Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 712

“You are going to move the workshop to the R&D center?”

In the evening, after the dinner, Jermaine made this request.

“Yes, Mr. Aihanu offered such an invitation, saying that it can help us build an independent studio within the scope of the center. A lot of my research can also be carried out with the help of the center’s resources. Instead of earning hard by yourself or accepting your funding.”

At this time, the other three dwarves are nodded in unison, indicating that they are all agreeing.

Although the silverbeard dwarves have had many experiences of almost selling themselves, as adults, who wants to be discouraged or criticized for their own decisions.

Furthermore, Lin himself does not like to be planned by others, especially starting with “I am all for your good.” So he always warned himself not to treat others with this attitude. Regarding Jermaine’s request, Lin was just nodded, saying: “If you think about it clearly, I have no objection. Will all the things be moved?”

“Well, besides peace arms, other things Will move the second set in the past. There will still be a set of tools at home.”

“Oh, keep the peace arms?” Lin asked.

At this time, Jermaine rubbed his hands and said shyly: “I am not very confident in the internal secrecy measures of the center. It is safer to put it here. In addition, I have a question. , You can help me with some ideas, brother.”

“What is the problem, let me talk about it.”

“Look, now I have to go to the center every day, although They will send a car to pick up and drop off, but it is not very convenient. I want to get a transportation car for the four of us, but as you know, the design of the car now conforms to your humans, which is not very convenient for us dwarves . I just want to ask, do you have any good solutions?”

“Want to get a customized car that meets the specifications of the dwarf?”

“I have this I’ve thought about it. But that stuff is too expensive and it takes time. I want to say is there an easier and faster way to do it?”

“Be simple and fast, but also The cheap one is to use the 732A to modify it. What is there to consider?” Just disassemble, disassemble, reassemble and change things beyond recognition. This is already the daily routine of someone and the silverbeard dwarf. Lin couldn’t figure out what Jermaine didn’t dare to do because of something.

“I also thought about using the 732A to modify it. The stepping pads for getting on and off the car can be solved, and the vision problem can also be solved, but the accelerator and brake can’t think of a better solution. I can’t think of a better solution. I have tried shrinking the steering wheel, raising the pedal position, and adding the gear lever, the entire driver’s seat position will become very crowded, easy to fight with hands and feet. Moreover, the pedal is raised, the structure is not stable, and it is easy to step on or step on it. Loss, strength is not easy to control. Brother, you have many ideas, do you have any good opinions on this?”

“It would be fine to replace the pedal with a new device. If this is resolved, other gear shifting, steering wheel and control should not be a problem.”

“New device? What kind of device?” Jermaine asked with concern.

“Make an extra grip on the steering wheel to control the clutch. In the position to control the direction lights, you can make a thicker handle to replace the accelerator and brake. Pressing down is equivalent to stepping on the accelerator, and pushing forward is equivalent to stepping on the brakes. I don’t need to teach you how to change it. From the past to the present, we are familiar with digging holes, pulling wires, and installing brackets. “

Modification is a trivial matter for the silverbeard dwarves. What Jermaine wants is just an idea. It’s just that he asked incomprehensibly: “Why is it that pressing down is the accelerator, and pushing forward is the brake? Is it the other way around?”

Although it doesn’t matter what you say, but for Jermaine’s question, Lin Still thinking about it and saying: “You think about it, when an emergency occurs, for example, a cow moved towards you, or you are about to hit a wall. In subconsciously, your hands will move towards Push forward or push down? If you want to use that push rod device to replace the accelerator and brake, it makes sense to push down on the accelerator and push the brake forward. You don’t want your body to subconsciously help when a danger occurs. You urge the accelerator to accelerate.”

“It is true.” At this time, the young silver-bearded dwarf lowered his head and pondered for a while before lifting the head and asked: “Big brother, you said the future center Is it possible to manufacture a car specifically for dwarves? I mean a mass-produced car, not a special car with only two cars.”

“From the perspective of the sapiens structure, There are many people who are similar in size to dwarves, and there is nothing wrong with designing a car suitable for such people. But it is not really necessary to do this. It is determined by the market, not what we guessed here. The simplest is that , The car was built, but how many dwarves, goblins, and dwarves are willing to buy and can afford to buy it? Besides, there is a mentality that you have to pay attention to.”

“What is that?”

Lin did not sell Guanzi, and said directly: “Playing with carts is nature. Because carts have a larger internal space, the appearance of the carts also represents stability and gives people more protection. The feelings of the people in the middle. Under such a premise, a small car with a short body design will be more popular, or a car that may have some difficulty in operation, but the size is almost the same as that of other vehicles driven by humans. Will be more popular?”

