Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 696

Lin’s approach is to recruit magicians who already have a foundation in P language and mathematics in Holy City. Perhaps in terms of loyalty, the recruited newcomers will be inferior to those trained by Two Great Influences, but how to manage talents, Two Great Influences can be regarded as familiar, so it doesn’t take Lin to bother. Anyway, they must be more concerned about the matter of’in power’.

This was the result of the large-scale recruitment campaign that caused a sensation in Holy City Estali, as well as all the talents who were unwilling to develop in pure mathematics in the mathematics curriculum that brought Lin.

Although the mathematical method construction of the spell model is also one of the development directions of the application of mathematics, there is no money to make before the results are produced! The automobile manufacturing and R&D center has a fixed salary as long as it joins, and it can also exercise its own ideas of using various mathematical methods. It can be said that at this stage, magicians who intend to continue to develop on the road of mathematics are the most suitable application fields.

Anyone who can occupy a place in a classroom with limited seats is not a magician who lacks money. But who would think that the money is too much? More importantly, what the R&D center provides is an opportunity to apply what they have learned. Compared with the smell of copper, that opportunity is the more interesting part.

People who have come to math class for nearly a year are looking forward to proving that their studies are not useless. After all, since the beginning of the class, no one has a way to completely reconstruct the spell model into a mathematical construction according to what someone did when they first attracted everyone to jump into the pit. but also not No one will try, but those who have tried will admit one thing, the road to mathematics is a long way to go.

This is not to say that the mathematical problems studied by the automobile manufacturing and R&D centers are easier than reconstructing the spell model. It is because what the center has to do is something that has been verified as feasible. The work for those who join is to replace expensive materials with simple materials, standardize the work of magic with industrial methods, and achieve the purpose of mass production. In short, copycat reverse engineering.

In order to do this, it doesn’t say what standards must be met to be qualified. In other words, there are no standards at all.

As an experimental vehicle to demonstrate the feasibility, it has already been completed, and it is set as the ultimate goal of 100 points. So even if the research result is only ten, it can be officially sold as a commodity. Anyway, the four wheels can turn, so people or goods can be pulled from one place to another.

It is even said that some parts must use magic materials, and there are no ordinary materials to replace them. This is acceptable. At most, after becoming a commodity, the price will increase.

Under such a premise, someone who has money and technology in an automobile manufacturing and R&D center will soon be mentioned on the schedule for mass production.

The first model that was determined was not a simplified version of all ordinary materials like the Earth Ford 1903 Type A car, which is similar to the carriage, as someone imagined, but part of the use of magic materials. Big truck.

The first batch of customers were not outsiders either, they were the two Big Boss, Kawi Kung and Nguyen Van Viet. The purpose is also very simple, in order to transport the iron ore and other materials on their respective sites to the manufacturing and R&D center of Holy City Estali. There is no reason to take the car out, but I still use the carriage and a large number of civilians to deliver it.

In order to be able to pull a large amount of goods, the load and horsepower of trucks are not the targets that can be achieved by ordinary materials at this stage. The engine that uses magic materials directly uses the results of the silverbeard dwarf’s research, because it is already a mature technology.

Even the silverbeard dwarves jumped down to assist in research and development. The group led by a veteran who is responsible for making the engine is considered to be the quickest group of all groups to get started with the new technology. Silverbeard dwarves are not working for nothing. In addition to receiving a salary, the research and transformation of various parts of the engine is the focus of their attention. In order to arm themselves for peace, they are not willing to give up any research opportunities on related topics.

The other part of the truck that has to use magic materials is the chassis. The R&D center has tried to research welding technology, of course, it also has the technology of trying rivet structure, but the chassis built with the current materials and manufacturing technology can be used in small vehicles for passengers, but it is impossible to support The load-bearing index of large trucks.

The vehicle built by second is a special vehicle ─ ─ a tanker truck. Because the gasoline used in cars needs to be refined, it can’t be used by adding crude oil directly into the fuel tank, and gas stations have not been all over the place. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a large truck fleet that transports raw materials, tankers need to follow to refuel at any time; the R&D center also needs to transport the crude oil back to the refinery for processing.

Although gasoline has to go through the process of refining, it is still cheaper than magic stone. It is known that the crude oil production city is Lebap, but that is only because the goblins have uses for oil, so there is extraction. It is not the only oil producing place in the Gwana Empire. There are also crude oil wells that can be pumped in the open air in the territory of Kawei Gong.

In the past, the place braved the black water was a dead zone where animals were not close and plants did not grow. The only purpose of black water that can be ignited is to be a weapon of war. Therefore, as the Grand Duke of the Empire, Duke Cavi treated this natural resource by blocking it. Only goblins who are keen on self-destruct have the courage to mine this poisonous and flammable demon water.

