Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 695

At the new moon (January) of DCCXXXII (732) in the Aranian calendar, the great magician Gabrach ‧ Tripwood tried to ignite the sacred fire and shape the divine throne, but failed.

In the same month, Divine Item Black Tortoise silk robe was born.

The birth of this robe can be described as heaven-shaking, earth-shattering. But when I actually saw it, I didn’t recognize who it was.

General magic equipment arrogantly exudes that unique power oppression, wishing others could feel it from a distance, or kneeling before this oppression.

Perhaps upholding someone’s wretched character, the Black Tortoise silk robe is quite restrained, restrained enough to make people unable to feel its existence.

The math class on the day of the incident was taught by Lich on his behalf. At first, everyone in the class was mentally prepared. Maybe the teacher would miss a few more classes to let them experience Lich’s beating again. But on the second day of the class, Lin quietly used the flash technique to stand on the stage.

Since people are here, despite the considerable changes in appearance, but the knowledge of mathematics can’t deceive people, then take the class with peace of mind. It was not until the end of the course that day and the lecturer left that the magicians noticed something wrong.

First of all, when did people leave? Also, what is the robe on that person?

The previous magician’s dress is almost tattered in the eyes of a senior magician. However, this time, the dark robe also didn’t feel any power, but it was the kind of weird feeling that sucked everyone’s perception into it.

Compared with oppression, which is a magical equipment that is exaggerated and exaggerated, someone’s kind of work is even more rare. Of course, it may also be a misjudgment by everyone. So in the math class on the third day, someone close to him asked to have a look at the robe nearby.

That is a piece of magic equipment, maybe not detectable from a distance, but after touching it with your hands, no one will question it anymore. But the most shocking thing is that it is a magical equipment made of silk!

Silk is one of the highest fabrics in Midi. But what makes magicians dissatisfied is that silk cannot be made into magical equipment and become their self-protection and daily wear. But the magician in front of him seemed to have broken this restriction and made a set of magical equipment made of silk.

This of course caused everyone’s curiosity and inquiries, but Lin just smiled.

He has no plans to announce this technology. Other technologies that are forced or voluntarily disclosed are more or less epoch-making knowledge that can change the course of the world, but the magic silk is just a mere luxury. Even if it is made public, only a small number of people will benefit; most people will live as they should, regardless of whether they have silk or not.

Strictly speaking of which, coffee can also be regarded as this kind of item. But at that time, I did not have the strength to protect this knowledge, and I wanted to use the power of others to promote coffee drinking culture. In this way, no matter where you go, you have the opportunity to drink coffee grown and brewed by others. From the later performance, although it is not as popular as Earth, this goal can be considered a success.

However, the magic version of silk does not have such a demand. Lin doesn’t need to promote the craftsmanship of the magical silk so that he can put on good clothes all the time, as long as he makes the amount he needs. Clothes are not consumables like coffee, so they have to be refilled from time to time.

Even if someone else guesses about the way of making silk from their own actions of breeding moths, they have to study the entire production process, let alone catch up with their current progress. The success of this silk robe is largely due to Earth’s experience.

As for the magicians who are lost in the land, is there a way to break the path and find a different silk road? Someone does not care about that many. Since the emergence of silk in mystery, magician or non-magician has done little effort in this area, and I have never seen who has succeeded. If you want to find the path of breakthrough from yourself, there is no huge price that is impossible.

However, the popularity of this robe lasted for a while. Magician is pragmatic after all, not everyone will pursue luxury.

even more how if there is something good in history, everyone has to ask about the production method, so no one has invented or created it for a long time. Of course, more reasons for not doing this are that those unique and unmatched creations that can be left behind in history are non-replicable. It may be an extremely rare material, or it may be an unnoticed coincidence in the production process.

Since it cannot be copied, and it is impossible to snatch it from a magician who is’the best’ at escape, then the meaningless mind will gradually make everyone forget such a thing. Anyway, there are so many good things in Lost Land, and I want to grab it for collection when I see the top grade. To be honest, there are a few lives that are not enough to die, because the fierce person in Lost Land is even gone.

However, this matter will still be recorded by the magicians who follow Lin. Whether it is to deal with a magician or to give a magician evaluation, the magic equipment possessed is also a very important reference index. The more exposed, the more likely it is to find weaknesses, and then master or kill the man.

