Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 706

Because cars are not popular now, as long as the sound of the engine is heard, the guard post at the door will raise the access control bar, allowing people to enter directly. Of course, they will also check who is in the car and do the registration.

Kavi’s old steward Aihanu is a familiar face, and the magician is the same. But the two people in the back seat were unexpected guests, but the one who could follow those two in should be the invited person. It’s just why, that old steward’s expression is very serious.

When the car went straight in, Small Captain put down the crossbar, and remembered the face in the back seat that made him feel familiar, Demon King son Azad…

“No way.” He whispered, turning his head to ask other colleagues. “Have you noticed who was in the back seat of the car just now?”

“Who? Aren’t you the two invited guests?” another person at the guard asked back.

“How do I feel that there is a person in the back seat, the fourteenth son of the emperor Your Majesty.”

When it comes to that forbidden character, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Someone asked: “Captain, are you sure?”

“No, I’m not sure either.” Small Captain said flatly.

“Then, notify the people inside?”

“Notify, if it is really that one, you must be prepared. And that is not something we can stop.”

After everyone decides, they use the internal warning system to notify those who are not on duty in the barracks. And used the restricted permission block on the forum to talk about their findings. Out of duty, the Duke’s guards were leaping around.

Faced with the Demon King sons who are no different from natural disasters, even if they are warriors enough to make the Grand Duke Kavi proud, there is no good way to deal with them. Some existence is not something that humans can resist. But we still have to discuss a way.

In the end, everyone decided to send a team to follow behind that one. At least someone can warn you when the opponent does it, and other guards also have a chance to evacuate the people in the center.

The manpower sent is to find those invited guests on the experimental field.

Today’s test site is preparing to conduct three sets of impact tests. One set is made by the heavy-duty Knight of the Duke’s Guard as the reference standard, one set is made by the No. 0 car, and the other set is made by the tentative model. 732A type car, made of all ordinary materials.

Ten groups of log barriers are placed in front of each group, and there are five groups of cement blocks behind the logs. Naturally, people from the Duke’s Guard would help prepare for the reinstallation of the Knight. Lin mainly set up simple test dolls on the two cars to replace Earth’s test dummy. In addition to collecting collision data, it is also responsible for simple control of the vehicle’s progress.

Azzad and William Greco are of course full of curiosity about this new thing they have never seen before. I kept asking around the two cars. Fortunately, most of the questions could be answered by other magicians or craftsmen, because they were all questions they had asked before.

After confirming that all sensors are connected, the experiment is ready to start. Because the reinstallation of Knight belongs to the control group, he will start first.

The horse riding has a demonic beast bloodline, which is not only big, but also excellent in weight and speed. With a full-covered vest and a Knight wearing a heavy outfit, this combination can be said to be an ultimate weapon on the battlefield.

Even in the Duke’s Guard, only about half of the people and horses can equip this set. In order to use the thousand-man Duke Guard more flexibly, it is also impossible to equip half of the Knights with such heavy equipment. As a heavy rider with sharp swords, it is only two hundred riders.

Knight drove his horse and backed away to the charging distance. After confirming that everyone was ready, he rode his horse forward under the command. At the same time, in order to stimulate the fighting spirit of the horse, a trumpeter beside him blew the charge. Ride a horse to increase the speed to the extreme, and use Knight’s exclusive battle skill ─ ─ war charge!

At the moment of using the battle skill, the realm where humans and motors are integrated, the power is like the reappearance of ancient giant beasts, making a terrifying roar and roaring forward! Three logs were broken in succession, and just before the fourth log obstacle, the warhorse stood up and stopped.

Knight controlled the horse, paced back to the beginning of the test area, and said with satisfaction: “I broke three of them, I thought it would be even less. If it is an infantry phalanx, I am sure to ride alone. Wear it. It’s not what Warhorse is good at to deal with this type of facility.”

For the inexplicable superiority of Knight of the Duke Guard, Lin did not give any comment, but looked at the feedback very seriously. The data returned.

Because he was a flesh and blood body, Lin did not ask the other party to make every effort to hit him at the last moment before his death. Instead, let the other party do what they can and hit the obstacles in front of them as much as possible. The three log obstacles consume almost half of the horse’s kinetic energy. In addition to the biological instinct, it will stop its actions before it becomes dangerous, and it is impossible to ask for more.

After finishing a little bit, we will prepare for the next set of experiments, starting with the prototype car with all common materials. Because the materials suitable for gearboxes and drive shafts are still immature, these two standards are reduced to the extent that the existing materials can be loaded. With two forward gears and one reverse gear, the maximum speed can reach 45 kilometers per hour. It takes about forty-four seconds to accelerate from zero to extreme speed.

