Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 728

The forest carrying a person on his shoulders did not intend to pass by. Suddenly, he slammed his hand, and the extra-large hidden weapon directly greeted one of the dark elves. Anyway, according to the destructive power, which is fatal. Looking at the box-cuts spinning in the air, Bai Yan looked like a Wind-Fire Wheel, sweeping the body of one of the dark elves with ease.

The slashed upper body slid to the ground, and the splash of blood frightened the other two dark elves. One person hurriedly searched for his own weapon, while the other reacted faster. He picked up his chair and had to greet the strange face who had lost his weapon and was unable to move.

The right hand under the sky grabs the sky and starts to play again. In the dark elf’s surprised gaze, he slashed straight down, easily splitting the chair and the forehead with the expression of astonishment, and passing by.

The third dark elf had just found the weapon leaning against the wall, and was taken aback by the sudden turn of the room. I was about to run out to report the letter, but I went out of my head after cutting it out. Lin dragged further down, and the internal organs leaked to the ground.

Getting some gaps, Lin made sure that the voice was not in this room. After listening quietly, I heard the call again. In another place…

It flashed several times in a row. It’s just that every time I thought I had arrived at the voice’s destination, the call came from the next place. Fortunately, most of the places where the other party was speaking were empty; even if there were, they were just a few dark elves doing their own things, and they yelled and killed them because they saw strangers appear.

These are not well-designed ambushes, otherwise someone will definitely stop work and go home. For these encountering enemies, Lin did not deliberately kill all of them in his subsequent encounters, except for the first wave.

Because it does not take much time to find the next place. Even if someone ran away, when they called someone back, they would have already left. And another advantage of doing so is that you can mobilize the enemy to the wrong place. Don’t kill yourself less.

But after being tricked a few times, Lin’s patience gradually ran out.

Furthermore, after experiencing the related changes of the Black Tortoise robe last time, despite a blessing in disguise, the power of being a magician has increased a lot. Therefore, in the situation of as a last resort in front of him, he can protect Melso from being corroded by high-dimensional heterogeneous energy and perform multiple flashing techniques.

Before, my limit was to flash twice while protecting one person; after two times, I collapsed. I don’t know where my current limit is, but it is certainly not infinite. Of course impossible chasing after the ethereal voice, chasing endlessly.

If the owner of that voice is indeed passed on by this World Tree Phasnas, then as long as you go to a place where that person is sure to be there, you can see the spirit of this tree.

So, take a guess, where is the heart of the tree?

At any rate, I have been in close contact with two World Trees, Wadvor and Lahti, and even entered Lahti’s tree core area. Therefore, Lin is still very impressed with the characteristics of World Tree’s core.

Moreover, in the sense that Fasnas did not hide anything. Almost at the same time someone opened up to detect magic, he found the conspicuous tree core. One more flash, Lin went directly to the most important location of World Tree.

Here is a big hole that absolutely does not match the volume of World Tree. The distance between the front, back, left, and right of the cave is far greater than the diameter of the World Tree trunk recorded when the forest detects it from the outside.

Basically, the probability of Illusion Technique can be excluded. Lin can’t believe that there is still any Illusion Technique that can fool his detection perception. Then the scene in front of you should be some kind of space folding technology. With this idea, someone can’t help but look at all around a few more times, wanting to see why. The resentment for the space bag has not yet been settled.

‘You are finally here, foreigner. ‘

In one sentence, Lin, the crossing crowd, froze on the spot. Because the language used in this sentence is Chinese, I haven’t heard the voice fascinatingly.

‘How can you…’

‘Actually I won’t. This voice, this language, is just the way you want to hear it. ‘

Putting down Mai Erhu on his shoulders, Lin followed the voice and walked into the big hollow. After turning over a few boulders, he saw what appeared to be the heart of the tree.

The heart of World Tree is the same as their spirit, and there is no fixed shape. It all depends on what the observer thinks they look like, they will see a similar look. It’s a bit similar to what Earth called the “observer effect”.

It’s just that the weaker the World Tree, the easier it is to solidify its image by the cognition of the people around it. Like Wadwo’s white deer incarnation, this is almost a recognized shape. But the appearance of another ancient, Yuktra Hill, is divergent, and no one can say for sure.

And what Lin saw, which may be part of the heart of the Phathinas tree, was an old tree that was two people tall. In the tree trunk, vines that had been withered and hardened were used to capture Homo sapiens of several races, and they were imprisoned in them. I don’t know how many years have passed. The innermost one has shriveled to the point of a mummy. The skin on the outside is bloodless, rough and dry, and there is also no sign of life.

