Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 731

Of course, those who stay in the tree center space don’t know what’s happening outside. The dark elves who wanted to rush to the tree center area had no other way to enter, and they were all blocked by your Majesty from their house.

Lin spent the morning making a preliminary adjustment to the core magic array of Fasnas. However, it remains to be discussed how much efficiency can be improved. Because this is just deleting some redundant parts and adjusting the structure.

But just like this, the shortcomings and obstacles of Fasnas’s core magic array are exposed one after another. Lin could see that he didn’t know if the person involved was a fan of the authorities, and couldn’t see the shortcomings.

So, do you want to remind Him? After this thought changed, Lin decided to give up.

It’s not that I want to cheat others, I just feel hungry when I relax my mind. When I took a look at the time, I realized that it was past noon and it was not far from the time for class in the afternoon. If you tell the story, there is a high probability that you won’t be able to leave.

Even if it is proposed, it will be another matter. It is a big taboo to talk simple and deep. Today, I helped Fasnas adjust the core structure. If it is placed in other organizations, then I will be ready to kill people.

But considering that I still have use value for World Tree, It shouldn’t be so quickly was abandoned. Besides, the next work is not an easy task that can be solved in two or two. Lin Ke does not intend to spend all his time here.

Someone stopped continuing to optimize calculations, of course, in the eyes of Fasnas. When he is in a good state, he will certainly feel unhappy when his emotions are interrupted. Putting away the core demon array, the surrounding area has been restored from a dark space into a large hole in the core area of ​​the tree. He said:’Human, why stop? ‘

For such a contemptuous title, Lin just smiled and said indifferently:’Because human beings are hungry, and there are other things to do next. Coming here today, I thought it was just a chat. But didn’t expect to do these things. ‘

‘You are leaving, Gabrach ‧ Lin ‧ Tripwood. ‘

‘Yeah, there are really not many people who know my middle name. didn’t expect Your Majesty. Clearly, this should be flattered. Yes, I am leaving. What I did today can be said to have exceeded my limits. For the next adjustment, I think Your Majesty will come in person, it will be much better than being done by an outsider like me. After all, it’s like you show yourself unreservedly in front of me. This is not an honor to me, but a burden. If someone else tries to get your secret from me, I’m not sure I can keep it. ‘

‘Even if you don’t continue, will you forget what you have seen? ‘

Lin slapped haha ​​without replying.

Fathnas said solemnly:’In the lost ground, not many people can threaten me; fewer people can help me. And you are the one who is both threatening and can help me. And the most troublesome thing is that I don’t have any means to restrict you. If you lose your help in order to conceal something that is not important to you, I think this will make me regret it even more. ‘

‘I tentatively treat these words as compliments. Thank you Your Majesty for your praise. Although I didn’t make it to the end, I didn’t hide my personal information with the method I just used. Using those mathematical and physical methods, Your Majesty can also adjust itself. If these methods are not enough, ──’

Lin Suo recorded knowledge about Earth, divided into three levels. The lowest-level elementary-level textbooks, which are from the era of the Orange Fruit Eaton Academy in Sijia District, have been completely disclosed.

The second level is the mathematics taught at the Kabanbai Academy. Some people make it public, and only circulate it internally; or they go to mathematics journals and sell them for money.

The third level is the knowledge of my trump card that I showed to Fen. Basically it’s not a system, and there is no organization, just some notes that you can write whatever you think of.

The third-level notes, in addition to Fen and the three apprentices, are published for the high seat of the Turtledove League. The others didn’t even know the existence of this thing; but the four silverbeard dwarves knew it, but they were not interested.

Lin can directly give this material to Fasnas as well. But it suddenly occurred to him that he still had a task on him, which was to invite other world trees as much as possible to join the high seat meeting of the Turtledove League. The one in front of him hadn’t joined yet, so Lin Gaai said.

