Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 729

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'Because you seem to care about this female, I treated her well. '

Fathenas said something that is easily misunderstood. And Miles cast his gaze at someone as if he was confirming, but he also held a strong suspicion.

Although she didn't get along for a long time, she was very clear about her weight in this magician's eyes. That is no weight, no different from passersby. A few times I recommended myself for pillow seats, but they were all rejected mercilessly. He will care about himself, that is an unimaginable thing.

As for Lin, once again saw World Tree's best stunt and talked to himself. They never care about what others think. It can also be said that the ideas of animals and plants are not the same, and it is a bit difficult to understand each other.

This situation has also been encountered when dealing with Wadvor or Lahti before. Until you can prove your worth, World Tree's approach will not change slightly and try to cooperate with yourself. Otherwise, you can only watch the other party singing a one-man show, and you can only choose to cooperate or not, and there is no third option.

Therefore, Lin did not intend to explain to anyone about the'goodwill' provided by Phathinas. Including the misunderstood World Tree, and the puzzled Miles. He directly ignored the female dark elf behind, with a puzzled face, waiting for the next question from Fasnas.

I don’t know if it’s the plants that don’t care, whether others are grateful after giving kindness to him; or it’s the question of Fasnes who found out that he had an oolong, but kept up the face. In short, this World Tree said in his equally plain tone:'I want to know your opinion on World Tree's promotion. '

'It's my shit. 'I'm directly replied locally.

Because this sentence was spoken in the language of his hometown, Mai Erjia who stayed behind, as it should be by rights, didn’t know the meaning. Otherwise, she should be surprised by the magician in front of her, refuting her own words of Your Majesty. As for Fasnas, who can understand, the man-eating tree in the heart of the tree has nothing to express emotions, so Lin didn't know what the silence of the tree meant.

But Lin still explained:'In my hometown there is such a saying: Asking the right questions is more important than getting the right answers. Your Majesty's question just now is so widespread, I don't know what kind of answer you hope to get. So at least let me know the entire process of development, or what kind of reason, to make you want to ask such a question, so I can give my personal opinion. Of course, this view is not necessarily correct. After all, I am not an existence above World Tree, and I know everything about you. If I just hope that I can guess your thoughts from your subtlety and make a protruding article, then my answer is just the four words just mentioned. '

There is no irritation, and there is no emotion in it, Fasnas said flatly:'For a long time, the growth of World Tree is based on the ashes of another World Tree. , Get a new beacon, touch and connect to the new world, and absorb the energy tide formed by the gap between the two worlds. ——'

The top of the cannibal tree trembled, revealing eight bubbles reflecting somewhere. The environment and the mysterious land are not the same; if there are obvious man-made objects, their cultural characteristics are also different from the cultural characteristics of the various Homo sapiens in the mysterious land. Lin knew that these were the eight worlds connected by Fasnas, and they showed them unreservedly. Unfortunately, there is no familiar Earth scene in it.

'-but a long time ago, I felt like I ran into bottleneck. No amount of the ashes of the World Tree will allow me to see the beacon of the next world. At first, I thought it was because those World Trees that became nourishment, the places they touched were the worlds I had already connected to, so they could not be effective guides. But I later discovered that this is not the case. All the worlds connected by World Tree are different. ——'

This key clue made Lin heart startled. On the surface, he thought quietly: There are more than 20 World Trees in a fascinating way, each connected to one to eight worlds. If they are different, could it be that the passage of Earth is on a certain World Tree!

'—but there is a shackle that restricts my gaze and prevents me from probing into a new world. After realizing this situation, I thought it was because the nutrients I got from the ashes of other world trees were not enough, and even those World Trees were too weak for me. So I launched a crazy battle in the eyes of you humans. I even thought that the ashes of another ancient man, Uktra Hill, would be the key to breaking this shackle. ——'

Up to this point, Lin also heard the madness in his voice. This means that Fasnas is not without emotions, but that those things did not tickle him. But the sound that followed was flat again.

