Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 732

“Really.” Although Uktrahir’s voice was different from Fasnas, the same thing was that it didn’t show much emotion. He directly clapped and said: “In this case, it is agreed that in three years, the high seat meeting will be officially opened.”

“Wait a minute! Three years!” Someone who had blown hair asked loudly, “Three What is the year?”

“Your Excellency Tripwood, don’t you need time?” Uktra Hill said.

“Time?” I’ll go! The time concept of plants is different from that of humans, that many! Lin said anxiously: “In three days, I only need three days to prepare. I am a small person who is just taking good care of the ordinary person, which can live seventy-eighty years. There is no that many three years can be wasted. So please be considerate. Now, wait three days for me.”

The excitement calmed down a bit, and Lin looked towards the high seats sitting on the seats and said: “And it just happened that everyone was there, I just By the way, where are your roots?”

Speaking, using whiteboard pen techniques, I showed a map of the maze. There are no superfluous signs, only the locations of Wadwo, Lahti, Fasnas under the ground, and the three World Trees. Regarding the location of Uktra Hill, because only the approximate territory is known, the exact location is not known, so it is not marked.

The location of World Tree, although not classified as a secret, but also not public information. So McKinen, who loves to fight a human magician the most, asked: “Do you know what we are doing?”

“In my hometown, there is the so-called geomancy theory. It refers to It is the location of things that will affect the changes of other things. So I want to know as many World Tree locations as possible to measure the influence between you. Even the entire World Tree, whether it has an impact on the mysterious land. Of Your Majesty It’s not completely unconnected. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just want to find the answer to this’why’ from all aspects.”

There is a reasonable reason, and World Tree is willing to cooperate. With the cooperation of the first World Tree, there will be a second and a third tree. Soon, all the high seats of the Turtledove League marked their roots. At the same time, the location of the World Tree that was not present was also marked on Lin’s map. As someone said just now, World Trees are not completely unrelated individuals, and there is indeed some kind of reaction between them.

I got the location information and agreed to see you in three days. Lin quickly ran away. Continue to keep it, no matter who opens his mouth, it is very likely that he will not be able to leave. Fasnas followed and left because he had nothing to talk about with the other high seats in the alliance.

Furthermore, he is not anxious, he wants to show off his personality that has just been adjusted to the core magic array. Therefore, the arrival and departure of Phathinas were the same sudden.

Looking at the two empty long-back chairs, Wadvor’s White Deer looked around and asked: “Then, see you in three days?”

Hanging eight The poplar of the world fruit shook, and Uktrahir said: “No. It’s just a little time to rest. It’s too much trouble to leave and come back. I’ll wait here.”

I can’t see if the ancient man can’t wait to know the news of the human magician, or is it really as he said, simply having trouble getting in and out of the high-seat meeting space, anyway, he sat in his seat, quietly waiting. With Him as an example, other world trees have also decided to stay. For three days, it was only a blink of an eye for them.

Back to the big hollow in the heart of the Phathinas tree. Miles, who was originally given the sleep technique, has woken up because of the excellent magic resistance of the elven physique. She is not an inch, and she is reminiscing about the old with the cynicism that was left in place. As for her injury, the miraculous effect of self-healing in the tree heart area of ​​World Tree has improved.

When I was in trouble with someone at the beginning, Miles worked a lot to build a good relationship with everyone, hoping to integrate into this group. Of course, she has other purposes, but it does not prevent her from establishing a good relationship with most people, including the Legendary weapon that she likes to talk about the most—Xianqie.

The cannibal tree left in place did not speak. Of course, Miles did not dare to disturb Your Majesty. The human magician couldn’t find anyone, but considering that Xiaqie was left in place, he should come back. Sure enough, Lin did not wait long to return to this place again with a flashing technique.

The same Black Tortoise black robe, the same skinny withered look. If he wasn’t sure that the man in front of him was still alive, Miles would have to wonder if he was transformed into a member of the undead by the Lich who was beside him.

It’s just that Miles can look at the magician in front of him unscrupulously, but someone’s eyes don’t know where to put it. The female dark elves said with a smile: “You are not afraid to chop people up to their stomachs, all over the place is bright red. But like me, you can’t look at it?”

“Yes, neither do I I know why. Killing is okay, but I can’t look at it. I am also very helpless.” Lin laughed at himself.

‘Do you need clothes? ‘Fathnas said suddenly.

