Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 720

Compared with all of his detection methods being targeted, Lin was even more surprised by the magic designed by Kaya. Many of these magics are not referenced by any apprentice-level magic; even in Lin There is no relevant content in the magician association collection database secretly obtained. In other words, a lot of the magic here is original, although it is a targeted cracking, rather than the creation of something from nothing.

Regardless of whether these magics can exert the effects described on the paper, and whether all their detection methods are restrained. Looking at so many new magics, Lin couldn’t help complaining: “I said, you can escape from the one to three apprentice-level category of art, and create so many magic with special functions. I don’t plan to evaluate the magician. Has it been resolved?”

As soon as the magician’s official assessment was mentioned, the two girls turned their heads in unison, pouting, and said nothing. The awkward attitude is at a glance.

Many apprentices of magic cannot cross the daoist sect hurdle, one is limited by talent, the other is limited by resources. Maybe the talents of the two girls are not good, but in terms of resources, someone is open for them to use, and there is a famous teacher to guide them. It stands to reason that their accumulation is enough. Even if the assessment of the association still requires some luck, they should be able to pass the test with great confidence.

But the reality is that they don’t even have the idea to participate in the assessment, so they just squandered. Their respective interests and research directions are also crooked to other places, almost abandoning magic. In addition to Leonardo, a magic apprentice who is not willing to learn magic, Lin was thinking for a while, how could he accept these “anti-magic” genius one after another? It means that I am not much better…

This time I mentioned that the two were playing silent and uncooperative attitude, so that when the teacher is only full of helplessness. I had to put aside the request that was not answered, and discussed with the three women how to attach the planned magic to the tapestry to be made.

In the process of silk reeling, you only need to pay attention to the upper limit of the enchantment of the silk formula, and do not exceed this limit. So far, no other influencing factors that may lead to failure have been discovered for the time being.

As for the magic array pattern to be hidden in the brocade pattern, it is a delicate task that has not yet been tried.

The complexity of this job depends on the complexity of the additional magic itself and the number of additional magic. The two are in a trade-off relationship, but to say which one is more difficult, Lin will say that it is more difficult to attach a large amount of magic to a piece of equipment.

Fen’s four-spirit suit does not have much magic attached, but it is very complicated. To be able to resist two or three attacks of the same level of existence as her, the magic shield must not only be strong and multi-layered, as long as it has enough power to supply, it can also repeat the construction of magic several times in a short period of time.

In order to meet such conditions, Fen’s design has moved towards the same goal thinking from the reeling stage. It can be said that in addition to the protective magic that resists alien energies, the four-spirit suit only adds a magic for defense. It’s just that the complexity of this magic is unprecedented in the forest.

Hallumi’s Kowloon suit enchants, nothing special. During the weaving process, the nine auxiliary magic array patterns are hidden in the nine dragons in the pattern. And as the giant tree pattern for the dragon to inhabit, it is responsible for the communication channel of the nine magic arrays, and the programming with the P language hidden. Combine the nine auxiliary magic into a whole, and give control and automatic trigger methods.

The most difficult part is Kaya’s design. A total of seventy-three magics of large and small must be put into a three-piece suit of clothes, skirts, and tatters. That project made someone want to choke their apprentice to death!

Every magic is not a complicated little magic, but to integrate so many magics together, almost half of Lin’s brain cells will be killed.

If we simply embroider these seventy-three magic array patterns on a piece of clothing by way of embroidering, the difficulty may drop a lot. But all the formation marks must be hidden in the pattern of the clothes itself, that is, the white cat playing with the ball, and the difficulty is not at the same level at all.

Finally, I made a fuss on the tabby pattern of the white cat. In each Dao Mark road, there is a formation mark of a magic array hidden. In this case, the number of tiger stripes is still not enough to hide magic, so the ball that the white cat plays with also hides the magic array pattern. If it wasn’t enough, I added some clouds, pebbles, fallen leaves and other backgrounds to the Hanfu pattern, and only then seventy-three magics were embedded into the entire plate.

Then then consider how to integrate these seventy magics…

Finally, weave the magic array pattern with white silk threads of the same color against the porcelain white background. For integration and control purposes.

And the above content has all been implemented, it took more than a month to complete the planning of the three sets of Hanfu, including the procedures for weaving. Fortunately, I have experience in making Black Tortoise gowns. I have avoided a lot of crooked roads and made a lot of mistakes.

However, Lin did not start the weaving step after all the planning was completed. Instead, first complete a set of planning schemes, and then input the fabric requirements into the jacquard machine to start work. Then when the second set of planning is almost done, the first set of weaving operations are almost done. The third set is the same.

I thought that making this time would be even smoother than making the Black Tortoise gown last time. After all, I have had previous experience. However, in the process of sewing clothes, I still found problems that I had not considered clearly before.

