Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 724

Is this wanting more, or is it a tactful rejection?

Fen looked at the kind smiling face in front of her, but couldn’t judge anything at all. Even observing from the heartbeat, eye movement, sweating level, etc., he could not guess any thoughts of Mahtab.

So Fen can only choose to increase the chips in his hand. But instead of increasing the number, she intends to clearly tell the other party how valuable what she has promised is, not just looking at the surface, the superficial things in her cognition.

With the same confident smile, Fern said: “If your Excellency is willing to listen to the introduction about this suit, you will understand how many choices you can make. I think you have There will be totally different ideas about the value of. When the time comes, let’s discuss whether the exchange is equivalent.”

Mahtab nodded, said: “Of course it can.”


Fen didn’t talk too much nonsense, and summoned three apprentices and asked them to list all the optional requirements for making a set of Hanfu. There are dozens of styles of clothing displayed by Hallumi alone.

Don’t think that Lin only drew a few patterns at the beginning. In fact, what he painted is not the original Hanfu or Tang suit, but the modified costume with modern elements. But in this way, it is enough for a few women to open their minds and add their unique style to some extent.

There are dozens of kinds of clothes, skirts, and outerwear. Delete the similar appearances, stagger the matching, and then delete the inappropriate matching types, which leaves the sixty-three types of clothing currently displayed by Hallumi.

Each version has a suitable pattern style. However, whether it is insects, fish, birds and beasts, or landscapes and flowers, it is closely related to the color of the outfit.

When displaying patterns and colors, Leonardo’s keen response and vivid evaluation were unexpectedly eye-catching.

Because the pictures, patterns, and colors displayed by Hallumi using the stored data magic stone are separated, there is no way to put them together at will, giving people an intuitive sense of trial installation. The ragdoll system that can be tried is only available on the first coffin. The storage magic stone she brought can only show flat pictures.

But Leonardo can quickly draw a rough look on paper from a variety of collocations, and clearly describe his feelings about such a collocation for reference. And the delicate point of view of a man is not unimportant to several women. Even the two young girls and the students of Mahtab would have some special feelings when they listened nearby.

When Hallumi and Leonardo’s presentation came to an end, and Mahtab hadn’t made any decision yet, Kaya came out with another heavy attack. The file data displayed on the water mirror screen is hundreds of magic or magic array styles, these all are sure to be used in the two-stage enchantment.

Some magics that produced insignificant effects or were obviously funny were deleted a long time ago. So the magic that can stay on the list, practicality is absolutely nothing to say.

What surprised Mahatab most is that there are not only a few magics on the list, but dozens of them! It’s just that the greater the number of choices, the more power is needed for the entire outfit. As for the two stages of enchantment, she was even more at a loss.

What 1st Stage is suitable for constant curing magic, the limit is a total upper limit. Before the cumulative amount hits that upper limit, in theory, it is possible to continue to choose the magic to be added.

Then 2nd Stage is related to the need for control, so you can choose active or passive magic. And what is the condition of use, whether it is an automatic trigger type or an active control type.

Of course, the two different stages of enchanting methods, Fen and the others did not introduce them in detail.

Furthermore, what is the main axis of additional magic? Do you want to join the Attack Type magic? And the most troublesome part, what are the conflicts between magic and magic? How to solve it. Whether it is discarded or used sequentially, or a random number determines which one to use, as long as it is not used at the same time.

Three apprentices, a complete set of punches, even Mahtab, who is a Dharma saint, is dizzy, not to mention her students, even if they are already magician. . They may not understand how powerful this suit is after it is completed, but they can already understand that with such a suit, other non-weapon magic equipment can be swept into the trash. And this is also true.

According to Lin using a jacquard machine to make enchantable silk, theoretically the probability of additional magic is unlimited. To describe it in one sentence, it means that there is nothing impossible to think of but nothing impossible.

But this does not mean that you will be invincible with this suit, because these sets of Hanfu have the same weaknesses as the customized cars of the Automobile Manufacturing and Research Center, that is, there is no stability. And the power source of unlimited supply. Once the power is exhausted, only the properties of the material itself are left.

But Mahtab did not care much about these small details. Because in many battles, winning is only a momentary opportunity. There is a piece of equipment that can improve the probability of seizing this opportunity, then it is valuable. Therefore, the Dharma Sage who understood all this excitedly asked: “Is it really possible to do these things?”

Fen happily moved towards the two apprentices and winked. golden haired girl got up, put her hands in her sleeves and just flicked it! The streamer flashed through the entire Kowloon suit from top to bottom, and in a short time she added six auxiliary magic to herself, the whole person’s imposing manner was completely different.

