Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 714

However, another male apprentice who was excluded, Leonardo looked at the drawing and compared his own drawing. Scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks, he looked a little ashamed and unable to show one’s face. When he noticed that his newly recognized teacher was looking at him, he couldn’t help showing an annoyed look, and said, “Maestro, scusa. I couldn’t think of such a good idea.”

Mixed with hometown dialects to this guy , With the grammar of Midi Common Language, someone can be considered strange. Initially, I had to rely on the translation program to guide myself. But as he spoke, he was familiar with it, without any translation, Lin directly replied: “Don’t be discouraged, kid. The quality of many things depends on how high or low one’s vision is.”

Looking at Leonardo’s puzzled expression, Lin explained: “Look, the so-called creativity depends on your own basic knowledge and ideas that are beyond it. This is quite wonderful. There is nothing wrong with the thing. But the so-called insight is that I have seen the ideas of many people and put their ideas into my knowledge and consolidated my basic knowledge. Maybe the things you try to come up with are indeed You have never seen or experienced things. But I have gathered a hundred people, two hundred people, one thousand people, two thousand people, and even many ideas from many people, and I just choose what I think is suitable. . This is the difference between the two of us.”

“What the teacher wants to say is that I have to learn more?” Leonardo said suspiciously.

For such a problem, Lin said with a smile: “Of course. There is a saying in my hometown: live to grow old, learn to grow old. Not only need to learn more and more deeply, even I also need time Learn all the time. No one is omniscient and omnipotent. Faced with the endless problems that arise every day, and if there is no way to solve it, of course it is to ask other people for solutions, or look for solutions from other books. Of course, you also have to be in it. Think, instead of throwing the trouble on others altogether. Then compare your own answers with others’ answers, see what the gap between the two is, and what is the pros and cons, and then decide what you will use to solve the problem Method. The so-called knowledge is not continuously progressing under such circumstances.”

“Yes, teacher.” Leonardo’s expression eased a lot.

“Remember one thing, knowledge is power, whether you choose to study magic or engineering is the same. First open up your own vision, then enrich your knowledge, and finally know to think. And belong Your own thinking is the most important part, and this is also the part where you perform best. You like to observe, think about why, and find answers. This is already a very good trait. Now all you have to do is to know better More why, fill those things into your field of knowledge and become the basis of everything.”

For the two girls who are already familiar with their teacher character, Lin can ridicule without hesitation. Anyway, these two girls are also pippy now, don’t kick their ass while staring at them, Hallumi and Kaya won’t move forward at all.

But new apprentices can’t be so neat. First of all, I don’t know how high his psychological endurance is. When the other party is not familiar with him, it is possible to take those exaggerated ridicules seriously, which is undoubtedly aggravating the harm.

Secondly, one’s own authority has not reached the level of stand by one’s word. The attitude of pointing at the sky and cursing the earth, fighting everywhere is to show to others. As a person who has been subjected to social baptism and pretends to be grandchildren, even if he has the ability to resist authority now, there is no need to train a child, and train people to doubt life.

Leading Leonardo in a persuasive way. The most comforting thing is that he can hear these words and is willing to change himself. There is nothing more comforting than this. Compared to the old and stubborn stubborn ones who were not taught in math class, Lin wanted to catch them and reward them with big mouths.

In short, I coaxed this young man from Florence, and the elated one went back to check the repair progress of the jacquard machine, and compared the blueprint design and the running of the test program. Someone felt happy. There is nothing happier than training a conscious young man to betray his liver willingly.

The discussion of several women has progressed to the preparation of perfecting someone’s sketch, marking the size, plate size and other figures. However, there was an unexpected guest at this time, which disrupted their discussion.

Take the drawing of the red Vermilion Bird suit from Hallumi, Azad squeezes the young girls away, and the Malaysian golden blade sits on the sofa. On the other end, Fen, with both feet bent on the sofa, with one hand resting on his head. She gave the rude man a glance, but it was a pity that Demon King never cared about the glances of others.

Looking at the sketches in his hand, he just picked up a few on the table and compared them. Suddenly Azad emerged from the paper manuscript and said: “These clothes are not bad, please make a set for me.”

Lin subconsciously asked: “Who wears it?”

“Of course. It’s me.” Azad stared at the questioning person with a look of idiot, as if the other person’s question was very unreasonable.

“But this is women’s clothing.”

“So can’t it?” The contempt in his eyes became obvious, and even a little more annoyed. And the hair on the head tends to turn red.

Seeing that look, Lin knew that he couldn’t refuse any longer. This is not a personality that allows others to disobey. Although he may not hurt himself, it is not a good thing for him to make trouble. So Lin said: “Even if you want to wear it, you have to make it. To make it, you have to have materials.”

