Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 692

The dark elves who came under the direct order of World Tree Phrasnas are not only not weak, but also have a certain status in the tribe of underground dark elves. Strength and power make them never disadvantaged, and discrimination against short-lived species is nothing more difficult.

But when their lives are only between the enemy’s thoughts, they don’t know how to deal with it.

I wanted to do it, but the survivors got scared after a step slow. Others who hadn’t even reacted to the reaction were just ashamed. There is no primordial appearance in the flesh and blood in one place. No one can imagine that before a breath, these were three big living beings.

The leading dark elf trembled and said: “You…you actually killed our clansman. You…you know…what the hell did you get on with!”

“Is it important?” Lin slightly lifts the head, looking coldly at the dark elf who stammered slightly. “Actually, I want to know more, does that Your Majesty really care?”

The dark elf who took the lead was speechless. The reason why the tribe can maintain its prestige depends on the unity and cooperation of the people of the tribe, just like the tribe of wood elves on the surface forming a turtle dove alliance. World Tree will not shoot, and it is impossible to shoot. They have no legs and can chase their prey from all over the world. Unless there is such a stupid prey, he stupidly ran into the site of World Tree looking for a fight.

But when World Tree moved towards Attached to his own tribe to convey the order, he only cares about the result, not the process, and does not care how much the tribe loses. In other words, no matter how much the loss is, the order passed down must be fulfilled. If it cannot be done, the tribe has no meaning.

It was exactly this attitude. When Fasnas conveyed that he wanted to invite this magician to meet him in person, the dark elves under the ground immediately acted as just sending an emissary. In their opinion, World Tree Fasnas is so famous, as long as there is a messenger to convey his will, no magician will not follow the instructions eagerly.

But the first messenger, the youngest druid in the tribe, Maier, was placed with high hopes and she failed and returned empty-handed.

The conditions she mentioned are all excuses, and all the demands she made are incompetent. If it hadn’t been for Miles to recognize that magician’s face, the second dispatch would not have anything to do with her. Waiting for her is the water prison under the root of the tree.

The second squad dispatched by the dark elf tribe is led by a druid Elder, more than a dozen high-level members of the tribe with the law system and the warrior system, sneaking into the surface of Holy City Ace Ta Li.

Although they belong to the Dark Elf tribe of World Tree Phathinas, they can’t deal with the high seat of the Turtle Dove Alliance, it does not mean that they do not know how to use the resources of the Alliance. Anyway, the Turtledove League absorbs the bottom members and does not require detailed background checks or allegiance to a certain high seat.

They have ways to conceal their identity and use the resources of the alliance with the qualifications of ordinary members, and of course they also have due obligations. Acting and lurking are the skills of the dark elf.

I found the target person, and a group of people went out. Of course, it was not to escort that person back to the site of Fasnas. All the dark elves, except Marc, have the idea to use military force to subdue others!

They first dispatched an assassin-type dark elf to sneak into the target’s home to investigate. The original intention was to investigate first.

Assassins who enter the land of no one usually cannot resist the temptation after seeing the target unprepared, and make a decisive decision to turn the investigation into action. While the target is asleep, cut off its limbs and return to the tribe with the rest. Anyway, Your Majesty, as long as they bring this magician back, they didn’t say that they must bring it back’the whole’.

Then it was cut into small pieces by the white destructive light and the resurrection technique didn’t work. It became a midnight snack for Black Dragon Augustus. Of course, it didn’t return like the Druid Elder who led the team. After so many times, when the unfathomable mystery brought out of the team lost most of its staff and did not know the target situation, the dark elves finally disappeared.

During this process, Miles has always insisted on peaceful discussions and polite invitations. Facing the magician, as long as you show enough sincerity and find the interests that the other party cares about, you may not be able to change the other party’s mind. This is considered to be quite familiar with someone’s character, so he would make such a suggestion.

It’s just this act of showing weakness that was cast aside by all the dark elves. In the World Tree boss, I am the second child in the outlook on life, the existence of short-lived species, no matter how strong they are trained, they are still not the opponents of these long-lived species. Not to mention that those who came out to perform tasks this time were all well-known figures from the tribe.

But under the circumstances that people continue to sacrifice, they still stopped the meaningless temptation, waiting for the opportunity that did not know if it would appear. The Heavenly Tribulation that the gods descended on was an opportunity in their eyes, a chance to return home just as they said. Anyway, the target was killed by Spiritual God, and the mission failure can’t be attributed to them. It’s a wonderful way to end it.

But no matter how good a plan is, someone can’t help it. From the very beginning, I was warned by everyone. Later, it was the ignored Maier who stole the leaf of World Tree that they used to communicate with Your Majesty of Fasnes, who was also a member of this team. The most powerful hole card.

