Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 699

Knight and the emperor Guard, who did not step up to guard the empire’s special envoy, did not react slowly, but they still did not act like Aga’s instructions.

Being able to become the guard of the Empire Guard, or the dignitaries of the Grand Duke family, loyalty is nothing to say, they are all warriors accustomed to battle on the battlefield, at least they have fought life and death with demonic beasts in adventures. Better than the nobleman who had never seen the danger of life and death, he knew even more clearly what the confrontation he just saw represented.

It’s one thing to win a fight. There is no chance to save the Grand Duke’s eldest son from those two hands. That’s the biggest problem.

The magician’s strength was unexpected, and the sudden appearance of the Demon King made everyone even more like an enemy. Just to deal with the emperor Your Majesty’s parents and children, the crossbow bolt or sword in his hand will not work. Get a legion full of Legion desperately, maybe there is still a chance to drive away the opponent. Forty rides this number of people, really not enough. even more how There is a magician who looks evenly matched with the Prince.

Under such a current situation, the calculations in their hearts can only think about how to retreat from the whole body, without the slightest idea of ​​confrontation.

In the face of Aga’s roar, Lin was extremely calm, glanced at the Demon King who was always smiling, and said: “He is not allowed to kick him.”

“So? What do you expect me to do? Prove once again that I am incapable of killing people from your feet?” Azad asked knowingly.

For such a problem, Lin can only touch his nose. I want to use Azad to scare the nobles from that empire and kick a few feet to relieve my anger. This kind of thing can only be done, I can’t say it. Now that the one in front of him has been exposed, someone is embarrassed to continue playing.

Next moment! It’s another chest kick that moved towards Aga! Only then did he survey and avoid Insad’s slash in Azad’s hand.

Someone regrets it just after getting out. I just wanted to say a few words and make a round of it, but Azad, who was unpredictable, did not intend to stop. The next move, it flashed five steps in front of the two girls who had no chance to leave. He couldn’t go any further because Lin had already stood in front of the two of them, right hand cut, with a serious expression on his face.

Azad was carrying a sword in his hand and didn’t want to do it. He looked at the magician in front of him with interest and said, “It’s funny, you can predict my movements. It’s the ugly Goddess of destiny. The woman revealed my actions to you, or is it just good luck, good luck, and good luck six or seven times.”

Lin Zheng intends to say: “This is because…” interrupt.

“Forget it, I’m not interested in knowing.” For some reason, Azad turned around quickly and moved towards the people from the Gwana Empire again. Said in a playful tone: “Insatdu didn’t see the blood, it was a little dissatisfied. Anyway, you shouldn’t want to kick these idiots anymore, just let them be my sacrifice. So do you still want to kick? Kick it?”

The one who broke first was of course the aristocratic Young Master.

He was kicked as a chest, and he couldn’t get up well. His family, Knight, finally remembered to protect his owner. Several Knights got off their horses and surrounded him. But Aga just panted and watched in horror as the forbidden man of the empire came towards him. Immediately lost self-control shouted: “Save me, magician, my lord magician, save me! You can do whatever you want, you can kick me, just let him leave me.”

Including Emperor Guard, the Knights who were still riding on their horses were all preparing to charge. As soon as they heard the frustrated words for mercy, their lack of courage was even worse. The killing of the Demon King son Azad in the palace in the past brought them more despair than outsiders imagined.

Azzad stopped, looked back towards a certain magician, and complained: “Look at what you did to make them afraid of being like this. You will not even say anything. Now, one by one, frogs seem to be stared at by a snake, and they dare not move. Just now there was another one who was hungry enough to eat paper. It looks like you are treated badly here.”

Lin twitched his Lips, said: “This kind of thing, first talk about winning first, right. Are you sure I frightened them? I have what skills and abilities, is it possible that rely on this ugly face?” Walked to Azad Next to him, the two looked towards Aga sitting on the ground, with a nose and tears, shook his head in disappointment, and said at the same time: “Noble.”

“Look at this guy. , Can you understand my despair. If I become the emperor in the future, I have to rely on these people to govern my country. How do you think, how do you feel that it is not reliable. So it is a right thing to give up the idea of ​​being an emperor. .” Azad said in a chatty tone again.

Lin was surprised and said: “Are you the emperor?”

“Doubt? As long as I kill my old fogey, there is only me as a child, even if I don’t want to be a child, I can do it, right. “Azad said casually.

Someone was even more surprised, and asked uncertainly: “So I heard that you were deprived of inheritance rights. It was actually fake. You still have a share of inheritance?” Lin would ask, because if When the emperor’s biological children died, they would also find successors from their relatives. That is to say, in a big empire, the people who have the rank of succession are not only the emperor’s biological children, but the further the blood ties, the later the order.

“Oh, is there such a thing. Then it would be fine to kill me until no one opposes me being the emperor. It’s nothing.”

