Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 689

“Well said!” Feizhai incarnation said, also implying praise for himself. But he immediately issued another crit: “Then who knows how to stop the development of that thing?”

The three selves looked at the growing and growing speed at the same time. Divine Spark. At this time, Lin came up with an unrealistic idea, maybe these guesses were just thinking too much. Become a god? What a remote thing.

What is Divine Spark? And a broader question, what kind of existence is Spiritual God in Mystery?

For these two issues, someone has only a vague cognition until now, and it is difficult to organize them into a system to state them. However, Lin can tell a point or two about the characteristics of this suspected Divine Spark thing.

Use a metaphor to describe this feature:

In a square array of one hundred people looking forward, one person looks left. This is the same as in a crowded area. When a person looks upwards, when some curious people pass by, the situation is different from that of looking upwards. Only one out of a hundred people who look forward will look to the left. Perhaps one or two next to him will look to the left, but in the end everyone will follow the trend and become looking forward.

But in a square array with a million people looking forward, there is an area of ​​10,000 people looking left. The person next to you is not necessarily curious, and sometimes thinks that looking to the left is the correct behavior, so follow to the left. This situation spreads outward, and eventually all these million people will look to the left.

At first, after clearly understood the mystery of divine force, Lin also thought about transforming his power and each unit into a special order combination. But this is already an approximate transformation of oneself. It is not like a program, where logic is written, as long as data comes in, it will run out of results based on the same logic.

The transformation of one’s own power requires only one unit and one unit to work hard, all the way to the past. Sometimes the reformed unit has been left unattended for a period of time, and then when I look back, it becomes chaotic and disorderly. Not to mention how many unit powers a formal magician has. In computer terms, that is the amount of Gb level. In short, this is a thankless thing.

But the thing that looks like Divine Spark in front of me is 10,000 out of those one million people. It will affect and transform the powers that are close to it, and eventually make the powers associated with this suspected Divine Spark become the only one shape, and will not be broken up again. Quite a scumbag man relies on his sexual ability to open his harem.

In other words, when the Divine Spark starts to condense, the overall trend will be irreversible. This is not to say that becoming a god and lighting a god fire is so easy. When at first gains such a huge amount of power, let alone Condensing Divine Spark, someone is going to explode, and even the Dreamland Tower is suppressed.

But no matter how much power you have, you can’t help someone open up and sort it out. It doesn’t matter if you open one hanger, someone opens 21 hangers as soon as you open it!

Looking at all directions, there are a total of 21 large and small multi-level integrator arrays, and nine out of ten are World Tree, which is the high seat of the Turtle Dove League. The youngest Lin recognized him as Lahti from the Kingdom of Pyatt Jaime, who was introduced by him to join the High Seat Conference not long ago. A poor little worm who was undernourished and was forced to almost reverse and collapse.

Another familiar face is Wadvor, the third smallest from the bottom. In the worst case, it didn’t turn upside down, but it was still still.

If every multi-layered demon array is a World Tree, the high seat of the Turtle Dove League is only 19, and Lahti is 20, and the 21st is Where did it come from? also! Who are the two super huge multi-layer integrative magic arrays that individually suppressed one third chaotic power?

If the oldest existence in World Tree, the ancient Uktrashir is what Lin saw, and the two are one of the greatest Demon arrays, who is the other? The ancient one with the same fame as Uktra Hill, Fasnas? He has no friendship with him, and that one is not one of the high seats of the Turtle-Dove League. Why does he help himself?

It can be said that without the assistance of the World Trees, someone now does not have to worry about how the situation in front of them is interrupted, and stop their own unreliable act of devotion. But without the assistance of World Tree, the greater probability is to hang up directly without worrying about it.

This is not to say that these twenty-one World Trees came forward, just to help them cast Divine Spark and ignite the sacred fire. It’s as if there is a flood of water coming, and there is no river to go, they just flow freely, and the place that flows through becomes a new river.

The huge amount of power almost imposes oneself, World Tree helped to sort out, but there is no way out. Condensing Divine Spark is unfathomable mystery as where water flows, a canal is formed. It’s just that once such an act is started, it is difficult to reverse. And World Trees don’t care if this is the change someone wants, they just focus on this process of conversion.

It may be difficult for others to understand, but in Lin’s eyes, the twenty-one multi-layered array of integrative monsters scattered all over the place is not only working to make the messy powers orderly, but also they It is still adjusting its structure to speed up its operation and increase its processing capacity. It feels like when World Tree advances, they evolve themselves in a storm of dimensional energy.

If only through their own crisis, these World Tree bosses did a promotion exercise to resist the energy storm. Then the two real bosses, who have been inadequately promoted according to the rumors that someone heard, should have no interest in such activities.