When designing the Hanfu that they want to wear, the three women showed considerable ambition for the weaving patterns. The technology of the jacquard machine also perfectly restored their design. The pattern drawn on the paper was seamlessly transferred to the silk, including the cross-stitching part. It’s just that the fabrics in different positions need to be carefully stitched to make the patterns fit perfectly after sewing.

But what is spliced ​​together is just a pattern. The magic array will not combine two pieces of cloth at different positions after sewing them together to create a connection, and then play a role.

This oversight almost turned into a disaster in the process of testing Si Ling Hanfu. Fortunately, Fen immediately suppressed the power of the area. Lin used the flash technique to remove all the magic stone accessories for energy, which made the danger disappear invisible.

The solution to this defect is unexpectedly simple. It is to embroider the rune or magic array patterns across the stitches together according to the lines in a way similar to embroidery. It cannot be said that the sewing machine is used to solve the problem according to the original method of making clothes.

Three simple sets of Hanfu, after more than two months of tossing before and after, it was finally completed. The sister’s four-spirit suit is the best first, followed by Hallumi’s Nine Dragon suit, and finally Kaya’s white cat suit.

However, after completing a set of clothes, the owner did not rush to wear it out. The three women made an agreement, and when all three sets of Hanfu were completed, they would wear them out together.

When they appeared together in their new clothes during the rest time after dinner, everyone was amazed!

The characteristics of Midi’s traditional costumes are more suitable for symmetrical patterns, or embroidered with extra ribbons and accessories, as ornaments to increase beauty. The most excellent decoration is the carefully woven lace. In particular, it emphasizes tailoring and fitting, and shows the body of the wearer without reservation.

Such clothes are not suitable for’pictures’. Before crossing, I have seen countless pictures of the ridiculous pattern on the T-shirt because the bust is too big.

However, the beauty of Hanfu lies in its subtlety, its reserved and elegant temperament, and its gentle and graceful atmosphere, which is unmatched by other clothing. Especially the exquisite pictures and decorations on the clothes, which are tightly wrapped around the wearer, will not take away the richness of the person, but are more of a harmonious beauty that complements each other.

There are three amazing people in front of me.

But…in someone’s eyes, there seems to be a flaw in the beauty of it.

Lin approached, spinning around beside the three of them, looking up and down.

The look in that look is not like appreciating; instead, it is starkly scrutinized, as if to eat people. Even Fen felt uncomfortable, let alone two apprentices.

Just when Lich couldn’t stand it, and was about to beat the man who was going to go around the third circle to the ground, Lin gave a high-five and suddenly said, “Ah, no wonder I think something is weird. It’s the hair problem. , Wearing Hanfu without combing the hair bun, this suit is white.”

Hallumi’s short golden shoulder-length hair is loose.

Since Fen made this pair of Fleshy body, the hair is no longer mimicked by power as before, and the shape changes at will. She is now waist-length and black, long and straight, usually with a ponytail at the back of her neck at most.

Kaya is the most exaggerated, growing up to almost 20 years old, still has two twists on the left and right. With this kind of hairstyle, wearing this outfit, it’s not as good as dishevelled hair, don’t comb anything.

It’s just that…I only got my knowledge of hairstyles suitable for Hanfu from movies and TV series. How to comb it, but it’s just a black eye.

However, there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. Knowing where the problem is, it is always easy to solve.

Everyone looked at someone who got the answer and came to the black hair girl with brown skin. Without asking or saying hello first, he untied the two twist braids. Simply put a steamed bun head on the forehead, and one flashed. In the return to house, I took a little silver metal magic material and turned it into a hairpin with a sculpting technique. Then I returned to the small living room and inserted Kaya. on.

Although this hairstyle is simple, it is much better than the original look.

Using magic to pull a full-body water mirror, let Kaya look like herself. Lin said: “This way, it looks much better than your original appearance, right.”

“This is… a bun?” Fen asked hesitantly. “Are there other kinds? You don’t only know this.”

Directly using whiteboard pen technique, I drew several bun styles in midair. Of course, these are all kinds of ancient martial arts. Known in the film. Lin said: “I have probably seen these. I just said how to comb, I didn’t study it, you have to figure it out by yourself.”

Hallumi with shoulder-length hair is the fastest and learns. Looking like Kaya, he also combed himself a bun. The difference is that someone is rough and doesn’t care about details, so Kaya’s hair inevitably has a few strands of hair that are not tied. But Hallumi noticed this subtlety and handled it carefully.

After finishing the incident, he triumphantly turned around in front of his teacher, and said, “teacher, is this good-looking?”

“Beautiful, beautiful.” Lin said heartily: “The so-called one beauty hides one hundred ugliness. The overall combination like this really well conceals the fact that your body is not good enough. If you knew this, you should hand over the design of Hanfu to you sooner.”


If the eyes are sharp as a knife, there is no doubt that someone will now be dismembered. It’s a pity that the eyes can’t make a sword, and the eyes of a certain crossing audience are still blank.

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