Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 717

Azzad’s attack is not blind, he also likes to attack the opponent’s weakness, whether it is psychological or battle skill. It’s just that the opponents in the past were too weak. For him, there were weak spots everywhere.

With a car as his opponent, especially there are two waves of offensive in front, a wave of melee attacks, and a wave of long-range magic attacks for him to observe. Of course, Azad will learn from the experience in the middle. Decide how to attack.

I remember the magician’s method of dealing with out-of-control vehicles when I first set foot on this test site, and solved all problems internally. So he decided to use a similar method, instead of thinking about how to break this layer of tortoise shells piled up with magic materials and enchantments, but to directly attack the internal drivers indirectly.

1st Strike, with the instep hooked under the front of the car, slammed hard! Just let the No. 1 car roll and fly into the sky.

Since the beginning of the experiment, the situation of No. 1 car as stable as Mount Tai has been broken for the first time!

Azzad chased after victory, causing the pink No. 1 car to be knocked up and down in the air like a ball. The power is huge, the magic shield is like layers of paper, it feeds at the touch of a touch, and the car body also sees visible damage for the first time.

Whether it is a magic shield or reloading magic armor, it is not only once blocked in front of Azad, and then becomes defeated. So he is very aware of the weaknesses of these things, or how to destroy them. And the attack method he chose was mainly aimed at the people in it, not the car. Obviously, what is the main test target has been left behind by him.

Lin sitting inside enjoys a game that is more exciting than a roller coaster. In immediately, he really wanted to use the flash technique to escape, and then teach that ten Fourth Prince to learn to be a man.

Although there is softness in the cockpit for protection, and there are seat belts to secure people on the seat, this kind of injury, which is treated as a ball, is a part that cannot be protected by magic. Someone gritted his teeth, suddenly his brain was congested, and his eyes were red; suddenly, his eyes were black and he couldn’t see anything. This finally found another way of attack that he could not prevent with his current defensive methods.

But I have to say that this kind of attack is likely to be replicated. After all, there are many offensive giant beasts. Their attacks are not limited to biting or entanglement. It is very likely to be caught and thrown as a puppet. Of course, this refers to the state of the vehicle being attacked. If it is oneself, before being bitten or caught, he will use flashing technique to escape.

Then Azad’s offensive can be said to simulate a number of giant dragons playing around, and to deal with a vehicle that looks like a toy to them. In terms of probability, it is almost impossible to happen, but it cannot be said to be absolutely impossible.

Although he has been dumped into something abnormal, Lin still forced himself to pay attention to the condition of car 1.

In 1st Stage, when attacking car 1 in melee combat, apart from consuming power and consolidating the effect of the magic shield, there is almost no consumption. Occasionally someone broke the magic shield and injured the car body, and the solidified shaping technique would instantly restore the damaged car body. For the engine that was still in operation, this loss of power was quickly made up for.

The magician Legion attack of the 2nd Stage, although only three waves of offensive, but the formidable power of more than 600 magicians set fire is not to be underestimated.

But after all, it is not the Legion that has been trained for a long time. The tacit understanding is not very sufficient, and there will inevitably be some gaps between magic and magic. At this point of time, it was enough for the No. 1 car to put up the magic shield again, block a few magic attacks, and use the shaping technique to restore the damaged body.

Especially the magic array engraved on the car body is also recorded in the self-recovery record of the shaping technique. Therefore, as long as there is an endless supply of power, the No. 1 car is like an Indestructible Golden Body, standing unshakable.

This also stunned the magicians who launched the attack. Magic Legion’s focused fire attack was an offensive that could scrap at least one Thousand Man Squad. Used to attack the city, three rounds of fire, the city gate was also blown through, and most magic towers were not so hard.

But this amazing result, only the forest in the car and the magicians who watched the test data on the side of the test field know how dangerous the situation the car No. 1 has experienced. The reserve of power is like diving. Every time you get an attack, you lose a lot of it. After the three rounds, there is only one third reserve left in the 1st car. The efficiency of engine operation to supplement power is far not as fast as it is consumed.

However, as soon as Demon King took the shot, the situation was completely different. It is not only the car body crashing and flying in the air, causing shaking damage to the occupants inside; the car body itself has to withstand the damage of the occupants ten times or more than one hundred times.

And this is not like magician Legion’s focused fire attack, only three agreed rounds. As if to express his dissatisfaction with someone, Azad used his full strength with every blow. Although Xiaqie Insa is not at hand, there are more swords in the situation in front of him, and it will not help much.

The ending is that the remaining power storage of car 1 hits the bottom in an instant. Although the engine is still running, the output power is not enough to support the full opening of the additional magic of car 1, so it can only function intermittently.

