Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 727

In the early morning, after the usual washing up and breakfast, Lin was going to the Dark Elf’s World Tree tribe.

This is the first long-distance teleportation through the positioning of the ring, so Lin also did a lot of pre-checks, including the condition of the Black Tortoise gown. As for the purpose of going to the meeting, it is just to meet World Tree Phasnas. There is no major event, so there should be no extra preparations. Lin in the heart thought so.

Although the robes of Fen and the others have additional protective magic to resist the corrosion of different kinds of energy, and it is the second version.

Compared with the first version of the protection magic, it can only protect the object itself depicting the magic array. The second version of the protection magic can also protect the covered objects, even slightly expanding the scope of protection. In other words, Hallumi and Kaya, who are wearing this additional protective magic robe, are also protected by protective magic. Of course, the disadvantage is that they consume more power.

In spite of this, Lin did not intend to bring anyone on this short journey.

After not talking about the past, you may be able to go home with a few words. The object of this talk is the World Tree, the ancient Fasnas, which is older than any known existence. Lin had to be cautious about what the other party's attitude was, whether it would be out of the question, these uncertain factors.

Going to the meeting alone, it’s easier to escape. Bringing one more person is one more burden, so Lin Wan declined anyone's request to follow.

Prepared well, in fact, there is nothing to prepare. After saying hello to everyone, Lin felt the existence of another echoing in the distance through the ring on his finger. It was a very strange feeling. It was obviously a little bit of fluorescence from a distant place, but it attracted my own mind. Open your eyes, then flash!

This process, but in the blink of an eye, even the two female apprentices were completely unprepared. Hallumi murmured that he hadn’t followed Yunyun this time. Kaya turned his head and creded out in surprise: "Ah, the box cut is gone." Everyone looked at each other, and for a while, no one could understand what was behind it. significance. Hallumi asked: "Did the teacher say to bring the box out of the house?"

Kaya shook the head and said: "The teacher said that this time I went to be a guest, not a fight, so I don’t With box-cutting." Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and suddenly a major event felt bad.

Not to mention the hustle and bustle of those who were left at home, Lin, who used the flash technique to reach the destination, was just as stunned. The welcoming lineup beside him was sixteen dark elves, divided into two circles, with staggered positions, encircling someone. But there is a full [衤果] woman lying down beside her feet... a corpse? Although there is still a tone, but it also seems to be fast.

The dark spirit spirit wheat seems to have been severely tortured. Only the right hand with the ring on the limbs is retained. Only a small half of both feet and left hand are left, and the bones are pierced out. , Blood and blood are blurred, pus and blood flow. Of course, there is no bandage, or any emergency treatment. There was even a fat maggot squirming in the wound. It was obvious that the injury had been for a while, and it was deliberately not allowed to heal.

She had no gods in her eyes and was covered in blood. She didn't notice the people around her at all, and of course she wouldn't react. If Lin could not detect her heartbeat, he would be dead.

And the sixteen dark elves dancing around to welcome the lineup, of course, will not give Lin much reaction time. Just after someone suddenly appeared using the flash technique, he couldn't help but be in a hurry. But they quickly integrated and chanted incantations.

immediately, an ominous cyan ray glow appears on the magic array portrayed on the ground. This is the famous dimensional anchor, everything... most of the nemesis of teleporting magic. It is a pity that the flash technique is not included in this list.

Since you do it, don’t talk nonsense! After living in the maze for so long, maybe before something happens, someone's indecisive will irritate many people; but as long as you do it, someone is also decisive and ruthless as if they are different from before.

Don't say that bad people die from talking too much, good people often die from talking too much. So Lin didn't want to bother to ask why, or take the time to figure out the situation. The box cut directly summon the hands, the inscription on the sword makes it bring out a white flame when it is swung. Lin swung out without the slightest hesitation, even if the dark elves surrounding him were still a long distance away.

No one is afraid. In the dark spiritual eyes, the position of the human magician that suddenly appears is in the magic array, which is equivalent to being controlled by them. The next thing to do is to further suppress the opponent, and then capture them and ask for credit.

And the long sword in his hand would bring out the white flames, everyone took it for granted that he brought it with him at first, but no one noticed it. As for the action of swinging the sword in the distance, it is just a joke that no one can be cut.

The next moment, no one is there!

There was no shouting, no exclamation, or even the sound of a sword cutting the flesh. Lin just swung his sword past, and the two great dark elf heads sprayed into the sky at the same time. The blood of the carotid artery was madly red, and it was red like a flower, but Lin did not stick to it, appeared in the next position, and cut the two of them again!

