Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 707

“Do you have a way to solve the rampage big guy.” Azad said take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Lin not even think, he said: “Actually, it is not difficult.” In the next moment, the person disappeared from the place.

In full view, the out-of-control No. 0 car suddenly traversed the body. A rollover, rolling more than a dozen laps in a row, then stopped.

“Wow, it’s a tragic stop. If people are inside, they must be brave.” Azad continued to taunted.

At this time, Lin appeared next to him and said in praise: “Yes, if people are inside, it is really dangerous. Sure enough, the magic of Barbaric Dash is not so easy to control.”

Aihanu looked at the magician who reappeared in astonishment, and said: “How are you…”

Just before the old steward finished asking, Lin Xian moved towards the magician who was in charge of recording the results of the experiment. Said: “Please record that when the vehicle uses the magic Barbaric Dash, the vehicle cannot control the steering. This may be limited by the magical direction inertia and cannot be changed by physical methods. If you insist on changing it, a rollover accident will occur. But it should be possible to take the initiative Turn off the magic effect, and then start the magic, and the timing of the turntable needs to be tested separately.”

After thinking about it, he added: “Please also record the error about the test step. No. 0 After the vehicle hits an obstacle, it is still in an accelerating state, that is to say, the magic puppet setting must be changed to release the acceleration state after the impact. Otherwise, the impact of the accelerated vehicle will only continue to improve. Add a bucket to this thing The front can be used as a bulldozer. It’s really cracking a joke. Oh, I don’t need to remember the last sentence, it’s just my nonsense.” After finishing talking, Lin looked at a group of people and still didn’t respond. He clapped his hands and said: “Don’t be in a daze, move back #0, and we will also record the damage to the car after the impact. Unfortunately, the magic puppet inside was unfastened by the seat belt of the seat, and the damage was not tested. But if you want to know what kind of damage the vehicle will cause to the people inside after a high-speed rollover, you can still refer to it. But the premise is that you plan to recycle it.”

The magician and the craftsmen, who were waking up from their dreams, hurriedly moved towards No. 0 car and overturned and ran. After hurriedly overturning the vehicle, he pushed back together.

While a group of people were busy in the distance, Azad exclaimed: “so that’s how it is, the weakness is inside. It’s really a useless discovery. I thought it could be seen. To the magician, you’re greatly showing divine might, and use your box to cut that rare beast-like guy in two.”

“I’m so glad I didn’t get there. And I think it’s the best for the machine. The most important thing is controllability, not things that get out of control at every turn. There is a simple way to calm the accident from the source of control, which is not a good thing.”

“Ask you a question “

“Excuse me.”

“Do you think this car is opposing the heavy cavalry, who wins and who wins?” Azad asked defiantly the face-slappers. problem. However, the Duke’s Guard on the side seemed to understand that the speaker was who, and they looked towards other places pretending to be nonchalant. Even if he was ridiculed, he would never turn his head back.

However, Lin said helplessly: “You have to want to hear this kind of offensive words from me, right. Why do you want me to state it once for obvious facts? Your wisdom is so small Isn’t it as good as child? Besides, there is no comparability between the two on a practical level. The one that is really worthwhile is the first car that can’t even break through the first log barrier.”

Azad was silent. He rarely looked seriously at the car that was being pushed back, and the other car that had smashed himself into a mess. William Greco asked at this time: “Is it the problem of Chengjun?”

“Yes, my friend.” Lin agreed and said, “But I prefer to use large-scale production. The crashed car can be mass-produced, but this car that can break through 15 layers of obstacles is impossible to mass-produce.”

“Materials?” William Greco Guessed again.

Lin clapped his hands and said: “The correctness is a matter of materials. It is like the weapons and armors worn by the brave men in legends. If they are so powerful, they can equip all armies with one set, and they can say anything. Push the Demon King army back. But in fact, the reason why those weapons and armors are precious and used only by the brave entire group is not because they are powerful and scarce. This car is also in a similar situation. You know that to build such a car How many resources do you have to spend?”

Speaking of this, someone has to sigh with emotion. Originally, Lin thought that with his ability to make money, he should be able to live fascinatingly and moisturizingly without magic. But the fact is that the banknote ability that he is proud of is nothing at all in the face of those who have a real foundation.

