Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 693

Merry held the ring, but his face was awkward. She is not like other dark elves, only seeing things on the surface. She is willing to follow this magician’s idea and send it to your Majesty in front of her. Anyway, the one who doesn’t care what method is used, as long as he meets people.

But holding the ring in his hand, that powerful magical power can let Miles know that this ring is far more than just the ability that someone said, and it is also mentioned that the ring in his hand is Pairs. Miles doesn’t mind any relationship between men and women, but it does not mean that she can accept any form of master-slave relationship. Fasnas has never been merciful to betrayers.

Lin probably guessed the other side’s scruples, and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t need to wear the ring on your hand. Just find a small cloth bag and bring it back to see your Majesty.” I thought about it. Thinking, Lin said: “In addition to being used as my flashing technique, this ring also has some auxiliary and life-saving magic attached. You can treat it as an ordinary magic item, and there will be no compulsion after wearing it. Behaviour and requirements.”

Holding the ring, Miles felt that it was as important as a great deal. He asked dryly: “Why?” Of course, Mi Di meant to exchange rings to represent marriage, but that was limited to nobles. For civilians and adventurer or other Homo sapiens, giving rings does not have any special meaning. But to give a powerful magic item, it must not be said that there is no idea behind it.

Lin explained: “This time I can get through this difficult time. It is also very important that you give up your life and bring Fasnas’ tokens to contact me. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you saved my life. .So I can promise three times that I can help when you encounter a danger that you can’t solve. Of course, when you are wearing that ring, after all, then I can also appear near you. After three times, I’ll watch If the situation is wrong, I don’t want this promise to be abused by you and become a firefighter or a thug.”

Since it is for life-saving grace, there is no reason not to accept it. Not to mention that Miles knows the strength of this man quite well. Just the magic that appears and disappear unpredictably can at least escape if he can’t win. After Maier figured it out, he was not hypocritical, and nodded said, “Thank you.” Putting the ring on the index finger of his right hand.

Lin Zhao summoned the apprentice who was behind him, and continued: “Let Kaya teach you how to use it. If you have nothing else, then leave. I’m tired. You are still hurt. If you want to stay and recuperate, I will ask someone to help you prepare the guest room.”

Merry got up and saluted, and said, “Don’t bother you, your Excellency Tripwood. I’ll be back soon, Fass Your Majesty will be able to see you one day earlier. He has been admiring you for a long time.”

For such flattery, Lin just indifferently nodded. From the first time he helped World Tree Wadwo to break the path, after the successful promotion, all World Trees were interested in themselves, and it seemed that even the one underground was no exception. But after seeing Wadvor and Lahti, comparing the two and found that there is not much difference in the observable phenomena, the mind of walking through the twenty-one World Trees has faded.

But since I have been helped, there is no reason to refuse, and I won’t waste much time. It’s okay to have a look. After making an agreement with Miles, Lin left on his own. He just woke up, there are still many things to clarify.

While leaving slowly, when he walked past the dark elves scattered around the reception room, they all made their backs horrified and hurriedly backed away.

The reason why the dark elves are afraid of this magician is not only because of his weird strength, but also not only because of his very ruthless decisiveness, but also because of his indifferent eyes, as if looking at it doesn’t matter. The same thing. In other words, it’s like looking at a dead person.

Anyone has a single trait, and it doesn’t necessarily make people jealous. On the contrary, it may be targeted by everyone because of this crazy performance. But when the three traits are gathered on a person, it is necessary to seriously consider whether it is right to provoke such a person.

Dark elves may have little contact with the outside world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the world. Not to mention that there is still a mess of blood that has not been cleaned up, warning everyone who does not have eyes.

Leaving Lin Sisuuo, the dream incarnation assimilated with the suspected Divine Spark disappeared completely after that sword. The power originally condensed by Divine Spark gushed out, and Tai Ban poured into the dream magic tower, and refilled the dream tower that had been sucked into pits and scars.

The obvious advantage is that the original body of the dream magic tower inevitably has some gaps between the bricks and stones, which have now been completely filled. The intuitive performance is that the magic array runes carved on the tower can be made about three times smaller than the original. This is equivalent to three times the magic capacity that the magic tower can support under the same area, and he has more room to play.

The second is the original Dream Tower. The main constituent element is the energy tide of multi-dimensional drop, rather than the eight powers of the maze. When these energies run the inherent magic portrayed on the tower, there will be no major problems; such as flash art, night starry sky, etc., or their extended magic.

But when you want to use the magic that primordial uses eight kinds of powers, you have to use the power that someone originally trained. Someone who has almost unlimited use of flash art, when casting the magic of the magic, is not much better than the little magician who has just crossed the threshold, and Fireball can’t put a few.