If you don’t know, you will probably regard the scene before you as a cannibal tree, and suck people into the tree to digest.

But Lin knows that this is just a certain realization of what he thinks in his heart, including the Chinese voice. The reason for such a horrifying sight is probably related to being’eagerly’ welcomed before.

‘Dissatisfied with the attitude of other dark elves? ‘The human form constrained by the tree, without turning his eyes and without moving his face, spoke at the same time, but made only one sound.

Lin said displeased:’Of course. ‘Because I haven’t used Chinese for a long time, I’m a little jerky in speaking, but Lin still insists on using it. Anyway, the other party won’t care about this kind of thing. So Lin continued:’Your Majesty invited me to come over, but it’s such a welcome battle. Isn’t it right? ‘

‘For me, no matter what happens, if you can’t come to me, then there is no value in meeting you. Isn’t it? ‘

Lin choked on Fasnas’s righteous remarks. In the end, he could only twitched his lips and said dissatisfiedly:’It means that what happened before is a test. It is a pity that I least like others to test me without my consent. Regarding your rude attitude, should I turn my head and leave directly? ‘

‘Don’t be angry, human. I have a question I want to ask you, and I will naturally give a corresponding reward. ‘

Using the flash technique, he teleported the Maier who was behind him to his feet. Lin pointed at the dying dark elf and asked:’But before that, tell me what is going on. ‘

‘I never interfere with their internal affairs. Who they want to punish and what they do is their freedom. ‘

‘But what mistake did Miles make to punish her like this? Is it just because she has a good relationship with me? Even if you don’t intend to interfere, you won’t be ignorant. After all, everything happened under your nose. ‘

‘In fact, since she accepted your ring, she has been regarded as a betrayer. In other words, some people hope that she is a betrayer, so that they have a chance to replace her. Under such a premise, one can always find a reason, right? And you just gave the best excuse, that’s why you have the current situation. ‘

‘The people under you are fighting like this, and you don’t care. Is this fun? You are not watching the show. ‘Lin La raised his voice, expressing considerable dissatisfaction.

‘Interesting? No, I don’t find it interesting at all. I just think that the remaining people will be more helpful to me than the losers. The fact is also true, the weak can only be eliminated. ‘

Understanding Fasnas’ thoughts, Lin sighed weakly:’You are just like raising Gu. Why not just find a piece of land, circle them, and kill each other directly, leaving only the last alive. ‘

‘Well, a very interesting method. I will try and see. ‘

…I’ll go! Did you just say something terrible? Lin stared wide-eyed, hesitated and said:’You shouldn’t be serious. ‘

‘Why not. I can’t shelter too many elves, there must be a way to reduce their number and leave the part that is good enough. If they lose their lives in their own struggles or trials, it does not mean that they will not be able to fulfill my entrustment. I only need the elves that are useful to me. ‘

After listening to the cold speech of the plant in front of him, Lin just wanted to take back what he had just said. It’s a pity that Divine Immortal couldn’t do it. I can only observe three seconds of silence for the dark elves of this tribe, and express my apologies for the suffering they may suffer in the future. But who told them that their enthusiasm just made someone unable to resist, so there was no guilt in their hearts.

sighed. Lin said with some excitement:’Just ask what you want. I’m leaving after asking. ‘

Fathenas didn’t directly ask any questions, but sneaked out an arm-thick branch from someone’s back. Then at a speed that could not cover his ears, straight into the heart of Mai Er who was lying on the ground, and raised high.

Although he didn’t look back, everything that happened around Lin seemed to have witnessed it with his own eyes. However, the target of the sneak attack was not himself, and Lin did not respond, watching the development of the situation indifferently.

I saw that branch under the brown bark, dotted with glazed parts, flowing with a special energy that is different from the power of maze. Lin knew that it was like the nutrient of World Tree itself, the source of which was not Danger Land…imported within the body of Marcus.

Judging from the female dark elf’s reaction performance, this is definitely not a comfortable thing. Melissa, who was expressionless like a dead person, and not sure whether he was awake or unconscious, screamed in pain.

But this pain is not a bad thing. Just in front of Lin’s eyes, the severed limbs of Mai Erhu sprouted granulation, and they continued to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye, until the torn limbs grew back. The scary wounds and bloodstains all over the body healed one after another. The whole person seemed to be waking up, and the originally apathetic eyes began to focus.

When the injury on the body was fully recovered, the branches of World Tree retracted, and Miles fell back to the ground. She looked at the place and the people in front of her in confusion, her head still not keeping up with the current situation.

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