Because unlike the Earth’s crash test, there is a traction device that can instantly increase the speed of the vehicle to the target value, so Lin can only increase the speed by increasing the distance and cooperating with the controlled magic couple.

The braking of the magic puppet is very simple, the right hand shifts, the left hand grips the steering wheel, the right foot throttle, and the left foot clutch. apart from this is the sensor about the impact on the body. After the car and the magic puppet are set up, everyone will work together to reverse the car to a far enough position before starting the magic puppet.

The engine made of ordinary materials made a sharp scream, and the sound of the exhaust pipe was like a patient with insufficient breath, making intermittent gasping sounds. When the speed increased to the extreme, with a boom, the prototype car hits the first log car head-on and slams up. When the rear of the car landed heavily, the car stopped.

Of course, the first log is not safe. It was hit half-folded, but it hasn’t broken yet. This result caused Pu Chi from the Duke’s Guard to laugh and make some irresistible remarks. Including the’impact test, from the very beginning, the horse should directly face the car, they can still overturn the car with flesh and blood’ and the like.

Regardless of where the enigmatic self-confidence of these people came from, Lin knew clearly that the half of the Duke’s Guard had a lot of complaints about being sent here. But such acid remarks will not crush a guy who claims to be thicker than the city wall. Lin just checked the last No. 0 car to be tested.

Everything was ready, and several magicians and craftsmen pushed the car back for a certain distance. This is after calculation, according to the acceleration of car 0, when it hits the first log obstacle, it can reach a distance of 60 kilometers per hour.

Furthermore, at the request of Kawei, who is actually his agent, Steward Aihanu, launched the magic array depicted on the hood. Magic ─ ─ Barbaric Dash, ranked in the top ten most useless magic, the only attack with magic.

Just imagine what the result would be if an egg is smashed into a rock. It is not difficult to understand how this huge magic of destructive power is rejected by magicians. Since the invented magician, at the moment of completing this magic, after hitting himself against the wall and turning into a puddle of flesh, when unable to think about it or committing suicide, magicians prefer this magic. It is guaranteed that there is no pain, and the resurrection technique cannot be saved.

But this Barbaric Dash magic is quite easy to use on a solid magic doll, although it is not without its shortcomings, such as difficult control, and difficult to master the timing of the magic doll. So Kavi and the others wanted to know what effect this magic would produce on a customized car made of all magic materials.

To be honest, someone is also interested to know. So, start the magic puppet.

The acceleration of car 0 is not what the 732A car can mention on equal terms, and the difference can be clearly heard from the sound of the exhaust pipe. But with this step, Lin found the first miscalculation, and that was the grip of the tires.

Because the action of the magic puppet control is quite extensive and not delicate at all, the result of heavy throttle and clutch release is that the tires are idling in place, which became the first tire burn scene of the mystery. Even if the tire material has been researched and improved by the center’s craftsmen, it still cannot guide the full power of the engine to the ground correctly.

Just as the tire heat increased and the moment it grabbed the ground, car #0 shot out like an arrow. Lin had no doubt that this cargo would crash into the obstacle in front of it at a speed faster than the predetermined speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

Just look at the first log obstacle smashed, the second smashed, the third… even the tenth log hurdle hit the pink and brittle, the 0 car went on to destroy it. Concrete barriers. Some knocked off, some knocked over, some hit and flew, and some was hit and sprayed into the sky. The last concrete roadblock that was pinned high hopes was even more smashed into two pieces from it.

A group of people are just so stupid, watching car number 0 drive away. Including the dear man riding on a full-covered heavy armored war horse, remembering that he had boasted that he was going to hedge against this car. He was shivering now and couldn’t say anything. The other members of the Duke’s Guard had the same idea, all looked at each other in blank dismay.

William Greco timely asked a question: “Do you have a way to stop that car?”

“Well, this is really a good question. Someone has Have you thought about it?” Lin turned his head and looked towards the magicians and craftsmen who were specifically responsible for this experiment. Everyone had wide-eyed expressions and shook their heads uniformly.

“That…” Lin looked towards old steward Aihanu and the people of the Duke’s Guard.

But looking at their evasive look, I don’t want to talk to them any more. Because there is no other way, the car will have to rush out of the range of the test field. If it is good luck, it may stop when it hits a mountain, or it will stop when it runs out of fuel. If you are unlucky, you don’t know which the ends of the earth you want to rush to.

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