Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 698

Speaking of this kind of strong buying and selling, the attitude that people can’t refuse, it is really a weird thing that is rarely seen.

Some people will defend those wealthy Young Masters, heirs with family inheritance, or other second generations, saying that in real life, they will not tyrannize like novels or movies and TV shows. Every time I say those second lines that will make people feel ashamed. This is right and wrong. It depends on the identity of the person talking to him.

Most of these people don’t communicate with people who are not in the First Rank level with them; even if they meet by chance, they will behave like a spring breeze and feel good. But the premise is that there is no conflict of interest between the two parties. In other words, such an understanding attitude is actually just a kind of social rhetoric, and it is called perfunctory to say that it is ugly.

But if they don’t even want to be perfunctory, even when there is a conflict between the two sides, money equals power equals punch. This is an identity in the society of people and people. Count on them to make people feel like spring breeze at this time? If the typhoon doesn’t blow, it’s going to be laughing.

The lion and the rabbit call brothers, just because the lion is full now. If the rabbit act recklessly comes to the door when the lion is hungry, guess what will happen to being a brother?

Although I don’t know what conflicts of interest I have with these nobles now, Lin is not a young man who has not gone through social baptism.

The so-called one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause, the nobles will find an ordinary person who has no intersection with them, it is bound to fall into the eyes of these hyenas because of their own value. Otherwise, how can you let these go and the others, and you will find yourself such an ordinary magician. So, what is the reason for being worried about by an empire?

Considering that I have a lot of undisclosed knowledge, there are many things that may arouse the interest of a country. Before the opponent unveiled, he couldn’t guess what they wanted.

It’s the adult’s choice again: I want it all.

No matter which kind, the forest who is tired of dealing with these great characters and greedy, said directly: “Sir Envoy, please forgive me for rejecting this appointment.”

“hmph! “Following the coldly snorted of the Imperial Special Envoy, the forty Knights sitting on the war horses neatly pulled out the short crossbows from the saddles, shouting in unison Hah! The momentum is amazing. However, the two apprentices who helped Lin come out to the courtyard were not to be outdone in front of their teacher. Kaya took the magic gun, Hallumi also took the cane whip and sling in his hand.

The situation is on the verge of breaking out.

Aga, the young nobleman who served as the special envoy, didn’t care at all. He waved the edict in his hand, and said displeased: “Hillboy, don’t be unable to tell good from bad. You offend our country’s prestige, and for the crimes committed in our empire, it’s not an exaggeration to chop off your ten heads. It’s the Emperor Your Majesty who showed great compassion, thinking that you have knowledge that is not good for the country, which pardons your guilt and gives you a chance to make meritorious deeds. Today’s edict is just to inform you, not to ask you. Opinion. If you agree, just follow us obediently; if you disagree, just interrupt your limbs and drag you along with us. Did you hear clearly.”

For such a threat, someone is not It didn’t hurt, but the two girls excitedly wanted to rush forward and slaughter this exaggerated noble child. However, the sudden appearance of the silhouette is separated between the two parties, which also makes the movements of both parties stiff.

The man bends over, almost sticking his face to the paper edict, reading and reading: “Hmm, that old fogey finally knows to do something clever, not so stupid. No help. It’s just the post of a magic consultant. It feels like you can kill it at any time. There is no real power, it’s most suitable for some idiots.”

Getting up and looking back, the handsome boy suddenly appeared cyan -Green’s aristocratic dress is elegant and decent. A black hair with a pinch of purple hair, his smile is like the sun after the rain, brilliant and golden light, so that people who see him are in a daze for a while and don’t know what to say. He pointed to the edict and looked towards someone and said: “This position of magic consultant, would you like to follow? If you want, it is best, I will follow you back. I haven’t lived in the palace for a long time, although the craftsmanship of the chefs is not satisfactory. But outside, they are all worse than them. I am also a little tired of eating.”

Someone is basically immune to this dude’s smile. most important This person impressed Lin too deeply, the fourteenth Prince of the Gwana Empire, Azad son of Demon King. More than half a year ago, I almost took the expert of my own life. With this hatred in front, how could he be attracted by his feminine beauty to be unable to himself, and someone is not shaking his upper body.

For this question, Lin simply did not want to answer, but asked another question: “I heard that you were not expelled from the palace, can you go back?”

” For the blessings of those incompetent people to guard the palace, I want to go back or leave, and no one will stop it.” Azad was like a gossip, talking about the terrifying facts behind it.

It’s an invulnerable reason. Lin, who wanted to say something, suddenly widened his eyes. Looking at the scared Demon King’s head, Aga, the imperial envoy, quickly tore the edict in his hand into pieces and stuffed them. Into his own mouth.

