Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 722

Driving an officially mass-produced Model 732A, the internal number is used as its official name. Fern carried Hallumi, Kaya, Leonardo and other three people to the Estali III Tower.

If you want to talk about comfort, engine horsepower, and sturdiness, the No. 0 car belonging to Lin is definitely better than these mass-produced models. It’s a pity that the car is still disintegrated, and the magicians in the center have no plans to assemble it. In addition, there was only one, so Lin bought three mass-produced 732A models for his family without the slightest hesitation.

Anyway, moving inside the Holy City, thanks to the developed streets of this big city, the ride experience of the 732A model will not be too bad. Moreover, the size and engine horsepower of the 732A car are smaller than those of the No. 0 car, and it is more flexible and safer to move in the city. If you go to the field, people who have been in car 0 will definitely not consider the 732A.

However, one of Finor for’s cars has been modified. Including the installation of filters at the tail section of the exhaust pipe to reduce the problem of odor emitted by the exhaust pipe. Then all the seats were replaced with leather sofa seats, and the roof was changed to a retractable movable design. Unless it rains, she still likes to drive a convertible and feel like the wind is blowing on her face.

In order to refuel the four cars in the family, one of which was purchased by the silverbeard dwarves and used by the dwarves, a small oil tank was installed. Gasoline is delivered directly from the central refinery in a tanker truck to be used by cars at home.

Of course, all of the above are Lin paid out of his own pocket and bought it with money. The public and private accounts are clear, which is what he requires most for the large and small automobile manufacturing and R&D center, no matter who it is. Otherwise, the internal staff will dig one piece from the east and one piece from the west, and the center will be hollowed out sooner or later.

The reason why Fen, who is driving the car, brought all three other apprentices is because in the design of several sets of Hanfu, all three of them have contributed, and they are all very important parts. .

Hallumi was the main design, and Leonardo was missing an addendum. The two worked together to make someone’s draft concrete, and it was a result that everyone was satisfied with. Contains the various aspects of the clothes, the feeling of wearing them, etc.

Kaya is the arrangement of additional magic, including how much magic can be added in the reeling stage, and how much can be added in the weaving stage. The person who mainly assisted Lin in calculating all this was this quiet apprentice.

The three of them are of course all dressed up, four spirit suits, nine dragon suits and white cat suits. In contrast, Leonardo, this young man, can be said to be a lot poorer. This is also the current situation of the members of the Lin Family. In terms of equipment, the low-level ones are very low-level, but the high-end ones are so high that there are no middle-level things.

But Leonardo was not disappointed. Instead, for this trip, he put on his own designed “full dress”, of course, medieval European-style clothing. It can be said that if it weren’t for someone else to stop him, the things he made had a strong hometown flavor. However, blocking is also limited to other people’s use or to the outside world, and Leonardo will not talk too much about what Leonardo wants to use.

The entire group was sitting in a 732A car like this, swooping through the Holy City Estali.

Because of the generosity of the technical unions, automobile manufacturing and R&D centers to employees, many middle-class families have emerged in Holy City, and the Model 732A has suddenly become the most practical choice for this group of people. Not to mention some magicians who are pursuing the cutting edge of academics. If you buy a car, even if you don’t study it, it’s even cheaper than raising a horse.

So Fen and other people are not special. They driving a car represent a new class that has just emerged.

It’s just this kind of meaning, for the few people in the car, there is no conscious. Fen just found it convenient, so he drove.

After all, the flash technique is not suitable for taking a companion, and there are still three or four people in the area. Recently, including going to Kaban to teach at the Academy, as long as she is in the right mood, she also likes to drive in a car instead of moving by flashing. Sometimes driving a car, moving slowly, looking at the scenery on the road, is a kind of leisurely enjoyment.

However, today I am not going out for this leisure and comfort, but to discuss a deal.

It’s just…saying that, how should we talk about this deal? Fern thought in his mind.

Remember the previous transaction, the object was a demon. The rank of the abyss lord, powerful, elegant, cunning and not keeping promises. At that time, with the help of the demon, the flower of Davi was obtained, which was used to contaminate the Divine Kingdom of an old god, destroying the probability of his recovery through Divine Kingdom.

When the demon fulfilled the conditions, he solved the demon without paying the price of his soul. At the same time, the soul from the abyss is used as something similar to a medicinal introduction to maximize the effect of the flower of Tubi.

