Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 730

Someone’s knowledge of Life Tree Totem is of course not derived from the hobby of mystery, but from the classic anime-Evangelion Evangelion. Including infrequent knowledge such as ancient scroll of the Dead Sea, and then read some interpretations of what seems right but actually isn’t. It’s okay if I haven’t watched it. The more I watch it, the more I get confused. In the end, there is only unclear experience, but no real gain.

But I never thought that I would see something similar again after I came to the maze. And the existence of it on display can definitely be regarded as a sequence of fascinating cream of the crop.

In Earth, the so-called mysterious learning knowledge is a self-justified learning. For those who believe, it is true; for those who do not believe, it is shit. Unlike mathematics, 1 is 1, and 2 is 2. Everyone is the same.

So for the Kabbalah Tree of Life, there have been multiple versions in the history of Earth, but the general idea is similar. Ten origins, twenty-two passages, then Balabala, abbreviated below.

The Integral Demon array shown by Fasnas, after viewing it in two dimensions, actually only has eight source qualities, but the channel is disordered and in a mess. There are no fewer than a hundred in detail, but the main part seems to be only sixteen.

And the center of each source is the world bubble connected by World Tree. Surrounding this World bubble, a circular magic array forms a semi-closed state. In addition to suppressing the energy of the world bubble penetrating into the maze, it also does not turn Danger Land into nutrients that can be used by World Tree. But World Tree can only grab part of it, and the rest will overflow and be transformed into a certain kind of power.

The scene in front of you is a good explanation of why Midi has eight powers. As the mysterious power that drives the world, not seven or nine. Moreover, the reason why Fasnas was unable to make progress was also reflected in this magical array.

Compared with Wadvor’s core magic array, He who connects the two worlds, the core magic array as a whole is not locked. He reserved an interface, ready to connect another little magic array covered with world bubbles.

Every effort of World Tree in this accumulation process is to confirm the next world to be connected. And to cooperate with the world, to avoid the elimination of the pair caused by the hard contact between the two worlds, and to absorb the energy of that world.

To put it simply, the faucet and sink must be completed before the water valve can be opened to formally supply water. If this part is not done well, World Tree will act like a cutout. Before another world destroys the lost ground, World Tree will be destroyed first, and then disconnect the two worlds, and everything will return to normal.

But Fasnas contains the core magic array of eight small magic arrays, which are completely locked, and he does not have an interface that can be extended further. Even if you want to develop hard, you have to worry about the fragile balance of the established magic array, which may self-destruct at any time.

And his purpose of showing this core magic array is only because he has gained some experience from the data just now, and he wants to adjust and modify his core. I don’t care if there is an outsider next to him, or if Sinas believes that his core is not readable by ordinary people.

Lin is certainly not an ordinary person. Although the scene in front of him is more complicated than any spell model he has seen, it is even finer than the magic array pattern depicted on his dream tower, but it is not The degree of unintelligibility. Even the moment Fasnes showed it, this picture was imprinted in someone’s mind. If World Tree wants to keep it secret, the only way to kill it is to kill.

However, Lin is not an ordinary person, and Melso, who is also in this space, is…Actually, this dark elf is not an ordinary person, but she does not have the qualifications to look directly at everything in front of her.

She didn’t try to interpret the giant array of jigsaws in front of her, and she hadn’t even figured out what was in front of her. Miles just watched, then had a splitting headache and vomited a big mouthful of blood. The body that had just been healed by Fasnas was in a state of serious injury in an instant.

Detecting the abnormal life characteristics of the female dark elves behind him, Lin Xian put aside the work of studying the array of demons in front of him. Turn your head directly to a sleep technique, sending the other party to sleep. Originally, with the magic resistance of the Elf Druid, the apprentice-level sleep spell was difficult to work. However, Mel’s weakness allowed this spiritual type of magic to take advantage of its emptiness and hypnotize it smoothly.

Because the calculation process was also interrupted, Lin looked back and looked at the magic array in front of him, but he didn’t feel the same as before. At this time, he remembered another thing. From the core demon array, the reason why Fasnas could not touch the ninth world was his own body. So why does Wadwo’s promotion give him the illusion of breakthrough?

At this time, the feng shui theory of Earth metaphysics and the theory of earth veins came into my mind. If World Tree has such a huge impact on the lost land, then the location they are in should also be the key.

It’s a pity that now I only know the location of the two trees, World Tree Wadwo, and World Tree Lahti in the Kingdom of Peyat Jaime. Within the Gwana Empire, the location of World Tree Uktrashir is not a secret, because that place has been canonized by the emperor and has become the kingdom of the empire. Coupled with the underground world that I visited for the first time today, the location of World Tree Fasnas.

Only trifling the position of four trees, compared with the total number of more than 20 World Trees, it is not enough to see.

