Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 723

According to reports, the Fasan Mahtab is also a member of the great nobility of the Gwana Empire. The reason why she dared to be big and show her face as a female is because the people who dared to trouble her were dead. People who dare to question her with gender issues will soon be immortal even if they don’t die.

In fact, there is no shortage of Gwana Empire with a gown veil, underneath is a female general with heavy armor, who committed suicide on the battlefield and caused the enemy to rush into wolves. There is also an all-female black veil army in the emperor’s personal guards, which is responsible for protecting the safety of the female families in the harem.

But again, she has the ability not inferior to men, and the courage to break the rigid tradition, Fasan Mahtab is still a woman. She knows how to judge a new thing from a perspective different from that of a man.

Just like the three sets of magic equipment worn by the person in front of you, the first evaluation of Fasheng Mahtab is powerful, and the second evaluation is beautiful. Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes before, I only learned from the rumors. But silk plus magic, these two elements together, are enough to make people sought after, even she is no exception. Now that I can see it with my own eyes, she is even more in the heart amazed, and her eyes are unreservedly showing longing.

If it is another male magician, it will only be as powerful as the first evaluation, and don’t care what the second evaluation is. If it is a nobleman, they may focus on the beauty of the second evaluation, but they cannot judge how powerful it is or where it is.

It can be said that Fen wants to come and negotiate a deal with Fasheng Mahtab, on the one hand, because she is the only one who truly understands the value of these sets of magic equipment in the letter’s request. So Fen wanted to meet her and put on this suit to let the other person comment. It depends on whether the praise of St. Mahattab is just blind flattery or true love. Simply put, to show off.

On the other hand, it is also because Mahtab has interests that Fen wants to exchange, so he is willing to come here to negotiate. Coming to the other party’s magic tower in person is the first sincerity shown by Fern; and the second sincerity is the gift that Hallumi brought over. After the golden haired girl put things on the table in the reception room, several apprentices were dispensed.

After Fashen Mahtab knowingly asked her students to serve coffee, she took three boys and girls to the small reception room for a while. She wanted to face this one thousand years ago alone. Demon King-sama. It is impossible to say that it is afraid. The Fashen stays in the magic tower he has been operating for a long time, and he will be confident to face any enemy. She just couldn’t help wondering what was in the exquisite lacquer box on the table.

Fen, wearing a four-spirited suit, naturally brings a somewhat elegant temperament with her every move, which is not like her in the past. With one sleeve and a wave of hands, the lush jade fingers originally hidden in the sleeves also carry a bit of dazzling brilliance, making people follow intently. Fen said: “Your Excellency Mahtab, this is a gift related to the subject we are about to discuss, so please accept it.”

Lich, who is not good at dealing with business seriously, said a little bit bluntly.

Mahatab did not care. Anyway, magician, few people put their skills in business negotiation, most people are accustomed to direct communication. If you agree, you will succeed; if you don’t, you will disperse.

Since the thing in front of me was a gift, and it was also pointed out that it was related to the following discussion, Mahtab directly opened the lacquer box. There are three sets of female underwear in neat and tidy, plain color, no fancy decoration or lace. The only thing worth showing off is its silk material.

Mahatab, who didn’t understand the contents of the box very well, once started, she was keenly aware of the texture of the contents in her hand. It is the same material as silk, but without that many patterns and colors.

“This is underwear that is worn next to the body, made of silk, without enchantments. I think it would be perfect as a meeting ceremony.” Fen said with a smile.

At the same time, Fen briefly described the way of dressing with whiteboard markers, which is why she would split the three apprentices. Of course, the most important thing is to support Leonardo. Even when she talks about these things, she doesn’t care if there are men present, but she can’t help but consider whether other people care. So letting a few apprentices retreat temporarily is the best choice.

Because he was wearing close-fitting clothes, Fen used whiteboard markers to bluntly describe that Mahtab blushed. Then she figured out a lot of things.

First of all, this lingerie made of silk must be made by the person in front of you. Because the silk circulating in the market is not plain, it must have some simple patterns.

Secondly, they not only mastered the production methods, but also mastered the source of the materials. Only then can there be surplus materials to make clothing that is invisible to the eye and only pursues comfort.

Therefore, Mahtabu happily rubbed the objects in his hands, enjoying the smooth touch, and tentatively asked: “Are these small insects made of silk?”

For more than a year, the movement between this mathematics master and another mathematics master, even the master of their six Estari six towers, cannot be easily ignored.

To say that in their actions, the most confusing thing is to entrust the adventurer guild with great fanfare to collect many insect-type demonic beasts and ordinary Insects. But now in retrospect, this matter is most likely to be related to the thing in hand. So Mahtab asked.

