Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 715

The transaction with Azad has not been realized for the time being. This is not because the conditions are not agreed, it is purely because even if the agreement is negotiated, someone does not have the ability to fulfill the promise now. ──Ah, there is no material, how to do it. ──So Azad also put the matter aside, and didn’t care about it for the time being.

In the automobile manufacturing and R&D center, mass-produced cars and trucks with common material versions need not be mentioned. Although the two models that have begun to be sold to the outside world are not so popular, at least there is no slow-moving situation where the inventory has been overstocked for too long. On the one hand, the production capacity of the center has not yet exploded; on the other hand, market acceptance is still in the trial stage. Both sides are groping.

The recent focus is of course the production of the 2nd Stage of the No. 1 car-Enchanting.

The magic choice for attack is’Barbaric Dash’. The method of use is also very simple, turn it on, hold the steering wheel firmly, slam on the accelerator, crash and reverse the car, let’s do it again!

As for the proposal of launching Fireball and Icicle, after seeing the destructive power of the magic Barbaric Dash, everyone actively ignored it. The mound used for testing was rammed against the city wall of the empire’s capital, and then a hole was smashed into… This weapon, even stronger than a battering ram, would fireball? This is for fireworks.

According to a chief design engineer, if it is useful, one move is enough; if it is useless, a hundred moves are in vain.

Add a ring of apprentice-level magic ─ ─ Light Object Technique, which is used to reduce the weight of the car body. The car body pursues lightweight and strength, but it is the eternal pursuit of the Earth automobile industry. In the maze, a magic is done. You can be as light as you want, and you can float.

So someone proposed to change the floatation technique of enchanting apprentice-level magic in the second ring, and install propellers on the front and back of the car body…

I said, do you build cars or airplanes? So this proposal was rejected again.

It’s the use of Light Object Technique, which has caused some internal controversy. The point is how light the body weight of the car should be, and whether to keep this magic constant. That is, when the vehicle starts, the light object technique is activated; when the vehicle is turned off, the effect of the light object technique is cancelled.

The focus of the former is that if it is too light, it will reduce the grip of the tire. Because there is not enough body weight to allow the tires to be in close contact with the ground, it will further reduce the stability of the vehicle.

The latter is of course related to the power consumption, or fuel consumption, after the vehicle is started. After all, the engine consumes energy, and the activation of the magic array also consumes energy. In the end, this question is left to mathematics to answer. Because the body becomes lighter, it also helps to reduce the power loss of the engine, so a curve between body weight and energy consumption is made, and the optimal configuration is just fine.

Add a ring of apprentice-level magic ─ ─ jump, this magic is used to break through difficult terrain. And through the process control power and output, you can easily choose where to jump and land. After testing, in a windless weather, with light object technology to reduce the weight of the car body, it can span a distance of up to one kilometer and a maximum of 150 meters. In fact, this is no different from flying.

Additional magic-magic shield defense, this magic is to raise the defensive power of the car to a higher level. It is a constant magic that is not permanent, but a conditional trigger, so that it can avoid the waste of power.

Additional second-ring apprentice-level magic──transparency. The previous failed experience of playing optical camouflage on the Black Tortoise gown brought someone directly back to the Earth Demon method that I still don’t understand—transparency. When the vehicle is stationary, it is very convenient to use this magic to hide. The disadvantage is that it breaks work with one move and can only stay still.

Add a ring of apprentice-level magic-shaping. In fact, this is the result of the previous research, which can be used to make small parts. Lin used it on a physical vehicle for the first time, and then solidified the specifications and dimensions of each part to achieve the effect of “self-repair”.

However, this also makes the modification work more difficult when necessary. Because the solid shaping technique design must be adjusted synchronously, otherwise as long as the vehicle starts, the power will penetrate the shaping magic array, and the car body will be restored to its original state and all previous efforts will be lost.

And these are only the external part of the car body. Taking into account the comfort and safety of driving and passengers, of course there are additional magic inside the cockpit to protect the occupants.

First of all, car No. 1 is different from other customized cars. The windshield position of other customized cars is replaced by a very special magic crystal. Although I don’t know how it compares with the strength of bulletproof glass, during the previous test, no matter how the vehicle rolled over, the windshield was still strong, and there were no spider web-like cracks. The strength is evident.

But the No. 1 car adopts a fully enclosed design, and the position of the windshield and windows are all made of special steel plates. The interior uses the panoramic projection system in the silverbeard dwarf peace-armed helmet, so that the people inside can easily see the outside scenery, while the people outside cannot see the situation inside.

Because the cockpit adopts a closed design, design and magic in ventilation and air purification are indispensable.

