Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 711

The sign of Demon King is better than expected. From the second day on, the agent of Kawei, the stubborn old steward Aihanu, stopped coming to urge someone to go to work.

On the contrary, like two experts who are interested in playing, they drive that small broken car from time to time and go to the center to play. They are the most competent test drivers. The main task is to cooperate with the people of the special manufacturing team to modify cars 2 and 3 to be more approachable.

Except for Azad and William Greco, no one can control those two rare beasts. Some people try to drive at high gears and low speeds all the way, but this is very easy to stall or burst, so it won’t work if you don’t change it.

Ignoring how the people in the automobile manufacturing and R&D center are worried all day long, Lin himself has not done anything less. The two girls are responsible for restoring the operation of the silkworm coop. Most of the houses were destroyed this time. They simply demolished and rebuilt them. They had a lot of experience in sorting farming. Of course, they would have some ideas. They proceeded to plan and design according to this new idea.

The house in the jacquard workshop is the fastest to be built, because only one shell is needed, no compartments or various furniture inside, at most a few chairs. Someone had to repair the remaining machines, and the only assistant was the new apprentice, Leonardo.

Although this Florentine kid doesn’t like to use magic, he likes to tinker with machines, especially his dexterity. Moreover, he not only helped a lot in disassembly and assembly, but also had ideas on improving the machine. It can be said that he is the most suitable assistant for someone. If the two girls who have followed for a long time, although they are familiar with someone’s working habits, their attitude towards the machine is not as active and dedicated as Leonardo.

However, Lin is not simply repairing the jacquard machine, but mixed into another research. Thanks to the suggestion of the Demon King’s son Azad (sarcasm?), Lin tried to create a tool based on the magical “sculpting technique”, which required this one-level apprentice-level magic to be arrayed by the demon.

The original use of shaping technique was to turn magic materials with various material characteristics into clay, and use your hands, power, and imagination to transform this magic material into what you want. appearance. However, such an approach still has errors in industrial specifications. At this time, you must rely on the hammer and file to make the final adjustments.

There are two ways to combine different magic materials with shaping techniques. One is most commonly used, which is to combine two pieces of different materials in a’sticky’ way.

The disadvantage is that it is very inconvenient to separate the two materials perfectly, and even many people can’t do it. This is also the reason that most of the magic materials are manufactured into finished products and cannot be recycled. And there are many materials with very different material properties that cannot be glued together in this way. For example, the combination of metal and non-metal, this method is mostly unworkable.

The other is to use a special structure to fit two kinds of magic materials of different materials together. This technology is arguably the most important private inheritance for those magicians who have mastered it, and it is rarely made public. Even in the knowledge recorded by the Magician Association, there is very little about this technology, only some descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

The advantage is that the artifacts using this technology can be separated and combined at any time in addition to the easy recovery of magic materials. This is a rare benefit for the handling of large items. And there is no need to consider whether the material properties are similar, as long as it is a combination of solids and solids, this method can be done.

But the disadvantage is that the magician with poor technology will leave too much gap in the joint, causing the item to loosen or even be damaged. In addition, the joint surface is also prone to gaps due to insufficient flatness. For designs that require airtightness, it is difficult for this technology to achieve a complete seal.

That is to say, this technology can be used if it is not understood; it must be’precise’ before it can be used in actual item manufacturing, otherwise it is better not to use it. If the two are similar in nature, they are not as sticky as they are in practical use.

Don’t look at this technique very mysterious, it just happens to be the unique skill of the silverbeard dwarf. At first, they even kept it secret. Had it not been for the lack of chimeric skills, many failed products were made in the production of engines with very high airtightness requirements, and they came to ask someone for advice, and then this skill was exposed.

If you haven’t even seen the real thing, and only the description in the book, then forget it. But when the actual thing drew a few glances in front of Lin, he probably guessed that it belonged to the Midi version, the tenon-and-mortise structure used for magic materials. And there is still no need for wedge nails for extra fixation.

The trouble with this approach is how to control two or more magic materials at the same time so that one grows inward and the other grows outward on a flat surface that is invisible to the naked eye. In the end, the concavities and convexities of the two are tightly fitted with each other, and the shape cannot be a conical shape that is easy to loosen. If it is an inverted cone or other strange shape, it will jam the two or more objects to be connected.