The previous transaction was that an old god hoped to use his power to suppress another more powerful old god. With the help of the former, he sneaked into the Divine Kingdom of the latter secretly, and then summon’s indescribable existence succeeded in destroying the opponent.

For the former, I secretly added the poison that he asked himself to inflict on his opponent, secretly added to the wine of victory of the instigator, and then took care of him. Anyway, the other party was definitely brewing about killing people, and he was just doing it first.

Then move on… No matter how Fen thinks back, she only thinks that she has broken the letter time and time again, using the trader to achieve the goal and cheating on the other side at the same time, as if she has not honored the agreement seriously. . So this time, do you want to set a precedent, or follow your previous trading style? Lich is struggling, not knowing what to do.

I haven’t figured out what to do yet, today’s destination has arrived. Parked the car in the middle of a pile of carriages, Fern led three other magic apprentices to Tower III.

The first floor is the public space leading to the Great Library. There are a lot of people and people come and go. Fen leads people straight up to the second floor. Although the second floor is also a public space, it is an office where people want to hand in books to the large library or buy magic knowledge collected by the association. It is also the reception desk for meeting the owner of Tower III.

Meeting between magician and magician, although there is an appointment in advance, but most of the time they go directly to the door, and whether they want to meet or not to meet is directly decided. Of course, if the opponent is a tower master, the masters will still consider it. After all, the tower master’s power of life and death is not cracking a joke. But this time, it was the other party who asked for her, so Fern didn’t think she would be turned away.

Sure enough, a female magician wearing a veil, who is also a student of St.Mahattab, went downstairs to greet everyone. Looking at this outfit, Fern knew that the other party had the identity of an imperial nobleman.

The style of the Gwana Empire is conservative. Regardless of whether aristocratic women are married or unmarried, they will wear a veil when there is a man to cover their appearance, unless the man is his father or husband. The skin of the hands, feet, and neck should also be avoided as much as possible.

Holy City The magician in Estalí comes from the north and the south, so most of the women here will not have the dressing habits of the female aristocrats in the Gwana Empire. But seeing this costume, it is easy to infer the other party’s noble status.

However, magician is somewhat deviant and challenging the powerful. Therefore, the clothes worn by the female aristocratic magician in front of them are tight-fitting robes that show their body curves to their fullest extent and are tailored very close to the body. They seem to be very inflexible. As she walked in front, she walked in a swaying posture, seeing that Leonardo’s eyes were straight, and she didn’t know where to put it.

Because of the identity of the guest, the other party has no interest entanglement with him, so all the magic traps in Tower III are closed, giving Fen no chance to get a glimpse of the secrets of Tower III. But when she passed the 3rd floor, she paid special attention to the floor layout.

But I only glanced at it, and didn’t care anymore, because there was a mist that seemed like nothing. Fen knew that this was probably the Illusion Technique at work. So what you see right now may not be true.

It is not difficult to crack this Illusion Technique, but the movement is not light, and it is very rude to do so. If it were that man, he should be able to sneak through the illusion.

Clearly is a magician who is worthy of his own, but he puts all his mind on how to save his life and how to peep into the unknown. This can be seen in the eyes of Arcane, his most heart-warming magic array. A simple magic item must be made into a series by him, with various functions.

Soon, everyone went up to the 5th floor, which is the area where Mahatab lived and studied magic.

The only woman among the six towers of Estalí is standing in front of the energy pool and greets people with magician etiquette. “Good day, Your Excellency Fanny Tikal. I am honored to be able to welcome you.” As he said, he stretched out his hand to welcome everyone.

“Good day, Lord Mahtab.” While Fen greeted her, she also looked at the female Dharma sage.

A pale white hair, the traces that the years have painted on his face are quite obvious. Not tall, even a bit crooked, but no one doubts the explosive power of this petite body. The eyes are round and big, and they should be very powerful to stare at people; but she prefers to squint and greet people with a smile.

Maybe she looks like a kind neighbor’s old lady. But to become a Dharma saint, and to become the owner of Holy City Estali III Tower, Mahtab is definitely not a pacifist. Her status today cannot be achieved by academic achievements alone, but a ladder built with blood and bones can be used to climb to her current status.

Mahatab was very happy about this Lich’s visit. At least she felt that the request she had passed on from someone passed into this person’s ears, and that’s why we met today.

Then the next thing will develop as you expect it to be. Mahtab looked forward to it.

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