But when the use of crude oil was developed, the two bigwigs unanimously launched an operation to extract oil. Of course, Kawhi Kung is exploiting oil wells in his own territory, while Nguyen Van Viet is looking for related resources from areas outside the Guwana Empire, cooperating with local lords and putting them into exploitation.

Ruan Wenyue’s idea is very simple. If a car wants to move, it must have gas, he will impossible to put this vital point in the hands of others. It’s as if the war depends on soldiers, but if soldiers don’t have food, they can’t fight no matter how strong they are.

For this intuitive approach, Lin can only feel admiration. You can see the key to the automotive industry at a glance, and start the flag energy business at Early-Stage. This vision is quite accurate.

The distillation equipment for oil refining is also built in Holy City Estali. The reason why the crude oil is not located in the oil well, the volume and weight are reduced after rough processing, and then transported to Holy City, because any processing operations are carried out in a place out of sight, and problems cannot be solved immediately.

Lin has made an agreement with the two big guys a long time ago. When the craftsmanship is mature, they will start again wherever they want to start. Don’t give up the manufacturing and R&D center of Holy City Estali. . After all, doing so can greatly reduce the waste generated in the transportation process. But at Early-Stage, when the technology is still immature, R&D is still the focus.

Speaking of which, the research is most afraid of no results, but when the results come out, everyone wants to get a share of the pie. If the automobile manufacturing and R&D center makes a fortune in silence, when the two delivery convoys of Kawi Kong and Nguyen Van Viet were unveiled, they immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.

However, because of the development of Early-Stage, there are many things that have not been resolved, and the car cannot be sold directly to the market. One of the most troublesome difficulty is the problem of failure rate. The failure rate of parts made of magic materials has long been resolved after the various tests of the Silverbeard dwarves and the replacement of more advanced magic materials. But after replacing it with ordinary materials, the research in this area is tantamount to starting from scratch.

In order to cope with the possible failures on the road, the driver of the vehicle must have basic machine knowledge, at least know how to repair or replace damaged parts. In other words, in the future, drivers will not only have a driving license, but also an engineer with an auto repair license.

In addition to refueling, the scheduled gas station may also have to have the function of repairing cars, to replace the current stage except for the research and development center, no other places have the problem of repairing cars.

In the actual experience, sometimes the roadside breakdown cannot be solved by the driving with simple maintenance knowledge. At this time, there are two methods that can be used. If the vehicle is still able to move, but the engine cannot be started, or the transmission system is damaged, you can use a companion vehicle to tow the faulty vehicle. Maybe the speed will slow down, but the faulty car can still be towed to the destination.

If the vehicle is damaged and cannot move even if it is moved, it is also impossible to scrap the vehicle on the spot. At this time, it is necessary to send a maintenance team from the R&D center to the location where the vehicle broke down and repair the vehicle directly in the field.

The frequency of vehicle breakdown in Early-Stage is quite frequent, and even the front-line driving and dispatched maintenance personnel are also questioning whether it is necessary to use this kind of unreliable machine . Such doubts once caused the two big men who joined the auto manufacturing business to come and ask a magician who was almost out of the picture.

Lin didn’t explain much, he just made a simple statistical chart. The carrying efficiency and carrying cost of the old carriage, and the old method is largely regarded as zero risk; the carrying efficiency and carrying cost of the new vehicle, and then the risk cost is calculated according to the existing failure situation. When the two sides are added together, looking at the unit transportation cost, the doubts of the big guys are directly thrown into beyond the topmost clouds.

Who called the truck’s transportation energy is too amazing, to transport the same amount of goods, the number of old-style carriages and the mobilization of civilians is more than ten times, and the time consumed is several times as much. Not to mention the old-style carriage mode of transportation, but it is not that absolutely does not have risk.

Secondly, every repair is actually an inspection of the results of manufacturing, and it will also become the focus of improvement for the next batch of vehicle manufacturing. The manufacturing process will improve, and the material strength of ordinary materials will also slowly increase with the accumulation of alloy technology and data. This is most obvious from the analysis of the fault record. The part that will produce non-man-made damage tends to decrease over time.

So even if the front-line personnel complain that the people in charge of management can only count the amount of transportation, as long as their brains are not caught by the door panel, they are impossible to go back to the old path. In this situation of internal digestion of Early-Stage capacity, the automobile manufacturing and R&D center received the first external order. From the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong, ten trucks and one matching tanker were ordered by a branch outside of Nguyen Van Viet.

The reason why this order is regarded as an external order is that under the leadership of Nguyen Van Viet, he fiercely knocked on his distant relative. Without the slightest hesitation, without mercy, as if to clear away the grievances accumulated in the past.

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