Following someone’s surprised gaze, Azad looked at the imperial envoy who was struggling to swallow. A bunch of hair on his head turned gray, and he smiled unchanged and asked: “Well, what about the edict to entrust magical advisors?”

Aga, Eldest son of the Grand Duke of Risa, shook his head. Vaguely said: “Emperor Feng? There is no such thing.”

Azzad smiled, Lin smiled, and even Aga, whose cheeks were stuffed up, smiled. Just before the unfathomable mystery followed the laughing Ajia to figure out why he was laughing, the magician from the countryside suddenly appeared next to him and kicked himself into the air!

Aga, who originally wanted to yell at him, realized that the place where he was standing was a sword cut by the son of Demon King Azad. And this sword was stopped on the leg kicked by the country magician, above a white light film. The two looked at each other, smiling and angry, their hair turned red. Azad asked: “Are you going to save that guy who is not even qualified as a trash?”

Guess how huge might this casual sword is, It shouldn’t be, Lin Take the opportunity to test the defensive ability of the Black Tortoise shield. Judging from the result, it was satisfactory to him, at least it could prevent a blow from the weapon of the Xiaqi family. Withdrawing his leg, thinking about Azad’s question seriously, Lin replied: “Maybe I just want to take the opportunity to kick him. You see, you can kick someone on the open and aboveboard, and there are not many opportunities to be grateful.”

The anger in his eyes was gone, and his hair color changed from red to green. Azad blinked and asked, “Then, how many kicks?”

“If you have a chance. “Lin said with a smile.

The two looked at each other, and they flashed in a tacit understanding, kicking and chopping, and five or six kicks came in succession. And one move is heavier than another, and one kick is more ruthless. In addition, the speed was so fast that Aga and the Knights who were guarding had no time to react, and the emperor’s envoy who had been kicked had become a pig’s head. Even if the bones on his body were not broken, there were several cracks.

As soon as the last sword smashed, Azad’s casket Insadu finally split the Black Tortoise shield white light film. Just when he was about to hit someone’s leg again, the flash technique was activated, leading Lin to retreat to a distance of three steps away.

Azzad could not hide his disappointed expression and looked at Insad in his hand.

Under Azad’s persistent attack, the Black Tortoise shield was finally broken. Of course Lin had guessed this person’s plan, and he could only feel helpless for his attitude of threatening life without the slightest hesitation. I can’t just watch this imperial envoy being killed by others in his own home.

Although it seems to be able to throw the pot to the inferior Prince, and the other party doesn’t care about this kind of thing at all. But sometimes the excuses are just excuses, and reasoning is meaningless. It is more important to stop any accusations that may come from the Gwana Empire, save the life of the special envoy in front of him, and let him die in other places.

Using the Black Tortoise shield to carry this slash is also a last resort. Relying on kicking people to save people by the way, time is too late to use flash to escape. Who said this is too fast, Lin can only choose to take a hard blow when he is approaching.

Fortunately, the Black Tortoise shield is basically like a mandatory damage reduction in video games. Breaking the shield will not cause damage to the silk robe itself. Moreover, the defensive power is also quite high. It is almost impossible for ordinary soldiers to break through this shell. This feature, tested in desperation, also made Lin feel a little relieved.

It’s just that Lin suddenly thought that if he really wanted to save the envoy’s life, he would directly use the flash technique to teleport him to a safe area beyond the vast distance, which would be better than kicking him. However, when I changed my mind, I still felt that kicking was more sensational, and there would be unpredictable repercussions when using flashing techniques to save people.

On the other side, the reason why Demon King stopped after breaking the shield was because he found the same dilemma as the previous match. The opponent’s dodge ability did not tend to weaken because of an extra layer of magic shield.

Secondly, I increase my strength to the extent of breaking the shield, and after breaking the magic shield, the slashing speed will also decrease due to the previous obstacle, and it is impossible to slash him before the magician escapes.

in the heart complained to the Xiaqie Insadu in his hand, twisting the bunch of blue hair, Azad looked at the whole person and the magician who was quite different from the last time they met. , Said dissatisfiedly: “You are really getting harder and harder to kill.”

“There is only one small life. I don’t care about it. Is it possible that I have to count on others.” Lin said with a smile, Pointing back again, moved towards the two half-slow shots, and the girl who was going to rush forward said: “Don’t come here, just cause trouble.”

The same slow-half beats, and the kick The imperial envoy Aga was wounded. Not only was he covered with footprints, he fell to the ground covered with dirt, and even had a few teeth missing. He reacted at this moment when the speech was leaky, and said furiously: “You dare to kick me! Do you know who I am? How powerful my family is! You are in trouble, you are in great trouble. Trouble. Come, kill him, kill him for me!”

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