The threshold of this technique is how to use the shaping technique to control the invisible and intangible part of the magic material and transform it into what you want. This method is broken, but it is not difficult at all. Even when any magician teaches his apprentice, he uses the same statement and makes the same requirements.

Using a more magical version of mystery, if you don’t pinch it with your hands, you will use your imagination in the process of casting a spell and visualize what you want to be transformed by the cast object. As long as the imagination is richer and the imagination more specific, the effect of the shaping technique will be better. To achieve internal fitting, it is only possible to imagine the specific shape of the fitting.

With today’s eyes, Lin reanalyses the magic of shaping technique. The spell model of shaping is the most basic power unit that triggers this magical effect. Think of this basic unit as a building block, and stack the building blocks into any shape you want to become. Then the item being cast will gradually become the shape of this’building block’ without the quality of the item being cast.

How to combine plural objects together is not what Lin wants to do. What he really wants to know is the principle of this pile of wood. Now that you know the principle, you can find a way to transform it into a magical array and produce items with a certain shape. The next step is to use programming language control to freely change the shape of the object.

The first generation of refining magic array is a new type of magic props designed on the basis of such knowledge.

It looks like a large plate, with eight canine-like protrusions distributed symmetrically on the eight sides of the plate. There are eight kinds of gems representing power at the tip of the protrusion. In addition to controlling power, it also has a function similar to Arcane’s eye. It can scan and analyze the shape and physical properties of the objects in the disk, including density, volume, weight and other basics. data.

In terms of procedural control, as long as you enter the correct engineering drawing information and provide enough materials to make a magic array, you can change the materials placed inside into the desired shape, and Separate the excess part. Of course, the input information must comply with certain specifications, instead of just giving a little child a graffiti, it can also be transformed into a real thing.

The most important point is that a magic array can handle multiple objects at once! It can even change the shape of things in the belly. In other words, you can directly use this thing to create an exquisite ball, or to create an integrated engine including a crankshaft and a piston. It’s just that the scale of the refining magic array is not big enough now, and the engine can only be used to assemble a remote control model car.

When Lin used the first generation of refining into a magic array, Yuanyuan did not Danger Land repair the damaged lifting arm components. And when each component truly met the exact same industrialization standards, he realized that he seemed to have made something extraordinary.

This is something better than Earth’s 3D printing technology. Not only is the speed much faster, but the precision depends on the engineering data provided, and theoretically, molecular level control can be achieved. But this cannot be verified.

For Leonardo, who came to help repair things, the emotion of seeing such a new toy is exciting. As long as he has free time, he will try to input the blueprint he drew into the magic array, and then take a piece of magic material that is temporarily unusable to actually create what he drew. Anyway, such a process only consumes power and does not consume materials.

So during this period of time, the most common question I encountered Leonardo after dinner was: “teacher, why did the things I made become crooked again?”

The most commonly used answer is: “Let’s take a look at the pictures you drew.” “What you want to draw are engineering drawings, not abstract drawings, or essay sketches based on impressions.” “Inner diameter 3 cm, What the hell is that a cylinder with an outer diameter of 2 cm? You use dice to determine the size?” “Calculate! Calculate! Boy. The picture will deceive people, the eyes will be deceived, but the mathematics will not!”

“Well, teacher, what is an abstract picture?”

Dare I wasted that many saliva, you brat only pay attention to this!

The degree to which this guy is easily distracted is also the most serious among the people Lin has ever seen. Three sentences must digress!

“But the teacher, if it makes a mistake, it will still make it. Although it is very strange. But since it is wrong, why not stop it directly or display an error?”


One of the most admirable qualities of this kid is that even though he can digress, it doesn’t mean that he is indifferent to the original topic. Will come back by himself.

……It means the most basic error handling, I didn’t expect anyhow. I am too used to the IDE reporting errors directly, or the design that interrupts the program operation once an error occurs. But the reality is something in progress, no matter whether the original intention is right or wrong, it will definitely have a result, but it is not known whether the result is good or bad.

“Well, you can help me try the machine first. I think about the part that will go wrong, how to verify it beforehand, and give a warning. That’s right, so you can save power and waste Making the wrong thing.”

Knowing that he is only a member of the mortal, Lin very confessed his mistake. No matter who made the mistake, you should think about ways to remedy it.

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