The dark elf who stole the leaves of the World Tree carried the leaves and plunged into the half-Void Spirit body that seemed about to burst. Summon came out of the projection of Fasnas Your Majesty. In the end, the magician survived the catastrophe, and even cast Divine Spark for a while, preparing to ignite the sacred fire. But he failed.

He was left in Human World, and he became the target of the dark elves again. This time, Miles, who was severely injured by the other party, became an opportunity for the two parties to meet.

The dark elf who had met originally planned to find a reason and take the opponent in one go. Especially now that the most troublesome Lich is leaving for the time being, it is simply too good a chance. But didn’t expect to have each one, and those who dared to make troubles were all killed in an instant. The most important thing is how those who died died. Although everyone understood it, they couldn’t figure it out.

When the target person in front of them is not the existence that they can handle, the dark elf, who has always been arrogant and tyrannize, didn’t know how to face it for a while. Especially those dark elves who took out their weapons, how embarrassing they were in their hands.

Especially the remaining dark elves have also figured out some things, why the instruction from the very beginning Your Majesty is only an “invitation”. It seemed that they were not optimistic about the strength of the dark elves, even though the people who accepted the order ignored those cowardly words.

Furthermore, even if the dark elves are quite united and cooperative, they want to avenge the enemy who killed their clansman. After going back, he might not get any praise, but was choked to death by a branch of World Tree. So they confessed, not succumbing to the ferocity of this man, but the attitude that their boss might have.

Seeing that Elder, the druid who took the lead, was unhelpful, and the magician on the opposite side looked restless, Melissa knew that he was already impatient. Just thinking of an excuse to leave now.

But since this magician has promised to meet with Your Majesty of Fasnes, how could Miles not come forward and ask for clarity. You know, holding the leaves of the World Tree into the illusory shadow of the outer god, but it comes from the decree of the Your Majesty. She was the only one who received instructions that no one had received. This is certainly an honor, but it is also a pressure, so she had to come forward and ask:

“Your Excellency Tripwood, you have agreed to meet with Fasnas Your Majesty. I don’t know when you will Going to leave?”

“I haven’t decided yet. Let me ask first, how long will it take to get to Holy City?” Lin asked rhetorically.

“The entrance to the Underground World is outside the southwest border of the Gwana Empire. To cross the Jura mountain range again, there is a secret entrance between the canyons. Although it is not suitable for army access , But a small number of elite people can enter and exit from here. After entering the underground world, it takes about three weeks to walk to the territory of Your Majesty in Fasenas. It takes about three to four months before and after. This is the closest distance to returning to the tribe.” Miles said truthfully.

Lin shook his head and said: “It’s too time-consuming, I won’t let you go.” Seeing Mel was excited to speak, Lin first stopped the opponent with his hands. Then he flipped his hand and found a ring. Said: “Take this ring and go back to your tribe.”

Unfathomable mystery took a ring. Although I can feel that this is a very powerful magic equipment, Miles is still puzzled, guessing: “Your Excellency, can this deliver the message you want to say to Phathinas Your Majesty?”

“No.” Lin raised his right hand, pointed to the other ring on his index finger and said: “These two rings are a set. No matter where you go, I can use my hand This ring senses your location. As long as there is a clear location, I can use the flash technique to teleport to you. So you only need to take that ring, go back to your tribe, and use the forum to notify me when you arrive, I can go over and meet Fasnas at any time. Doing this will save me time wasted on the journey. After all, I have a lot of things to do now.”

This man has traveled with him for a while, and of course he also knows how amazing his magic that appears and disappear unpredictably is. So when Lin said that, she believed it. In fact, even if you don’t believe it, she doesn’t have the capital to persecute this man at all. If there is a way to intimidate the other party, please go back to this “dignified guest” as early as the last time, so it is not necessary to wait until this time.

Just that Miles is acceptable, does not mean that other dark elves are equally acceptable. Someone who is stubborn can’t help but say: “You can teleport if you want. In the field of World Tree, without Your Majesty’s consent, all Space Teleportation magic is impossible to complete.”

Which dark elf is quick to speak, Lin is obvious at a glance. But nothing serious, nothing wrong. He was just curious and asked with a smile: “So, the Your Majesty who invited me to meet will not allow me to use teleportation magic to meet him. Instead, I must use two legs to walk step by step to see him. Show me my sincerity.”

Although many dark elves want to say yes, they intuitively feel that if the word is spoken, it will be easy to get out of touch, so they don’t say anything at all. If even possible, they want to leave now, leaving this magician who seems to be dying.

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