Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 691

Regardless of whether someone’s actions are stupid or funny, this time the incident can be regarded as over.

When the illusory shadow of the World Tree forest disappeared, Klein, the mysterious lord, was the first to escape. He didn’t want to help Lich lift the shackles of power, so he ran away immediately when he could run. Anyway, it’s good that the play has already been watched. He is not the kind of boring person who has to chase people and analyze the plot in detail.

Fen was the second runner. Because of someone’s unexpected situation, Lich’s afternoon life course was skipped by her. When a teacher is playing truant, if it is placed in an environment where people grow, then the class will not be jubilant. However, the students she and Lin teach are not the kind who come to the school to get a diploma, but really want to learn things. Therefore, it is not advisable to be a teacher playing truant.

Fortunately, Lich has enough prestige, and there are not many students in the life course. All of them respect her as a Heavenly God and dare not disobey. If you turn it off, it will turn off. Anyway, everyone still has a topic to be busy with. Just treat these two hours as a discussion and exchange meeting.

But the purpose of Fern’s departure is to help someone take the math class. There are too many people in math classes, and it’s harder to do it. In addition, if someone lacks prestige, there are many caring people in the class. If you really play truant, it won’t be a big deal.

The above is a saying that a certain Lich left. But everyone knew that that was not the reason she had to leave, it was only an excuse.

The condition of the dark spirit wheat Ershu seems to be serious, but it is actually very serious, but the most enviable part of the wood elves tribe is that a bunch of spiritual medicines for healing and resurrection can be used. Drink it as boiling water and eat it as a meal.

So the dark elves who walked with her took action to rescue Miles from her. And the dark elf who stepped into this home open and aboveboard for the first time, in addition to curing his own clansman, also has the purpose of expressing kindness to someone.

The person involved in this incident did not sleep for long. Lin quickly woke up, but his body was very weak and his appearance was also affected. The whole person became thin and skinny, as if it would float away when the wind blows. The eye sockets and cheeks were sunken, and the eyeballs protruded. Except for the hair and eyes, the head was no different from the skull.

He will agree to meet with the dark elves. In addition to being a familiar face, Miles also knows that this time he can get through the storm, and it has something to do with the big man behind the dark elves. Although it was the cooperation of 21 World Trees and the Dream Tower that tamed the huge power of disordered and in a mess, Fasnas was the first to help.

Maybe at first is not clear, but in hindsight, you can figure out many things.

The two largest multi-layer integrative magic arrays can only be the oldest of the two World Trees. And the one that appeared first was obviously a little distant from the others that appeared one after another, and even faintly opposed. In addition to the heterogeneous, villain-like existence in the World Tree camp, Fasnas, also can’t think of a second probability.

This type of “person” needs to be treated with care, as their favors are not so easy to take. If one is not careful, he has to spit out more in return, and even good things turn bad. Although I’m not sure if my thoughts as a plant are as complicated as people’s, I don’t have any requirements when I get a favor, and someone is uneasy. So it’s better to find the dark elves and ask to understand.

And don’t look at someone’s ostentatious appearance, his spirit is surprisingly good, and it can even be said to be more exuberant than ever. Even when he looked directly at his two apprentices, the brilliance of his eyes frightened the two girls away. So facing a group of dark elves who came from bad intentions, Lin Ke was not at all afraid.

The reason for the conclusion that these dark-skinned and pointed-eared guys are not good intentions, even if they show that they came with good intentions. It’s because Lin clearly knew that during the time he settled in Holy City, among the guys who came to trouble him in the middle of the night, there were quite a few dark elves that looked similar.

And they are all dead, because they all tried to hurt people before they were alive. If you just walk around and leave, the defensive white destructive light will not activate at all. But if you do it, no matter who the target is, it is a dead end in this house.

In addition, Mels, who was most familiar with him and was also awakened not long ago, pushed this group of dark elves to the end, faintly isolated. The same weakness made her pale face even paler and paler. The once alluring lips are now chapped and peeling. But she concealed her expression very well, which was a little different from the one that she had known before.

With the support of the two girls, Lin came to the reception room. Originally, the new apprentice Leonardo still wanted to follow the newly recognized teacher, but considering that he did not have the ability to protect himself in front of the dark elves, he would not be put into danger when the enemy was unknown. On this occasion, the two girls who have cooperated with them for a long time are still worthy of trust, and they are not very good at being a hindrance.

The clothes on the body was the tipping point of this incident, and the silk robe with the Black Tortoise pattern. Maybe someone failed to ignite the sacred fire, but the production of this magical equipment is still successful, and the effect is beyond imagination.

