Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 697

In the new year, in addition to the car manufacturing business on track, the mathematics course seems to go wrong.

I planned to go all the way act recklessly in the realm of pure numbers, until the stuff in someone’s belly is scraped. The real research fields that go further, leave it to those who are interested. Pure numbers are too difficult to chew, after all, my interest is not here.

But because the R&D center has absorbed many magicians in the mathematics class, they also discussed the problems they encountered with their peers, and even asked them in the question time at the end of the class. In unconsciously, the focus of teaching is skewed to physics.

I wanted to bring people back. After thinking about it, let’s give it up. Anyway, to calculate the mathematical structure of the spell model, you must also have knowledge of physics. In the past, I stayed at the Orange Fruit Eaton Academy in Xijia District of the Southwest Peninsula. In the’nature’ of the basic course, there were only some very superficial physics knowledge. It is far from enough to play the spell model or use it to make cars.

even more how After teaching physics, the atmosphere in the classroom is much more lively than before. Whether there is a magician who is involved in making cars or not, they are very willing to discuss and research topics in this area. At least the practicality seems to be much better than mathematics and closer to life. So someone can be regarded as wrong, and continue to talk about it all the way.

Otherwise, according to the original plan, continue to die with Chunshu, I don’t know how many magicians are going to die in front of me. Someone’s course arrangements and the speed of lectures are considered fast, but in recent math classes, Lin has seen many expressions of doubting life. It seemed that they would give up on their own initiative as long as they added a little more force. So I had to change direction and let everyone relax.

And thinking from another angle, is it really a good thing for me to really bring all the mathematical knowledge I know into the knowledge system of the maze? That is equivalent to taking the mathematics knowledge of the Mayans from before the Early-Stage of the 20th century to the world that is quite unfamiliar to mathematics.

Now my teaching progress has just encountered calculus, maybe this is a good time for interruption. That is to say, you can choose to bring in a broader knowledge system, instead of digging deeper in a certain system, causing knowledge-biased situation.

Speaking of slowing down a bit, waiting for the people behind to catch up, and then I have the possibility of continuing to improve. Otherwise, the current self would not even be able to find a discussion object of the same level. Just thinking for yourself, there is no one who can question himself, how to prove himself must be correct.

As for the enchanting Lich, from the very beginning is not in someone’s consideration. She has always used her fist to question or respond to questions, and academic discussions like that are too intense to bear or bear.

By the way, this class is clearly called mathematics, but what about physics in the end? Although the early knowledge is not divided into families, it is not as detailed as in a certain era of crossing the crowd. But someone in the lecture has a stubborn mood from time to time, wanting to smash an apple on everyone’s forehead to see who understands the truth of gravitational acceleration.

This is the case for external teaching, and the three apprentices at home are even more unsuccessful than someone who teaches physics in math class.

The two girls have nothing to say, almost all their energy is devoted to raising silkworms and reeling silk. Not only are mulberry leaves planted in the garden that can be eaten by the larvae of the devil moth, but the number of feedings is increased as much as possible. The silkworm coop was originally a long-shaped breeding table compartment, but now it is replaced with a breeding rack and then a compartment. Each rack has at least six 7-Layer breeding trays, even more than a dozen layers.

As for the newly joined apprentice Leonardo, he wants to learn what he sees. Although it is only 3 minutes of heat, he is more efficient than anyone else to get started. He doesn’t emphasize proficiency, he doesn’t deliberately remember, and he doesn’t have the ability to draw inferences about one another, but he has an indescribable spirituality like this.

No matter what comes into his hands, he can find flashes that others haven’t noticed, and express it well to others. As if God used his mouth to tell the world the beauty and uniqueness of this World.

Such a seemingly impeccable apprentice is very repulsive of learning’magic’. If you stare at him and ask him to learn and practice magic, Leonardo will not disobey the teacher. But as soon as it is released, the magic seems to be forgotten from his world. Even some things that can be easily solved with a ring of apprentice-level magic, he would rather use his hands and a little tired method to complete.

It is not difficult to understand such inexplicable persistence. Regardless of whether he is the one he imagined, it is certain that Leonardo is from Earth in medieval Europe or Florence, which is very close to the Vatican. For him, the beliefs and taboos of Tian Bishop are part of life and growth.

Under that belief, the only place for all people who use magic is the stake. Therefore, his rejection of magic is like people’s natural aversion to feces, cockroaches, and flies. Forcing him to touch and touch, yes; but no normal person would be okay to catch cockroaches and poop to play.