Fen didn’t even think about hiding it. She discussed with Lin that the collection of magic moths and common moths was public, and it was impossible to hide anything at all. So instead of lying, it’s better to admit it generously, but keep the details secret and distract interested people a little.

Most magicians will choose to research on their own when they fail to detect. Anyway, there are clues, and if others have done it, wouldn’t he be more stupid. Between the mysterious magician and magician, the vices of commercial espionage and ethics are not obvious.

So when faced with a spy by a Dharma sage, Fen said generously: “It’s those small insects that are not wrong. But please forgive me for keeping it secret.”

” Hehe, I can understand. It’s just that these clothes look like ordinary silk products, not like materials with power. “Even if the magic material is not enchanted, it also contains mana power. But the thing in his hand didn’t feel that way, so Mahtab would ask this question.

Fen didn’t give much explanation, just extend the hand, and handed the long sleeves of the Si Ling suit to the puzzled Dharma Sage. Mahtab stretched out his hand and felt the smoothness of silk and the magic of that deep and unmeasurable.

Without touching, you can only feel that this suit is like a mist, which obscures everyone’s perception. But after contact, you can feel the complex power operation hidden in this suit.

Among the magical props and equipment that Mahtabu has come into contact with, the strength of the silk clothes in front of him is also at the forefront. Coupled with the exquisite pattern like a work of art, it is just right to cover the clothes, covering the whole body, not eye-catching, but makes people more beautiful, which makes her desire to have more intense.

Mahatab was not hypocritical, and asked directly: “What does your Excellency Tikal need? Money? Magic materials? Or is it a promise of mine?”

Underdeveloped, bartering is still common. even more how real bulk, or extremely valuable things, will choose to trade in ways other than money. The former is because there is not enough money as a medium of transaction, and the latter is because money cannot be measured. That’s why Mahathab has this question.

Fen is also impatient with the twists and turns of speaking, but straightforwardly said: “I need to borrow the energy pool to hold the ceremony. It is estimated that it will take fifteen days, and no more than 30 days. Of course, the energy pool on the 3rd floor will do.”

As everyone knows, the three-story magic tower has one energy pool, two four-story towers, and three 5-Layer towers. It is precisely because of each additional layer, there will be an additional energy pool, which limits the height of the magic tower, as well as the expensive cost and rarity.

It’s not that no one breaks through this pit, and keeps pushing it up. But how tall a tower can be built with a simple stone barrier, and how earthquake-resistant can it be. This kind of tower, which only pays attention to height, has not been able to escape from natural disasters and wars and survive to this day.

As for the six towers of Estali, the highest level belongs to the domain of the tower owner, and at the same time controls the entire magic tower, which cannot be easily shown. The same situation is at the highest level of the four-story tower, and the situation of the three-story tower, because that is almost equivalent to handing over the control of the magic tower.

The energy pool on the fourth floor of the six towers is a joint construction of the Formation to protect the large library and the Formation defense of the tower itself. It can be said to be the most important task, and it should not be disturbed or given up.

For the 5-Layer tower, the energy pool on the third floor is mostly provided to the tower master’s apprentices for research purposes, and most of the time it is responsible for sharing the energy pool pressure on the fifth and fourth floors. It can be regarded as the most flexible energy pool in terms of application.

Just to lend to an outsider… Mahtab is reluctant.

After all, this energy pool is also in the magic tower. If the other party has a major event, it will be involved in the entire tower. But this is a bargain for that powerful and beautiful outfit.

As far as Mahtab knows, there are quite a few people who have made similar demands, but no one has ever received any promise. The magician all tactfully refused. Some people even plan to use shameless means tentatively regardless of success or failure. And I am the only one who has received a response so far, although the decision has not yet been finalized.

But in exchange for using the energy pool… Mahtab decided to take a closer look and asked: “Your Excellency Tikal only needs to borrow the energy pool. There are no other requirements?”

“Yes, I just need to borrow the energy pool. But you can rest assured, Lord Dharma. The ceremony I will hold has nothing to do with cursing or attacking any place or hurting anyone, nor is it necessary to summon or communicate. Alien creatures, I just want to use a lot of power to reshape a fleshy body. Of course, if I can directly assign a magic tower to me, even I have to pay the price, but also not acceptable.” Said.

“haha.” Mahtabgan laughed a few times, ignoring Fen’s last request.

Don’t let the magician and her man in front of you get any magic tower. This is already an open secret among the top magician associations. With the Great Sage Tower in front, the strength that that tower has demonstrated so far has seriously threatened other magic towers, even the Siga Division of the Magician Association. Not to mention that the tower’s capabilities have not yet been fully excavated.

“Maybe the request to borrow the energy pool, I am not incapable of considering it. But Sir Tikal, can you propose the corresponding value.”

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