Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 690

Most people don’t know who is who in World Tree. Anyway, there is a tree that is tall enough to shade a city. It must be a secret treasure tree for the wood elves.

And most people’s perception of World Tree is that they are all treasures. Leaves, branches, sap, and fruits are all very rare magic materials. They didn’t know that World Tree was not an accessory of the Wood Elf tribe, but the core and decision maker of the tribe. The infamous Turtledove League High Seat is these plants that few people have the opportunity to see with their own eyes.

The ability of a World Tree to be projected to another place is something that no one has ever imagined. But seeing the huge shadow of the tree, it was the first sight that shocked people’s hearts. The magicians did not feel any abnormality because of this. Instead, the shackles imposed by the eight masters of power before the World Tree projection appeared, which is more disturbing.

When the second, third, and even many World Trees appear, even the dull people know that a major event will happen. The war between wood elves and tribes can be said to be part of the history of the mysterious land. Everyone knows that World Tree’s promotion is based on the ashes of another World Tree. But what does the World Tree projection stand for?

Especially when the branches of the World Tree forest shook together, the entire fascinating world shook. This allowed the magicians of Holy City Estali to truly experience the power of World Tree.

At the center of the event, from the dark spirit wheat Ersi jumped into the Martial Body, the chaotic energy that originally wanted to break through the Black Tortoise half-Void Spirit was suppressed when World Tree appeared After coming down, even the restless Black Tortoise also recovered to stand still.

He raised the part of the dragon’s head, and his neck became thicker from bottom to top, as if to push something out. Then “Bah~!” The dark elf was discharged out of the body as a foreign body.

When the two girls saw this, they hurriedly stepped forward to help the acquaintance who was vomited. In addition to helping her, she also wanted to get the first-hand information of the alien giant spirit within the body from the mouth of Miles. It’s a pity that the dark elves are not only unconscious, they even live hanging by a thread, not far from death. Being attacked by the high concentration and chaos of the eight powers, it is difficult for her to bear the well-known figure of the tribe after she has been tempered.

Just before the two girls acted recklessly, the scene before them changed drastically. Many giant tree projections obscured all the visible sky. Or close, or overlap, just the dense arrangement of tree trunks makes it impossible to see the wider tree crown above.

At this time, the messy colors in the Martial Body gradually faded. Observing its movement, you will find that power is being sucked somewhere by Danger Land. At the center of absorption, a certain man’s figure was slowly revealed.

In response to this change, Klein frowned, then let go. In his vision, the power that originally assimilated the outside god before him was completely absorbed by the man, so the process of assimilation was stopped, and even gradually returned to the most primordial form. But being able to absorb all this excess power, what happened to that man made him curious and excited.

When a loud horn sounded in his ears, melodious and continuous, Klein realized what the changes in front of him represented. Light the sacred fire and cast Divine Spark, and the throne of the gods will have a new chair.

Not only Klein was aware of this incident, but also Finn. Most of the senior magicians in Estali, Holy City were aware of it.

In the nearly thousand years since the end of the dark age, such things are not uncommon. After all, all Spiritual Gods nowadays are former heroes or powerhouses who ignite the sacred fire and take that last step to achieve the Peak of the world. Even so, it does not mean that everyone can accept this fact calmly.

Everyone can perceive the direction of the situation. Everyone has guesses about who the situation is. Unbelievable, it is the opinion of most people. But looking at how many World Tree projections there are, everyone is somewhat clear.

With the help of external force to ignite the sacred fire, it will eventually be controlled by external force, which is the difference between “God” and “Congshen”. The relationship between the two is not so easily broken. When the strong side was replaced by World Tree, everyone couldn’t figure out what to do with this mess.

Amidst countless envy, jealousy and hatred, only Fen is confused.

She touched that realm, but in the end she chose a different path. Then it was like walking into a dead end, losing the possibility of moving forward.

Now with the help of that man, the seemingly cut off road seems to be clear again. But Fern knew very well that the man was not ready to move forward or choose. Even before today, I had never thought about this level of things at all.

But in despair and hopeless despair, it is not that there is no real hope. Although the man often talked about it, saying: If you have faith, you can solve the problem, there is nothing that can’t be solved that day. But the reality of Midi is that with strong enough beliefs, everything can really be solved. If it cannot be resolved, then the belief is not strong enough.

The guardian lord Apollos is unreasonable, but it is not only that he is fascinated by him. It is more because of the stubbornness that makes outsiders feel desperate, and his persistence in never retreating after choosing a direction.

