Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 700

The capital of the Gwana Empire, the Royal Palace, and the Hall of the Republic.

This is the highest palace of the empire that has continued since the founding of the country. It’s just that the equality of the round table is transformed into a stepped style, which separates the superior and inferior. The Hundred-ethnic Republic has also evolved into a Hundred-ethnic Assembly, which is purely for consultation and has no real power. The venue of the parliament was also changed to other places, but the Hall of the Republic was still the highest power place of the Gwana Empire.

Today, the ministers and emperors gathered to look at the kneeling people with cold eyes.

Knight, the guard of the family, is not qualified to enter the temple, but the Emperor Guard is qualified. Twenty trusted Guard Knights, with their stinging gazes, bowed their heads and said nothing.

And the two kneeling at the forefront, one is the failed imperial envoy, Aga. The other is one of the three deputy Corps Heads of the Emperor’s Guard Legion, who is responsible for guarding the secret treasure of the palace, Jon. In front of him is the treasure of the country, the fragment of Emperor Kaitai Bonif. Although the wound on his face is healed, the humiliation in his heart will not disappear.

Not only was the Demon King broke into the treasure house, but also a strong man was arrested to help move things on the road. Even if he wanted to run away at night, he would be caught back and had a beating end. But these private hatreds are not comparable to the destruction of a treasure. The former is only a private matter, and the latter may incur punishments that he cannot bear.

For these people who stand on the peak of power, the imperial edict cannot bring back a magician. This is a provocation to the empire!

As one of the five great empire’s power cores, how can you endure the result of being shaken by a magician? All the people who gathered looked at the losers who were kneeling underneath with cold eyes. Some people showed blatant displeasure, looking towards the person who carried out the failed mission this time, Lord Risa.

“Let’s go ahead, what’s the matter?” The emperor, who looked down at the clerks, asked in a majestic voice without raising his head.

“Your Majesty, the recruitment mission failed, and the minister can’t shirk the blame. Please also convict.” Returning to the familiar civilized occasion, Aga said neither humble nor arrogant. Of course, I was secretly complaining about that hillbilly and an existence worse than Barbarian.

“People didn’t come back, of course I knew that I failed. Why? This is what I want to know.”

“Your Majesty’s fourteenth child got involved.” Ah Jia said unabashedly.

The emperor and ministers who heard it were all stunned and their movements became stiff. Some people are worried about the probe, wanting to confirm whether a certain prince is really not present. Some people also used complaining gazes, looking towards the emperor and Duke Risa who may have known, but also made surprised expressions.

The people who know the first-hand information are the emperor’s Guard and the grand duke’s eldest son. Even if the empire does not regard the information transmitted by the forum as a trusted source in formal government and military affairs, in private, how could these insiders not inform their families or direct officials through the forum first.

Pretending to be the emperor who heard the news for the first time, he put down his paperwork and quill, sat upright, looked towards the youngsters who were kneeling down in a row. “Tell me about the situation you have seen. In detail, don’t omit everything.” Although Emperor Armin already knows the general situation, he still has to come back and the others in detail. It will be clearer to ask directly. The paper report still has its limitations.

Aga, the eldest son of the Grand Duke of Risa, is definitely not an unknown and incompetent trousers brother. He speaks clearly in his mind, except when he talks about a certain prince, he only says “His Royal Highness”. ‘The two characters are respectful names, without making it clear.

Although Azad, the son of Demon King, was deprived of the right of succession to the throne, his status as a prince was not deprived. Even if he was reprimanded as a commoner and lost his title, he was still the parent and son of Emperor Your Majesty. Although I don’t know if you don’t respect this person, you will be charged with contempt of the royal family by the Emperor Your Majesty, but no one wants to try.

Aga’s statement didn’t add too much fuel, he just emphasized the rudeness of the magician and the unreasonableness of that highness. No one would doubt whether Ajia had misidentified the prince, and no one would dare to ask for confirmation.

Actually, when the son of the Grand Duke of Risa, Aga talked about the act of tearing up the edict and swallowing his belly. Most people couldn’t help but want to applaud. Even the emperor had a relieved expression and praised: “It is indeed the eldest son of the Risa family, brave and courageous, and the pillar of the future of the empire.”

Everyone has the same idea, as long as you keep that person away from the palace, it will be a great credit! No one even mentioned the recruitment of the magician. Especially when they heard that the magician had the ability to fight against that one, everyone asked in disbelief: “Is this true?” “Someone can compete with that one?” Power?”

Everyone is very concerned about this, and even allows the Guard Knights kneeling behind to speak. Otherwise, on such occasions, they are not qualified to speak alone. But in order to verify that magician’s strength and that person’s performance, no one can care about the rules.

In their short-lived hands, whether it was the Guard Knight who was accompanying or Aga who was the messenger, they couldn’t see that the magician had a tendency to lose. Compared with one side overwhelming the other, from the guards’ venomous eyes, it is more like a situation where no one can help others.

