Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 719

In fact, this issue was thought about during the stage of making the Black Tortoise gown. It is also a robes with powerful magic, which requires additional power supply, which is a normal thing for magic props.

At that time, the solution to the power requirements of the Black Tortoise robe was to use magic stones to make accessories and wear them in a fixed position as a replaceable magic stone accessory. The accessories were originally planned to be made at a later date after the robe was tried on.

But the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. The subsequent series of events made this silk robe no longer an ordinary magic item. The Black Tortoise Totem behind it was incomplete, just incomplete.

Because of unknown reasons, He just fell asleep, just as a source of power to support the magic attached to the robe. Besides, the power of Black Tortoise Totem is far less than the weak divine force, which may be the reason for his sleep.

The three sets of Hanfu scheduled to be made today can not only add more magic to the silk reeling stage; even in the weaving stage, Lin also plans to add the runes of the magic array. The purpose is to imprint the mark of the fascinating land, rather than being empty like the Black Tortoise robe, giving the Black Tortoise from the myth of Earth’s hometown a chance.

It means that these three sets of Hanfu will have more magical effects, and they need more power than the primordial Black Tortoise gown design.

The first magic that comes to mind is the “magic power sharing” in the second-ring apprentice-level magic. This is the modified version that Lin Yong used to cast the twenty rings. It can absorb the free magic power in the surrounding environment, store it and supply it for equipment use.

I just said that this method is very low regardless of the efficiency of absorption or the amount of storage. In order for the active or passive magic attached to the three sets of Hanfu to exert the greatest effect, it is still necessary to have additional power supply. Otherwise, it will be charged for a whole day, use 3 minutes, and can only open 30% of the functions, such an unfavorable situation.

So the original solution of the Black Tortoise gown was reconsidered on the table. Under the ingenuity of the three women, it is not just one or two pendants that provide power. The original cloth buttons are changed to magic stone buttons, and some tassels and bead designs are added. The beads are replaced by magic stones.

Of course, the design focus of these magic stones is that they can be replaced quickly. Replace the magic stone accessories that have exhausted their power with ample ones to maintain the operation of the magic equipment.

The two-stage enchanting action has been done several times in the process of silk reeling, and it can be said to be familiar. As long as the upper limit of the ability to withstand magic is calculated, there will be almost no accidents in this part.

But the enchantment of 2nd Stage is to add the runes of the magic array to the plate during the process of jacquard knitting.

Similar skills have actually been fascinated. The enchanting and tailoring master embroidered magic robes or cloaks with magic array patterns, which is not uncommon in the world of Faye. Even as long as you are a magician, you will do this. It’s just a matter of the effect and appearance of the finished product. And no one has tried to inlay magical array patterns in general patterns. Generally speaking, they are all pictures and runes.

When such a technology is used on a jacquard machine, it is not enough to reduce the scale. How to hide the magic array pattern in the plate and keep the pattern unchanged is the true ability. It is so true that someone’s eyes are almost out of the window.

But when the three women handed over the plates of Hanfu they planned to make, they still shocked someone.

First of all, they did not use Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon, White Tiger Three Spirit Beast’s Totem. In addition to the understanding of White Tiger and the others, the other two Spirit Beasts are creatures that have never appeared in mystery, even in legends.

Although the magic of the maze can be analyzed scientifically, it is actually because someone has avoided a lot of idealistic magic. The main reason cannot be understood and cannot be analyzed. If you don’t understand it well, you won’t be able to perform well. Like a curse, a divination, and a prophecy, these magics have a lot of unclear, unclear points, Lin Innate doesn’t believe them, and naturally they can’t talk about using them.

In short, this is the reason why those three do not use Spirit Beast Totem. Lin did not object to this either. Anyway, when I drew those sketches, the intention was to broaden their horizons and bring out the beauty of the tapestry. Rather than putting it on Western clothing, it looks nondescript.

And their innate talent for vision and design, in fact, as early as the era of the Wulian City in Xijia District, when they competed with the nobles, they were trained. Don’t look at the preparatory stage of silk production, the drawings they put forward were rejected by someone as useless. In fact, it just didn’t take advantage of the tapestry, and the design content has already gone out of their own style.

Now that someone has shown a clear path, they will show their own style unscrupulously.

Fen is not good at drawing pictures, here is the kind of artistic and beautiful pictures. As a magician, freehand drawing of a magic array can be like drawing with a ruler, which is considered a basic skill; while she started with Necromancer, it is nothing more difficult to describe the human body, muscles, and internal organs. But those have nothing to do with art.

Not being able to paint does not mean that I have no vision. Under Fen’s guidance, Hallumi still drew the pattern she wanted. With the red Vermilion Bird robe as the keynote, Fern replaced it with another bird-shaped creature, which was a Legendary creature named Elemental Spirit, and another widely used title was’undying bird’.