Lin made a decisive decision and shut down the magic shield that hadn’t worked at all. The softness technique used to protect the internal personnel is also closed, and all the power produced by the engine is used in the shaping technique to maintain the self-repair of the car body. Then flashed away!

Appeared silently behind everyone, shaking his head in a mess. After taking a few deep breaths, he suppressed the motion sickness-like vomiting. Only then did Lin realize that everyone on the test field was staring at the Demon King’s awe.

Perhaps they have only heard the rumors before, and the only clear proof is that more or less, there are people around them who will never come back because of that Highness. But today is the first time they have witnessed how the natural disasters of the Gwana Empire raged.

The sturdiness of the customized car is recognized by everyone in the center. The magic tower is also made of magic materials. How powerful is its defensive power, and the customized car has a level above this. Because the magic tower is mainly made of stone, the custom-made car is mainly made of metal.

But this kind of magical creation, which everyone thinks is so powerful that it cannot be destroyed, is now knocked into the air like a toy at will. The destructive power contained in each hit is even more obvious to all. People can calmly face everything in front of them. Only then did they realize that they were in the same place as such a monster, breathing the same air.

In full view, the No. 1 car with safety as the main design direction is disintegrated!

At the moment when the car body was cut into two parts, everyone present took a sigh of relief. Azad’s attack also stopped at the same moment. Because there was no magician in the damaged car body. Then what he smashed was just a dead object with no human beings. Boring.

When Azad fell to the ground gently and skillfully, the wreckage of car No. 1, which had lost all magical effects, fell heavily on the ground. The sand was raised for a while, dazzling all the stunned people, and many others ate a mouthful of sand.

Azzad soon saw someone in the figure. He was standing behind the experimental team, looking at the monitoring data of the No. 1 car displayed by their external device. He came to Lin, a bunch of hair on his forehead turned light blue, and said dissatisfiedly: “When did you run out?”

“From when the magic shield was no longer activated.” Lin I know, the one in front of you must know where this point in time is.

Sure enough, Azad’s dissatisfaction weakened slightly. He said: “I thought you could hold on a little bit more. Didn’t expect is similar to an ordinary person.”

“I am an ordinary person.” Lin said with a smile.

Azzad flatly said: “An ordinary person will not escape from my hands one or two times. If you can be regarded as an ordinary person like this, everyone else is dead. By the way, it happened in the end. No matter what, magic doesn’t work anymore.”

“It’s very simple, the power is gone, so magic doesn’t work.”

“Nothing? It seems that That car is even more useless than you.”

“It did its best, and you can’t blame it. After all, the stored power is limited, and the speed at which the engine can produce power is not enough for the magic attached to the car body to be full. Open. Faced with your destructive power, its performance during the time when magic is still working, is already very satisfying, and I can’t ask for more.”

“Oh, you mean, If the person tested at first is me, the car can last a little longer. Did you look down on me too much, or looked at the pink guy too high.”

Lin San said with a smile: “If you ask you to take action from the very beginning, it is to destroy the car, not to test it. To test the defense, the strength should be from low to high, so that it can be tested that No. 1 can resist What level of attack? If it exceeds this level, what changes will there be. And the most important point, in the different stages of the process, is there any part that we had not thought about when we originally designed it.”

“You can come up with a set of things that turn into broken copper and iron. I should say, magicians are really a very boring group.”

“Whatever you say, It’s more important for me to get what I want.”

“What do I get, a pile of broken copper and broken iron?” Azad pointed to the 1 that hadn’t been picked up yet and scattered and dropped on the experimental site. Car number.

The special thing is that the front section of the car with the engine, because the engine has not stalled, is still running to produce power, supporting the shaping technique to play a role. Therefore, the part of the first half is generally restored intact, and only the part close to the fracture surface shows irregular deformation.

Lin guessed that this should be a solidified shaping technique to restore the object to its original shape, but because most of the car body was separated from the whole, the material was insufficient. Therefore, in the self-repair stage, different parts of the shaping technique memory magic array are competing for the only remaining materials, which will cause this situation.

For the time being, Lin thought of two solutions. One is to prepare extra magical materials in the carriage for emergencies. Another way is to modify the setting of the memory magic array of shaping technique, so that it can judge the’complete’ part of the car body at this stage, and only repair these actions, without considering the part that is separated from the car body. .

Of course, if you want to follow the sci-fi style, it is like the liquid metal terminator T-1000 in the Devil Terminator, the broken part will turn into liquid, and the moved towards the body part will actively aggregate. But… how to do this, someone has no idea.

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