Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 718

First let go of the difficult part that can’t be solved. Lin turned to answer Azad’s previous playful question, saying: “It’s turned into this bad look. Of course it’s not me. Hope. But I’m very fortunate to have asked you to help and got such results.”

“Are you stupid? Still think that those people have nothing to do, and help them have fun. If you fight If this is the idea, then car 2 and car 3 should be dragged out together.” Azad pointed to the special manufacturing team responsible for making custom cars. The reason why the No. 0 car left by someone is not mentioned is because that car has been dismembered, and as a part of reverse engineering, assembly is a long way off.

“Of course not for this reason. Fortunately, I know the limits of this car. Except for some minor problems, the customized car will not make much progress in a short time. . And even if those small problems are solved, the limit height is still there and will not be lowered. The biggest advantage is that no one will overestimate one’s capabilities to do some impossible things. Then, if the problem is broken, the limit will not be lowered. The fault is pushed on me.”

“Oh, do you think someone will do something stupid about overestimate one’s capabilities?” Azad asked curiously.

“When the child gets the sword, he thinks he can challenge the lion or the bull. Do you think someone will get in this car, think he has a way to kill the dragon, or to deal with you? Yes, this illusion is the most terrible. Knowing where the limit is, we can avoid making wrong decisions. Just like when you tested a vehicle a few days ago, the first thing you need to know is which range the engine’s maximum speed is in. Know where the top speed is. In order to effectively arrange the way you control yourself.”

“Oh, do you think someone would want to drive this car against me? When you said that, I regret that I performed so hard today. You should wait until a fool comes to the door, and you should be able to appreciate the funny expressions at that time.” Azad said regretfully.

“I just don’t want this to happen. The car is a means of transportation, not a weapon of war. Today’s test method is a special case among the exceptions. When encountering danger, drivers should do the first One thing is to step on the gas pedal and stay away from danger as much as possible, instead of driving Barbaric Dash’s magic and hitting the opponent.”

“As always, escape is the main purpose.” Azad While ridiculing, he glanced contemptuously at the people who were eavesdropping next to him. Although he did not delve into other people’s manufacturing plans, there are indications that some people are actually preparing to use the vehicle for war purposes.

The special vehicle manufacturing plan used to transport troops and carry supplies has been spread inside the center. It was requested by the Grand Duke of Cavi, and required to be distinguished from vehicles sold abroad in terms of performance. But these can only be regarded as auxiliary vehicles and cannot go directly to the battlefield. So they still hope to design a vehicle, the main war chariot with the ability to charge heavy cavalry.

Of course, these requests were made to the magician who was the chief engineer, but someone just played dumb and dodged. If it’s his own family, he would dare to do anything fierce. But for others to use, Lin will worry that one day these powerful weapons sold will be used against him.

So as long as it is related to weaponization, he will never intervene to help, although he will not block it. This is not a decision made by someone who loves world peace, it’s just a fear of death.

With this attitude, in fact, at first’s No. 1 car 2nd Stage design does not have any offensive magic. This is still due to the strong request of Old Steward Aihanu, the agent of Kavi, and only one more Barbaric Dash magic. Otherwise, according to the plan of this group of people, the No. 1 car is estimated to be built like a hedgehog, gods block then kill gods.

As for the thoughts of the people around, Azad sneered, then turned around and asked: “Then, do you still change the design of the No. 1 car.”

Lin directly replied: “No, I won’t change it, and there is nothing to change.” Turn around and moved towards the members of the special manufacturing team, “──You can repair the No. 1 car according to the previous design of the 1st Stage. The 2nd Stage of the I will make some changes to the design. The most important thing is to fix the self-repair defects of the shaping technique when the body is missing and the material is insufficient.”

After explaining the matter, Lin wanted to pull Azad left. But under the eyes of old steward Aihanu, the magician who led the special manufacturing team, who was also a collateral member of the Grand Duke of Cavi’s family, came to the front and asked: “Your Excellency Chief Engineer, is this improvement enough? Is it? Can’t figure out a way to resist this level of attack?” The implication is of course the offensive of the Demon King son Azad.

“hehe, if I can really do it, is it the next step for me to build a car of the slaughter level? My technology is only at this level, if you expect higher As a result, I can only invite brilliant. Moreover, from a practical point of view, I can persist in the magical Legion’s fire attack and have the opportunity to escape. I am already extremely satisfied. You can still hope that there will be better. The result of this. What I do is only a means of transportation, not a war weapon.”