Giving up thinking from this direction, Lin looked back at Fasnas who was modifying his own magic array. Last time, in the grand event in his dream, He, who also appeared as an array of jigsaw demons, actually only revealed a small part of himself.

But Wadvor and Lahti’s strange tumor-shaped magic array, and the high-efficiency transformation speed, still let the other world tree draw lessons from it and transform its own actions. Of course, Fasnas also No exception. It’s just that the more complex and closed-loop magic array, the harder it is to modify.

The huge array of integrators in front of me has only been similarly modified on the outermost channel. The array of main little demons that are covered with world bubbles still seems to have maintained the same past. Although Fasnas tried to make corrections again, but only to pick out some insignificant small areas and perform some minor operations that were not painful or itchy.

Maybe the details, before Lin fully understands it, he can’t give any substantive opinions. But regarding the organization, structure, and process, there are too many things in front of us that can be faulted, and Lin can also give a set of rhetoric. However, considering that the nature of plants is not suitable for thinking, or that they have too much time to think, World Trees are more concerned with using actions to prove.

So Lin directly used the whiteboard pen technique to draw the same outline in front of the giant juggernaut array. Then start to make adjustments, including moving the position of the little magic array to reduce the number of channels.

But Phrasenas doesn’t know how to do it, so he blindly follows it. He will wait for Lin’s calculations to figure out a reasonable balance result, and after his own calculations are correct, he will change accordingly. The application of these mathematical methods began as early as when Lin assisted Wadvor in the promotion, and Fasnas was also seen for the first time in the information just now, and then applied.

Finally, the eight small magic arrays containing world bubbles have their positions adjusted from the original geometric balance to the physical balance point that takes into account their respective strengths and weaknesses. It has become less symmetrical, but the stability of the structure is much better than before.

The place that has changed the most is to integrate some small redundant channels into the main channel. And delete most of the relay magic array learned from Wadvor and Lahti, because that thing is not used in such a place. Not to mention that there are seven or eight relay points on one channel. How do you look at it, how do you feel strange.

These changes are just the most superficial adjustments for Lin. In his eyes, there is still a lot of room for optimization of the overall magic array. But to go deeper, you need more time to think, research and calculate.

It was just this rough change, but it caused an uproar in the outside world.

The status and importance of World Tree Fasnas, in an old saying, is that when Fasnas sneezes, the whole fascinating place will catch a cold. The small change in Lin’s eyes directly caused a change in the meteorological level of the mysterious land.

In the area not on the fault zone, an unprecedented earthquake occurred. People raced to flee, chanting that the end is here. In the underground world, there are mountains bursting and ground splitting in the vicinity of Fasnas, and the whole terrain has changed greatly. Not only buried many people, but also pitted many people. Had it not been for the underground residents who were very experienced in this kind of thing, whether it was saving themselves or saving people, this time I would have suffered heavy casualties.

The worst disaster is of course in the realm of World Tree Fasnas. The entire canopy shook violently, and the rubbing branches and leaves rustled. The movement was loud and deafening.

In particular, the main branches and auxiliary branches of World Tree move alternately, and the tree body changes. For countless years, the environment operated by the dark elves ushered in complete destruction. The dominant player is not the foreign enemy who covets World Tree, nor the elven army of another World Tree, but his own Your Majesty-Fasnas.

In the tribe, Elder, immediately thought of the human magician who broke in. Can cause such a degree of’damage’ to World Tree, presumably the other party has invaded the tree core area. Regardless of the drastic changes in the path of the tree, they all led the soldiers under their command, desperately rushing to the crucial place of World Tree.

At the same time, in the high-seat meeting space of the Turtledove League, on 21 benches, except for a seat belonging to a certain human magician, the other chairs were all sitting… Living creatures of various shapes.

The change of the mysterious land, even the plants will not be unconsciously. For World Tree, they know where the source is. The only question is, what did the other ancient person do, how could this cause this. And this change is not just the disasters that outsiders have noticed. For the World Tree group, their bodies, minds, and souls have also experienced a change that can be said to be Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

It is these changes that let them understand that the relationship between World Tree and World Tree is not just the relationship between ourselves and the enemy, which is the basis for promotion. The connection between them is closer than each other imagined. Wadvor advanced alone before, which triggered the first World Tree quorum sensing that was unknown to outsiders. This time, the turmoil caused by Fasnas will become the focus of the fans.

Looked towards that only one empty seat, the trees are looking thoughtful.

At this time, the ancient man in the high seat meeting, Uktra Hill, rarely opened his mouth and asked: “Waldvor, what do you think that human being did in conjunction with Fasnas. “

“Boss, I think I want to know more than anyone else.” Wadvor’s White Deer incarnation said grievously.

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