Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 725

I learned that the deal between Fen and Fahasa Mahtab is in full swing. Holding a small can of ice milk, Lin walked to the attic to prepare for the stargazing activity tonight. The gray cat Hardy walked two steps behind him, his tail wagging gently.

Actually, Hardy at first does not think there is any good in drinking milk. But after tasting it once, I couldn’t help but love the taste. Especially in this very hot season, drinking iced milk is a great thing. So as long as someone holds a can of milk, it will follow, and each time it will get a lot of profit.

Although you ask other people for milk, no one will refuse, and they will even happily help themselves to prepare. Just dealing with other people, inevitably have to endure the other people’s hands and feet, and it is not easy to refuse.

So for Hardy, the most suitable communication partner is the magician in front of him. At least he doesn’t play cats at every turn, or bury their faces in his body, this kind of super shameful behavior, and he can’t escape even if he wants to.

It’s just that as soon as the door of the attic was opened today, the stargazing position that someone is used to has already been occupied by Azad. The prince, with a somewhat leisurely and graceful gesture, was peering into the starry sky through the astronomical Telescope. The pink hair on his forehead was unexpectedly conspicuous, and he asked curiously: “I think you can see the flowers when you look at the stars every day? I can’t find it anyhow.”

“en “Lin Yin said for a long time without answering.

Azzad still put his eyes on the Telescope, and said without looking back: “Why, it’s rare to see you have nothing to say. Do you disdain to talk to me, or don’t know what to say. Please answer Choose carefully, it’s terrible to say something wrong.”

“Well, I’m thinking about answering you with a magical point of view, or answering you with a scientific point of view, or using my own point of view. You would be more appropriate to answer.”

“What is the point of view of magic?” Azad asked.

Lin came to the Telescope, through the open window, looked at the Star Sea that was not polluted by light pollution, and said: “There is a point of view in astrology. Each star represents a People’s fortune. Someone has a strong fortune, so the starlight is dazzling; someone has a weak fortune, so the starlight is dim. Therefore, as long as you understand who this star represents, the bigger one can see the changes in the world situation from the starry sky, and the smaller one can see a person’s Destiny is going to predict the future of individuals or people.”

“Oh, which star do you think I am?”

After signalling Azad to leave, Lin Weiwei Move the Telescope and point it at the starry sky in the north. After searching for a while, he gave up his position and said: “A family word, tentatively listen. The dazzling purple star in the north should be your Life Source star. It should be yours. The brightness of is so high that it can almost overwhelm the nearby starry sky. However, the starlight flickers and flickers, which means that your future is still unstable and your whereabouts are uncertain. Outside this purple star, you can still see the northeast corner. A purple star not far away, the color is righteous and stable, this should be your father, the emperor of the Gwana Empire. Most of the auxiliary stars around this purple star are equally dazzling. It shows the courtiers around your father, They are all capable ministers. The more interesting thing is that apart from you and your father, the Ziwei Omen is not obvious. In other words, it is not clear who the successor of the empire is at this stage, but you are better than your other brothers and sisters. There is still a chance.”

The empire does not forbid the female emperor, and Azad also has many unmarried sisters, so Lin talks nonsense like this. However, Azad was amused by someone’s inference, saying: “A prince who has been deprived of inheritance, inherits the throne? This joke is not funny at all. What do you mean?”

“You said If your emperor suddenly died suddenly, and if you don’t go back and kill all your brothers and sisters, how high is your chance of becoming the emperor?” Lin Fan asked.

“putting it that way, it seems to be the same. It’s just that the real intention of what you say is that you want me to divert my focus, go home and make trouble, and don’t stay here. Let’s talk about this. Did the stars really make such a prediction?”

Lin shrugged with a smile, and said: “It is my interpretation to speak out. I will not comment on the intention behind it. Different people have different opinions. Besides, the future is change. Yes, maybe after you hear what I said, you deliberately don’t do it, and it’s not impossible. That’s why I said, tentatively, don’t pay too much attention to it. This is not big prophecy, it’s just astrology. A little statement.”

Great prophecy, forcibly solidifying a super magic in the future, but the person who uses it will usually not end well. This is not because of violating the secrets of heaven. It is purely because it is unknowable how much power is needed to consolidate the future that the surgeon said.

The farther away from the facts and the possible development of big prophecy, more power is needed to distort reality. As long as the power limit of the operator is exceeded, the result will be drained, breathe one’s last. If things are like where water flows, a canal is formed, big prophecy only needs to consume a small amount of power to realize the spoken future.

And this very unscientific magic is the subject of Lin’s recent research, so I will mention it at this moment. It’s just that Azad didn’t take someone’s words at all, he turned around and asked, “Which star in the sky belongs to you?”