Although the language is still Chinese, Mai Ersha may have a different language in his ears. After all, she understood, and respectfully half-kneeled on the ground, and said in high elf language:’My lord, your servant dare not ask you for anything. After I go out, I will naturally get back what belongs to me. ‘

But World Tree still looks like it doesn’t care about others’ wishes. The power permeated in the big cavity gradually became stronger, and the roots on the ground revealed the roots of the colored glaze trees under the brown, and countless filaments of light stretched out, tangling on Maier’s body, as if they were knitting clothes.

The dark elf who got up, looked at what was gradually taking shape from bottom to top in surprise. When she realized that this’clothing’, it may be that only the archdruid was qualified to wear it. After the robe woven by World Tree, she was frightened. She didn’t dare to move and let herself go. Your Majesty does it.

World Tree didn’t spend much time knitting such a piece of clothing. The magic runes attached during the weaving process are also in someone’s eyes. This is a robe woven by the formation mark based on the protective barrier of World Tree itself.

Moreover, Fasnas’s understanding of protection is far beyond the comparison of the young Wadvor. Lin estimated that the robes woven using the formation mark of Fasnas may be almost the same in terms of protection against alien energies. But Lin You perceives the formation mark belonging to the magic shield, that is, this robe will also have defensive abilities.

As for the shape of the clothes…how do you describe it? Very retro? In short, it is the kind of ancient fairy costume, long robe, narrow sleeves, open sleeveless shawl that hangs down to the hip, and palm-wide belt. But on the belts and shawls, the cumbersome and exquisite patterns are dizzying. Even when staring at it, there will be an illusion that someone will be sucked into it. This characteristic can also be regarded as a manifestation of the power of magic.

When the robe was woven, Fasnes was embroidered on the tip of the collar with a three feathered bird Totem with a black background and silver thread. It is estimated that this represents his in the Turtledove League. Imprinted. After the robe was finished, Miles, who had not dared to move, knelt on the ground again, bowing his head silently.

Melsi understands that this gift of Your Majesty is definitely not without cost. If you haven’t paid, the only thing you need to do is to wait for instructions.

Lin is certainly not so familiar with Fasnas and the customs of this dark elf tribe. But he didn’t interrupt the whole process. Instead, he compared the power and method revealed by World Tree to his own use of the jacquard machine. Compared with this, there are a lot of experience, and I think of some ways to improve the jacquard machine, although they are all small.

When the robes were knitting and Miles kneeled again, Lin was still thinking about his improvement plan. At this time Fasnes said: “Human, I promised to give you the reward you deserve. This is the first one. ‘

For this tree likes to use this contemptuous name, Lin didn’t bother to correct the other party. Instead, he smiled and said, “Oh, is it weird to put my reward on others? ‘

‘I mean the reward, not the dress. It’s her. ‘

‘She? ‘For a time, Lin couldn’t figure out what he meant. He just turned his head and looked towards the dark elf who was half-kneeling aside, his head was not up.

Fathenas said at this time:’Female, from now on, you are the slave of this human being, and also the bridge between me and him. Be sure to serve him with the attitude of serving me. For this, I will give you my blessings and allow you to honor my surname. From now on, you shall call yourself Marcus Dharma. ‘

‘Yes, my lord. Your will will be my life’s mission. ‘Mel Sufa accepted his fate as a slave calmly.

But the other party is not so peaceful. Although Lin didn’t blow up his hair, he was also taken aback and said, “Wait a minute, don’t you ask me if I agree with this matter?” He was a little confused, and he was the most commonly used in the past ten years. The fascinating common language is catchy. Miles Fa certainly understood, but he looked aggrievedly at that person’s back.

Fathenas replied domineeringly:’How do you arrange the things you give to you is your freedom, of course I will not interfere. Think of her as a slave, or not as a slave. Even if she wants her to die, she must end her life according to the method of death you have explained. Besides, she is no longer fit to stay by my side. Staying here is just to experience the things that have been experienced once before, and she will also lose her life. And staying with you, she can also serve as my microphone, conveying my meaning to you. So human beings, do you still refuse? ‘

Although it is a question, it is not a tone that can be rejected.

Furthermore, this reason is too strong. Indeed, as Fasnas said, Miles was not suitable for staying in this dark elf tribe. Even if she now has the surname and blessing from World Tree, and even the strong demon equipment made by Fasnas herself, she may not be able to escape the secret calculations from behind.

At any rate, she is also a sorrowful companion. Although Mai Ersha has her own careful thoughts, at least it does not threaten someone’s life. Of course Lin was impossible and watched her in a death crisis, and did not help at all. That would be too ruthless.

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