Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 713

Hallumi took the lead. After seeing his teacher finished talking with the silverbeard dwarf, the three apprentices touched it trivially. In addition to Kaya, today’s little follower also has Leonardo. The poor young man was moved towards the crooked road by his Senior Sisters.

their three people took a stack of papers and handed them to someone. “Teacher, take a look at our design. Which one is suitable to be made of silk?”

It was not long before they explained that they had time to prepare these while tidying the courtyard. Or is this something they were ready to wait for?

After receiving the design draft, Lin looked at it seriously. If it was in the past, when these women made clothes, somebody needed to review and approve it, but it’s different nowadays. The difference is that from the enchantment of the silk reeling stage and the programming after inputting the pattern into the jacquard, Lin hasn’t made a fool function yet, that is, it can be used by scanning things in.

Once there are any changes to the enchantment content and the weaving pattern, you have to change the settings and re-enter the reference target and other actions. Despite the construction of the jacquard machine, several women also participated, especially the programming part of the programming language. But at the same time, these parts are just sporadic functions, and the final integration is done by someone.

This also caused the jacquard machine to be useless if someone did not do it. Unless someone else intends to use the previous design and make something similar to Lin’s Black Tortoise gown. The question is, who will?

So even if the number of silk cocoons was accumulated enough to make a suit of clothes, work was still not started. The most important reason, of course, is someone’s lazy cancer. The external statement is that I hope to accumulate more silk cocoons, and then I can make more clothes at once instead of doing it intermittently. To put it simply, it is to accumulate things and complete them in one effort.

But since the apprentices have been solicited for their design drafts, of course, there is a plan to match them with Fen and the outfits of several women first. So today is going to review the design draft submitted by a few apprentices.

It’s just okay if I didn’t turn it over, the more I turned it over, the more I shook my head.

“Basically, this manuscript is still the same as it was four or five years ago. It hasn’t improved. What is it like to draw? I always turn out old things and play one or two times three times. It’s interesting. Is it?” This is an evaluation of Kaya.

She just put together the clothes designs that had been sewn in the past, and put together a set that looked new. It may be a little fresh in the eyes of others, but in the eyes of someone who knows the origin of these clothes, it is a bit nondescript.

“Well, I understand the transformation of your approach to nature. This is not a mistake, and I am not against it. But imagine a forest fairy, wearing flowers and grass, leaves and vines on your body, Please wear real flowers and grass directly. Instead of using the silk that you have made so hard to make into fake flowers and grass, you should wear them on your body.” This is an evaluation for Hallumi.

This product has been out of the scope of human beings. It is in a super retro style and restored to the Bible. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are dressed a little bit more…

“This What’s that? A village girl in Florence?” This is Leonardo’s evaluation.

For Leonardo also proposed a design draft, someone doesn’t know if it was forced by his two Senior Sisters, or if he was idle and panicked to join in the fun.

Although his paintings are exquisite, his vision is only the hometown in his memory, and it is still the kind of country, not the nobleman or luxury merchant in the Middle Ages in Europe. But for a boy in the countryside who was forced to travel to the maze when he was a teenager, he couldn’t force too much.

Finally, Lin crossed the heads of the three apprentices and asked Lich, who was sitting steadily on the sofa at the back: “Did they show you these things?”

Fen shook the head, and nodded. She is not very interested in costume design. She always takes someone’s design drawings, and sees which suit she feels is good today, and then she makes which suit and wears it on her body. After all, these have nothing to do with magic.

“teacher, what is wrong with what we draw. Hasn’t it been designed like this in the past? It will be scolded if it is maintained, and it will seem to be scolded if it is released. How to draw is good.”

“Bring paper and pen.” Someone didn’t explain much, and was directly instructed.

It was a few years ago that my teacher drew conceptual drawings of clothes. In the era of the Great Sage Tower, someone with a lot of idleness took this incident as a way to get rid of daily boredom. But after leaving the magic tower, there were too many things that prevented him from picking up the paintbrush and painting these things that had nothing to do with magic or work.

Today again, the two girls are of course excited to find a sketchbook and colored crayons. The latter is the result of someone who was bored in the past. Although the manufacturing process has not been improved, because it is not troublesome, the materials are replaceable and easy to obtain, and the two girls have always had the habit of being around.

For Lin, the concept of what he wants to paint is actually very simple. The fabric used today is woven silk brocade, the most suitable clothing for this fabric, in addition to cheongsam and Japanese kimono, the most suitable, of course, is Hanfu Tang suit.

Just like the rice used in the ground, the rice cooked in the ground is the best, in the land where the tapestry was born, of course, the most suitable clothing style for this fabric will be developed.