It brought such a strong feeling because it was not long after the car’s cooperation plan was finalized that the two big men used the magic materials for making customized cars according to the list provided by the silverbeard dwarf. The source is not Danger. Land sent it to the silver-beard short man-made room at home. It can be seen that in order to build their own custom-made cars, they need to pay more attention than establishing an automobile manufacturing and R&D center. And those resources were later transferred to the center.

In the delivery, there are many materials that make Jermaine jealous. He wanted to embezzle things, and immediately ran back to Iron City, the hometown of the silverbeard dwarf, to create a new peace arm.

Why did the silverbeard dwarf empire gather the power of the country in the past to make the strongest weapon-the primordial materials used for peace arms? Today, these are extremely rare products that have been exhausted. For this type of material, basically raw ore is not expected. Most of the magicians that must be used are to dismantle old equipment and refurbish the metal for use.

When giving the list of materials, Jermaine, the silverbeard dwarf, did not use it or not, and listed all the materials that might be used, and even included some smuggled goods. The more Ruan Van was able to send about 70% to 80% of the materials on the list, but the real boss, the Grand Duke Kawi sent all the materials on the list, and doubled the amount.

I don’t know if these two still have reservations, or if they took out all the trump card treasures. Anyway, looking at the piles of magic materials that are as small as a hill, it is no problem to buy a few small countries. Someone’s face is blue, and the confused and ignorant silver-beard dwarf is as happy as a child.

Lin didn’t say much, just a simple calculation, using weight and volume to build a good demonstration car. This pile of magical materials does not mean to build ten or twenty customized cars. Seven or eight stations are no problem. Then how much work time it takes for the people present to use up these materials.

After calculating the output of these materials, the bearded faces of the silver-bearded dwarves turned blue. Then for the second time they had the idea of ​​embezzling materials and running away at night.

If it were not for the agreement, the first batch of bigwigs who supported automobile manufacturing, everyone would only build one car in the first year. Looking at the pile of materials, Lin had no doubt that these accustomed bosses would squeeze the employees to use up all the materials before leaving get off work.

In short, someone realizes for the first time that he is not worthy of even the nouveau riche compared with those who have family property. Back in the Southwest Peninsula, I was worried because I saved one or two boxes of broken money. It was because the pattern of those people was too low. In places like Holy City Estali and Gwana Empire, his wealth is not in the eyes of those big bosses.

With emotion, Lin still said: “Maybe to make such a car, it’s not as exquisite as making legendary equipment for the brave. Without a certain material, you can’t make anything. There are so many materials that a car needs. You can’t find it, and you can always find another alternative. But even so, to build such a car, maybe a battallion brave is equipped. So, it’s true. Not everyone can afford it.”

At this time, others have already pushed back the overturned No. 0 car. Except for the slight depression of the front of the car, there is no damage to the structure of the whole car, especially the frame of the cockpit, which is not damaged at all. It is completely invisible that it has just rolled over ten times. The entire car made of magical materials is so rigid that someone can’t imagine it.

But the fake Human Demon sitting in it has no such good luck. If this is a living person, even a medical layman can judge a comminuted fracture and give up treatment directly.

The fake Human Demon puppet is no longer in human form, with its limbs twisted and its head dropped aside. It can be seen that the rigidity of the car body is beyond expectation, but the protection for the occupants is actually low to a heinous level. And it seems that this is not a problem that can be solved by wearing a seat belt. Something has to be thought of. It means that it is not normal to let the car roll over ten times.

“Can you start it?” Lin asked the magicians who were overhauling. One of them got into the driver’s seat and pressed the start button. After the engine made a few sharp ignition sounds, it started hong long long. Hearing that the sound is still strong, someone sighs inexplicably.

However, when looking at other magicians, they are using magic shaping techniques to restore the deformed parts to their original state. Azad asked curiously at this time: “Actually, I have always had a question. Since this thing can be changed by magic shaping, why can’t it be repaired automatically? I, a layman, can think of this. One point, you insiders can’t do it.”

When you hear this kind of outsider say insiders, in general, the Fa masters will spray back without doing anything. But the Duke’s guard hanging behind him, and old steward Aihanu’s private acquiescence, everyone knew who was speaking. Everyone can only endure not spraying people, but it is very hard to endure, and if no one responds, things are likely to develop in a bad direction.

Lin didn’t have such a psychological burden, but talked about magician’s common sense. “Shaping is like playing mud by magicians. If no one is watching, no one knows what the final shape will be. So whether it’s the magic puppets of the past or the current order If you want to make cars, you want them to repair themselves automatically…Is it really impossible to do it?”

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