“So no matter how the real strength comparison between the two is, it would be a good thing to recruit a magician who has the same level of strength as that highness to serve as a consultant in the palace?” Dangkawi When the grand duke’s agent, his eldest son Falsheed, asked such a question, the emperor and the ministers were silent.

As if to break the deadlock, Emperor Armin asked: “Jon, you tell me what happened when Tyberniff was destroyed.”

Corps Head Jon, the guardian of the giant bloodline, is a man trusted by the emperor, and he also has good strength. In the evaluation of the folk adventurer group, he can also get the honorary title of Great Swordsman. If he has traveled enough places and gained enough recognition, it would not be surprising to be called the’sword saint’. From the fact that he was able to save his life under the hands of that troublesome son, it can be seen that his strength is high.

Even so, I still can’t stop the nonsense of that son. Armin believes that Corps Head impossible, the deputy guard, deliberately allows others to destroy the Emperor’s armor. And holding the Legendary weapon In Sadhu, a well-known figure in the clan, it shouldn’t be difficult to destroy the armor.

But if the destroyer is the magician, and the destruction is so thorough, the essence of the matter is completely different. Anyone who has seen it thinks that this armor is scrapped, and it is easier to recast it than to repair it.

Jon, who has the strength of a great swordsman, describes the battle between the two and the magician’s method of destroying the emperor’s armor. Of course, he will not only talk about the situation that happened, but also add his own The experience gained in that battle. But to sum it up in a thousand words, it is a battle between two inhumans.

The defense of Emperor Kataibonif is neither a trigger nor an active skill, but a constant magic effect, coupled with the rigidity of the material itself, and the impact-resistant design on the armor . It can be said that in addition to not afraid of piercing damage, it is also not afraid of the nemesis of general full armor, heavy blow damage.

But just such a pair of exquisite magical crafts, powerful armor, was cut into thin pieces by that magician in only a moment. Combined with the rumor that the magician once destroyed half of the battallion in one blow, perhaps, one should not use the level of’magician’ to treat each other. This is at least the strength of the great magician and even the magic sage level.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Emperor Armin asked: “From your point of view, is there a probability of recruiting each other?” He no longer considered how to’down’.

And the robust man like a giant tower in front of me is not a person with long muscles and no brains. After he thought about it for a while, shook the head said: “Your Majesty, that’s not a magician who is willing to succumb to others.”

As everyone knows, the extraordinary powerhouse that can be recruited and cultivated by national units, They are mainly fighters. The Peak talents of the magic system rarely join the national system and declare their allegiance to the death. In addition to the magician who pretends to be the protector of civilization, he is more imaginative than a warrior with a stick, and the country is also impossible to recruit and support a magician at any cost.

To increase the strength of Peak’s fighters, rare materials are needed to make weapons and equipment, or to prepare powerful physique potions. All that is left is practice. Although the cost is huge, it is not comparable to the bottomless pit of magician. Magician’s research is about burning money. The most important thing is that there may not be results after burning. Therefore, the investment and benefits of the two are disproportionate.

So no matter which country’s Peak strength is, the ratio of tactics is more biased towards the former.

“And, Your Majesty, as your Guardian, Jon is willing to use your body as a barrier for you. But in that magician’s field of vision, no one is safe. You really want to let Did he show up where he could see it?”

The upright giant bloodline made Jon tell the truth that many people understand but are unwilling to admit. Everyone in the Hall of Republic stubbornly believes that power can make them act wilfully, and then the magician or anyone else who wants to do anything will be terrified and over-cautious. This is true in most cases, but there are always some special cases in Midi.

The emperor shook his hand, returned his sight and attention to the paperwork on the table, and said, “Forget it, that’s all about the magician, don’t mention it anymore. Go on, others. The matter will not be investigated.”

From the emperor’s point of view, if the opponent’s strength is high to a certain level, he cannot be incorporated or cooperated, nor should he stand on the opposite side.

Under such a premise, it is meaningless to punish this group of people. On the contrary, because they discovered the strength of that magician, it may not be the whole picture, but it is enough for them to pay attention to and reassess this person. In this way, the group of people in front of them has achieved nothing.

Moreover, it is obvious that Emperor Kaitebonifu is not enough to rely on to fight against it. This matter is particularly important. Otherwise, one day I had my brain pumping, thinking that I would find the magician trouble by putting on that armor, and finally my own flesh and blood would be mixed in the pile of debris on the ground in front of me.

Not to mention continue to provoke the magician, it is very likely that he will buy one get one free, and his troublesome son will come back. Thinking of this, the emperor felt that his right tooth nest was sour. Ever since he was beaten by the unfilial son last time, although it was restored by magic, he still has a toothache when he thinks of it now. So it’s good to drive away, and other things are ignored.

All the people who received the mercy, the heart that had been holding it finally let go. Replied in unison: “Yes, Your Majesty.” He got up and backed out, and filed out of the Republic Hall.

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