Lin froze for a moment, looked up towards the starry sky, Said lonely: “I don’t belong to this starry sky.”

The voice sounds very narrative, but Azad, who doesn’t care about these things, seems to be deliberately hanging his appetite, and asks another One thing: “You just said, from a scientific point of view, what do you see from this starry sky?”

The mood was suddenly pulled back, and Lin was a little bit internally hurt. After taking a deep breath, Lin said: “Why do stars move like this? Why are their brightness different? What does it represent? Where? These questions must have an answer, rather than answering in general, that they are stars. With mathematics, you can Analyze all of this. Find the orbital formula of the star’s orbit, and calculate the star’s brightness represented by the star’s size, brightness, and distance from the maze. Mathematics of these information will help us predict the next second, next moment, and next hour. Even tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and some day in the future, what kind of changes will this starry sky have?”

“What’s the point of calculating these? This starry sky changes or does not change, is it just your life? Will it be changed or not changed accordingly.”

For Azad’s repulsion, Lin said with a smile: “Knowledge must be useful before you study it? And it is useless today, how can you be sure? It’s no use tomorrow? If you use it someday but don’t have the corresponding knowledge or tools, don’t you feel stunned.”

Ignoring someone’s rebuttal, Azad asked again: “Then what’s your own opinion?”

“I like to watch it, you can control it.” Lin said unceremoniously.

As a result, Azad smiled without anger. After laughing for a while, he suddenly turned around and said, “I heard that you gave to others the things you prepared to give to me. I guess you might have an explanation that sounds reasonable. Then Here comes the question. Guess, will I accept it?”

Sure enough, there are questions related to this matter. But Lin Si was not afraid, and said the answer he had prepared for a long time. “Because you don’t need it for the time being, so I’ll give Fen a favor first. What’s wrong.”

“Oh, I don’t need it for the time being.” This is the first time to face this magician tonight, Ah The hair on Zade’s forehead gradually turned red. He said with a cold laugh: “Why don’t I know, you can decide anything for me?”

Not waiting for Demon King to have trouble, Lin let out his hands and pulled out a large banner water mirror screen, blocking it between the two. The side with words and pictures was displayed in front of Azad. The above content is actually what Hallumi and Kaya showed when they met with Fen and the others in the morning when they met with Fasir Maha Tabab, and more.

There are 76 sets of primordial’s Hanfu version, including women’s wedding gowns like Fengguanxiamen. There are dozens more kinds of magic array styles, these all are researched by Lin himself, unique magic that has not been made public. Of course, these unique magics are not all very useful, and most of them are used to make up the numbers and scare people.

Lin walked through the water mirror, came to the same side as Azad, looked at the dazed Demon King, and said, “Then the prince, you have decided what kind of clothes you want to make. Is it?”

The bright red on his head gradually turned to dead gray, Azad rarely showed a puzzled expression, pointed to the screen wall showing densely packed text and pictures, and asked: “These are What?”

“What kind of style do you want to make of the clothes? Are there any patterns above that you are satisfied with? Then what magic do you want to add? Especially enchanting, this can’t be done casually Well. Because magic items with different abilities will directly affect your tactics, and even change your own strengths and weaknesses. It’s like you use a big sword well, but I give you a lance so you can’t Give full play to your strength. Similarly, when this suit is made, not only will it be shaped according to your ideas, but your future tactics will also be affected by this equipment. The cooperation between the two must be done. Perfection can complement each other. Or you can accept a very powerful set of magic equipment, but the enchantments above are all things you can’t use?”

“Hmm~” Aza shook his head Germany, speechless for the first time.

“If you don’t know how to choose, then I recommend you the number one enchantment package, which is the’escape’ set. Like my Black Tortoise gown, all enchantments are related to escape, including the use of blind eyes to confuse Enemy.”

Azzad was stunned and shook his head stiffly.

“Then the second’turtle shell’ set meal is the same as Fen’s four-spirit suit. The defensive magic is so powerful that even if she wants to break it, it will be a little difficult.”

Azad still shook his head. This result is not difficult to guess, because this one advocates offense. For defense, he is better at the gameplay of injury-for-injury and life-for-life.

“Then the third’auxiliary’ package is the Kowloon suit worn by Hallumi. But I don’t recommend you to choose this one, because you are not suitable for using any auxiliary magic, extra speed, extra power, Excess perceptions will destroy your existing balance, and your strength may not increase but decrease.”

Azzad stiffly nodded, indicating that he agrees with Lin’s statement.

“So the 4th’peekaboo’ package? Kaya’s white cat suit is specially used to hide your figure and sneak in. It is especially useful when you are a thief. Of course, it is also good to use to escape.”

This time Azad does not shake his head or nodded, he is just twitched at the corners of his mouth and nose.

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