Like the gods, he is impossible to enter this world with his real body. The sighting record left by the lost person is only the projection of the elemental spirit. According to the records left by certain powers, the elemental spirit is not in the class of the elemental plane, and he does not belong to the elemental Prince or the elemental lord, because he is the elemental plane itself. Those elemental creatures of Lord Prince are only part of him, or parasitic on him.

As for why the elemental spirit is in the shape of a bird, there is no final conclusion.

The Hanfu designed by Fen does not use the red tone set by the Vermilion Bird robe. Instead, it uses porcelain white as the base, blue seam, and on the skirt and long twill, there are the spirits of the four genera Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. The use of color does not emphasize the contrast, it is light, and while distinguishing the four attribute elements, the overlapping gradient colors make them appear harmoniously on the same screen.

With the older sister, Human Demon, to change someone’s picture, how could those two bold apprentices foolishly use the example picture given by someone, and of course they have to use it Own creativity.

Hallumi chose the Hanfu with Azure Dragon as the theme, but it was completely changed to the original. Dragons are based on the Earth Dragon clan. Viewed from the combination of the mantle and the skirt, it is a towering tree full of greenery.

On the eight branches of the tree, there are three metal dragons: gold, silver, and copper, and five color dragons: red, black, blue, white, and green. There is also a brown Poison Dragon at the root of the tree, which is also called a corpse dragon. The size of the dragon is just right, so it won’t take away the charm of the main picture. They are more like delicate flowers, blooming in different positions on the tree.

The design of the other two people is like drawing on clothes; Hallumi’s own design is like making clothes into clothes and wearing them, the style is natural and wild. It means that I intend to wear Hanfu to show this kind of feeling. Someone also thinks that this apprentice is an individual talent. And because this is just a pattern for weaving, someone can’t imagine what this Hanfu suit will look like after it is finished.

However, among the three women, the design that made Lin Wuyan the most attractive was the design of the White Tiger gown under the hands of Kaya. First of all, the tiger is gone, and it becomes a tabby cat with a white background…

It was originally a Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain picture, but it became a white cat playing with beads…

In terms of color, someone’s first impression is like seeing blue and white porcelain. With their elder sister, use porcelain white as the base and azure stroke. Colors are not used much. Compared with the other two, Kaya’s design is much simpler, and with inexplicable childishness and joy.

But don’t think that this chick pretends to be cute, just harmless to humans and animals. From the magic they chose to add, it can be seen that not only is Kaya’s skin dark, but her heart is also dark.

Fen’s four-spirit suit, the keynote of enchanting is defense-oriented. And the strength of the defense is enough to resist her own attack, so strong. Of course, it is impossible to reduce injuries throughout the process. But as long as she can resist the first few attacks, she can focus on offense without being distracted from defense, and victory and defeat will happen in an instant.

Hallumi’s Nine Dragon clothing, the enchanting tone is mainly auxiliary. The magic used for combat and investigation is always on the equipment, so that you have the ability to avoid danger and deal with various emergencies; even if you have to turn around and escape, you can find a way to survive in the shortest time. This is the golden haired girl’s. select. Speaking of which is the lesson she brought from the previous almost fatal crises.

The enchanting themes of the first two can be said to be quite satisfactory, which is very consistent with the central idea of ​​a magician trying to make himself invincible first, and then find a chance to fight back. But Kaya’s choice is not the same.

The girl with black hair and brown skin chooses to be concealed, and it is not the traditional stealth technique of fascinating.

Thieves and assassins who walk in the dark will have their own set of concealment methods. But these methods only focus on deceiving people’s eyes and ears, which is a very brilliant way of blinding people.

However, if these traditional methods are learned no matter how proficient they are, the stealth person still has nowhere to hide under someone’s environmental monitoring. Because the detection methods designed by Lin also include infrared vision that senses temperature, Spirit Vision that senses the wavelength of the soul, and environmental modeling to observe air flow, and there are no less than dozens of methods from Earth science fiction movies and novels.

As long as there is a way to detect the anomaly, you can track down clues from it, and then find out who lurks. This is the tragic end of any killer who sneaked into this home and tried to carry out an assassination, and eventually ended up with white destroying light baptism.

Moreover, these methods are not final solutions, and there is still room for change. Lin will always add detection methods. As long as he thinks about it, whether it is a brainstorming or conforming to reality, anyway, it can come in handy.

But the concealment method chosen by Kaya is completely a reverse design of Lin’s detection method. If your body temperature is likely to be exposed, you will lower your apparent temperature to the same as the environment. The heartbeat sound may remind the enemy, then use silent Formation. The concealment of the soul controls the wind and gives back false information. Even if you encounter it head-on, there are transparency and optical camouflage to conceal your body.

As a teacher, Lin felt mixed feelings when he saw his apprentice propose such a design.

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