Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 701

In the family mansion, Aga greeted the Grand Duke of Risa, his father, who had finished handling government affairs and returned home.

The two father and sons, who are the core of the family, went to the small study after having dinner calmly. This is the main place for Lisa to handle affairs. Outsiders are not allowed to enter it easily. Even the cleanliness of the house is cleaned and organized by the trusted steward himself. For trespassers, the Duke’s Guard can only kill without mercy.

As the heir of the Risa family, Aga also needs the permission of his father to enter this room. He cannot enter without permission. After all, there are several younger brothers and cousins ​​waiting under him. To make mistakes. But this time the mission failed, his father brought him into this study, just to give him a chance to remedy.

“Sir Father.” Aga hangs his hand in front of the desk.

Duke Risa poured himself a cup of mountain spring water that the servants had taken from outside the city in the morning. He also poured a cup for his son and motioned him to sit down. “Tell me about the details.”

“Yes.” Aga then gave the edict to the magician that day and explained it in detail. And added his own observation thoughts and opinions in the statement. These are things that were not necessary to say at the court before, and the emperor didn’t want to listen to them. The Paragon was quite obsessed with his own judgment.

But in the small study, Duke Risa allowed his son to join in these ideas. The two would discuss with each other and correct their wrong judgments. This was considered the way for the Grand Duke to train his heirs.

Instead of letting the other person think about it and bumping into a bag full of errors on his side, it is better to participate in the discussion as an assistant. The latter training method is much more difficult than the former. But Risa publicly believes that he has done a good job, at least he has cultivated it, not a stubborn worm.

After the statement of the matter came to an end, Aga said: “father, Your Majesty is really unwilling to continue to use his power to deal with the magician?”

Lord Risa shook his head and said: “According to what I know about him, he won’t do anymore. Our Your Majesty, it’s not the personality that we have to hold in his hand anyway when he sees a little bit of profit.”

“Then what about us? We spent that many thoughts. We can’t let the people of the Cavi family watch our jokes.” The reason why Ajia is obsessed is that this matter was originally a trap for that magician. , A game of chess planned by his father, the Grand Duke of Risa.

The emperor issued an edict, can’t be called being used or out of original intention. The emperor of rigorous schemes and deep foresight didn’t take this trivial matter seriously, just let the old officials do it. Anyway, what you owe today can be reclaimed by both principal and interest in the next day. This can only be regarded as a small game between monarchs and ministers.

If the magician should have come to the palace, he would naturally have a way to ask what he knew, and then various accidents would happen, and the magician would die in regret. As long as this kind of thing works well, the Grand Duke of Risa doesn’t even need to come forward and is sure to swallow most of the benefits.

If the edict should not be exhorted, there would be even more reason to send the empire on the surface’s strength, open and aboveboard to list this person as a must. Even if the opponent is a well-known figure in Holy City Estali, magicians will not risk angering the empire and defend a person who offends the dignity of the empire and is listed as a deadly enemy.

But these calculations will no longer work after Ten Fourth Prince joins. If the magician is summoned to the capital, ten Fourth Princes will have a great chance to come back. It would be a disaster. If he doesn’t come, no one has the courage to send someone to punish the magician. Because it was like reminding Ten Fourth Prince, his own sense of existence, hell if he could not cause a catastrophe.

For the imperial nobles, the Demon King is already a natural disaster level, and no one has thought of fighting against it. In the past, all the iron people died. Now everyone, including the emperor, has the idea of ​​what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over, how dare to let him come back.

“I heard that you went there this time and it was full of ugliness.” Instead of answering his son’s meaningless question, Lord Risa talked about another matter.

Knowing the family’s bodyguards, it is impossible to conceal the embarrassment for himself at that time, Aga simply lowered his head and said: “Son lost self-control. Please father punish me.”

Although the family members, especially their own successor, behaved so unbearably in front of outsiders, they are quite unhappy in their mood. But thinking that it was the Demon King who was facing him, all his anger cooled.

As everyone knows, the fourteenth son of Emperor Your Majesty killed his twin big brother, so he was deprived of his inheritance rights and expelled from the country. In fact, that is just the beginning of everything.

No father hates his child, even if he is an emperor, as long as he does not involve the killing of the king, he is just an ordinary father. Not to mention that when Azad did that thing, he was only six years old. In the hearts of everyone, they all believe that there should be opportunities for education.

But in the end, when the Ten Fourth Prince was expelled from the palace, the total number of people known to be killed by him was III (3) imperial concubines, V (5) princes, and II (2) Imperial Princess. The heirs of the first echelon of the Grand Dukes, including VII (7), I (1) of the Grand Duke, and IV (4) of the Grand Duke, the following holders of the title include LXVII (67), and … half. Guard Legion, VBar (5000) people.

