Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 726

Regardless of this kid’s expression, Lin said to himself: “There is no best magic equipment, only the most suitable. Then you have to think clearly, what is the best thing for you? If not, is it temporarily unavailable? Or is it that you have to do it casually for the sake of a gamble? If you hold this mentality, I will not help you do anything, because it is a waste of materials and Time.”

Azzad is still speechless. He moved his neck stiffly and turned his head to look towards the talking magician.

Lin continued: “Take a thousand steps back, have you ever thought about where you want to progress? In addition to your own efforts, what kind of help is needed from magic in this direction? But it seems that , You have never thought about anything. And your battle method is just to spend your innate talent to your heart’s content. You never really calm down and polish all of this. No wonder Stone’s evaluation of you is like a child. “

Hearing the key words, Azad seemed to wake up. He asked: “Stone? You mean the dead man’s head.”

“Yes, it is him. Strictly speaking of which, he is regarded as a stitched corpse with only the head left, and he still lives more than one. A thousand-year-old undead, the undead made by Fen himself.”

However, Azad didn’t care about Lin’s answer, he was just thinking about his own question. He babbled: “It’s like a child.”

For Azad’s mumbling, Lin didn’t even notice where his thoughts were scattered for a while, so he couldn’t answer the conversation. . But Lin Ke didn’t intend to quietly wait for the prince to think.

Put away all water mirrors. Lin first poured a plate of ice milk to the gray cat Hardy who had been waiting for a long time, then poured another glass, and after serving it to Azad, he waved away and said, “The document number just now is 9598, and you also have a coffin. Permission, I want to see it by myself. If you want to think quietly, go to the side and don’t hinder my stargazing. When you have all the things you want to understand and plan, let’s talk about the follow-up work.”

People are ecstatic. The face-squeezing and freedom from the Earth game add a little hell, how easy it is. If there is no model and strategy, the former is estimated to be a random styling and keep pressing until something pleasing to the eye; the latter is to test the water with random additions and play. Anyway, if you are not satisfied, you will reopen a new role.

Anyway, I have never studied this thing seriously, because it is just a game, and I don’t want to spend too much thought and energy. But here is the real world. Every decision has a cost that must be paid and the possible impact. And the most important point is that you don’t have the option of setting a random combination.

The proposal for sorting out this catalog was when Fen proposed to make a deal with Fasheng Mahatabu two or three days ago, Lin asked the two girls to sort out the relevant information. Two stupid girls who have never seen the world make a long list of profusions very seriously and happily, completely unaware of the cat inverse.

But the former Demon King-sama may have noticed someone’s intentions, but he didn’t say anything. Anyway, it was someone else. For a magician, it is the right way to find the problem first, and then find a solution to the problem.

If it is self-examination, then self-examination is fine. But at first, others will spread all the options in front of them, and then look for the so-called “most suitable” from them, just like allowing others to confine themselves in a small box, and being in this circle is not necessarily a good thing. .

The Peak powerhouse, who played the world with a rather indifferent attitude, did not immediately notice someone’s intentions, and was smoothly fooled into a misunderstanding of thinking.

It’s not that the words I said were wrong, but that these things were originally something Azad would not care about, but they were pushed into the pit by someone. If you want to climb out, it seems impossible for three to five days, and then you want to understand the entire process of development, but you don’t know how many days it will take.

So it seems that the current level is over. Lin secretly sighed in relief.

It’s just that he underestimated Azad’s quick thoughts, and this cynical person’s attitude towards things. It can be said that the lost self-control just moments ago was an experience he had never had in his entire life, and it was very interesting. But it is too stupid to keep yourself trapped in the vortex of that thought.

His eyes regained their brilliance, and his green and blue eyes bloomed with playful gazes. Azad glanced up and down at someone with a smirk. No matter what the true intention of the magician said these words, he doesn’t like to make choices, and he doesn’t even care about what he gains or loses, he just enjoys the process.

In the process of dealing with this time, he did get things he had never thought of before. This made him even more curious. In Shi Dong’s eyes, he was judged like a child; then in this magician’s eyes, what did he see?

As he was exposed again and again, Azad noticed that his advantages were diminishing. In comparison, I tried my own weak spot in this room, and the speed was far less than the speed at which my advantage diminished. Why on earth, I still can’t find out.

Suddenly divine light flashed, Azad remembered what the magician said before about the scientific view of astrology. He suddenly asked: “Regarding my actions, can you also use mathematical formulas to express them, and then predict my actions?”