'—but everything is done in vain, no one can loose the shackles, even half a minute. Even the more conquest, the shackles seem to be stronger. And the towers built by you magicians made this madness impossible to continue, and I was so cold about it. I believe the same situation, Uktra Hill also noticed. '

Lin judged:'That's the previous situation. But today Your Majesty will want to see me and ask me such a question, it means that the situation has changed. Then the only probability, that is, Wadvor's self-promotion, isn't it. '

'Yes. '

Lin asked:'Then Excuse me, Your Majesty, what changes have you noticed? '

'The shackles that held us loose. 'For the first time, Fasnas said in a cheerful voice. 'So I want to know why. '

'Isn't this obvious, do I need to talk about it? 'Lin twitched his lips and said.

'I want to know your opinion. '

I can probably guess that what Fasnas wants to hear now is not a cliché. So after Lin thought about it seriously, he said:'In my hometown there is a science called Economics, which contains an "invisible hand" theory. The general idea is that individual actions in pursuit of maximization of self-interest can promote the overall operational efficiency and development of society. Do you agree with this view, Your Majesty? '

Fathenas was silent for a moment and said:'This is a very reasonable reason. Farmers farm the fields, hunters hunt, they don't do these things for the sake of other people. But in the end, their results can also be exchanged for food on other people's tables. '

'But in fact, such a theory will extend to many problems, including the rise of capitalism and colonialism. I won't talk about too complicated evolution. Simply put, it is such a theoretical foundation that needs to be developed in a good direction and requires unlimited resources. But in fact, this is impossible, because the raw materials that can support the output are limited, and the market is saturated. When raw materials are in short supply and the market is saturated, the competition becomes quite cruel. Having said that, does Your Majesty feel familiar? '

The cannibal tree is silent, but Lin Ke will not stop expressing his opinions. He continued:'Under the premise of pursuing overall prosperity and common progress, this theory has evolved. That is, everyone's ideal behavior needs to be adjusted according to the known behavior of other people in order to achieve the overall maximum profit. Under such a premise, the benefit that the individual can occupy may not necessarily be the greatest benefit that the individual can obtain. It may only be the second highest, but it will never require others to sacrifice. The former theory only considers the individual, while the latter one considers the whole. However, this theory also has many problems, how to ensure that everyone is cooperative and that the information between each other is open and transparent. '

'Cooperate. "Fathenas pondered for a moment and asked: "Why do we have to cooperate?" There is no easier way. '

'Your Majesty's so-called simpler method is nothing more than the question of how I assist Wadvor to advance. 'Lin fumbled out a kit from his arms, which was sewn with leftover leftovers from the three sets of Si Ling, Nine Dragons, and White Cat. This kit, Lin is mainly used to carry some small things with him, and at the same time it is not contaminated by flash art.

Lin took out a magic stone from the kit and said:'In fact, I thought that Your Majesty would ask me for something like this at the beginning, but you didn't. It's because you are not sure how much this thing helps you. In this magic stone, most of the information that helped Wadvor advance was recorded. Including the design drawings of the observation equipment, various data calculated by myself, and inferences made by myself after observing World Tree. But I deleted the unique message about Wadvor, this will not hinder Your Majesty. '

The magic stone that was taken out, Lin immediately threw it forward. When it was thrown in midair, there were branches from unknown sources, entangled with lightning speed. Lin just remembered and asked, "Do you know how to read the data inside? '

Only when the question was asked, I saw the front of the cannibal tree, opened more than a dozen water mirror screens in one breath, and then closed them in order. But every time you close a water mirror screen, the next one opens. Obviously, it quickly browses the data at a speed that humans can’t reach. Lin slapped his lips and laughed at himself:'It seems that this doesn't need to be taught. '

Only use this superhuman speed to absorb information, usually one-sided receiving literal information, and unable to have their own thinking and generate their own insights. Therefore, Lin didn't seem very confident about whether Phasinus could understand the meaning of the materials, so he was patient, waiting for the other party to ask questions after reading them.

But he once again made the mistake of examining others with his own eyes.

Fathnas quickly understood the content of the data. In someone's surprised gaze, the big hole in the body was turned into a dream space like Lin, where there was only a world of boundless darkness in the upper and lower directions. It's just that someone's dream is full of bright lights, like a starlight. But here is covered with a super huge and sophisticated multi-layered integrative magic array.

However, this magic array is not just a magic array in someone's eyes. For Lin, the gadget displayed by Fasnas is very close to an Earth mysterious knowledge he knows-Kabbalah Tree of Life.

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