But what really caught everyone’s attention, moved from that black robe to other places, was a major event that made a sensation in Holy City Estali. The Grand Duke of Kavi of the Gowana Empire, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Jialong, set up an automobile manufacturing and R&D center outside the VI area of ​​Holy City, and openly recruited all magicians or craftsmen with ability and craftsmanship in Holy City.

Two Great Influences themselves are also staffed, and they all come to Holy City with the funds and the deacon in charge. The people from Two Great Influences are certainly not crooked, but they also have secret projects in progress, and they will not send people from their respective forces, cream of the crop. Instead, the idle personnel and those whose affairs are not so important are sent to this project that both Boss attach great importance to.

It’s a pity that this group of people originally thought they were going to Mountain Tiger, and the only thing to pay attention to was the personnel sent by the other force. But on the first day they arrived, they were taught to be human.

Midi uses magic materials to make items. Three Big Divine Items are: hammer, ruler and shaping. With these three treasures, there is no disadvantage in the past.

However, the automobile manufacturing and R&D center established by Lin and other Two Great Influences is aimed at ordinary materials. Although the magic shaping technique can work, after losing the power supply, it is better to restore it to its original state. , Almost disintegrated directly. Therefore, those magical methods are useless, only the most basic casting process can be found.

Someone who took the lead originally didn’t plan to invest too much attention in this R&D center, including the four silverbeard dwarves. But the basic planning still has to be given to prevent the lost talents from going astray.

Regardless of whether they have really gone out of their own way, that would be tantamount to abolishing someone’s Earth experience. Faced with the stray wind that is no longer applicable to all previous knowledge, someone who wants to dominate the development of this center again has to work harder. In order to break back the crooked part, of course, some losses are unavoidable and time is wasted. It is not worthwhile.

And to limit the direction of the upcoming high and the others, someone’s approach is to directly help them build machine tools. Just like the development of Earth’s manufacturing industry, in addition to the advancement of manufacturing technology, it is also limited by the extent that machine tools can do.

Most of the technology accumulation revolves around the existing machine tools, slowly improving, slowly progressing, and there are few major leap-forward developments. In other words, as long as Lin provides convenient tools and machines first, the next development direction will not go too far.

Punching machines, lathes, and drilling machines are the three machine tools Lin chose. In this way, coupled with MiDi’s existing traditional tools, it should be possible to do most of the things that Earth’s industry in the early twentieth century could do.

Particularly the three major machine tools, thanks to the P language program has been quite mature, so Lin is directly on the CNC version of the machine tool, rather than the traditional machine tool that requires the feel of the old Master. The advantage of this is that only by designing the process and entering the correct parameters, you can easily achieve the requirement of’massive copying’, instead of burning incense to protect the waste rate from automatically decreasing.

And in order to control these CNC version of the machine tools, Lin even integrated himself out, not knowing what is the difference with the Earth version of the industrial drawing software. Even though I have used AutoCAD and other software before, somebody is not clear about how that thing is related to making horizontal links. The Midi version is nothing but something made according to one’s imagination and needs.

Even in the technical guild organized by Uzov Gantia, the craftsmen in it can get the final design exploded drawing at most to verify that the parts they made do not conform to the primordial design. . But what Lin intends to hand over to the automobile manufacturing and R&D center includes software for drawing, calculation and presentation.

The old Masters who came from Two Great Influences are the operation of the machine tool. As long as the three functions of stamping, cutting, and drilling are explained, no one can’t understand them. But when it comes to program control and industrial design, it’s like giving an iPhone to cavemen and telling them how to use the app.

The people who were sent by Duke Kawi and the Chamber of Commerce Nguyen Van Viet, of course, are not people without abilities, and at the same time, they are loyal to their respective forces. But if they can flexibly use the latest programming technology, programming language and mathematics-related drawing software, a group of magicians who are complacent about simple algebraic operations are dumbfounded on the spot.

Anyway, someone can be regarded as one of the three bosses in the R&D center. Impossible to meet his own subordinates, and directly say “you are all rubbish” that sprays a large group of people with bean curd. However, it is also impossible to open another machine tool teaching class to teach people who have no basic knowledge to the extent that they can operate the machine and improve the program, so I can only think of a way.

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