Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 710

This day’s test drive did not turn into Suzuka Hachi-nai or Leman 24 Hours Endurance after all. Except for the two enthusiastic people who are free of wages, because they have not received relevant training, they squandered all their energy in just nearly two hours. Another reason is that the vehicles also need to be overhauled.

The most important thing is that there has never been such a high-intensity driving behavior since the design of a vehicle was brought to the fascinating place by a crossing crowd. Lin Ke is quite curious whether it can maintain the primordial appearance of various parts including power system and transmission system, etc., made of magical materials.

Also curious, of course there are four silverbeard dwarves. They are counting on transplanting this structural part to the peace arms, which are weapons used in war. If the chain is lost in the middle of the battle, it would be funny, so they are more anxious about the durability of the machine than anyone else.

Since the car will be dragged back to the factory to be demolished, there is nothing to do this afternoon. Lin used the excuse to send two guests back to rest. By the way, he wanted to go home for lunch. He ordered a tentative 732A car and left with Azad and William Greco.

In fact, the automobile manufacturing and R&D center has a restaurant that provides lunch. After all, work here is not an easy task. Eating an extra meal at noon and taking a break is helpful to work efficiency in the afternoon. And the workers here are not migrant workers who can be manipulated by others. There are too many Faye who dare to raise the table with the Boss at any time.

Even if Duke Kawei’s agent, Old Steward Ahnu stings, he dare not sting on such a person. Making troubles when they don’t agree is almost a daily routine. Make someone seriously consider whether to organize an internal disciplinary force to take care of everyone’s habit of talking with their fists. Most of the waste output is destroyed by his own people.

However, eating at noon is not a habit of the fascinated people, so this part is not forced, and those who want to eat eat it. In other words, the restaurant is open, and you can go to eat any time you are hungry.

Under normal circumstances, if someone wants to take a short business trip and go home to eat, this kind of thing will be resisted by old steward Aihanu. As long as he happens to be in the vicinity and sees someone packing up and preparing to leave, the old man will be obstructed in every possible way. Try every means to entangle the other person so that they can’t get out.

This is because in the afternoon, Lin also went to the Academy to teach mathematics. After lunch at home, before the time to teach, someone usually doesn’t try so hard to come back to the center and do something more or less unless it is really necessary. This means that this period of time will be touched by fish in troubled waters.

How could Aihanu endure this happening! According to him, someone should quit the math class and live in the dormitory provided by the center. In fact, eat, drink, shit and piss sleep on the production line of the factory.

People are generous with how much money they take and do; but for those who can pay dividends without doing anything, they should be urged to die. Someone still doesn’t understand what kind of logic this is. It seems that for the latter, it is necessary to use the value for money.

But today someone said to leave, the stubborn old fogey didn’t even stop, and even the expressions all didn’t float here. Is this a sex change, or is it a brain twitch? Listening to the two people in the back seat snoring, Lin realized that this was the blessing of the emperor Your Majesty’s son!

Summon is now stubbornly cutting, and giving Azad a sword, is it considered as an eradication for the people?

But thinking that I want to stay away from the harassment of that Senior, the Demon King’s sign has to be held firmly. With this shield, you should be able to save yourself a lot of trouble.

I just returned home, looking at the courtyard where most of the mess was cleaned up, I still have the urge to cry.

The silverbeard dwarf’s workshop is still collapsed. They were picked up early in the morning, and the research on new engines for trucks over the center has reached an important stage. After the important things were rescued last night, the rest was entrusted to the two young girls, and someone picked them up.

The jacquard machine has been corrected back. However, all the protruding parts above, including the harness lifting mechanism, were still smashed into a mess because the structure was too fine. No need to mention the sericulture, it is just as bad.

Uzov Gantia invited back a group of bricklayers who are good at building houses, helping two young girls clean up the mess. As soon as he saw Lin coming back in a convertible tentative 732A, he greeted with no surprise: “Boss, back.” He just noticed the two people in the back seat, and said with a weird expression: “You just went to crusade. The king-level demonic beast?”

“Destroying the king-level demonic beast? Why do you say that?” Lin asked puzzledly.

“Otherwise, the two of them, how exhausted, would lie in the back seat hu hu asleep.” Uzov explained.

Lin said with a smile: “Oh, they. The guy I just dealt with, I think it’s better than the demonic beast. Don’t worry, there is no major event. Just let them rest.”

At this time, the craftsmen who came to help, some of the leaders also came forward to pay respect. Uzov helped clear an open space for parking. He was not willing to walk away, but he kept following by, staring at someone. Of course Lin knew that this was something he wanted to say, so he preached: “If you have anything you want to say, just say it.”

