Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 733

The female dark elf as a reward is only the’first’ reward, not the last.

After someone nodded recognized the matter, Fasnes offered a second reward. At the end of the branches of the man-eating tree in the heart of His tree, a tender leaf trembled three times, sprinkled three drops of dew, and slowly floated forward.

The three drops of dew are like chasing and playing with each other in the air, constantly undulating up and down, circling back and forth. But in the end, these three drops of dew were packed in a small bottle that was substantiated by a large number of condensed magical powers, which was more peaceful.

This vial condensed by power is smaller than the little finger. It looks transparent and colorless, but from time to time it flashes with seven colors, bright and dazzling, and it also carries a strong smell.

The dew just dripped out, and there was no smell. Even since Lin entered the tree center area, he didn’t smell any smell. Now this strong fragrance appeared after the power vial was condensed. Is this the’smell’ of power? And does this smell have any magical effects?

As soon as this idea came up, Lin involuntarily thought about the probabilities of many magic. But moved towards the three vials that flew towards him interrupted his thoughts.

‘This is my essence dew, as the second reward. Function… well, a lot. But I don’t remember exactly what it is for humans. I only remember that this essence of dew in the past was once called “the dew of life” and was also called “Holy Spirit medicine”. I think in your current situation, you really need this. I just don’t know how much weight is needed. Maybe try all three? ‘Fathnas said irresponsibly.

But when he heard the “Holy Spirit Medicine”, Lin was shocked by Fiercely.

There are only two kinds of “spiritual medicine” called “spiritual medicine”, “10,000 spiritual medicine” and “Holy Spirit medicine”. The former cures all diseases, while the latter cures the disease and strengthens the body without the disease. The effect is that as long as you have a breath, you can directly become alive after drinking it.

Wan spiritual medicine is a little bit close, it only works for sickness or injury. The specific working principle is not clear, because the formula has been lost; the only potion has become the treasure of the powerful, although it is not known whether this thing will be useful after it has expired.

And Holy Spirit medicine directly changes the basic physique. Therefore, even the non-disease that is impossible to cure like’aging’, the drinker will directly rejuvenate. Although it is not immortality, the lifespan of people who have taken Holy Spirit medicine is much more than that of ordinary people.

All of the above can only be seen in the legendary story of the mysterious land. Whether these two things really exist, but many people doubt it. But now there were three vials in front of him, and Lin didn’t know what to say for a moment. After a while, he asked in a daze:’Is this true? ‘

‘I don’t know how to answer your question. Because I don’t know what you call “true” and where is the standard. ‘

Realizing that he had asked a stupid question, Lin Gai asked another thing:’Can other world trees also make spiritual medicine? ‘

‘Even if it can, how can their essence compare with mine? ‘Fathnas said domineeringly. Then, watching someone put the three small bottles in the bag, he asked:’Humanity, don’t you believe it? ‘

‘Believe, why don’t you believe it. ‘

‘Then why don’t you drink it? ‘

Although I want to say that I am not the brat of Ezio, or Black Dragon Augustus, the mouth and stomach are full of strong acidity. Whenever you encounter something, you have the ability to stuff your mouth regardless . But, to be honest, it would offend the’tree’.

So Lin said:’If this is such a precious spiritual medicine, then they have a more suitable time to play a role, not now. Although my appearance is not so normal, it is not life-threatening. Using good things at this level is just a waste. ‘

‘After all, you still don’t believe it. ‘Fathnas unceremoniously exposes someone’s lie. However, He said again:’But since I have given you things, how you want to use them is your business. I don’t interfere. ‘

‘Thank you for your consideration, Your Majesty. ‘Lin bowed. Maybe the first reward is a little trouble; if the second reward is really a’Holy Spirit medicine’, the value is unimaginable. Lin doesn’t think that what he has paid is so valuable that he can get it.

However, there is a saying how it is said. Poverty limits people’s imagination. What happened next was even more surprising.

The branches and leaves of the cannibal tree shivered, and the eight world bubbles appeared again. Fasnas said:’I wanted to do this a long time ago. ‘

World Tree is talking about puzzling things. But just under Lin’s eyelids, the largest of the eight world bubbles was sucked into the branch that hung it with a swish. Immediately germinate and shoot out the shoots. The green leaves of scallion grow from the shoots, and the buds are drawn out at the base of the leaves.

Seeing that the buds become larger at a speed visible to the naked eye, and turn from green to red. The gorgeous red is constantly deepening and changing, and it is divided into several levels. In the end, a touch of purple at the tip of the flower bud is subtle, but eye-catching.

When the flower tube is slowly tilted up, the colorful floral dress slowly opens, composed of more than 20 petals, the large white as snow flower opens. Both the petals and the stamens were trembling, beautiful and moving.

Of course, the flash in the pan will only appear for a while.

