Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 708

At the end, someone questioned himself. The previous magician couldn’t do it, it doesn’t mean that the current one can’t do it either. There was no programming language before. If you use a programming language to pre-set the desired result, and then use the shaping technique, is it possible to achieve this so-called “self-repairing” effect, or even…deformation.

However, Lin didn’t think about it, he laughed and said, “It seems that this idea is not without a future. But it’s a new subject, so I’m not in a hurry to study it. Two people, are you interested in trying the car?” The objects of invitation are of course Azad and William Greco, two enthusiastic, some elders who can’t sit still.

In addition to the three obstacles just laid out on the experimental field, there is a larger temporary runway surrounded by triangular cones, and the ground has been particularly leveled. There is no way, there are too many unowned lands in the lost land. If you need it, you can make a field in the wild, set the forest on fire, and drive away the demonic beasts and wild beasts, and you can also prepare the land by the way.

Although a certain traveler from the era of rising environmental awareness has resisted such things as setting fire to forests. But it is undeniable that this is the best choice to open up wasteland, otherwise you will have to requisition a lot of manpower to retake the land inch by inch from the demonic beast, then cut down the trees and prepare the land. In this world without heavy machinery, it is estimated that such a large piece of land cannot be dealt with about a year.

So, let’s burn it. That’s how it can be done in a short period of time to complete this plan, a runway with a length of 6.7 kilometers. And because it is temporarily enclosed by a triangular cone, the runway planning can be changed at will.

Although most people are not clear about what Lin’s intention is in planning such a large runway. But it is undeniable that there is an inexplicable pleasure driving on top. As long as there are cars that need to be tested on the track, this is the most popular activity in the center.

It’s just that Azad looked at the car that rolled over in front of him, and said strangely, “Just sit in this car~.”

I don’t know what this car’s eyes are. Feeling that the car was turned over, and still feel boring to take turns driving, Lin said with a smile: “The two of you will get in the passenger seat and the back seat of this car first. I will teach you how to operate. After a lap, there are two other cars for you. You guys try.” At the same time, he turned his head and said to others: “Cars 2 and 3 are not assembled. Pull over and test them directly on the road.”

The engine is because of the selfishness of the silverbeard dwarves, each car Custom cars are all different. Of course, it will be done on the test machine before assembling, so there is no need to worry about the running-in period.

In addition, the number 0 car just overturned that many laps, and there was no serious injury on the whole, so Lin was relieved to hand the car to the hands of two laymen. Anyway, even if they have a serious accident, they are still able to protect themselves, and the repair of the vehicle is not a problem. Incidentally, the position of the windshield of car 0 is a special kind of transparent crystal, which is also a ground material, so it is not as fragile as glass.

As for Lin’s proposal, Azad and William Greco have no objection. It is indeed difficult for them to drive directly without knowing how to control it. Neither of them was so mad that they would know how to use something when they touched their hands. Someone can teach it, of course it can’t be asked.

Others dare not comment. Perhaps the name of the white sword saint William Greco hasn’t reached their ears, but just the Demon King son, no one has the courage to refute it. Even the agent of Kawi, who is in charge of everything, old steward Aihanu, was like a grandson at this time, nothing but nodded and didn’t dare to shake his head.

While waiting for cars 2 and 3 to be brought in, Lin Xian let them get on car 0 and explained each part in person. The interior layout of these custom-made cars is basically the same, except that the distance will vary slightly depending on the user’s body size. But this difference is not a big problem for the fighter top powerhouse that can accurately control his body.

After simple instructions, Lin drove the two to run a lap while explaining some techniques for controlling the car. Including paying attention to the upper limit of the engine speed, slowing down and downshifting before entering the corner, taking the route of outside, inside and outside, and accelerating halfway. The speed at which the vehicle must be controlled is the most powerful and best controlled state. The processing method of continuous bends and hairpin bends. Of course, there are also descriptions of tire usage, grip and other issues.

Maybe I was not a professional racing driver before crossing, but I have been fascinated by Formula 1 racing for some time, and I have also learned about racing racing. Although it may not be so good in practice, it is enough to fool others.

As the demon His Highness the Prince, who knows it or not, he has to add and subtract. Of course, he has to make his remarks about the move of turning left and right. “Obviously it’s that big, why do you have to be restricted by those strange strange things. Are those pointed hats stronger than the logs and low walls that were crushed before?”

Someone doesn’t have the ability of Takumi Fujiwara’s father, flicking his tail and turning, while putting his hands on cigarettes and chatting. Once interrupted by Azad, the car that turned its head lost control again. But this time there was no rollover, only a row of triangular cones flicked.