Write a few strokes quickly, and then wipe a few strokes with a crayon to paint. A humanoid model wearing a horse-faced skirt, a stand-up collar, and a long twill dress appeared on the paper. Some wear a pony jacket, some have clouded shoulders, and they have several different shapes.

After drawing the human-shaped model, the next step is to sculpt the parts of the clothes in detail. The most effort is spent on the patterns on the clothes.

An all-red costume, plus the image of a bird on the long coat. The original intention was to paint Vermilion Bird, but’Vermilion Bird’ is a kind of fantasy bird, which does not actually exist. So Lin used Phoenix’s shape, which is similar to the image of a red peacock used by most people, and omitting the peacock tail feathers, is the Vermilion Bird drawn by Lin. And on the skirt, it is the shape of the sea of ​​clouds.

A set of light azure costumes, plus an Azure Dragon on the long twill, the skirt is full of turbulent waves. The dragon shape is different from the tattoo style, and it does not deliberately pursue a full-page or majestic feeling. It’s a kind of unpredictable taste in the clouds and mist.

A set of azure-white, the pony is hung with a Mountain Tiger. The black stripes on the white background, just a few strokes, fully show the king’s posture of the Howling Mountain Forest. The skirt is a view of the mountains and forests, using the style of Chinese painting instead of realistic style.

Although it is an essay, it also took someone a lot of time. However, the eyes of the few people watching by the side are getting brighter and brighter. In the end, every time a manuscript is completed, the two girls are like offering treasures, brought to their sisters, zhi zhi chatting.

When the three costumes were finished, Lin shook off his wrist which hadn’t been painted for a long time. Previous images of this kind were shown using whiteboard pen technique, using space as a canvas and consciousness as a brush. But this kind of display can only be used temporarily and cannot be retained. In order to keep the bottom, Lin still had to use the Old Fang method to paint, but also to facilitate the follow-up work.

At this time, after reading all the manuscripts, Fen raised his bright eyes from the manuscript paper, looked towards someone, and asked: “Why are there no similar costumes in the manuscripts you left before?”

Because the things I left before are just a bit of obsession with the memory of anime and video games, the things I painted are not some impressive costumes of the heroine, or the clothes that have appeared in H_Game. Or some classic style costumes designed from movies and TV dramas based on what the crew calls “test evidence”-who knows if it really fits the background of the times.

As for fashion-style clothing, in fact, before crossing, I didn’t care about fashion. At best, I saw some reports about the fashion circle in the news, or it was just the appearance of which celebrities walked on the red carpet and attended important events.

But with this little thing, it is not a big problem to bluff the natives. But this kind of thing, obviously can’t be said directly. Lin turned his eyes and said: “There was no suitable fabric before. Look at the key points of these clothes, all the patterns on the clothes. If these things are embroidered, they can be embroidered, but how much time will it take? Those two girls are magical apprentices, and the most important thing is to learn, not to hone their embroidery skills. So I am fortunate that you didn’t let you see these pictures before and spent too much time on them.”

“Well, that’s true.” Although he is not good at embroidery and tailoring, it does not mean that Fen cannot infer how much time it takes to spend on this. At least, she is reluctant to wear some shoddy clothes. However, it takes time or effort in other areas to craft it carefully.

But looking at the shape of the three-headed Spirit Beast. Fen only recognized a tiger in it, and the weird creature with a dragon head and a snake body had never been seen before. Although the red one was a bird, he had never seen such a bird. Thinking of what happened the day someone put on that black robe, she frowned and asked: “The shape of these clothes will not let the things that happened that day. Let’s do it again.”

This worry caused the two girls to turn their heads and look towards their teacher, their eyes look rather like catching a bad little thief who digs a pit. Lin explained with a smile: “Of course I will have measures to prevent and respond to what happened on that day. More importantly, as long as it is not worn on my body, there should be no major problems. I will use these Spirit Beasts. The shape of my is just a scribble, and it matches the Black Tortoise gown on my body. You don’t think it’s suitable, you can change to another shape. These pictures just want to tell you that the type of clothing is not only the previous one. Draw what you have seen, use sewing and tailoring methods to make the shape you want, and start from the pattern on the fabric surface.”

After getting the answer, the three women couldn’t wait. Discussed and excluded someone completely. In fact, their attitude towards doing things has been like this in the past. The most important thing is because Lin doesn’t want to get too involved in the details of the clothes, he just likes to appreciate the results that are finally worn on people. This is especially true for tailoring and sewing. Although he can do it, someone prefers to leave things to others to do.

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