This is also the reason why most magicians don’t like to use offensive magic, because it consumes too much power and the battle strength is not high. On the contrary, if some auxiliary magic is used, it will not only continue to increase the battle strength, but the retained magic and power can also be used to deal with emergencies and improve the chance of survival.

But now I was empowered once by the eight masters of power, and I managed to survive. What constitutes the dream magic tower is no longer pure inter-dimensional heterogeneous energy. The total amount of the eight powers is almost evenly matched with the heterogeneous energy, which is a kind of balance, and there is also the margin for using the traditional magic of the maze.

At this moment, Lin couldn’t help but smile. Before, when I was in a crisis, I was madly complaining about the wuxia novel, and I was able to transmit a piece of skill at every turn. In reality, I should be impossible to do it. What’s the matter with yourself now? Shouldn’t it be time for me to change myself to a “really scented” expression.

However, the benefits I get are not all the power that the eight masters of power have infused. A very small part spilled towards the outside world, and the remaining about 20-30% was absorbed by my own magic equipment, to be precise, the Black Tortoise Totem on his back.

Speaking of which, the cause of this incident was the change caused by the four spirits of Earth, Totem, who got together with him. Just like in many novels or film and television dramas, a single aroma or food will not affect the human body, but when mixed with another in the environment, it will become highly toxic.

When the Black Tortoise Totem of Si Ling was woven on the jacquard machine, there was no obvious abnormal reaction. And when he was doing things, he was hiding under the stars at night and was not exposed to the outside world.

But when I put on the Robe with Black Tortoise Totem, it is like making Black Tortoise jump out of the night starry sky and appear in a fascinating place. The identity of the external god will of course cause the immune response of Midi itself, leading to a series of subsequent events.

After getting 20 or 30% of the powers that are suspected of Divine Spark’s destruction, Black Tortoise is fascinated and assimilated, and even has a trace of divinity. That is to say, this time, someone has not become a god, but the Totem on his clothes has become a god. More advanced than the so-called’Divine Item’, the artifacts used by the gods, the clothes themselves are the carrier of Spiritual God.

Although the starting point is high, the accumulation is insufficient. According to Lin’s own witness to the casting process of Divine Spark in his dream, it is that Black Tortoise has found its own unique power arrangement, but the amount is insufficient. The Divine Spark, which is woven by the woven divine power, is only small. The small one does not even cross the boundary of divine force such as weak.

The current situation is that the Totem on the clothes has become a god, but is in a dormant state. And it itself slowly draws power from the air, and grows itself bit by bit.

Because of this, Apollos, the guardian of the Spiritual God who is not allowed to walk in the lost ground, did not show up. To strip someone into a pig, he had to throw that piece of clothing into the non-existent Divine. Kingdom.

For such a state, someone is tentatively called’Demi-God’. Moreover, Lin felt that the reason Black Tortoise had to sleep was not only the lack of power, but there should be other factors, but at this stage, I still don’t understand it.

But the experience this time has made Lin understand some things. In fact, the follow-up caused by Black Tortoise Totem can be avoided, as long as Totem is just a normal art pattern. The specific method is to first weave the secret patterns belonging to the eight powers into the pattern during the weaving process, and leave some defects in the pattern.

This is the allusion of quoting the’finishing finishing touch’, and it is really practical.

When I was planning to make this first suit, I didn’t think of this aspect, so the Black Tortoise pattern on the silk is complete. Although magic is attached to clothing, it starts from the most fundamental point, that is, enchanting in the process of silk reeling. However, there is no magical pattern on the weaving and pattern of the clothes.

This is like a strong body without a soul. Any solitary soul or unbound ghost can come in and dominate this fleshy body. And a certain traversing crowd involved in the myth of Earth made this dress an entity that existed in those myths that can be attached to, so they ran out of the night and the starry sky, and then things went wrong…

So when there are plans to use the three Totems of Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermilion Bird in the future, apart from using the magical array pattern belonging to the mysterious land on the three Spirit Beast patterns, and deliberately leaving defects, Lin does not plan On the clothes you want to wear, use these special Totems from Earth again.

Knowing that it is a landmine, I have to test how to step on it to prevent it from exploding. It takes a lot of death to do such a thing. Besides, this time the crisis can pass, but there are quite a lot of external factors in it. Who can guarantee that the twenty-one World Trees will help oneself the second time, the third time, or even bet that the eight masters of power will not make a dead hand for the second or third time.

The elements that cannot be controlled should not be included in the plan. This is someone’s consistent idea.

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