Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 694

Don’t regret what has happened, Lin turned around to check the capabilities of this full set of magic silk robe. Each ability has some mutations, and far exceeds the original plan.

The defensive magic that protects against energy attacks and heterogeneous energy erosion, with the characteristics of the Black Tortoise turtle shell, can block most attacks from a certain distance away from the body. Just like a magic shield, it can defend against physical attacks, and will not induce the automatic evasion technique set by yourself, unless you lengthen the judgment distance of the evasion technique.

That is to say, I now have two layers of defense. The 1st floor is the automatic defense named Black Tortoise Shield by someone. Assuming that the Black Tortoise shield is broken through, there is also an automatic avoidance technique for flashing. An extra layer of protection is like an extra life. There is nothing wrong with it.

The function of purification technique has become stronger. But no matter how it changes, it’s still a purification technique. This magic was originally a magician because he was lazy, so it was invented to clean it. The functions of air purification, deodorization, detoxification, and detoxification belong to the functions of other magic and do not belong to the scope of purification. So it’s not the kind of isolation bubble outfit with air filter that someone imagined.

The curse reverses this ability, it is conceivable that it will be elevated to an unimaginable level.

Because curse magic puts it bluntly, it is similar to the mechanism of viruses or bacteria that cause body changes. Specially sorted powers can infect and dominate the powers of people within the body, resulting in negative magical effects, similar to auxiliary qualitative magic. It happened to be upside down. To expand the curse response, the first thing is that the special order of power can replicate itself, infect other power fragments, so as to realize self-proliferation.

So the divine power, that is, the power that fully realizes the consistency and special order, is it possible to be infected by the curse? The answer is of course no. Cursing a person is a completely different subject from cursing a god. At least Spiritual God never told others how to curse a Spiritual God. Even Fen doesn’t know how, she is used to using slaughter directly.

The last equipment effect is the optical camouflage enchantment of the test nature. Because it is basically a procedural coding sequence, it has not changed its effect as the divine nature of the equipment evolves.

Then someone discovered something called a tragedy.

Because the full set of magician costumes also has a small shawl, someone did not design a hood. After all, the extra piece of cloth on the back of his head feels a hindrance no matter how it is placed. And because the long sleeves and the hem of the robe will cover one’s hands and feet, when someone activates the optical camouflage effect, the part of the body will disappear in the eyes of others, and then the head will float in midair……

Even if you cover your head with your sleeves. Covering the face will reveal the back of the head, and covering the back of the head will reveal the face; if the front and back are covered, some side faces will inevitably be revealed. In short, there will be a ridiculous weak spot when you do it. The effect of hiding is not very good, but it has more scary uses.

In addition to this defect, the optical camouflage designed by someone still fails to overcome the problem of the background simulation disorder when the angle changes suddenly. This involves the observer’s field of view angle, and the judgment of the surrounding environment, such as the distance, direction, and orientation, which cannot be processed in real time and instantaneously. Especially in a complex environment or a smoky environment, the weak spot is even more obvious. In short, there is still room for improvement.

However, the design of optical camouflage has unexpectedly developed another function, which is this magical silk robe, which can change its appearance and color according to one’s consciousness. Although the changing appearance is only simulated, it is essentially a black silk robe, and doing so will consume power.

After taking an inventory, I hope that the basic functions of this robe are complete, even better than I expected. And some of the extra features are just an experiment, don’t worry about it.

On the contrary, there will be such a drastic change in my appearance. When at first is about to be blown up by the divine power, my body has already been destroyed and damaged. Later, in the process of casting Divine Spark, it seemed that not only the energy of the dream magic tower was drawn away, but some unstable parts that formed the foundation of the body were also drawn away. What can be left is the part that is firmly combined.

This process can be regarded as a kind of washing the marrow and cutting the tendons. It’s just that others leave a layer of stains on the skin at most. After washing, you can see the crystal clear, tender and white skin, but you are thin and skinny. If it weren’t for the hair and eyeballs, it would make sense to say that he had become a skeleton.

Although the body is now depleted, but whether it can maintain the essence and reshape the perfect fleshy body, this… has no idea at all! It seems that I can only ask that Lich later.

Just when someone used his stargazing night time to check his own condition, Fern took the initiative to open the attic door and walked in. He took a chair and sat next to Lin. Staring at someone with piercing eyes, as if trying to see through the person.

In addition to Lich, there is also the old cat Hardy hiding outside the door, poking out a small gray head, watching the things in the room curiously.