Lin, who stopped the car, looked at Azad’s serious expression, and swallowed back what he wanted to vomit. Instead, he thought about it for a while and said, “If you run around without restrictions, you’re playing a car at best. At best, you know how fast the car can accelerate in a straight line, how fast the car can reach, but a car There are more than these two performance indicators. With the addition of a fixed restricted route, you can test more things, including steering ability, braking distance, etc. And these depend on the driver’s degree of control of the vehicle. To put it simply, there is a fixed route to distinguish the quality of the vehicle and the driver’s technology. If the same car and the same person are driving, it is whether the limits of the car have been exerted, and whether the driving technology has improved. “

I don’t like fighting, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about winning or losing, especially when I win or lose with myself. William Greco asked at this moment: “How do you distinguish what you are talking about? The situation? How do you know if you have made progress, or if you have reached the limits of your car?” Lin said: “It’s very simple, timing. I used to drove car No. 0 and ran the track that I am planning now. It takes about eight or nine minutes to run smoothly. If I ran a six-minute mark on which lap, does it mean that I ran faster than before. So you can agree Right.” While speaking, Lin controlled the vehicle to return to the runway and continue forward.

William hadn’t expressed his opinion yet, Azad interjected and said: “Under the restricted conditions to decide the outcome, you can only find the winner that best suits this condition, not the real powerhouse. This Does this kind of boring and stupid behavior have any meaning?”

It’s really a professional complaint, it really hit the nail on the head. It must also be said that the social atmosphere of the fascinating land, which is related to victory or defeat, usually determines life and death, and there are very few competitions, which set high-level activities. Even if there is, it is among the nobles who bring performances, gambling, or bloody and violent arena activities.

As for men, once the real victory or defeat is discussed, it must be decided on the battlefield. The loser dies, the victor lives, do nothing.

So for this world that doesn’t have a variety of sports atmosphere like Earth, Lin doesn’t know how to respond to this dude’s question. “Well, maybe… In fact, these cars were built just to replace the role of horses and carriage, so that they can travel longer distances or carry heavier cargo in a shorter time. It’s not strong, sincerely. It’s not important. The design of such a runway is also to simulate the situation that may be encountered on the actual road.”

Back to the starting point of the test field and stop, Lin turned around and asked, “The two , Do you still test the car?”

“Try it! Why not try.” Azad was the first to get out of the car and came to the car 2 and car 3 sent by other magicians to look at it. Although William Greco was slow to move forward, he was not in a hurry.

The No. 2 car reserved by Nguyen Van Viet of the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong, and the No. 3 car reserved by the Grand Duke Kawi are all based on the style of the Early-Stage luxury car in the twentieth century. the Lord. The characteristic is that the front of the car is particularly long, which is to accommodate a large-capacity engine. The rear of the car is shorter, and even the storage space for the rear of the car is much smaller.

Of course, the carriage is closed, and they are more concerned about whether they will get a headshot like Kennedy. The body is stable and thick, with many rounded curved steel plates covering the body. An imposing manner of’even if I can’t blind your dog’s eyes, I can kill your dog’.

When the design of the engine room is planned, it does not actually need that long front. Even if the engine capacity used by these two cars is much larger than the heaviest truck built at this stage, the horsepower is so powerful that it can connect several carriages and can be used directly as a locomotive, running out of the level of a steam train.

But the extra headroom of these two cars is used to carry an important experimental device, a semi-permanent rechargeable solid energy pool code-named’battery’. That is, the most important part of the energy center of the peace armed forces.

Do not use primordial manufacturing methods to create an energy center. It is not because the manufacturing method is lost, but because the silverbeard dwarves hope to create a new energy center with integrated engine and energy storage. It is hoped that the output of the final product can be at least doubled compared to the old style in the past.

After so many experiments on the engine part, they already have a clue. However, the energy storage part is limited by the relationship of materials, and there has not been much progress. With the help of someone actively providing materials this time, they finally got the best materials that they planned to use to make batteries and actually made them.

In the discussion and research with Lin, the direction they chose was to refer to the semi-permanent sexual energy pool that is set up on most airships. The biggest difference between it and the energy pool of the magic tower is that it cannot generate energy on its own but can only store it.

However, the car is not as big as an airship. Of course, the full version of the airship’s energy pool design cannot be used. Instead, it must be miniaturized and more importantly stabilized. It is also the most primordial design. The important part. Without a stable design, this thing is no different from a large-yield bomb.

The final version of the mysterious battery is a big guy that occupies nearly half of the front of the car. It can be said that in terms of performance, it is no longer inferior to the energy center used by peaceful armed forces. In addition to the shortcoming that its size is not inferior to the peace armed, this is already the most satisfying achievement of the silverbeard dwarves in the near future.

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