This sentence flashed through someone’s mind. Just look at the bottom of the stamen with a touch of green, which gradually grows larger and darker in color, and grows into a huge fruit. The petals and buds do not wilt and fall, but are constantly wrinkled and shrunk toward the roots as if absorbed by the fruit.

This World Tree fruit, which looks no different from the cocoa fruit, but is faster than the baby’s head, broke away from the branches. Countless vines knotted things like a net, holding this fruit, arching it all the way forward, and came to Lin’s front.

‘Human, this is my last reward. Take it. ‘Fathnas’ voice was slightly different from before, and it seemed a bit weak.

Looking at what was in front of him, Lin swallowed a sip of water.

In ordinary people’s perception, the fruit of World Tree is actually just a fruit that enhances physique. Also produced by World Tree, the size is variable, but the largest will not exceed the size of the egg. Of course, there is no way to grow this kind of fruit, it is just a kind of food. But the concept of this kind of fruit is completely different from the’fruit’ in front of me.

To talk about the seeds of World Tree, I have a gift from Lahti on hand, which he condensed. But that’s just a seed, and the size is just the size of a fist. It is completely different in magnitude from the fruit in front of me.

The difference between the two is that after the seeds of World Tree are planted, to germinate, it has to have several points of opportunity. Only when the time and place are right and the people are complete, World Tree will come into being. But the fruit is sure to germinate, because it comes with the nutrients needed for the growth of the World Tree, the world bubble, which is the beacon and various means needed to connect a new world.

If the mother tree does not present a beacon of a new world, then the flesh and skin of the fruit will be absorbed by the seed, just like a flower. Because seeds need everything that can be used as nutrients, to retain their vitality, waiting for the moment of germination.

However, the mother tree doing this is like abolishing one’s own power. Depending on how many worlds he originally connected to, after giving one, he lost a fraction of his strength.

Moreover, Fasnas didn’t just lose one-eighth of his strength in one breath, and achieved a fruit. More importantly, the balance state of his original core magic array was broken at this moment. Before he loses control completely, he needs to adjust his state so that he can regain his balance. Therefore, all aspects of Fasnas’s performance now seem a bit weak.

Lin looked bitterly at what was in front of him and said:’Why is Your Majesty like this? ‘

Fathnas said: “A long time ago, I had the idea to take a step back and re-solidify the foundation; and in the process of getting promoted again and recovering my strength, I would look for opportunities to the next stage. . It’s just that I had a feeling before that as long as I did this, I could only welcome death. Until today, I have the ability to do this. These are what you have given, so this is what you deserve. ‘

Half forced to hold the fruit of World Tree, Lin’s face is not just bitter, but a feeling of holding a hot potato. Perhaps the hot potato is not enough to describe. Lin now feels like he is hugging Fatty and the little boy, two atomic bombs that shine at the end of World War II.

Someone is thinking about excuses, to see how they want to return what they have in their hands. Fasnas first ordered the Expulsion Order and said:’Leave, human magician. After three days, I will attend the high seat meeting. But now I really need sleep, and there are many things to do, you should understand. ‘

As soon as the words were finished, the light became much dimmed in the large cavity in the center of the tree. And with the speed visible to the naked eye, the space is shrinking rapidly. Quite obvious and practical means of chasing guests away. If you don’t want to be squeezed into it, people can only run away.

As for whether there is a door, this human magician can’t be restricted at all, and Fasnas simply doesn’t consider this issue. But Lin just wanted to scream: Give me this full set of spatial folding technology, it’s better than the hot potato in my hand.

Before the space in the tree center area was completely closed, Lin looked like holding a rugby, holding the World Tree fruit in one hand, grabbing Miles ‧Fa in the other, using the flash technique, and returned to Holy City Estali Home. The box cut was a step slower, but still used the flash technique summon to come back.

The place to return is next to the bar counter in the small reception room, where a grand piano is scheduled to be placed. Because the piano has not been made yet, this place is usually it’s empty, which is good for delivery.

Just when he came back, Lin saw a mess. Bottles and cans on various bar counter wine cabinets smashed all over the floor. I remember that Demon King was raging not long ago, and this place suffered a disaster. Now it’s suffered again, it can be said to be ill-fated.

Vana, who was cooperating with several apprentices to help, was tidying up. The two big fat boys were coaxed to one side by Augustus to avoid hurting their hands and feet with the fragments or stuffing them in their mouths. When they saw a certain magician, they were holding an unknowing thing in one hand and a female dark elf in the other, which was quite like a bandit posture after robbing the woman and looting. Both sides looked at each other in blank dismay.

After taking a step back, he came back and said, “Aiya, you have the opposite sex, inhumane, what does it mean to leave me there? ──” Perceive this weirdness The atmosphere is sharp, unfathomable mystery added: “──Hmm, in fact, we haven’t just returned from the robbery, do you believe it?”

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