Knowing that I look like now is quite scary, and the game of staring at each other is usually impossible to win. So Lin touched his nose and asked quietly: “What’s wrong?”

“The two girls said, you have changed. So I will confirm that you are still not you.”

Well, someone seriously thinks about it, probably because their attitude towards the dark elves is different from the past, that’s why the two apprentices feel that way.

It’s just that dealing with dark elves is the same as dealing with goblins. If you give in a little, the opponent will push your nose and face, so it is better to adopt a strong attitude at first. But that’s what I said. Looking back now, I would kill people so decisively in the afternoon, which is still a bit abnormal. But the key factors for such changes also seem to be obvious.

Lin sighed and said: “If you want to know if someone replaces my original soul. Then the answer is no. But if you say I have changed, I can only say that it is impossible to change Right.”

Fen was quite dissatisfied with someone’s answer and couldn’t understand it. So she frowns asked: “What the hell is going on?”

Lin not even think, so she told all about the situation in her dream world without concealing it at all. When I mentioned my second incarnation with the sword again, I sighed again, saying: “So I don’t know now, whether I have lost something forever or regained something.”

After listening Fen pondered for a while for someone’s account, and asked: “The other you, really disappeared forever?”

“This is a really good question. Actually, I can’t be sure. If they deliberately Avoid me, I can’t catch them. As for why, I want to know this question too.” Lin shrugged.

In psychological terms, is the integration of two personalities into a new personality, or is a certain personality completely erased and the other one retained intact. The second incarnation no longer appears, Lin can’t tell which kind of incarnation it belongs to, and Lich, who listened to the narrative, can also not tell.

“Then you, do you have any strange feelings?” Fern asked.

“The ears are cleaned a lot, it couldn’t be better. It doesn’t count.” Lin said with a smile.

Fun frowned, and Fern stared at someone for a long time before deciding to give up studying this issue in depth. If multiple souls occupy the same fleshy body, what changes will happen, I have experience and have done research. But like this kind of situation where the same soul has split into multiple personalities, she just touches black eyes and doesn’t understand anything.

Things that you can’t figure out, put them aside. Fen took this opportunity to ask another question: “Why give up?”

“What to give up?” Lin asked suspiciously.

“Of course it’s a chance to light a sacred fire. Otherwise, what do you think I will ask.”

This question is not easy to scream. After thinking for a while, Lin replied earnestly: “Because becoming a god is not helpful to me, so I gave up.”

“What does it mean to be no help?” Fen said angrily.

“In my opinion, Spiritual God is another level of life. Their foundation is stronger than ours, but there are corresponding limitations. And that power is not what I need Yes. My past teacher once told me that the best thing is not the best thing for me, but the best thing for me is best for me. In this way, can you understand?”

Tongue twister In a similar way, Lich as it should be by rights shook the head. Lin had to continue: “Think about it, what is the main purpose of my life. Find a way home from the vast Star Sea. Becoming a god, will it help me with this goal? I can’t think of it. After God, how will it help me with my current research progress. Since there is no God, what is the purpose of becoming a God, so it is better not.”

After holding back for a while, Fen cursed two words: “Shortsighted Have you ever thought that in that way, you are equivalent to having unlimited life to accomplish your goals.”

“Forget about the question of whether I can leave after becoming a lost god, Or what kind of Spiritual God can I become. How much of the infinite time I get after becoming a god can be spent on what I want to do. If you use the gods as your opponents, you will only become a slave in pursuit of power. What’s the meaning.”

Seeing that someone doesn’t make sense, and he’s not a person who is good at persuading others with words, Fen got up and prepared to leave. “It’s okay if you think about it clearly, I just asked.”

Just turned around, his hand was caught. Fen turned her head and looked towards the person who stretched out her hand, with a puzzled look in her eyes.

“Can I stay tonight? I want you.”

Fen glanced up and down at someone with contempt. Asked: “Can you do it with your bones? If you don’t have fun, you will be worse than now.”

“If I really die, please don’t use the resurrection technique to resurrect me. I will make a zombie recovery.”


“Zombies are harder.” Someone said with a smile brilliantly.

With the same contempt in the eyes, Fen said frivolously: “I don’t know if your current strength has changed, but your lip service is better than before.”

“hehe, don’t you Just dislike my appearance now.” Lin looked at his scrawny arm and said mockingly. In fact, someone doesn’t know why he extends the hand so boldly.

Fen didn’t reply, and straddled directly onto someone, embracing Lin’s neck. The two people wanted to take further action, suddenly remembered one thing, turned their heads and looked towards the gray cat peeping at the door.


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