In order to ensure the safety of the passengers in a violent collision, Lin chose a very unpopular magic-softness. This magic is an apprentice-level magic, an extended branch of sculpting. It can temporarily turn any hard object into soft and non-destructive.

But the disadvantage is that the object will forcibly return to its original shape, and in the process of returning, it will generate a powerful force to “bounce” the person out. So the most primordial use of this magic is actually a kind of magic trap, but it is not very popular.

Because of this hugeness, the force to bounce people away can be countered with brute force. Although the object will return to its original state in the end, as long as the strength is sufficient, a person can control the direction and speed of his bounce and reduce the possible damage.

Such a magic is used inside the car, it is simply better than the airbag. Earth’s airbags are not suitable for small children, infants and young children, and poor design will also bring unnecessary risks. The use of softness in the interior of the custom car cockpit, the driver and passengers are at best all directions. It may be dizzy, but it is better than hitting a hard car body or steering wheel.

With so many kinds of magic, it is impossible to portray them on the body of a car in the eyes of other magicians. Because the more magical arrays of different natures, the more difficult it is to link them together and play a role. But if others can’t do it, it doesn’t mean that Lin can’t do it. Before transforming the Great Sage Tower, no one dared to despise his skill in the magic array.

Moreover, there are a lot of magic arrays, so you can’t just draw one. Like a magic shield, the car body is engraved on the front, back, left, and right, and even up and down. The shaping technique used for self-repair is specially arranged according to the shape of the car body to ensure that the magic effect can affect every part of the car body.

For such a complex project, Lin handed over the design in just a few days, allowing the center’s magician and engineer-a new name to refer to those with good machine manufacturing skills. People,-let’s implement it. In addition to design, Lin also spent a few days explaining to others the reasons for such a design.

This is the content of knowledge that was originally agreed to be imparted, so Lin doesn’t keep it private. If you want to leave the troublesome task of making a customized car to others, you have to train other people who can do it. This is normal.

To integrate so many magic arrays together, the trick lies in the decorative patterns that others think are useless. Those are like passive components in a circuit board, such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc., connecting ICs with different functions—that is, magic arrays—and integrate them into a whole. Allow power to communicate with different magic arrays and act according to the requirements of the design.

And these small magical arrays of capacitance pattern, resistance pattern, inductance pattern, etc., of course, are not randomly placed in any place. In this process, you need to use mathematics to make detailed calculations to make all the magic arrays coordinate and play a 100% role. And these calculations, even those magicians and engineers as if drunk and stupefied, wish one were dead.

To this, someone’s response was only: “hehe.” Don’t you play with the wafer process? That’s something I can’t even think of. Not only is the professional mismatched, but the threshold is also high.

But this time, even if everyone thinks that their heads are smoking, no one wants to keep someone in the center and ask someone to understand. Instead, I hope that this person will leave as soon as possible, and take away his Royal Highness who has lost interest in racing cars.

Because there is no championship honor, no sponsor is waving a lot of money, throwing money to ask for a best driver, driving the best war chariot, and hanging up their sponsorship advertisement to win The pressure of good grades, so the racing fun between Azad and William Greco was quickly consumed. They haven’t come to report for a while. Everyone celebrates!

But after car 1 entered the 2nd Stage work, at the moment of verifying the results, Lin not only appeared, but also brought the prince who was shunned by everyone. Everyone still dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak, staying far away from the evil star who didn’t know whether it was good or bad.

“So, I was especially called here, where is it buried in the center? I will help you dig the pit for free. But if you fill the soil, you have to ask someone else to do it. I will send you in at most That’s it.”

“Of course it’s not for such a trivial matter. But there is a major event, which has to rely on His Highness’s strengths.” Lin led the people to the familiar experimental site in the center.

Ordered by the Grand Duke of Cavi, the No. 1 car, ready to be given to his granddaughter, parked quietly on a clearing. The styling of this car is quite different from the classical styles of several other custom-made cars. Because it is for women to drive, Lin adopted the classic Porsche 911 styling and then made some changes.

The car body with sports car pedigree is more petite, but the streamlined arc gives people aristocratic elegance, rather than the sci-fi style toughness like Lamborghini.

However, in the maze of underdeveloped road systems, playing with low chassis and low center of gravity is just asking for trouble. Therefore, the height of the chassis and the design of the shock absorber of this No. 1 car are much higher, so that this Porsche is a bit nondescript in someone’s eyes. The body of a sports car, the chassis of an off-road vehicle. But the indigenous people in the Lost Lands don’t know what, so they still admire the shape of this car.

In spite of this, no one from the other bigwigs asked to transform their customized car into the appearance of the No. 1 car. Because someone painted the car body into a bright pink color, it almost blinded all men’s eyes. Few men have the courage to ride in this car with pink bubbles, even Azad.

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