Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 709

In short, cars 2 and 3 are rare beasts that far exceed the performance of car 0. The clues can be seen from the number of gears of the vehicle’s gearbox. There are 15 gears forward, and there are three gears even in reverse. It is obviously a car, but it carries the soul of the trailer head!

Although I have emphasized to the two old fogey countless times, the importance of the balance of car performance. But they have to push the performance that can be pushed to the extreme, and they have an attitude of’I am rich, my uncle’, threatening someone to say that if you don’t follow it, they will break up.

From time to time, they request which magician group’s latest research results be added to their cars. This allowed them to postpone the completion date of the customized car and continue to modify it.

Since they are fearless, what can Lin say. Speaking of conscience, the reason why someone doesn’t want to come to the center very much is because they don’t want to see these two cars, let alone try these two cars.

It just so happens that today there are two great… The powerhouse, which is highly skilled in martial arts, is here. If you don’t take advantage of it, you are simply sorry for yourself. Since they were dissatisfied with the tentative Type 732A that Aihanu drove, let them tame the two rare beasts.

Because the car has not been fully built, if the primordial color of each magic material is displayed, it will look colorful and very ugly. So car No. 2 is painted with a layer of black paint, while car No. 3 is painted with white paint. The lacquer is ordinary lacquer, the advantage is which side has been scratched, you can see it. If it is the hardness of the magic material itself, it is too difficult to tell.

I don’t know why, so Azad took the lead in choosing White’s No. 3 car. William Greco, named’White’ sword saint, can only choose black car 2. Fortunately, William is only clean, because white is easy to distinguish dirt, so he is addicted to it. It’s not that you don’t need anything that is not white, such an extreme personality. So he got on the No. 2 black car peacefully.

The sound of starting the engine shook people’s hearts again, and the low sound was like a giant beast in the depths of hell. Although the shock absorption effect has been desperately applied, the two cars that were launched still inevitably vibrated slightly. I don’t know if it came from the engine or the resonance caused by this low sound.

At the moment when it was launched, the two people sitting in the car put away their curious or playful looks, and then seriously felt the amazing strength of this giant beast. Regardless of whether the creatures in front of them are dead or alive, they are indeed in the’belly’ of each other.

Azzad took a step ahead of William. He stepped on heavy oil and released the clutch!

But the car did not charge ahead, but burned the tires on the spot. The bottom of the car didn’t even wobble, it was just the tires idling. Lin walked to the car, motioned the unwilling Demon King to release the accelerator, and said loudly: “Don’t start in first gear. Try to start in third or fourth gear. Don’t step on the accelerator too hard.”

Because of the loud voice, it is estimated that William, who did not roll the window, could also hear it when he was sitting in another car. Lin moved towards each of them gave them a thumbs up, indicating that they wished them good luck, and then used flashing techniques to hide in a safe place.

The two who got the advice didn’t think much about it and just did it. Although William used a more conservative approach, shifting the third gear, don’t step on the accelerator too much, just step on half; Azad had a bigger heart, shifted to the fourth gear and stepped on the accelerator again, and the two ended up similarly.

Suddenly the two cars charged ahead pressed the two drivers into their seats. The strong G force made them too late to think about any actions, and the two cars crossed the temporary enclosure of the test field. The runway he got up directly crashed into the mound on the edge of the test field. On the ground, there were four straight black tire marks, extending all the way to the crash…

“Well, go and save people.” Lin commanded the magician, who didn’t know how many dumbfounded the experimental team was. They. Whispered in his mouth: “Fortunately, these two have not been on the magic array. If there is another Barbaric Dash, I have to hit it out now.”

Two stalled cars, most of the front of the car is inserted. The mound is in a small slope. The two test drivers have come down alive, and are discussing how to adjust the starting control, instead of kicking the car grumpy and discouraged. This can be considered a pretty good mentality.

Lin, who used the flash technique to get to the accident first, originally just wanted to care about whether the two were injured. However, it seemed like the two people were very excited, grabbing Lin and discussing the situation of the vehicle on the spot. And let alone fractures on their bodies, there were no bruises. It really is a little white mouse with a rough skin.

When the others pushed the two cars back to the primordial starting point and put the triangular cones that were hit on the runway back to their original positions, Lin took Azad and William Greco back in charge. The venue where the experiment was recorded. Take out the parameters of No. 2, No. 3 and No. 0 cars, explain the meaning of each number, and what kind of performance that number should have in reality.

These things, if you tell them from the very beginning, not many people can hear them. But I personally experienced it once, and it was still a failed experience. The two current powerhouses put away their contemptuous mentality and seriously pondered the meaning of these data.

When they got on the two rare beasts again, the car that screamed dexterously and swiftly ran off with the throttle and the clutch engaged. And the first time I ran the lap, it wasn’t like a slap, but a smooth lap, finishing the lap smoothly.