At the same time, take out the metal strip from your arms and flick it to your wrist. The magnetic metal will automatically form a loop to tighten the cuffs. After moving towards the Nine Dragons clothing, the straps were drawn a few times, and all the light and fluttering parts were tightened. No more than two strokes, it was a posture ready to fight.

Kaya didn’t let much, got up and brushed the left sleeve of the white cat suit, and she disappeared from under everyone’s eyelids. With the power of the sage of Dharma, she didn’t even notice the movement of the black hair girl.

For the first time seeing the ability of the white cat suit, Hallumi also showed a curious expression, saying: “Kaya, are you really missing?” As he said, he reached out and pinched Kaya’s original cheek. ! Sure enough, after pinching the soft thing, the golden haired girl kneaded with excitement, and still had an uncle-like smirk, pretending to be stupid and said: “Kaya, where are you, I can’t see you. hehehe .”

This slapstick directly destroyed Kaya’s concealment. Maybe she didn’t fully expose her, but the exposed part also made her concealment meaningless.

This actually uses only a small part of Kaya’s more than seventy hidden magics. It is an integrated effect of the primary level. It is very useful to show or deceive children. But her concealment was directly destroyed by Hallumi, and the girl who was rubbing her face said angrily: “Stop. You can’t stop!” Then she fought back without the slightest hesitation!

Hallumi just said, “Where are you? I can’t see you.” While rubbing Kaya’s cheek. The ravaged girl resisted vigorously, shouting desperately: “Stop!” It’s a pity that her strength is no better than the golden haired girl, not to mention that the current Hallumi has several auxiliary magic blessings, and the basic strength is much higher than that of Kaya. .

Until their older sister couldn’t help it, and after giving a reward to one person, the two girls shuddered. Only then did Finland have the opportunity to continue the unfinished negotiations.

Leonardo played soy sauce all the way, only to accompany him with laughter.

However, the display of the two young girls not only amazed the students of Dharma Sage, but also allowed Dharma Sage Mahtab to see more things. With the consent of the two, she rubbed the sleeves of the Jiulong suit and the white cat suit, feeling the difference between the two Han suits and the four spirit suits on Fen.

The enchanting directions of the three sets of clothes are completely different, but the strength and complexity are not too great. Each set made Mahtab’s admiration, and even her students, even if their faces were hidden under the veil, could still feel the piercing eyes of desire.

Faced with so many choices, they began to discuss every combination and every probability. Perhaps it is normal for Dharma sage Mahtab to use exhaustive methods for learning. But the three accepted the scientific method from Earth, and Fen and the others are also enthusiastic about discussing it; if someone is present, they will definitely feel that women are indeed different creatures from men.

In the course of the discussion, Mahtab even took out his trump card, a magic array style that rarely shows people, to see if it can be added to the enchanting sequence. And her students are equally enthusiastic about discussions, as if she has a share in the suit that will be made.

It’s just this seemingly endless discussion, which is impossible to continue indefinitely. At about noon, Fern interrupted everyone who was releasing their enthusiasm and said: “Your Excellency, I think today’s discussion will come to an end.”

“Why, we haven’t There is a result.” Mahtab said angrily. Faced with so many choices, she can’t wait to make a set of all the options, how can she interrupt the discussion process before she finds the most satisfying combination.

But Fen won’t be used to this…little sister? Maybe from the appearance, the generations of the two should be reversed, but from the perspective of age and birth time, there are few people in this world who can compare to Lich, even the gods are no exception. So although Fen was a little polite, she also said forcefully: “I still have the Academy’s life course to go to in the afternoon. If I spend all my time here, those people will have to protest.”

This is the instructor of the life course, and many of the students may be weaker than themselves. But these people are not something they can ignore when they get together, so Mahtab was a little discouraged, and then he turned his mind and said eagerly: “Maybe these children, can you stay and help me?”

Findifferent expression, just laughed. Only then did Mahtab realize that he had a bad idea. It’s like asking the other party to keep the hostage down. I have to apologize and say: “Sorry, my fault. I don’t mean to force them to stay. I just hope that the preparation work can be resolved soon.”

“Hehe, I understand.” Fen turned his head and said, “Girl, leave all the information you brought.” Then he said to Mahatab, “I will leave these things first. Come down, let you consider it carefully. Sometimes others give too many opinions, but you don’t know what you want. I think it is a good time to come to meet with you in three days to discuss feasibility. “

“Of course.” Mahtab knows that what the man in front of him is talking about is rightism. I have to think about all the development of probability, maybe three days is not enough. So she got up and saw off these nobles in person. And after that, there will be several sleepless nights.

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