“Material? Isn’t there?” The trend of red hair faded slightly. , Azad asked dissatisfiedly.

“When someone first came to my house, they demolished the place where I raised silkworms. Most of the little cuties were killed and injured, and half of them ran away. What do you think.” Lin Fan asked.

Not caring about trivial things does not mean that Azad’s memory is poor. His memory and observation are so strong that ordinary people can’t match it. So when Lin mentioned what happened at the time, he remembered it clearly. When fighting against that Lich in the courtyard, the degree of danger was different from that of the man.

The strange thing about magician lies in its appearance and disappear unpredictably figure, and its all-round attack method with almost no dead ends. As for the box cut, it is not counted in the battle strength at all.

Lich’s battle method is the old-school magician’s battle method, blessing oneself and breaking through with strength. As long as there is a chance, there will be huge magic attacks with destructive power. Azad killed many such magicians, but in front of the former Demon King Fanny Tikal, the Demon King hit a wall for the first time.

It’s different from fighting that man faster. In the battle with Lich, both sides did their best, hoping to break the other’s defenses. Unfortunately, it is still a situation where no one can help. In the course of the battle, it is inevitable to accidentally get injured.

It’s just that the other people in this family seem to know how to be worldly-wise and play safe. As early as when they started fighting, they ran out of silhouette. So what is destroyed is the flowers and grass and houses in the courtyard.

And the sericulture mentioned by the magician in front of him should be the demonic beast that was affected in that battle. Azad pursed his mouth and said dissatisfied: “It’s those small insects. That’s the material you make for your clothes?”

“Do you feel surprised when you ask, or is there a way to solve the problem? But let’s say it first. Even if you catch more moths by hand, it’s not necessarily useful. It takes time to wait. Because what I really need is that the larvae transform into adult cocoons. And they are still raised by special feeding methods. Big larva.”

“Special feeding method? Human flesh?”

“Hey, why did your thoughts jump over there. The clothes you wear are made of human flesh. Don’t you think it’s weird if you’re made of food.”

“No. You see how many demonic beasts are peeled and made into clothes. Does anyone feel weird. Everyone? Dressed very happily, and judged each other who wore demonic beasts that were more advanced and stronger. Bloodthirsty is already the nature of human beings in the bone marrow. Because the source of blood is different, it creates a psychological burden. You deliberately pretend to be stupid and make people laugh. Well.”

These words can’t be continued. Lin had to change the subject and said: “In short, if you want to wear this kind of clothes, you have to wait. We have to wait for us to regain the scale of raising silkworms and accumulate enough silk cocoons before we have the materials to help you make clothes. Then what do you want to do? Just do it. Just do it.”

Although he agreed to someone’s request, but he had to wait, Azad looked towards the three women with weird eyes, and then towards Lin.

Lin said grimly: “Don’t want to jump in the queue, this is your punishment for ruining my sericulture. Besides, I believe in the truth that those who don’t work don’t eat, even though it’s more. Opening your mouth to eat is nothing, so I never asked you for food. But the effort required to make this dress, you still want to reap without sowing, it’s not justified.”

“That… …What did this one do?” Azad was a little weaker in his imposing manner, and pointed to Lich who was sitting lazily on the sofa at the other end.

In these days, even if he didn’t know everything about every move that happened under this house, he was still watching it. Speaking of the silkworm coop outside the house, two apprentices are mainly busy. This Lich teaches at the Academy every day, and then comes back to eat and wait to die. Really speaking of which is similar to him.

Lin shook his head and said, “You didn’t see her contribution, it doesn’t mean that she did nothing. The research and improvement of the moth species, although the record is Hallumi, To judge the valuable changes or the valueless fluctuations from the pile of data, these things are incomparable to me. No one can erase this credit.”

Aza De looked at the woman sitting on the other side of the sofa in disbelief. Fen cast a wink and smiled, as if in a demonstration.

Thinking of his tie with this woman, provided that she is now hanging on her body by the shackles of the eight masters of power personally. Azad can’t help but imagine what kind of existence the Demon King of Peak State was like a thousand years ago; will he have a chance to appear as a brave man?

Of course, he didn’t know that Fen’s evaluation of him was that she can fight three previous selves as easy as blowing off dust.

However, since the other person still has the shackles that even outsiders can perceive, Azad’s mood for launching a challenge now is much weaker. He turned his head and looked towards a certain magician who was dodged and said, “Well, it just needs a deal. Tell me, who do you want me to kill?”

……”I said, Apart from killing people, don’t you do anything else?”

“This is the simplest thing. And I have a hunch that the other conditions you put forward will not be unacceptable to me. , But it must be very troublesome. Or do you need to kill you as a trading condition? I can barely accept it. Although my life will be less fun, killing one that claims to be the best escape from magician fun.”

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