Jermaine stared wide and asked: “Will anyone think that way?”

“Let’s talk about practicality again. Unless life In a world where people around you are exactly the same size as yourself, then these dwarves are bound to have some friends of normal people. Then when this friend wants to take a ride on you, it turns out to be a good, dwarf-only version of the car! Then he wants How to sit? Is it enough to sit down? You still have to chop your hands and feet to put a human into the carriage used by the dwarves.”

“Speaking of which seems to be pretty bad. So, is it the wrong thing to design a car for dwarves?”

“I won’t say it’s a mistake. Maybe some dwarves just don’t want to hitchhiker for those of normal size. The car they couldn’t get in was just an excuse, but it’s a pretty good thing.”

“So, this is right again? How do you feel that I am getting more and more confused.”


Shaking his head to Jermaine With a dazzling look, Lin said with a smile: “There is no correct answer to this kind of thing, it is determined by the market and demand. Both of these can be cultivated. It depends on what kind of attitude you want to face it. “

When the four silver-bearded dwarves scratched their heads, Jermaine seemed to think of something and said, “Yes, big brother, about car 1. Mr. Aihanu asked me to convey that the design of car 1 can enter the 2nd stage. He also asked me to emphasize that because it is only a design work, people who are not related should not be allowed to go to the center. “

Is this frightened by the Demon King son that?

Azad has been in the automobile manufacturing and R&D center during this period of time, and he has not been like anyone Kill him like imagined. On the one hand, it’s because no one dared to provoke him, and on the other hand, it’s because of William Greco.

This white sword saint is like a lubricant character, very good He coordinated the communication between the Demon King son and other people. Although his character can be considered weird, it is much better than Azad.

The vehicle primordial has The magic arrays are all within the body of the car. It connects to the engine, energy center, magic stone power conversion array, etc., purely used to transmit power and convert engine output into power. These functions are just to make the vehicle normal The design is necessary for the operation.

As for the 2nd Stage design of a custom car, the car, which is made of magical materials, is portrayed as a magical array that has nothing to do with the function of the “vehicle” itself, and becomes a real Magic props in the sense. The magic previously required by Kawei’s agent, old steward Ahnu to test-Barbaric Dash, belongs to the offensive magic for custom cars.

And No. 1 The reason why the car is finalized faster than cars No. 2 and No. 3 is because the theme of this car is safety. It does not require extreme performance, but the safety of the driver is required to be horrible.

In other words, all the magic that is going to be portrayed on this car will also revolve around the theme of “safety”. Then mix one or two offensive magics to achieve offensive and defensive integration. To the point.

Once the magic array characterization is completed, this customized car will become a finished product that is difficult to change and modify. And in order to make the magic array portrayed on the car body can play the biggest and most Efficiency, the connection between the different magic arrays, is a topic that Midi had never touched before the new Great Sage Tower.

This part is that besides Lin, no one can replace it at this stage. That’s why Jermaine will speak for Aihanu. Thinking of the old steward’s explanation, the silver-bearded dwarf said: “I heard Mr. Aihanu say that related needs have been stored in the central system, special On the 2nd Stage requirement list of Project 1. You can check it out first when you have time. “

Many of the industrial functions designed by Lin cannot be separated from the first coffin system based on the purple magic stone. These things are placed in other magic stones, although they can be taken to other places. Display, but only display, and other functions cannot be used. So for the convenience of magicians and craftsmen who join the automobile manufacturing and R&D center, Lin also established a similar system for the center.

Copy The function of the first coffin is 70%, but it does not include the information accumulated by the first coffin. As the core of the central system, the purple transformation grade magic stone is provided by Duke Kawei. As an imperial nobleman, once again Shocked someone’s little mind.

Especially the large area in the center, a purple grade as the core, is not enough to cover the entire area. So Lin also designed some nodes to The second magic stone is a relay, so that all magicians in the range can use the functions and computing power of the central system. The disadvantage is that each magician must have a magic stone as the operation system to be able to use the central system.

In fact, a better way is to build an energy pool for the magic tower, which is more versatile. However, the magician group, regarding the construction of an energy pool outside the magic tower, has the ambition to remain silent together. Or pretend to be stupid.

at first, someone through the crowd wanted to break this kind of professional barrier, but after in-depth understanding, there was nothing. The magic tower is using the energy pool to semi-permanently gain semi-infinite power At the same time, it is also suppressing the core of the energy pool in a sense. Because that is a very dangerous thing.

Think about it, in Earth, in order to temporarily use electricity, so we get a nuclear fission technology What a deadly act of Nuclear Energy Generator.

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