‘──For the high seats of the Turtle-Dove League, I have provided them with all the methods I will. If you want to know the knowledge, you have to feel wronged. Your Majesty joined the League High Seat and became one of them. ‘

For Lin’s proposal, Fasnas did not decide directly, but asked:’Except for those methods that I don’t know if it will come in handy, will joining the League High Seat do me any good? I follow your guidance today and go on step by step. Isn’t that enough? ‘

Lin laughed mockingly and said:’Why don’t I know that your race has the habit of deceiving yourself and others. Is there any hope for you to go further just by doing those things. Do not! In my opinion, those changes are just to prevent you from killing yourself when you cross to the next stage. Maybe Your Majesty has been stuck in bottleneck for too long too long, so you have tried a lot of things that are incredible in my opinion. These are good and bad, but the same is that it makes your balance more and more fragile. Someday in the future, this vulnerability will lead to your own destruction. What I just did is not just to fix these. If you still want to be able to cross the threshold and reach the next realm, you must choose to cooperate with others instead of fighting alone. And this “other” includes the other world tree, and anyone who might help. Me alone is not enough. As for the 1st Step, my suggestion is to join the high seat meeting of the Turtledove League. ‘

Although Fasnas’ expression was not visible, Lin could hardly feel the tangled emotions of World Tree from this moment of silence. After a long while, He said: “I know, I will join the high seat meeting. But as long as they cross the boundary, I will leave at any time. ‘

‘It’s reasonable. As far as I know, they are also very loose with each other. Then it’s better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day. Let’s go directly to the high-seat meeting space and leave a message to call up all the high-seats. If you are counting on the next step, I think there are still some things that must be understood first. ‘

Speaking, Lin prepared to follow the method that Wadvor had taught himself before, bringing Fasnas to the special space where the Turtledove League high seat meeting was held.

It is a special space opened up between the dimensionality and the dimensionality gap, which can be visited with the spirit split or the fleshy body. But apart from the invitees, few people can go to the place unrestricted, and Lin happens to be the unrestricted one.

I haven’t taken the initiative to enter this space a few times, basically I’ve been invited to come. But some of the basic functions of this meeting space, Lin still understands through Wadwo. Including leaving a message here, inviting other high seats to meet in the meeting space at a specific time. Bringing Phathinas to come, also let him get familiar with the way. At the next meeting, he will be able to appear directly.

Just didn’t expect. When Lin and Fasnas appeared in the meeting space, all the high seats of the Turtle Dove League sat in their respective seats. They all cast their eyes to the two standing at the entrance, seeing someone really embarrassed. As for Fasnas, which appeared in the form of a man-eating tree, it also made people unable to see emotions.

This embarrassing time didn’t last long, and the ring table in the center of the meeting space rumbling, expanding the scope, and adding an empty bench. The location happens to be directly opposite another ancient Yuktra Hill, which means giving tit for tat. On the left hand side of the new seat is Lin who introduced the newcomer to join; on the right hand side, is the previous newcomer, World Tree Lahti.

Who is sitting on each chair will have a unique mark, so no one will admit it wrong. Therefore, the man-eating tree of Fasnas, immediately moved to its own position.

Although Lahti is not the youngest in World Tree at his age, he, who has experienced the slavery of the Spirit King country, is the weakest among the World Trees present. And sitting next to an ancient person, even if this is a fierce ancient person, Lahti sits still, without any sense of crampedness at all.

Different from the thick lines of plants, Lin seemed a little uneasy to break into this kind of meeting with all the people attending, only lacking his own. Finally, I can only smile awkwardly, cover up my guilty conscience, and ask: “Why are you all here?”

We have been with this magician for more than a year, and said to the magician who is best acquainted with Wadwo : “We are discussing, what did your Excellency and Fasnas do.”

“Just some small things that are not at the worst.” Because the secrets of Fasnas are involved, Lin had to Avoid the heavy and speak lightly.

But such an answer obviously did not satisfy the high seats, and the trees discussed spiritedly. Instead, Fasnas, who was present for the first time, said bluntly: “He said there is a way to break my bottleneck, but he needs all World Tree’s help, so I’m here. For the details, you have to ask him.”

The attention of the high seats turned around and returned to Lin. But this time I know what everyone is paying attention to, but the piercing eyes are not so scorching. Lin said: “In fact, apart from bringing Your Majesty to Fasinas to familiarize yourself with the environment, I hope to make an appointment with you to discuss this aspect. I believe that in addition to Your Majesty, Uktra Hill Your Majesty is also paying attention to this matter.”

Another ancient person named at this time, Uktra Hill hangs eight fruits from an aspen tree. He said, “Since all the league high seats are here today, why don’t you, Excellency Tripwood, speak your thoughts directly.”

Lin slapped his hands in front of him, shook his head like a drum, and said: “No, no, I just came to make an appointment today. Although I have some general ideas, I still need to collect some data to prove it before I can sort out the clues. And these all take time, and they cannot be taken out now. . Besides, wait a minute, I have business in Estali, Holy City, I can’t stay for long. And I’m hungry, I have to eat.”

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