Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 721

The so-called fragrance inside the wall and outside the wall, maybe the three sets of Hanfu made out of Lin’s mouth did not get the praise that young girls would like to hear. But within Holy City Estalí, it really caused a sensation.

From the emergence of the Black Tortoise robe, everyone realized that this math master had produced a powerful magical equipment. When the Si Ling suit appeared, everyone was surprised that this powerful magic equipment could be mass-produced!

Of course, “mass production” here is not the same as industrialized mass production. It simply means not the only one.

No one can tell the difference between the Black Tortoise gown and the Si Ling suit, although the two suits are essentially far apart. In most people’s perception, these two sets are powerful magic equipment. In addition, the material is silk, and the unique design and exquisite patterns complement each other, and they complement each other when worn on women. How can it not make people crazy.

Some people want to make a method, and some people directly want a set of self-protection. They found Gabrach ‧ Tripwood, the soft persimmon in their eyes. I hope to express my strong wishes and demands that cannot be refused in exchange for opportunities for cooperation. There will be no rewards.

When these people came to visit and saw Demon King’s son Azad’s amiable smile, nine out of ten were scared to pee. The remaining one was heart palsy, and was carried to the Temple of Life to receive the blessing of the resurrection technique.

Azzad just said to these people: “Oh, you have to compete with me, of course it’s okay. It’s just that I don’t like winning or losing, and I’m more accustomed to solving competitors directly. So Say, what are you competing with me? I’ll confirm it first.”

Anyway, closing the door and putting Demon King on this move is more useful than someone threatening or slaughter all sides. So this guy is troublesome, but it still looks useful. Someone thinks so in his heart.

Maybe some people who are plotting badly will not dare to visit again. But those who wished to have a set of silk magic equipment were not all deterred. They dare not come to ask for help, but they will also make their own requests through various channels, and even generously ask Lin to make requests in exchange.

Unfortunately, from the very beginning, Lin has no plans to make it externally. So no matter who it came from, Lin politely declined the request; if the request was made by mail or other means, it was for the two girls to reply to the declined message. Without exception.

Tentatively, whether he has promised Azad, he will make a…women’s Hanfu for him. Someone also wants a second and third robe woven with a jacquard machine. The four spirits Totem abandoned by the three women, Lin thought about bringing it back for his own use.

As for whether I will pit myself for the second, third, or even fourth time… I can only hope that it won’t. That kind of robbing of gods is too exciting, and I can’t stand it again. So before making it, you have to figure out how to avoid it.

But on one night, Lin Zheng was watching the stars, and Fen rarely went to the attic and knocked on someone’s door.

She didn’t put on a four-spirited suit just after taking a shower, but a loose robe, while wiping her wet long hair. For a while, she and Hallumi and Kaya were studying various hair bun tying methods and had a great time, completely forgetting the existence of the two apprentices and the teacher.

I just came here today, why? Someone’s appearance is still that skull, dead face, and has not recovered. Lin Ke doesn’t think there is any attraction in the current self, because he doesn’t seem to have any in the past.

“The amount of silk cocoons left in Hallumi is about to make a suit of clothes again.” Fen said.

A simple statement, Lin not even think, just say: “Yes, I can finally meet Azad’s request. These days, he will mention it from time to time, and he does not forget a few sarcasm. , I’m almost annoyed to death. I can clean up what I owe him first, and I should feel a lot easier when I think about it.”

“Let’s put it on hold in advance. I have this suit. Usefulness. Are you okay?” Fern asked in an unquestionable tone.

“Okay, there is nothing wrong.” Lin replied smoothly. Then he asked: “Can you ask me what you plan to do?”

“Oh, I thought you wouldn’t ask this question.” Fern teased.

“You have to know why, so that you can think of a word to stop Azad. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome for him to make trouble.”

Fen said suspiciously. “Didn’t you tame him?”

“How is it possible.” Lin spread his hands, and said helplessly: “That product is not unruly, it’s just that he simply doesn’t care about anything. Kindness. Whether it’s evil, these things are not in his consideration. So he will not trouble me at best, no one can tame him.”

“Even so, are you worried?”

“Yes, of course, why not. I don’t know if you have noticed that he can catch Hardy in this room recently.” Hardy is the old devil with grey hair and scars. Cat.

Under normal circumstances, the action of’catching a cat’ will be judged as an offensive behavior, and the magic attached to the house will attack defensively. It’s just that most of the intruders will be killed by defensive attacks. This can only be blamed on their poor learning skills and can’t blame others. Just being able to catch the cat successfully, which means…

“You mean, Azad is looking for a loophole in the defense system at home?” Fen astonished asked.