Originally, seeing Demon King’s eyes recovering, Lin in the heart murmured badly. He didn’t expect he put aside the topic of clothes and asked about another thing that seemed to be more serious.

But as long as the person in front of them doesn’t entangle, the question of who made the clothes first and who made the clothes after him and the Fashen is not the worst situation for Lin. In all fairness, he didn’t want to offend this one. Azad’s temperament is ups and downs, go to extremes, it is really troublesome to get along with each other. But depending on the situation, I can’t get rid of…

After thinking about it, Lin decided to answer Azad’s question honestly: “If you ask if you can use mathematics to predict your actions, my answer is Yes, but it should not be as accurate and easy as you think. It mainly relies on statistics to calculate the probability of probability, and this must rely on a lot of historical information. In fact, everyone will have similar abilities, including you. In the face of one thing, as long as you try it many times and have more experience, you will have an intuitive judgment when you face a similar thing again. This is how you do things, and the same is true for fighting. It’s nothing.”

Although Lin tried to play down the influence of this ability, Azad remained unmoved, pointing to the key point and saying: “But after using the method you mentioned, the speed of accumulating experience is more For people who have been immersed for decades to have this intuition, it’s a far cry. Are you sure this method is really nothing? Do you think I’m stupid? Or, you hope I’m a fool, but you are actually not smart enough. Where to go. Only an idiot would naively think that people in this world are just like him. I don’t know you have the blood of those nobles.”

What else can you do? Lin can only smile.

At this time, the door was pushed to break the deadlock, and a black hair and brown-skinned girl in a white cat suit walked in. Because of her clothes, she finally got rid of the two braided hairstyles that had remained unchanged for thousands of years. Instead, they put the same two braids on the left and right, leaving a strand of hair on the temples. The same childishness, but a different taste.

And the one who sticks one’s head around to look for at her feet is the little cat Lily. As soon as he saw Hardy enjoying milk alone in the room, he also twirled his footsteps and rushed in quietly and gently.

It’s just not yet time for them to send themselves supper. What’s matter? Lin thought so in his heart.

Kaya gave the answer directly: “teacher, Mai Erhu has come to inform.”

Giving a chance to change the subject, Lin secretly rejoiced, and quickly said: “That person The Dark Elf Young Lady finally contacted us. She said that in 3-4 months, she could return to their tribe. It’s been more than half a year, and I wonder if they all died on the side of the road. I couldn’t go back. Did she ask me when?”

Kaya displayed the contents of the email on a water mirror screen, then moved the water mirror in front of her teacher, and said at the same time:” No, Miles did not write anything, just to convey the news that she has arrived in the tribe.”

A brief glance, there are no words anyway, and the layout is clean. Lin casually said: “Yes. Then you can help me reply to the news that I will see Fasnas again tomorrow morning. It’s too late today, I won’t go there.”

“Okay, teacher .” After getting a reply, Kaya retired.

Looking back, Lin saw Azad was holding the milk in his hand, taking a bite by himself, pouring a bite into the small dish, and teasing the little cat Lily. Hardy stepped aside, looking at the kitten being teased with pity and helplessness.

It is a bad habit for Azad to not know whether it is good or not. As long as things are interrupted, he usually doesn’t keep things abruptly. But sometimes he will unfathomable mystery and go back to the same thing again, it is very challenging to keep up with the rhythm of his thinking.

Just like now, he put aside the topic he was talking about before, then turned a corner and said: “You are going to the World Tree tribe of the dark elves tomorrow? I also want to go, see and see. Take a look. What kind of environment are those dead gray elves living in under the sky without seeing the sun. This should be very interesting.”

“It’s a shame, I refuse. Use flash art to take people away , I am afraid that you will be corroded by high-dimensional alien energy and become weird things. The original you are bad enough, and I don’t want to make you worse.” Suddenly, Lin a single thought arose and said: “Maybe This will make you feel better. So shall we try?”

“Same regret, I don’t make magician experiments.” After Azad rebuffed, he rebuffed Said: “I remember the clothes you made for other people, there is a protective magic against the weird energy you said. Then this magic is the first magic added to the clothes I want to wear. Help. I remember. I will think about the rest.” As he said, Azad was about to leave.

Lin yelled from behind: “Remember, File 9598. You can refer to the data inside.”

Azzad shook his hand without looking back. I don’t know what he meant to express. Lin can only say that guys who are used to cheating people may also be very good at preventing themselves from being cheated.

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