Then can that man find his beliefs and walk his own path? Fern was a little expectant… and some felt lonely.

Spiritual God cannot walk freely in the maze, it is a protective measure. It is not to protect the creatures living on the maze, but to protect the maze itself.

It is like a strong enough magnet walking on the beach. Eventually, it will absorb all the magnetic substances to the body and destroy the original state of the beach. Spiritual God is a magnet with infinite power, allowing them to move freely will only destroy the balance of the lost ground.

That is to say, when he stepped onto that class, he could not tolerate him in the lost ground. Fern hated the kind of living method that only centered on one emotion. So no matter what the situation, she will not choose to go that way, and the two will eventually separate.

So, do you want to stop him?

No matter how you want to interrupt the process. Fen felt that this was not her decision. If it weren’t for worrying that there might be an emergency, she even wanted to turn her head and leave.

Seeing that the casting speed of this man’s Divine Spark is getting faster and faster, the Black Tortoise illusory shadow that originally protected him has almost been absorbed in turn and faded to disappeared. The sound of the gospel horn became clearer and clearer. Some people turned around anxiously and went busy with their own affairs and turned a blind eye to foreign objects. Some people felt happy that they didn’t expect to be able to witness a Spiritual God in their lifetime. Born.

The gospel horn is actually an abnormal phenomenon caused by the concentration of a large number of powers in a certain place. Just as the large and rapid flow of air will bring the sound of hu hu wind, power has a similar situation. It’s just that this’voice’ is not audible, it just makes people think that he’hears’ it.

In Klein’s eyes, he had many speculations about the result before he did it. The probability of death occupies the overwhelming majority, disability occupies the rest, and the rest of the situation can only be regarded as casual jokes. But the canonization of God by the punishment of the eight masters of power is a result that he never thought of; because this is something impossible to do.

But looking at the illusory shadow of 21 World Trees, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult.

Mortals don’t know the power of World Tree, and only regard it as a treasure like iron ore and copper ore. How could the gods not know.

Think about how many Spiritual Gods and demons plan to go to World Tree to fight the autumn wind from the past to the present, then be beaten into pigs and resurrected in their Divine Kingdom or the abyss. Although he wasn’t so miserable that he needed to be resurrected, he also recovered from his wounds for a long time. On other people’s territory, the power of World Tree is unsolvable, and the power of Spiritual God is suppressed unless it is confronted with the power of another World Tree.

The flaw of World Tree is that it lacks two legs and cannot run around. Even if they can use projection to appear in any corner of the maze. But Klein knew how fragile such a projection was. But now it seems that it is not useless.

It’s just how World Tree helped that man cast Divine Spark and ignite the sacred fire. Klein only vaguely noticed, but he still wanted to get a glimpse. Besides, why did the fascinated World Tree come to help that man? This, the mysterious lord, who is known for his curiosity, certainly wants to know.

Although he always cares about this man, he always has a way to hide his sight. Like today’s situation, twenty-one World Trees are covered, and if you are still in the Divine Kingdom, you can’t see everything happening here. Only by standing here with the saint incarnation and watching with your own eyes can you see the whole story clearly.

But when I really stood here, I realized that the man still had secrets he couldn’t see through. Klein became more curious.

However, most people are still the same as the two anxious young girls present. Although they know that the major event happened, it is not clear what happened. But it should be a good thing to be able to see your teacher again. The two people holding each other’s hands seemed to appease each other’s urge to rush forward.

When the long sound of the gospel horn also came to the ears of two young girls with low power, everyone in the lost ground understood that another new god was born!

Fen looked at the man floating upright in midair with complicated eyes. His limbs were naturally hanging down, without opening his eyes.

In the next instant, a golden light came out from Lin’s neck. With him as the center, a circle of power impact spreads out. This lap of shock did not cause any physical damage, but it was shocking to erupt in a magician city.

At the same time, I heard the sound of glass shattering in my ears, crisp and sad. Everyone had the same idea: Conferring the gods, failed.

Lin Ru’s broken puppet fell heavily to the ground. In addition to the two girls hurriedly stepping forward to help, there was also the newly joined Leonardo. Maybe his feelings for this teacher are not deep enough, but he still understands that his current life depends on his support. Reasonable in every circumstance, this newly recognized teacher should never have anything good or bad.

Fen’s eyes were equally complicated and indistinguishable, she finally uttered two words while biting her lip: “Stupid!” In contrast, Klein’s eyes were shiny and said: ” Interesting!”

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