For this kind of attitude, Lin didn’t even think about correcting it. This is not the hometown in history. It has a social atmosphere of’everything is low grade, only high school’. In Midi, learning magic or anything is just to keep oneself alive. Since Leonardo has his own ideas and corresponding talents, there is no reason to limit his development.

Of course, Lin gave him a ring, one of the nine commandments, in order to protect this fellow who has no self-protection ability. It also explained the use, advantages and disadvantages, and let him consider whether he would be willing to expose all his whereabouts under the control of the teacher. Leonardo didn’t have much sense of rejection for this kind of magic props used to save life. It is estimated that he was just wearing it as an ordinary ring.

even more how To grab someone’s native dialect is one of the things that makes him most happy. So as long as someone doesn’t do anything harmful to the world and covers food and shelter, they can’t be driven away if they want to.

Not only Lin, the two girls and Lich also learned Italian, or to be more precise, the local dialect of Florence in medieval Europe. If I remember correctly, the official language of that era was Latin.

It’s just that sometimes Leonardo’s strange attitude towards magic makes Lin feel so angry and funny. Obviously move something, bless yourself with the Great Strength technique, and then you can move it easily. Leonardo just doesn’t want it. But if it were to be moved with a heavy lifting golem, which is quite a lot in the silverbeard dwarf’s workshop, Leonardo would not reject it, no matter how much it was moved.

There is no rejection of the use of magic, and the use of the “engineering machine” in his eyes. Several times, Lin Du wanted to tell this newcomer that the essence of the thing was still magical, based on some kind of metaphysical, unpredictable energy.

However, considering that being a transversal crowd is sad enough, and fellow villagers, don’t try to attack other people’s world outlook. even more how is still a narrow world view established under the closed conception of medieval Europe.

I thought that such a pleasant day could continue, but even if I didn’t go out to make trouble, trouble would come to me. At least for the guest who turned up without being invited, Lin didn’t think that was another opportunity. Emperor Gwana, special envoy of Armin Kazarnia! Eldest son Aga of the Grand Duke of Risa made a visit.

This nobleman who is about his age is much older than the Grand Duke of Cavi.

At first, Duke Kavi ran around with a half of the Duke’s guard, but came to his home, but he, two guards, and a servant were accompanied by a Dharma saint. When the emperor’s special envoy Aga appeared on the stage, in addition to the twenty family Knights, he also brought twenty Guard Knights representing the emperor’s military force. A total of forty Knights added war horses, almost occupying the courtyard where there was no space.

The reason why these militants are recognized is because the coat of arms of the twenty Guard Knights has exactly the same coat of arms as the magician who had troubled him in the math class before. And that one claimed to be a member of the Guard Legion directly under the Emperor Gwana.

Although it has been more than a year, the magician still persists in the math class, and it is obvious that the hairline is receding. But as a civil servant, can you take time off for so long? Or is it to say that taking mathematics class is actually a task he was assigned to, so he has public support?

As for the other twenty Knights, it was simply because the coat of arms on them was the same as the coat of arms on the envoy. Not to mention the gorgeous equipment, the steady performance of the horses shows that they can resist the oppression from Dragon Race. They are all in ten-thousand does not have one. Compared with the Emperor’s Guard Legion, the armed forces of this family are not inferior at all.

Seeing the mounts of these people and thinking of the mounts of Duke Carvey and the Duke’s Guard before, someone feels like going out to see the Ferrari team. There is literally no cheap car that can run with you, all of them are luxury cars!

Speaking of which, now the sports car is also selling at the price of cabbage, or how it is, it feels like it is all over the street. After living in the southwest peninsula of the Mysterious Continent for more than ten years, all I saw were not horses, but mules.

However, it didn’t take much time to admire. After the imperial envoy called the person out, he looked at someone who hadn’t fully recovered from the skeleton-like appearance with a look of disgust.

From the letterbox in his hand, he took out a paper edict and read out: “To magician Gabrach‧Tripwood. I, God Saint Spark, Imperial Emperor, Armin Cazarni Acai appointed you as a royal magic consultant. Seeing this edict, he immediately went to Imperial Capital to take up his post, and the imperial gates would facilitate it. Wei Daoist Almin.”

After reading in a strange tone, the envoy unfolded the edict. In front of Lin, the emperor Your Majesty’s signature and seal were displayed, and he handed it forward with the same disgusting expression, saying: “magician, my emperor Your Majesty great kindness and virtue, regardless of the predecessors, recruit you as the imperial magic adviser. . Pack things up, now let me go back to Imperial Capital.”

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