The two people gossiping at home and said The words that make people hear the color change. The most frightening thing is that people who have witnessed their strength believe that what they are saying is by no means big talk, but something that can really be done.

But ignoring the attitude of others, Azad suddenly thought of something. He put his fingers in his mouth in circles, and after a whistle, an Iron Pagoda-like man walked into the door.

I’m afraid that the sturdy figure is not of the blood of giants, the ordinary person is only at the waist, it should be a masculine appearance, but a face is swollen like a pig’s head, and it is very big The probability of being beaten. The left and right eyes are swollen to different degrees. There are black and blue on his face, blood stains on the corners of his mouth, and his body should be very luxurious and tattered, as if he had rolled on the ground a few times.

Such a giant man carries a beautifully carved long wooden box on his shoulders, and exudes powerful magic power. His each step is calm and steady. In Lin’s observation, he is also a rare and powerful fighter, although he is weaker than the Prince who smiled and waved in front.

The giant man did not walk to Azad’s side, but stopped after a certain distance, and put the wooden box on his shoulders upright on the ground. Holding one hand, the upright appearance will make people admire, if you don’t look at the face that has been beaten hard.

Azzad looked back at someone and said, “Can you use your magic to destroy the things in the box? That is the magic that all around will turn into black and there are countless white rays.”

Lin not even think, with a flick of his finger, the white breaking light instantly cuts the wooden box into thin pieces with the contents inside. Afterwards, he asked: “What’s there?”

At first, Azad, who wanted to say a few more words, was silent for a while watching the wooden box being cut so neatly. Said: “That’s Tabernieff.”

“What is that?” Seeing the surprised look of the giant man, Azad and the surrounding people, someone suddenly regretted doing it too much. Feeling fast.

“The emperor’s armour of the Gwana Empire is a full-cover armor made by the elven master craftsman Tabernieff when the country was founded. Every time the emperor’s personal conquest can ensure that the wearer will not be injured or killed. It is a powerful equipment that the Divine Item of Zhenguo can’t be overstated. In order to defend your troublesome attack magic, I went to my old fogey to’borrow’ it.”

A certain character sound was emphasized. In addition, when the robust man carrying the wooden box was beaten into that look, Lin didn’t believe the “borrow” in his mouth, and got the owner’s consent. But… how could it be such a troublesome thing.

“If something happened unintentionally, dig a hole, bury it, and treat it as if you haven’t seen it. As the saying goes, mistakes that haven’t been discovered are not mistakes.” Lin said decisively. Methods.

“Oh, I can do this, I have gained knowledge. I really deserve to be the smart person second to none in Holy City. It seems that my previous practices were too unpretentious, I don’t know how to dig pits and bury people. So where are you going to bury these people?” Azad decisively tore down.

The two looked towards the dead people around. It’s just that one person is embarrassed, and the other is be eager to have a try.

Before Azad started his hand, Lin said: “Ask you a question, I shouldn’t kick them badly.”

“You don’t know this kind of thing yourself. Ask me?”

“No, I just want to ask, if the foot is not broken, but people don’t run, is there a problem here?” Lin pointed his finger at his temple and went around. Go around a few times.

Azzad looked at someone’s movements, then looked at the noble Aga who was sitting on the ground, and said knowingly: “Are you desperate for them too. The so-called nobles are things. A group of people who won’t do anything if they don’t develop according to their plan. Don’t feel sorry, the greatest compassion for them is to send them on the road. Then, you come first and I’ll come first?”

Reluctantly After being driven off the shelf by the duck, Lin Wu moved the Andores-shaped box-cut, and Bai Yan drew a few big circles in the air. Taking a step forward, loudly roared: “Ha!”

The special envoy of the Empire, the eldest son of the Grand Duke of Risa, was scared on the spot. The Knights who were guarding him no longer care about the ups and downs, dragging people and running back. The Knights riding on the war horses blocked them, forming a wall of people, escorting only one nobleman present to flee in embarrassment.

Seeing these uninvited guests finally knew they were going to escape, Lin sighed in relief. A handful of Azad, whose hair turned from gray to dark, said dissatisfiedly: “How did you let them go. I didn’t allow them, can they go?”

“A group only knows how to bark The dog ran away with its tail sandwiched. Are you interested in chasing it?” Lin asked in surprise.

A handful of hair turned from gray to blue, and Azad was still dissatisfied, saying, “Because it is a dog, it is necessary to let them remember, lest they forget how sharp my sword is.”

Throwing his hand, Lin said: “It’s all right. Then, won’t your Highness catch up? I can’t ask for it.”

“If you ask me to chase me, it’s not very Lost my identity. I decided to stay!” Azad finished speaking, turned his head and moved towards the main house.

“Everything is fine.” Looking at the only robust man who didn’t run, he looked at the wreckage with a look of embarrassment. Lin waved his hand and said, “I want me to help you find a piece of cloth to pack the pile. Fragments?”

robust man shook the head, took off his cloak, and took care of everything that was broken on the ground.

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