From the moment they entered the reception room, the dark elves were obviously disgusted, and it was possible to know the power of this equipment. Otherwise, these powerhouses that grew up under the auspices of World Tree Phathnas will directly ignore most people and things that naturally exude power.

“Your Excellency Tripwood.” The leader of the dark elves greeted him, but his expression was still arrogant, despite the disgusting revulsion. “Finally, I can see you. It’s really not easy.”

Lin didn’t bother to bother with each other for such opening remarks. Just nodded, waiting for the other party to follow up.

The dark elf never thought about communicating with others normally. Haughtily, he said directly: “To save your Excellency this morning, Myr-Sor spent a piece of World Tree leaves. You must know that even if it is to make the Holy Medicine of Resurrection, a whole piece of Leaf from Your Majesty is not needed. In the end, you still failed. If you knew that, you don’t have to waste that piece of World Tree.”

sighed, I really don’t know where the arrogance of this group of dark elves comes from. Lin opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice: “Fathinas sent you to talk about these nonsense. Please explain directly what you are coming for.”

Mel, who has always been expressionless. , His eyes flickered. The other dark elves wanted to come forward angrily, but they were all stopped by the one who led them. With a gloomy face, he said, “Your Majesty wants to see you as a human. From the very beginning, our purpose is only this one. You…”

“Okay, I I agreed.” After interrupting the other party’s words, Lin directly replied. This kind of request has been made by Miles in the past. It was just too troublesome at that time, so I didn’t agree. But now that he has accepted a great favor from the other party, it would be too unkind to refuse.

However, the target person in front of him agreed readily, while the dark elf who took the lead was only full of unhappiness. It was because of being robbed, but more of the dissatisfaction accumulated before. Including since he led the team, the frustration of one after another, the conflict with Miles, and the arbitrariness of the woman today.

There is no need for him to explain, and there is no need to even look back. With just a tap of a finger, there is the idea that the subordinate will know the leader. He asked loudly: “Since your Excellency is willing to cooperate, let’s put this matter down first, and I will ask another matter first. Before we came to visit your clansman, what happened to them?”

There is such a stupid question. Someone in the heart whispered. Lifting his eyes, Lin looked at the strong dark elf standing behind and questioning. Muscles and scars are quite bluffing, completely different from the traditional handsome image of elves. Facing this angry question, he directly said: “It’s all dead.”

“Human, what do you mean! We came here with kindness. You killed me like this. clansman! Do you think the tribe is sparsely populated? It’s easy to bully. The subjects of Your Majesty in Fasnas, don’t let you…”

A white destructive light penetrated the talking dark elf forehead. A penetrating injury that was too neat did not take his life directly, but it did not mean that such an injury was a minor injury that could heal itself. The unspeakable dark elf stared wide, and his face was full of blood. Eventually he rolled his eyes and fell to the ground.

At the same time, Lin slowly raised his withered arms and pointed to the place where the person had fallen to the ground, and said, “Be quiet.”

The people in the reception room were speechless for a while. Those two words shouldn’t be spoken first, and then hands-on.

In that moment, all the dark elves, except Marc, jumped up, occupied every corner of the reception room, drew their weapons, and looked vigilantly towards the magician that everyone had never cared about seriously. . Lin didn’t have the slightest fear, and he didn’t even look at any elves. He just covered his mouth, coughed a little, and said weakly: “Put away your weapons, it doesn’t make sense.”

Everyone doesn’t understand what this magician said is’meaningless’, which means What do you mean. Just as they couldn’t understand, who made the killing magic just now, and how it was made, a person died silently.

But the dead dark elf did not really calm down. Just as the two sides were in a stalemate, a soft blue white radiance radiated from him. The tiny hole opened in the forehead was healed, and the soul that had not been captured by Death God was re-engaged into the body.

When all the repairing actions are completed, the resurrected holy light descends from the sky, passing through the roof and the house. The dark elf bathed in it has recovered from death.

The dark elf who woke up was not confused. He quickly understood that he had been killed once. How could he forgive his enemies when he was furious? Before he could even greet his companions, he killed him towards Lin.

There are two dark elves who have been friendly with him without waiting for a greeting. Three people attacked from three different directions. No magician can escape from three vigorous dark elf warriors in such a short distance.

Lin does not move his hands, he does not move, there are countless rays of light criss-crossed in the reception room, only one flash! The three dark elves who tried to rush forward were cut into small pieces, separated from flesh and blood, and scattered all over the ground.

“Then, can it be resurrected like this now?” someone asked in a flat voice. No one specifically asked, and no one knew how to answer.

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