Although there are eight colors of silk threads, no one can tell what kind of pattern the invisible jacquard machine produces, or the order of the jacquard. Only the finished cloth is constantly being woven, and then coiled into the ball that someone guessed as’Divine Spark’.

If you stare at that ball, it seems to condense a unique set of permutations and combinations from among countless possibilities, and it will continue to repeat. Just like Lin Xian cursed his own disease god divine force at the beginning, and then secretly recorded by fate, the divine force of mysterious, destiny, and guardian of the three gods.

“But the question is, what concept are we going to use to Condensing Divine Spark?”

Three I looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Gossip!” Fei Zhai incarnation yelled with a fist, quite a definitive posture.

“But why the gossip you talk about, and the gossip I think, there is a big chance that it is not the same gossip.” The original version of Lin said suspiciously.

Fei Zhai incarnation laughed and does not respond to such questions. And all three of me came up with the same idea, the god of gossip, and expandable concepts: peeping, tailgating, eavesdropping, far-fetched, adding fuel and jealousy, and then making a bunch of paparazzi as heroes.

This way, it is guaranteed to be the most abominable existence in the Three Realms of Six Paths. It belongs to the kind of existence that sees one hit once and kills it. It is estimated that the crossing rats are still more popular.

The original version of Lin Yi trembled, and said tremblingly: “If you want to die, you can commit suicide. Why do you have to find various fancy methods of death?”

“Then you say, to condense What Divine Spark?” Fei Zhai asked rhetorically. But the answer was the second incarnation, saying: “Maybe before thinking about that kind of thing, first consider a question.”

Three are themselves, so everyone knows this question. Ming, just didn’t say it. That: Is there a need for Condensing Divine Spark?

Before today, I have never made similar preparations. It can be said that the scene in front of you is the result of being driven off the shelves by ducks. Especially what kind of concept can represent oneself, this is a question that has never been thought of. Obviously, I have to think about it, and there is no time to think about it.

In this case, I just jumped down after finding a direction. Can I change it in the future? After establishing Divine Spark with the first concept, is there still room for improvement in the future?

Because I am not prepared, I don’t even have so-called beliefs. A concept that I don’t even believe in, or that I don’t believe in, can condense how much power in my hands.

The path of “science” to the gods seems very attractive. But do you dare to say that you are the Number One Person in the scientific world? Zai Mi Di claims to be so, but it’s just a short man who picks a general. In fact, I went back to the environment of Earth, and in front of the real Peak cows, I was nothing. Since there is no self-confidence to disregard the crowd, how can you reach the top with this concept.

As you can imagine, even if you are now Condense Divine Spark, it will only be the weakest divine force.

For the actual gods, after Lin came to the maze, of course he also studied them. The most important thing is to understand the public history of the gods, and to understand who can offend and who cannot. However, the conclusion is related to the “God”, and it is best to not sin or not to sin.

However, the division between the weak divine force, the medium divine force, and the strong divine force is like an insurmountable gap. No god has climbed up from the weak to the strong. It may also be because the history of the new Divine Physique department is not long, so there is no such example.

And more importantly, do you want to be bound by such power? Divine Spark, which represents a concept, is the ultimate in this conceptual system and there is nothing wrong with it, and it is not a cage, which limits the existence of staying in this position.

The three looked at each other and came to a conclusion: “I would rather be the head of a chicken than a queen!”

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