In the high seat meeting of the Turtle-Dove League that Lin once attended, Uktra Hill rarely showed up, even if he attended, he did not speak much. Not to mention there is a Fasnas who can’t deal with the whole Turtle Dove League High Seat. Don’t say that the two parties don’t interact with each other in old age, but they fight when they meet, and they don’t treat people’s minds as the kind of dogs that don’t give up.

It can make a group of existences comparable to the feud, ignore the original hatred, but can only be a greater benefit than the resentment between them. Lin can probably guess what that benefit is. The key point is on World Tree Wadwo.

He is the only one who, with his own help, used a method different from World Tree inheritance to be promoted. And this difference is also manifested in the multi-layered Integral Demon array to which he belongs.

The shape of the magic array of the other world tree is the same as the basic requirements of the traditional magic array: arc and symmetry. Wadvor has some strange tumors that extend out of the Integral Demon array abruptly, and the size of the body is only better than two trees. Originally thought that Wadvor was ranked third from the bottom, but in terms of silk reeling output, he was actually better than six trees.

To understand in the way of programming language, the other world tree processing method is an ordinary running loop. After one round, the next round will begin. Wadwo is like writing a bunch of functions and waiting. In addition to simplifying the program code of the main program, he also completes some simple and repetitive actions in batch processing to improve the overall efficiency. .

I don’t know if there were any exchange activities between World Tree and World Tree before. Anyway, they attended the high-seat meeting and did nothing but talk. But this time I have the opportunity to do things in someone’s dream world, which is like a firepower show or a results presentation, and they are also blatantly stealing from each other.

The structural changes of all multi-layer integrative magic arrays are just the performance of them absorbing Wadvor’s strengths and adjusting the structure of their magic arrays. And it’s not just the few World Trees that are ranked later, the smaller size of the magic array. Even the biggest two, the two ancients, are doing the same thing. It’s just that the structure of their primordial magic array is too large, and the progress of modification is not fast.

But when World Tree had fun, it hurt someone who wanted to interrupt the whole process.

“How about knocking that stuff out?” Fei Zhai pointed to the layered, growing suspect Divine Spark, and came up with such a bad idea.

Of course, Lin complained: “If we knock that thing out and return to its original appearance, it is the ending of our exploding and death. Are you sure this is a good idea? Or is it that we take the initiative to make things happen? After messing up, those 21 will help us again to clean up the mess? We really have to take the help of others as we deserve. When they do, we can only die. . This is definitely the worst idea.”

“So the conclusion is that we want to destroy that thing, but we can’t completely restore it, but to lead to another result. The most important thing is that we still Unable to expect unlimited help from external forces.” Zhonger Incarnation came to this conclusion.

“Yes, it’s a perfect nonsense conclusion.” Lin said in the original version.

“Actually, we all know the answer, but you don’t want to say it, and you don’t want to do it. This way, it makes sense.” The short, uniformed self stretched out his hand and pushed his glasses and flashed past. A reflection.

The other two themselves were silent at the same time.

The boy in uniform disappeared suddenly. When he appeared, he was already standing on the sphere that looked like Divine Spark. When the pair of white cloth shoes point to the sphere, suddenly rising winds, scudding clouds! The scattered sphere stretches out countless short tentacles like an anemone, and draws the consciousness that touches it into it, and finally, fuse together.

This change has accelerated the overall progress by a factor of ten. The chaotic energy that originally filled every corner dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye. However, the originally woven cloth is rolled into a sphere after being rolled into a cylindrical shape, but now it has the outline of a person.

No concept is condensed, only the power that can explode someone’s small body countless times is forcibly kneaded.

In the second incarnation reappears, the look of the whole person is different from before. Floating in midair, his limbs drooped naturally, his eyes closed, and his frowning brows showed that all these changes are not so easy.

The two of one fatty and one thin looked at each other, and the fat house incarnation appeared on the top of the dream magic tower. Suspected of the aggregation of Divine Spark, it also drew most of the energy of the Dreamland Tower. There are pits and scars everywhere now, and it is no surprise when it collapses.

Lin came to his junior high school appearance.

Brows stretched, eyes slightly opened. ‘He’ looked at Lin, split his mouth and smiled.

Lin said: “A good way to go.”

Secondary 2: “Go one step first.”

Summon, swing the sword, cut off the head! Eight Dao Guangs splashed out from the broken neck, wound straight into the sky like a twist. In the middle of divided into two, one part is thrown into the dream magic tower; the other part travels through countless dimensions and spaces and melts into a black silk robe.

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