“You can say so.” Lin nodded motioned, and said, “The ability to catch Hadi without stimulating the defense system shows that Azad is still famous for his research. So no matter what we want Whatever you do, you have to hold that highness first. Ah, yes. Can you tell me what you want to do?”

Fen tilted his head and thought for a while and said: “There is nothing I can’t say. I want to use this set of silk materials to trade something.” Linkou asked quickly: “Who should I trade with?”

“Sage Mahtab.”

“Well, I remember this one is…”

“The tower owner of Holy City Estali III Tower. “Fen replied.

“How did this great character find us?” Lin asked curiously.

“She is also a woman. It’s as simple as that.”

After a moment of indulgence, Lin asked: “What are the conditions for you to trade with that sage?”


Fen did not directly answer Lin’s question, but instead asked about a seemingly irrelevant thing, and said: “How strong do you think Stone is?”

“Stone? You? Is it your real dead head?” Fen’s subordinates thousands of years ago belonged to the stitched corpses among the undead. It’s a pity that after seeing each other after a thousand years, it was not a tearful hug, but Fen Yijian’s head was chopped off.

As for how strong it is, someone cannot imagine. Regarding the record, in the era after the Demon King was conquered, the strongest Corps Heads almost all died under Stone’s hands, and the Homo sapiens alliance was able to wipe out the remaining dark Legion, thereby getting rid of tyranny and facing the light.

But how does the battle strength of a thousand years ago compare with the battle strength of today? Lin couldn’t figure it out.

“If I say, whether it is Azad or William, in the dark age thousands of years ago, there was no chance to face me directly. Because they were too weak to come to me. In front of him. If they meet Stone in his heyday, even if they can Avatar, there are three for each person. Trifling six people, all still not enough Stone beats it alone.” Fern’s jaw raised, showing himself Complacent mood.

Lin was surprised by Fen’s comparison. But after thinking about it, it’s not surprising that there will be such a change. This should be regarded as the uniqueness and limitation brought by the environment of the times.

Thousands of years ago, Legion led by Fern, the real goal was the old god of the past. In every battle, what accidents happen, or whoever died in the battle, are all things that are accustomed to. Under that kind of pressure, oneself is not strong, because there is a dead end, so everyone is doing their best.

But in this peaceful era, there is no pressure of war, and there is no urgency to slaughter the gods. When they touch the apex easily, it is estimated that they will have a long period of confusion, or precipitation, before they realize where the next peak is. Some people even live in their own ivory tower all their lives, not knowing where the next high mountain is, but only knowing the drunken stupor.

It’s just that Shi Dong, with one head left, can afford to shoulder such a heavy responsibility. So Lin asked: “Then, what now?”

Fen was inexplicably lost by Lin’s question. After clearing up his mood, Lich said, “The strength of the stitched corpse I made depends on what level of flesh I used. Some of them are awakened from the divine body of death, and some are pieced together. You can use whichever one is strong. In addition to these, although Shi Dong only has one head left, his long-term battles, the level of vision and the skills he has mastered, these things in his mind are beyond the imagination of ordinary people. So. As long as there is another qualified Fleshy body, not the elemental body that is used temporarily, he can recover 70% to 80% of his past strength without saying less.”

Suddenly, Lin seemed to understand that Fen was going to find one. What is the purpose of the’tower master’ of the magic tower. He said in amazement: “Which method are you going to use to reshape a fleshy body?”

Finnodded, said: “I have this idea for a long time. But I want to find a magic stone vein to absorb , It’s not that easy, so I thought of the energy pool of the magic tower. But the energy pool can be said to be the most core area of ​​the magic tower. I will not allow strangers or unfamiliar people to approach it. My original idea was to wait until When you build a magic tower or inherit a tower, use the energy pool to reshape the fleshy body. However, it seems that you have given up the effort to enter the magic tower.”

For this, Lin shrugged, shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Fen continued: “At this time, Mahtab came to the door by himself. What is more wonderful than this.”

“so that’s how it is, You want to use a suit of clothes in exchange for the power to use the energy pool. You want to do this, I have no opinion. But is it a good thing to let Stone have a Fleshy body?” There are relationships.

Sitting across from Lin, Fen raised one leg, resting his elbow on his leg, and supporting his chin with his hand. With a sweet smile, he looked towards someone and said, “I don’t know if this is a good thing. At the beginning, you packed the ticket and said that Stone still remained loyal to me. But I am very sure of one thing, Fasheng Mahata Bu will definitely regret it in the future.”

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