The deceased was not chosen at random. Lin chose the one with the greatest power among the dark elves who surrounded him. It's not enough to look at it carefully, anyway, it's a dead person. The other one died at the same time, but it was too close, so he cut it off. The same goes for the second group.

The dark elves who reacted have different actions, and Lin took the lead in choosing to deal with those who tried to escape. Even though he used the flash technique to attack, Lin was also accustomed to attacking from behind the enemy or blind spots in his field of vision, but those who flee had lost the courage and it was better to solve them.

The so-called do not chase after cornered enemy refers to the situation where it takes time to chase after cornered enemy and it is possible to fall into an ambush trap. But beheading someone who is running away is just a matter of convenience for someone. Besides, Lin has no reason to spare these people.

Then choose to change the incantation technique and try to use the short technique to launch a counterattack. No matter what kind of magic, as long as it exerts its effect, it will cause a certain amount of obstruction, so the best time is to kill the opponent before the magic is completed!

even more how, chanting spells and using magic without protection, or the protection of the person is weak, is a tactical error. Mistake is death, there is no mercy on the battlefield, and no one can tolerate sympathy from the crowd.

The box cut that appeared in the image of Andoril, the sword body was not bloody, and the white flames became more and more dazzling as the dead became more and more. However, those who hold swords are as fierce as evil spirits. With one sword and one head, or one sword and one body, the dark elves will only be horrified, and then die...

Sixteen dark elves change There were sixteen corpses, but between a few breaths. No one has the opportunity to resist; or so, but it is meaningless in front of flashing and box cutting. When everything was calm again, Lin casually swept away the demon array on the ground, and only after the cynicism destroyed all the condensed powers, he had the time to take a look at his own situation.

First of all, my location should be a tree house. According to the results of the investigation environment, the height is 36.3 meters above the ground, the area is about 39.6 square meters, and it is long. From the wood elves tribe I have been to, compare it with the World Tree territory. This should be a room dedicated to holding ceremony. The characteristic is that there are many powerful protective formations engraved on the wall to avoid accidents.

And most importantly, there are many people outside the house!

Go home here? Although I expected that I could go home soon, but didn't expect this is the reason.

Go out and kill? What's the purpose of this just?

Then fell to the ground. Could the female dark elf who was still breathing be saved?

A series of choices finally let Lin Xia decide, but it was the whisper in the ears. He called out, summon the guests he invited, and went to meet him.

The battle that took place in the ceremony room, of course, could not hide the dark elves outside. Unfortunately, in order to prevent the ceremony from being interrupted by interference, or there is something that shouldn't run out of the house, the doors and windows of this house are made particularly strong. So for a while, the dark elves couldn't break through.

When they exhausted the suffering untold hardships and smashed the doors and windows from the outside, the sight they saw when they entered the house was an unfamiliar human magician, who took up the shameful girl and disappeared out of thin air in front of the dark elves.

Broken array of demons, blood and corpses, any appearance of the same, they will be absolutely irreconcilable with the instigator. Even more how appears at the same time, and the dead are all powerful people in the tribe, and the state of death is a state of blasphemy that cannot be resurrected.

The dark elves who enter the door have never thought that the skill of this group of dead is one of the very best well-known figure even among them. So many people are dead, what will happen to them when it comes to their turn. They just think of revenge, or make use of it!

If the deceased is their own bloodline or inheritance, of course they have to choose the path of revenge. If not, in order to win over the forces left behind by the dead and win over their young bloodline, ambitious people must also show their own attitude and use revenge to buy people's hearts. Therefore, even if the enemy disappears, no matter who it is, you must find the person and use blood to sacrifice the soul of the dead.

Of course, those who disappeared did not return directly to Estali’s home in Holy City. He pursued the voice, carrying the half-dead Mels on his shoulders, and appeared in another room.

Also in the World Tree area, there are three dark elves guarded in the room, lightly armored and lightly outfitted. They were completely unaware that there was an invasion by outsiders, and of course they did not make any preparations, just talking leisurely.

So when Lin carrying people appeared in front of them, not only did the flashing Lin's face look astonished, but even they looked like unfathomable mystery. The two sides stared at each other, their eyes turned skeletal, and then moved towards the left and right companions. The four people who looked at each other seemed to have made an appointment. After a moment of dead silence, they moved at the same time!

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