“Forget it, you can survive that night only by luck. People with courage are dead. It’s too hard for you to face that person like this.”

On that bloody night, the entire palace seemed to be made of flesh and blood. The place where you entered the eyes was bright red, and the place where you set foot was covered with stumps. Human life is like the least valuable thing, no matter noble or low, when they are broken and scattered on the ground, they all look the same. Not a noble person, the wreck is more beautiful.

In the beginning, there was no shortage of brave people, and no one took a fifteen-year-old boy seriously. But no one can stop the instigator. If there were no guards for Legion, and use Fleshy body to block his steps, more nobles would die that night. And Aga was the one who managed to escape that night.

“Damn it, that bastard!” Father and son cursed at the same time.

As everyone knows, the predecessor of the Gwana Empire was the first alliance organized by all Homo sapiens after the Dark Age. Even if humans dominate later, every emperor will still use marriage to gain the trust of hundreds of races other than humans. Therefore, within the empire, mixed blood is very common, although some people insist on the pure human bloodline. But in fact it is pure and impure… who knows.

The royal family and other Homo races marry, a major result is that sometimes the younger generation of the Imperial Family will return to their ancestors. That is, the appearance of bloodline characteristics other than humans. Such people either die early or have survived their weak childhood and become very powerful. If the matrilineal bloodline is not purely human, then the probability of giving birth to this special child is even greater.

And Azad’s mother is a succubus, very few demons that form groups in a mysterious way. But some people say that the ecology of the devil is the same in the beginning. It’s just that the growth experience is different, so it becomes a different demonic race. As for Azad’s situation, everyone believed that he returned to his ancestors and became a true demon.

Thinking of the miserable situation at that time and the humiliation suffered this time, Aga couldn’t help but ask: “Father, when we are prepared now, can we really help him? At that time, he was just beaten up by him completely unprepared.”

“You know at the time for resistance, but the empire’s heritage was exhausted. But in the end it also consumed eight magicians and seventeen. The swordsman’s life was the price, and this made the prince retreat. The only way to be sure is to lure him into the magic tower of the magic sage level and rely on the trap of countless changes to clean up that person. Apart from this, don’t even try.” Risa warned his son.

There are few people who have experienced that night even if they survive. His own son can still hold on to the performance he deserves as a grand duke’s heir, and he is already quite outstanding among his peers. It is impossible to force more.

“Father, what about Your Majesty? What does Your Majesty think of his son?” Aga asked through gritted teeth. Although the family title is the “Grand Duke of Risa”, this position has a ranking in the succession to the throne, although it is very low. And the intrigue between his father and the emperor was of course in his eyes.

But Duke Risa was a little disappointed and said: “If we hadn’t destroyed half of the guard Legion and killed many great nobles the night, the emperor would not give up this son. Until then No matter how much the pressure of the officials is, the emperor is like a lion protecting a calf, not allowing anyone to touch his child. But in the end, on that night, he also became a target.──”

At that time, in fact, most of the older grand dukes returned to their territories. Hand over the power core of the imperial capital to the next generation to worry about. Anyway, there is that emperor, and the tool man is himself or his own son, it is not bad. But that blood-stained night scared too many people. The officials also provoked an unprecedented reaction afterwards, which allowed the emperor to give in.

“──There will be subsequent penalties for depriving the title and inheritance rights. But you also know that even after the expulsion order was issued, the bastard still lived in the palace for more than half a year. So you ask me , What the emperor would think of his son; I can only tell you, no matter what, that is his son. I can’t tolerate other people’s fingering, don’t even think about it. And…”

It seems to be obedient. Turning around, Aga quickly asked: “And what?”

“How do you know that what that person did is not the result of Your Majesty’s indulgence.”

“This …How is this possible?” Aga said in surprise.

“No matter if this knife is out of control, there is still a way to use it by the means of the Your Majesty. From the result, all the nobles are afraid of the tyranny of the Ten Fourth Prince, so they dare not The imperial family was overly persecuted, because no one could guess what kind of reaction that His Highness would make. For the emperor, could there be a better situation than this.”

For father’s statement, Aga said in disbelief: “Your Majesty, can he do this?”

“The only reason why the chess pieces are not controlled is that you are not brilliant enough to play chess. Learn well. Take all your failures as the nutrients for your growth, and find your own path as much as possible when you can make mistakes. As you can imagine, the future will only be more difficult, not easier.”

Risa regrets Opened a document. What is posted above are several major changes in Midi in recent years, and the core of these changes is the magician, Gabrach ‧ Tripwood. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be unable to grasp this man? He cannot be asserted.

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