Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 716

Compared with the pink car that dazzled everyone, another focus of attention was the magicians who gathered temporarily in the open space of the test field. According to the assembly form of the regular army, a small horizontal rectangular array is formed with a hundred people, and then several small arrays are assembled into a large array, with a total number of 614 people.

As an official magician, no matter how much you like to work on research and production, no one has ever been bloodied. It can also be said that without the blood of baptism, it is impossible to cross the daoist sect hurdle.

And Holy City Estali is close to the Gwana Empire, and many magicians have joined the regular Legion of the Empire. Although only a small number of people can become elite members, most people have basic military literacy. So as long as someone stepped up to command, the magicians of Holy City would form Legion squares in a decent way.

Their primordial identity is a magician who joined the automobile manufacturing and R&D center. Scattered in various positions, they are gathered together especially for experimentation today. In fact, everyone did not get together, and no one realized that the center already had such a powerful force. The magician team of more than 600 people has no problem sweeping the territories of some little nobles.

Of course, the purpose of their joining the center is not here, and it is also impossible to organize and harm anyone at the request of someone. But today we will gather together, the reason is to do an experiment, related to the car.

In addition to the magician, the ducal guards and silverbeard dwarves who are not on duty now also put on melee weapons and equipment and line up here. In particular, the four silverbeard dwarves are almost even taller than them with their hammers. Just squeeze it up, and the wind will grow stronger.

It’s just the son of a certain emperor Your Majesty, and he said bluntly: “Hey, there are so few people, not enough for me to kill. It’s useless if you want to rely on them to plot against me.”

Faye and the Knights turned their heads in opposite directions, and no one stubbornly refuted or complained.

The name of’Demon King’ is heavy, and the battle where the emperor’s three guards suffered more than half of the casualties made the people of this empire feel the pain deep in their bones. The members of that elite force may be relatives of his own, or the child whom he had known since childhood in the neighborhood, and then they were all gone. No one has a way to blindly say that those are all false rumors, because the harm is happening around them.

However, the plague god who everyone avoids, Lin is very ordinary to face. Said: “It’s too wasteful to use them against you, and it’s not profitable. If you want to fight, you have to fight a battle that can only be won, and a battle that can only be lost. Don’t even fight unless you have to. Just to do an experiment, it has nothing to do with you.”

“Listen to you, should I feel lonely.” Azad showed an exaggerated expression of regret, shook the head. Then he asked curiously: “So what are they doing with so many people?”

“Test the defensive ability of that car.” Lin replied.

Azzad asked again: “How to test?”

“Smash it. Use magic to smash it, use your strength to smash it. Or you think they gathered together to watch the show. .”

Azzad asked again: “What should I do if it is broken?”

“If it is broken, it means that the defensive can’t pass. At this time, we need to review the defense design. , Find the shortcomings, and rebuild the defense system. You have to ask such a simple thing, IQ has degraded?”

A certain magician argued with the courage of one’s convictions, the old listening Steward Aihanu’s eyelids twitched. It’s really broken, repairing and reforming it all cost his master’s money. Why can this man speak so easily. Does he know that these cars have already spent a few years in taxes on a grand duchy’s territory?

But of course Azad doesn’t care about the trivial matters. He said with interest: “Then I’m here to help. Things that won’t move are not very interesting.”

“I’ll sit in it, although I can’t drive the car. Isn’t that interesting?”

“Oh, you will be in it!” Azad’s eyes lit up with interest To say.

“In fact, this is also a last resort. Because what is to be tested is the magic attached to the car body, the effect and the consumption of power. Although the test data can be obtained from the outside as long as the sensor is connected. But it is necessary Time needs to be adjusted from the inside, and the internal safety, it is more straightforward to use the test doll to experience it in person. And the most important point, if it is really dangerous, no one will run better than me. If I change someone else The car’s protection is really broken through, and there is probably no chance of survival. So it’s the safest way for me to go personally. I don’t want the simple manufacturing work to kill people.”

Azad was disappointed. Said: “That’s it. You said accidentally getting a magical array of dimensional anchors on the car body, will it be very exciting for you.”

“hehe, just whispered here. Let me tell you, I have tested this kind of thing. Dimensional anchor, it is useless for me.” Before Azad continued to ask, of course he didn’t want to satisfy the people who were secretly listening next to him with their ears up. Lin clapped his hands and said: “Okay, I won’t talk too much nonsense. After the test is completed as soon as possible, everyone can return to their posts and continue to work. Don’t waste time.”