Uzov said with a smile: “Boss, it’s not a major. Event love. Many people under me are asking when they can buy a car.”

“Buy a car?” Lin was surprised.

“Yes. People from Jialong Chamber of Commerce, as well as people from Kaweigong are using it. Everyone finds people you know to listen to. In private, the price of the truck is a bit more expensive, but Convenience is really not comparable to the original carriage. Especially everyone uses it in Holy City. There is no need to worry about interruption, collapse and other problems in the road. It is easy to repair anything, so I don’t want to buy one or two. They are used as official cars in the technical guild, and there are also many rich craftsmen who want to buy them. Those young man who specialize in soliciting business want to buy small cars to travel, and want to run businesses in other districts. .”

“Wow, if you cross the border like this, will you be troubled by the locals.” Lin said with a smile.

“Boss, you don’t know. The needs of other districts of Holy City and local craftsmen will more or less make use of the business of the Technical Association. But someone mentioned it more than once, I hope I’m here The local branch is like an adventurer guild or a mercenary guild. It’s just that there is no trustworthy person who is familiar with the affairs of the guild, so I can open a branch with confidence. Just guarding technology patents, not everyone is willing to go. Persevere. If you have a car as a booster, you can expand the influence of the Technical Association instead of relying on the method of branching. And we have also calculated that as long as the logistical supplies can keep up, buying a car is more cost-effective than raising a horse.”

“So there is a demand now.” After getting out of the car, Lin looked at the tentative model car made of ordinary materials that he drove back. Maybe it’s time to switch to the official model and accumulate EXP while selling. Just as the design and manufacture of trucks can make progress, it is also the EXP contributed by the needs of the Chamber of Commerce and Kawei.

After thinking about it, Lin said, “If it’s a small four-seater car, you can come forward and talk to the receptionist at the center. You know that person too, and he was seconded from the Technical Association at the beginning. Yes. I’ll say hello here. As for trucks, wait a minute, the next improved model will soon be finalized, and the proportion of magic materials will be reduced. Although there is a slight drop in performance, the price will drop even more. And the reliability of other parts has improved.”

“Oh, really. That’s really good. I’ll talk to other people.” Uzov hurried away happily.

At this time, Lin turned his head and looked towards the two people who were still sitting in the car. Although they had woken up, but drwsily did not want to get up, they asked: “Two, do you have lunch?”

Azzad almost bounced from the seat and said, “Eat, why not eat!”

The same goes for William Greco. He got up slowly and brushed himself. Robe. The two of them who squinted for a while regained their energy a little. The common feeling now is that they are thirsty and hungry, and they don’t know where this feeling comes from.

Obviously, I just moved my feet just now, turning the steering wheel and hitting gears. It’s not that after a fierce battle, how could you get tired like this.

Lin moved towards the two girls who were in the ruins of the silkworm shed, directing the reconstruction plan said: “Girl, is lunch ready?”

Kaya trot over alone , Said: “Sister Wana is prepared, I’ll go see if I can help.” After speaking, he ran away again.

The three of Lin and others acted and moved towards the main house.

With this free time, Lin asked without a word: “I just drove the car for more than two hours, do you have any thoughts, two people.”

” Those two cars are failures, right.” Azad depreciated everything in the world as always.

Someone replied indifferent expression: “It depends on how strict your definition of failure is. For me, there are four wheels, you can run when you step on the accelerator, and the brakes are stepped on. If you can stop, it’s considered a pass.”

“You said that, it’s just passing. Compared with perfection, you may still have a distance that you will never be able to cross.”

“Oh, I wonder if your Royal Highness is willing to let me know what makes you resentful.” Lin asked curiously, looking at the dissatisfaction on Demon King’s face and the small blue hair on his forehead. .

“The front, rear, and rear are completely tire problems. I haven’t fully realized the performance of the entire car. All are limited by the grip of the tires. Fifteen gears. I couldn’t use all of them, and it was only up to seven gears at most.” Almost face-to-face, Azad shook the ‘7’ which was compared with his index finger in dissatisfaction.

Lin still said with a smile: “The two cars were originally built with a bunch of immature technology. With the addition of customized people, it doesn’t matter what balance is at all. Will make That kind of top-heavy monster is normal. But the tire manufacturing process has improved a lot. They have thought of adding magic materials to increase viscosity and wear resistance. If the tires are at the initial level, the two cars will only be in place Sand dredging.”

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