But it can be seen that the performance of the car has not yet been played. The squealing noise of the engines of these two cars at high speeds is not a low-pitched subwoofer, but the kind that makes the scalp numb and the tail shudder.

They ran a lap and got off the track in a tacit understanding. After the two stopped, they changed cars and ran another lap. It is not surprising that Azad and William would do this. Don’t look at Lin’s classification of these two cars as rare beast, the’character’ between them is slightly different in subtleties.

Nguyen Van Viet’s black No. 2 car is more extreme than Kawei Gong’s white No. 3 car. Regardless of acceleration, extreme speed, the sensitivity of shifting gears, the steering wheel and the entire steering system are all adjusted very sensitively.

I even sacrificed some comfort design for this, for example, the cushioning parts at some joints were all removed. In order to let the driver more intuitively feel the engine, and even the feeling of the tire touching the ground.

The white No. 3 car of Kawei Gong emphasizes the two elements of stability and strength. With greater horsepower and a more stable center of gravity, the whole vehicle’s counterweight must be coordinated to maintain the center of gravity, which is not bad at all. Even so, when the engine roars with full force, the whole car will still feel like a fast falling apart, and the endless power will burst out in one breath.

So that the comparison of these two cars, someone has the illusion of a Japanese sports car versus an American muscle car.

But these details, people who are not advanced enough in driving skills, can’t realize it.

It’s just that the two changed cars. Azad got in the black car No. 2 and William got in the white car No. 3. It was as if they had found the right partner. It was a hit. I thought they would change cars again, or experience a few more laps, but didn’t want them to enter the competition mode when they ran the third lap.

The reason why they can feel that they are starting to challenge themselves is because the route they took is the best route on that runway. The best route for each runway, no matter how wide the runway is, the distance between it and the edge will not be as thick as a piece of paper. It is to make all kinds of extreme operations when it seems to be walking the steel rope, which is called racing.

Whether it is the eyes of Azad or William Greco in the powerhouse forest of the fascinating cream of the crop, there is no doubt. However, there is still room for improvement in their driving skills. So when they started to challenge themselves, Lin followed the agreement and raised the billboard next to the start of the runway.

In addition to telling them their best results, the accumulation of the last lap, and the results of the last lap, someone told the other person badly what was the best result of the other person.

The lap score is too late to write on the notice board in time to inform the driver. But from the results of the last lap and the top lap, we can see whether the driving has improved, and how far is the difference from your best results. These data are evidence of whether there is any significant improvement in technology as a driver.

But compared to another person, it is purely irritating. Soon, they are no longer limited to just challenging themselves, but aggressively attacking and challenging each other’s best results. Fortunately, they didn’t start at the same time. Otherwise, just cornering and struggling, it is estimated that the person watching will be scared to heart palsy. ——It is purely because of the possibility of a great cultivator car, so the engineers next to it are shocked.

Lin drove car 0 on this temporary runway, leaving the best lap record of 9 minutes, 23 seconds, 45 minutes. But this result was not the best result of this runway. The best was left by the leader of the experimental group, who also drove car No. 0 at 7 minutes, 56 seconds, and 78 seconds. And he drove the tentative 732A vehicle with a score of 11.02.153.

But now, those two guys running on the runway, both broke the track record when they ran fifth stratum. And without mercy, the shortest lap record is constantly being refreshed and shortened. Seeing the original record holder who was responsible for recording vehicle data on the sidelines, I felt very depressed.

In the end, the best lap time was won by William Greco, who drove the white No. 3 car. The result was four minutes, six seconds, and seven or seven seconds. The shortest time for Azad’s black 2 car is four minutes, six seconds, and eighty six. Although it is relatively short, he swept a few triangles in the lap, so someone would not admit such a result.

In fact, after the two arrived, they almost sprinted against the edge of the runway enclosed by the triangular cone every turn. Sometimes the triangular cones are flying because they are swept away by the air current brought by the car body, and sometimes they are really hit and flying. It is difficult to tell apart from the parties.

But Demon King has no opinion on the fact that his best results were not adopted. most important When he got out of the car with William, the whole person was too tired. Not only did I drink a lot of water, but I also got hot towels to put on my eyes, both of them.

Almost two hours of high-intensity driving is not an easy challenge for people who have no relevant experience before.

Just when someone wanted to give condolences to two benevolent people who worked extremely hard for free, suddenly there was a familiar roar, and then there was a loud noise!

Black No. 2 car plunged into the distance, into the mound on the edge of the experimental field.

Lin asked dumbfounded: “Who is it this time?”

“Well, Folie?” Someone replied. And this is the name of magician, the leader of the experimental team.

“What do you think, save people.” Lin moved towards other people who were equally dumbfounded.

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