“But your Excellency, the Great Sage Tower you rebuilt, but made an unimaginable result, sniping into an abyss. Jun. Can’t you copy this kind of battle strength to the car?”

“Hehe, then you come up with a way to install the magic tower on the car using the energy pool, then I You can do what you want. After all, the key point of the serious damage to car No. 1 is the moment when the power is exhausted and all the additional magic no longer works. No matter how powerful the magic array is, there is not enough Power activation is useless waste.”

Under the pressure of old steward, magician, who was not able to think about it, made a request. But after Lin broke a little bit, he couldn’t say anything.

Whether the energy pool technology is used in places other than the magic tower, it is a taboo of the magician group. Technically speaking, even the airship cannot set up a complete energy pool, and it is presumptuous to talk about smaller cars.

Besides there is not enough energy supply, what heaven-shaking, earth-shattering things do you want to do? This is a fault on Innate. It’s like asking a just entered magic apprentice to complete a forbidden spell of mass destruction without the help of external forces. That is an impossible thing, even if the apprentice is genius, it is purely because of insufficient accumulation of power.

So the magician, who wanted to understand, bowed towards Lin, gave a salute and walked away. Not only him, but all the magicians who heard the content of the conversation also wanted to understand.

Because at first, a custom-made car made of all magical materials, and a mass-produced car made of ordinary materials, the performance parameters are very different. So it gave everyone an illusion, as if a vehicle made entirely of magical materials should be an omnipotent existence. Naturally, they will have more expectations that are destined to be disappointed; now it’s just recognizing reality that’s all.

In short, the design work of car No. 1 has come to an end. If things need to be repaired and modified, there are naturally other magicians who can take over. The rest is the competent agent, how old steward Aihanu went to his owner, Kavigong explained that this car is already a qualified finished product.

For Lin, the next job he will do is not easy at all, and it must not be sloppy. That is to convert the silk pattern decided by the three women in the family into a weaving process acceptable to the jacquard machine.

Because it involves the performance of color density, depth, gradation, shadow and so on. It is not a simple problem to use independent colors or mixed adjustment of colored silk to weave.

After the decision is made, there are various colors of spools to optimize the configuration, as well as the changes in the weaving pattern after the clothes are sewn. If you want to weave a pattern that crosses the stitches, then how to arrange the position of the stitches and how to cut the pattern is also not easy.

And the above is just the part related to’beauty’. If the factor of’magic’ is added, the considerations will more than double.

First question: What magic is attached?

How much magic can be added in the process of silk reeling depends on the quality of the silk thread and has no direct relationship with magic. As long as it meets the upper limit of power that the silk thread can hold, any magic can be added, and there is no limit to how many magics can be added.

For the three women, the protective magic that resists the corrosion of different kinds of energy is the most basic requirement. For them, no one would exclude this magical effect from their silk Hanfu. Unless you don’t plan to let someone use the flash technique, take them to run around.

Although Fen uses the Fen version of the flash technique, he can protect his own item from the erosion of alien energy. But it does not mean that when she can relax, she will deliberately choose the difficult path.

After deciding on the first magic, there are not many options left. This is also because the protective magic that resists alien energies is itself a powerful and complex spell. Choosing this magic takes up a lot of enchanting capacity in the silk reeling process.

Because of this time, it is more than half a year before the completion of the Black Tortoise robe. Various formulas are still being studied. Of course, the magic capacity that can be added during the silk reeling process is a lot more than half a year ago.

This can be seen from the blending ratio of magic moth and ordinary moth silk thread. The blending ratio of the Black Tortoise robe is three to seven for the magic moth to the common moth species. Now the formula ratio used by Fen and the others has increased to four to six. Regardless of the difference of only 10%, the number of magic that can be added increases by one or two as soon as it comes and goes.

But this also extends to another question, where does the magic attached to this set of Hanfu come from?

The Black Tortoise robe is due to a series of events triggered by the follow-up, so that the black robe itself contains a lot of power and does not require external supply. But that incident was extremely dangerous and Lin Ke didn’t plan to do it twice, three or four times.

Since we don’t plan to follow the same path, we have to solve the problem of power supply. Otherwise, this powerful magic equipment can only be reduced to a vase-like decoration.

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