There is no questioning and no satisfaction. For anyone’s curiosity, Lin invited several commanders to arrange the test. Said: “When I enter the car and when I am ready, I will flash two headlights as a signal, so you can start the offensive. The first wave of offensive is led by Jermaine, ──”

Nodded, the named silverbeard dwarf, signaled.

“──The people in the melee team used your best method to attack the car #1. However, considering the position next to the vehicle, it is impossible to accommodate you all persons. So how many will there be by then? People can launch an attack. It is up to you and the situation on the scene. I will not interfere.”

“Then how far are we going to fight?” Jermaine asked.

Lin was stunned for a moment, apparently at first did not consider such a problem. But he simply put the decision-making power in the hands of the opponent, saying: “If you think there is a chance to break the shield and break the car, then continue to attack. It doesn’t matter if the car is taken apart. The car is really fragile enough to be dismantled by you, then such a defense system can’t be called safe at all. If you feel that the chance of breaking is not great, and there is no point in continuing to fight, then retreat. And retreat. The farther the better.”

“Go away?” Jermaine’s voice was a little angry. To despise the silverbeard dwarf so much is tantamount to insult. But someone’s next words swallowed all his grievances.

“The second wave offensive is launched by magicians. If you don’t want to be affected, of course you should try to get out of the range of magical attacks. This is fine.”

I thought Jermaine, who retorted, was speechless. Lin didn’t care about this guy, but moved towards the temporarily formed magician Legion commander and said: “The timing of your attack is the timing when the fighters really get out of the magical attack range. You can discuss what magic to use, but you only need to issue three rounds of attack. That’s enough. If a certain round has broken the car’s defenses, stop the attack.”

After getting the consent of the magician, Lin turned his head and looked towards Demon King’s Azad, and said:” If three rounds of magical attacks are unable to break through the defense, then you are the finale. You can hit whatever you want, whether you can penetrate this shell or not, I think based on your acumen, you should be able to judge clearly. I think. When you can’t move or are too lazy to fight, stop.”

“Don’t you suggest that I stop as long as I break through the defense?”

Lin shrugged indifferently and moved towards No. 1. The car walked, preparing in advance. At the same time, he said: “If you are really pierced by you, of course I will run away first. Tell you what to stop, is it useful?”

“Of course it’s useless. If things are interesting enough, why should I Stop as you wish.”

Still shrugging, Lin said, “So Hello.” After saying these three simple words, he got into the car that was painted pink. In the car.

Everyone knows that they are ready to start the test, and they all waited with breathlessness. When they saw the agreed signal, that is, after the headlights in front of the car flashed twice, the four silverbeard dwarves took the lead to lift up hammers larger than their size and smash them at the pink car on the test field.

The Duke’s Guard did not ride on horses. Although their on-the-spot reaction was considered swift in the eyes of the ordinary person, they still lost to the short-legged dwarf. The Duke’s guards who followed had no choice but to give up four positions in the front row, giving the four silver-bearded dwarves a chance to smash the car. But whether it was the silverbeard dwarves, or the Duke’s Guard, they all found nothing in the end.

Lin sitting inside is watching the self-checking of the vehicle. When there is any damage to the car body, the 3D model of the No. 1 car that is projected on the windshield position will give feedback on what part is wrong. Then the shaping technique will start to restore the damaged part to the primordial setting.

However, the horses and horses of the Duke’s Guard and the four silver-bearded dwarves, as if they were tickling, did not leave any scars on the car body. Therefore, the power on the vehicle is still full, and as a magic shield for first-hand defense, it has not been breached.

When the second wave magic attack came, fiercely shook the car body, and Lin couldn’t help but become nervous.

The self-check program projection to the presentation of the windshield position, whether it is the stored weight energy is reduced at a speed visible to the naked eye, or the three-dimensional model of the car body shows several positions that are self-repairing, It is very worrying. Despite all these attacks, the protection provided by the enchanted car body has not been breached.

After the three rounds of magical attacks have passed, the No. 1 car is still strong. The internal protection measures have never been triggered once.

But the people sitting in the car, looking at the loss of most of their power, can’t help but think of a question: if the power is exhausted, can the car still hold the group of people playing this way?

Just as Lin was thinking about it, Azad appeared in front of the car. Demon King smiled innocently like a child, moved towards someone in the car he couldn’t see and shook his hand.

…The attack started suddenly!

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